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On a dark road babes meet desperate convicts out for revenge
Characters based on brit TV teen soap


The man known as Santiago gave the nod indicating his hands were now free. Across from his seat within moments Bison struck moving with the intent of a man who’d never get another chance. The guard only half turned before their heads connected in an awful crack. The prison wings unofficial boss-man ripped the keys from the dazed warden’s hand; Santiago-his wingman, wrestling with another pistol wielding guard. The meshed compartment gate was sprung and Bison was into the cabin. The illuminated road veered from left to right as he and his muscular ally pummelled down on the seated drivers. The sound of tyres screeching was just audible above the holler of twenty or so cons cheering them on.

The leaders hand reached for the wheel pushing the unconscious driver to one side his foot searching for the pedals. The caged room behind him was a roar of desperate men chanting his name, “Bison! Bison! Bison!” The big van danced across the road any second about to tip. Bison hands twisted the wheel and his foot eased on the break. As the prison wagon steadied he realised they’d done it, they taken control. Bison wiped the dripping sweat from his black forehead his eyes stinging as pressed on the gas the dark winding road flying beneath him.

His Latino companions grinned from ear to ear his hand raised waving the pistol. All their planning, bribes and balls had paid off. Why they’d ever put so many lifers and death rows in one place without seeing the risk hell only knows. But they had and men with influence and money were waiting to seize their chance.

He shouted back into the rear cage area. “That’s it boys, we’ll be at the airfield before they know what’s happened. The plane will be waiting. Then its 15 min’s to Mexico!”

Suddenly his boast turned to a cry of panic.

The windscreen became a brilliant exploding flash of oncoming headlights and Santiago’s warning was cut short.


A few violent thunderous minutes later Mandy’s world slowly began to piece back together. Her body and mind had been in dark limbo. It was her hearing that registered first; a hum of humanity well before her vision or feelings returned. She could hear sounds like the distance roar of a crowd, like many actions being vigorously played out but behind a deep blanket of dizziness and lapsing consciousness. Her mind tried to refresh, to reboot her thoughts. Where was she? Her body felt adrift from her head like she was waking from a limb numbing deep sleep.

In a few more seconds her hearing and now sight improved as if her head was being removed slowly from thick black oil. Her mind repeated the question. Where was she? She felt the sensation of motion as if still riding the bus.

Her last memories were recalled. She’d just being laughing, the girls ecstatic after their 3rd championship in a row. The Hollyoaks-High cheerleading team were renowned not only for their winning prowess, but also the consistent collection of stunning girls they fielded year after year. Once again they had dazzled and enchanted to victory.

Mandy tried to remember more. The bus had been hurtling along making time as they raced through the warm humid evening. The cute blonde was the butt of the joke; another babe Louise was finding opportunity to ridicule her innocence. The longhaired brunette eyes glinted wickedly amused at the Mandy’s discomfort. Her innocent sweet style and goody, goody attitude made her an easy target. Louise with her clip accent and regal upturned nose had laughed as Mandy gave her firm view on celibacy and “waiting for the right man”

Mandy with her sculpted shoulder blonde hair framing her pretty face had just looked back annoyed yet a little in awe at Louise. In their tight uniform both looked impressive; proud bust under pullover, firm athletic thighs hunched up under them as they knelt in the gaggle of females conversing at the rear of the vehicle. But Louise just had that air of confidence about her that most envied. Mandy was about to give the girl a clever retort but then she could remember nothing else; except a sense of the passage of time, then this.

Now back in the present the feeling returned to her arms and legs, her body becoming whole again.

She felt uncomfortable; really strange, her body aching and a horrible feeling of awkwardness, and then there was this nagging motion; her body rocking. As moans and yelps came into clearer focus and her bodily sensations firmed she finally guessed they’d been in a crash.

Mandy’s white out vision cleared in tandem with the realisation that her body was flexing and bucking as she lay upon another’s torso. First she didn’t understand then her mind continued to deny until it could no longer, her body feeling all the sensations. She was half on her side another spooning tight behind her, like her best friend did on sleepovers. But this figure was bigger, much bigger. Her skin felt the humid tingle of the night air all over and she realized she was naked.

She gave out a long belly moan her anus stinging and slurping. Her mind screaming, “Ohh what, no I can’t be….!” The sexy blonde was been fucked up the ass.

Her tight ring was swallowing deep then feeling withdrawal almost to release as it sucked back and forth on a fleshy hard cock. Like her sexy lips might on a cherry Popsicle. She arched her back a strange hand on her fine ample tit gripping hard the man half under her allowing her body to bounce up then down on his big frame. In her ear she could feel his breath as he gasped in enjoyment.

“That’s it baby take it all, take it all inside!”

The world was coming back in a flood and she gave another groan of horror realising her legs were up and apart one hooked under the man’s arm her toes pointing skywards. She made a long “nooooo” sound of refusal. Her head shook, her eyes wide in disbelief as the attackers wrist disappeared to her pussy the feeling of revolt filling her throat. “Oh my ugg he’s….!”

He added to her thoughts, confirming what she dare not believe.

“Oh yes baby, squeeze it honey try to pop it back out you hot little bitch!”

As his cock thumped up her behind at a steady rate his hand had had taken her comatose state as ideal time to find its way wrist deep into her young tight pussy, his dark Latin wrist accentuated against her golden tanned skin as he used her like a glove puppet.

Mandy’s mind screamed the sensations overlapping; her ass burning the rigid hard cock like a stake inside her. The man’s hips were just jerking enough to push deep then withdraw in a long penetrative motion. Meanwhile his hand was inside her screaming tunnel, her pussy stretched her lips slurping and spitting as wet insides acted as a snug nest for his fat tattooed knuckles.


She gave out a gargled gasp of disgust punctured by rhythms grunting her ass burning from a machine constant pounding. Her pussy was feeling impossibly full the hand twisting and also pumping the sweaty flesh moist but vigorously tight around the wrist. Every so often he pulled as if to escape, her lips gripping against her will holding him inside unwilling to stretch again to allow his release; Mandy gritting her teeth in effort.

“Oh fuck I cant fucking pull out.” He laughed, “fucking bitch has a vice like grip on me.”

The coffee skinned torso of the man beneath her was half naked his orange jumpsuit ripped open his powerful fingers on one hand kneading her perfect dome tit while the other tried to open spider leg wide inside her tight screaming tunnel. Mandy’s head twisted her blue eyes looking in horror at his grinning face.

“Hi bitch, that’s it baby you’re awake now.” Said Santiago and he increased his bucking to celebrate; his cock impaling like a serial killers knife. His thrusts were now fast, demented and unyielding.

“Can you feel it can you feel my hand?” The wrist twisted feeling the bump of his cock against her fleshy inside wall. “You were fucking soo tight to get up inside even out cold.” He announced please with his final result.

Mandy’s reply was an undecipherable babble of grunts yelps and long lamenting moans. Her beautiful lips making a cute oval of sensation her eyes wide like on storks her mind unable to put a rational sentence together. How could she possibly make sense of this new world?

“Ohh no, no, no, ugggurrrrrrrr!!”

The man grunted angrily as he bucked. Her hips and torso shook to the intense buggering. He’d stumbled from the van, over the dead body of Bison, walking like drunk to the tipped bus. He’d seen her straightaway, waif slim, all American cute; all that he hated and hated him. She had to pay for denying him his freedom. Pulling her clear hanging over his shoulder she has groaned but not woken. Now very much awake he released her tit so his hand could grip her knee pulling one leg back. Her foot was drawn towards her head allowing his pussy deep arm more room to pummel like he was stuffing a pillow full of feathers.

”Believe it bitch,” he replied to her continuous disgusted gasps, “you’re my fucking toy now!” Using his hand to keep her leg pulled back and up he gripped her ankle while buggering and fisting with fanatical intent up his blonde sexy doll. In this contorted state she looked like she’d snap like the wishbone of a chicken.

Mandy continued to moan and gasp her eyes wild surveying around her. The man beneath was far too powerful for her dazed lithe frame to pull away from or even resist in any meaningful way.

She could see across from her through the steam of the smashed engine, the crippled bus on its side after sliding down the embankment from the road. The other vehicle a big silver armoured van was still on its wheels but at a 45-degree incline. Its rapid almost free fall decent stopped by two unlucky but sturdy trees. It powerful light beams remained working, flooding the debris strewn ground. High above in darkness shrouded by trees was the road but now with little sign of the accident that happened only a few minutes ago. She then remembered the blaring lights, the horn and the screams. It had been a head on crash with no time to react.

Her own situation seemed impossible, now her eyes repeated the disbelieving horror all around her.

Mandy could see many man all the same; fiery, rampant, angry; dressed in orange penitentiary suits. And with them her cheerleader friends in carnal embraces like fashioned by a pervert sculptor. The freed occupants of the prison wagon had descended on them like angry bees might from a disturbed nest. They’d been so close to escape but then cruel fate snatch it from them. This fucking bus!

They wanted revenge.

And they were getting it.

Louise the team captain and self proclaim bitch was sat half stripped a look of dazed confusion on her face. Her normally deep wicked eyes looked out to the distance with puppy dog uncertainty. Her full round olive skinned tits heaved as she panted. Her skin glistened with sweat and angry spittle as two cons stood either side of her pushing their dirty dicks into her mouth while groping and flicking her nipples. Her hands were gripping both angry cocks half in desperation half in demand as they threatened to bury themselves to the hilt.

“Common we haven’t got all night!” They shouted hands on her long brunette mane both looking up to the dark road as if expecting to see someone. They knew soon the escape attempt would be discovered. In the van they had a chance to; but now on foot it was pointless. As if suddenly realising that fact one grip her head pulling her face up to look at him.

“Fucking bitches! Take what’s coming to ya!” He spat, angry with her hands resisting.

Louise’s mind was repeating over and over,” just do what they say, just do what they say!” Her eyes were glazed, detached from reality.

She just wanted to go back to her world where she was leader, the team captain, and college queen. It seemed like an eternity but just minutes earlier the girls had been laughing as she made that Mandy homemaker know her place.

“Well how will you know if he’s any good,” she had said with a collective wink to the other girls,” if you don’t get some experience before hand?”

The other babes had giggled Mandy looking out of her depth. Which when it came to boys and battling Louise she definitely was. The confident bitch was looking forward to her lame reply but Mandy never managed to answer before the heart stopping blare of horns; followed by the careering down hill slide, then this.

Now she was out of her depth. No longer boys but big world wise men, hairy, portly, powerful with the confidence of knowing they’d seen and done it all. Louise’s mind was trying to blot it out. It repeated again as she felt big fingers nip and harden her teats, “For fucks sake, just do what they say!”

Mandy could see the sultry shocked face show some sign of consciousness as finally both bear like men pushed from either side; filling Louise’s arrogant mouth with thick lengths of meat at the same time. ”Mmmffff!” They crossed in the middle both cock heads making her opposite cheeks bulge as they rhythmically began to skull fuck her. Her mouth was a meat filled oval drool cascading to her tits like a waterfall. All the while the teen bitches hands were gripping and jerking both cocks as they demanded, “she pump herself full of jisz.”

Nearby another hot babe with long blonde hair who Mandy recognised as Steph the new girl was pinned to the floor. Her stunning long legs were being forced wide open as she writhed on the ground. Between her legs was a face she recognised it was the coach Becca. The big busted blonde’s mouth rubbing across a swollen slit as one convict gripped her head directing her actions, the other straddling Steph his arms gripping her knees pushing wide. His naked bottom was half squatting over her face his ball sack slapping across the despairing face of his pinned toy.

“Get in there; common I want see her wet and ready” He demanded of the hot bob haired Becca.

Becca didn’t respond she was coughing shaking her head her nose and lips rubbing the other girls clit against her will. Her hands were out pushed hard against the ground pushing back on her captor, as while controlling her pussy slurping head he pumped his glistening cock steadily up her from behind.” faster doggie lick her faster” The mega fat man looked like a long haired biker thug, his hairy saggy belly using her curve firm sweaty rump as a self to rest on while he porked her from behined.

Steph had just happy she was in the team that night. The girl next-door blonde felt a little uncomfortable around such glamour as the others. She knew there were cuter but on the field her fantastic pins made her a dancing sensation. Back on the bus Carmel who had started the boy conversation first had being generous as ever and made Steph feel like part of the team. “I think you had some serious admirers out there tonight,” she said sweetly Steph first not realising she was talking her.

“What me?” She asked a little embarrassed, Carmel nodding with a friendly smile.

“Sure didn’t you hear the wolf whistling, I wish I had legs like that.” She added.

A sarcastic laugh from Carmel’s sister brought her back down to earth. Mercedes rolled her big long lashed eyes brushing her dark hair from her face. She was tall and pouty; her fabulous slim physique topped by cascading thick brunette hair. Her sexy lips gave a false smile her eyebrow raise in amusement. “Don’t get carried away sis,” she said stretching, back arching, tits thrusting forward, straining in her costume. Then added. ”When the McQueen sisters are about, no one else gets a look in.”

Carmel looked annoyed back at her sibling covering her arms across her massive full breast. Both girls had amazing bodies, Carmel a super wench physique with airbag size breast, Mercedes more lithe, athletic but busty as well. What Mercedes gained in dark lustful wickedness, Carmel match in brilliant blonde comic heroine style curves.

“Give us a all break,” came a confident sensible voice. Becca was slightly older than the rest. She was their coach, an ex troop member now prize winning mentor. Shoulder length blonde hair and brilliant blue innocent eyes matched her sweet voice.

Carmel gave a small smile enjoying the fact her sister was put in her place, Mercedes shrugging and reclining back in a cat like sulk of indifference; unwilling to lock horns with the coach.

“You did well tonight,” Becca continued smiling at Steph. The girl gave a shy nod of thanks still aware of Mercedes dagger eyes. But the coach now had another issue. She could hear Roxanne teasing Mandy about celibacy and boys and she thought,” Would it be too much for the preening captain to think about encouraging her new team mate, rather than picking on her?”

She was just about to break-up this newly brewing argument when the cabin filled with light along with girls screams, then the thunderous impact.

Now her nose was deep in the musk of the new girl. Her head was bumping forward at each deep cock filling rut of the man behind. At first she’d thought he was helping her from the crash. But he wasted no time in setting her straight. His fat belly slapped her but as he mounted like a huge stag beetle over a much smaller female.

He was in full flow, pushing her down, gripping her shoulder to help hail his bulk back and forth up her. His cock pressed so deep her sexy blue eyes bulged in her head. She in turn looked up pussy rubbed spittle dripping from her chin the other squatting man in front. He was over Steph’s shoulders his hand jerking his limp cock with serious intent. Once standing to attention he’d hammer the long legged slut with abandon.

“Get it fucking up man and give your bitch the same treatment.” Becca’s big-bellied fuck partner shouted between great forceful grunts. His hand pushed the hot coaches gasping mouth back on the slit adding,” this ones a like having your cock wrapped in a fucking hot towel.”

The straddling man nodded his hand on his cock his balls slapping on Steph’s screaming face. He was getting harder every second his length unfurling to attention. He could see how much fun his longhaired biker friend was having.

With his cock poker stiff he stood pulling Steph’s long blonde hair, making her get to her feet long hot legs bending in at the knees as she tried to cover her nakedness. Her musky licked slit now gone Becca gasped and clawed the ground her insides feeling the increased hammering as the man could now get to work on her curves with vengeance. While watching his friend finally fuck the other.

The horrified Steph was pushed a few feet toward the wreckage, her head shaking, the man’s cock waving at her like a prison guards baton. He spun her round her hands falling onto the bonnet of the steaming prison wagon as he mounted her from behind. From across the way Mandy saw the girl look to the heavens in desperation her long nails hands clawing the metal radiator grill as the angry stiff rod thrust up her licked wet slit. His entry was fierce lifting her onto tiptoes her mouth open in a fly catching yawn. He gripped her waist his pelvis a blur of power as he thrust up and down like he was pneumatic powered, and her look of horrid penetration was match by a wolf long howl of dismay.

To be continued

anonymous readerReport

2011-10-26 03:16:34
very well written, and definitely hot but I would advise toning down the acts a bit to make it more realistic. I loved how it opened with the girl coming to consciousness during a hard anal fuck, that was fantastic. But the whole fisting the teenage girl at the same time just wasn't believable. I would recommend just expanding on the girls pain and thoughts rather than adding acts to make the story more hardcore. The double skull fuck is another example that wasn't believable. A single hard, rough face fucking till she's puking up her lunch on a thick convict cock is much more powerful and exciting in my opinion. But overall good work, and I would like to see this story continued further...

anonymous readerReport

2011-10-25 22:33:01
very well written, and definitely hot but I would advise toning down the acts a bit to make it more realistic. I loved how it opened with the girl coming to consciousness during a hard anal fuck, that was fantastic. But the whole fisting the teenage girl at the same time just wasn't believable. I would recommend just expanding on the girls pain and thoughts rather than adding acts to make the story more hardcore. The double skull fuck is another example that wasn't believable. A single hard, rough face fucking till she's puking up her lunch on a thick convict cock is much more powerful and exciting in my opinion. But overall good work, and I would like to see this story continued further...

anonymous readerReport

2011-10-25 22:31:06
very well written, and definitely hot but I would advise toning down the acts a bit to make it more realistic. I loved how it opened with the girl coming to consciousness during a hard anal fuck, that was fantastic. But the whole fisting the teenage girl at the same time just wasn't believable. I would recommend just expanding on the girls pain and thoughts rather than adding acts to make the story more hardcore. The double skull fuck is another example that wasn't believable. A single hard, rough face fucking till she's puking up her lunch on a thick convict cock is much more powerful and exciting in my opinion. But overall good work, and I would like to see this story continued further...


2009-02-09 03:41:23
Nice one... I liked it a lot. I have always loved stories involving older men using young girls and Finc u are one of the best on it !

Girl ReaderReport

2009-02-04 02:48:24
Story was too disjointed. The deions were good, but half the time I couldn't tell what was going on because you'd jump around without warning. Like trying to read a Picassso.

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