It was a little over a year ago that we set off around the world.
Ryan (Son)-16 years old, only son, 6'0 ft, 150lbs, slim build, brown hair, brown eyes, 7in cock.
Trish (Mother)-36 years old, 5'7, 128lbs, 32B (little sag), Slim figure, flat ass, green eyes, blond hair.
Lauren (Older Sis)-18 years old, 5'6, 115lbs, 36A, slim, tight flat ass, blue eyes, blond hair.
Molly (Young Sis)-14 years old, 5'4, 102lbs, 36A, slim, tight flat ass, brown eyes, brown hair.

Warning: This story has a fairly lengthy intro.

It was just over a year ago that Jones set off to sail around the world. Ryan’s father had come into a substantial amount of money after his company went public. So, to celebrate, they took a year off from school and work and sailed around the world. Only two weeks into the journey they sailed right into a major hurricane and were blown way off course. His father told Ryan that, because of the high electric interference from the storm, their G.P.S. beacon had been knocked out and would need to be replaced. That same night they shipwrecked on an uncharted island. In the crash Ryan was badly injured, breaking several bones. Thankfully the rest of his family was, more or less, unscathed. Otherwise they probably would've all starved.

His father gathered some sturdy pieces of wood from the nearby jungle and set Ryan’s breaks. Then he proceeded to assess the damage to the boat, and deemed that was repairable. When he got back onto the boat and gathered his tools, he said that he heard a broadcast coming through over the radio and told them that he was going to go check out the island for any other people. Ryan’s mother said she would like to go with him, but he refused and said that she needed to stay with the kids and that he would be back in a few days, at most. While he was gone, Ryan’s sisters and his mother went to gather food from as close by as they could find it and they stayed warm by all sleeping by the fire and all bundled together. Well a few days turned into a week, and a week turned into a month, and eventually a month turned into a year. They assumed the worst.

It was a year ago today that his father set off into the jungle by himself and never returned. Ryan’s broken bones took a few months to heal, but once they did, Ryan did everything his father would've done and got stronger everyday. After a year of living off the bushes and trees close to the beach, they had stripped them bare. Now that he was stronger Ryan told his mother and sisters that he was going to go into the jungle to try and find them food and shelter. It was a fairly teary good-bye, because they were unsure as to whether Ryan would ever return. Nevertheless, he did his best to maintain his composure and set off into the wilderness. The jungle had a very misleading face to it, it seemed wide open, but just a little beyond where Ryan had gone before it became dense and wild. He felt that he was way over his head, but he still pressed on.

After hours of walking Ryan came into a clearing with a beautiful, crystal clear stream running through it. As he continued to look around it he noticed there was a very nice shallow cave that would serve perfectly as a shelter. So now they had water and shelter, if only there was food. That's when it hit him.

"Ow!" Ryan said, a odd shaped, green fruit had just hit him square on the top of his head, "What the fuc..." He stopped mid-sentence as he now noticed all the trees and bushes were covered in this strange green fruit. "Well I guess we have food too." Ryan bent down and examined the fruit; it was long and phallic looking. It smelled okay. He cut it open and noted that nothing looked dangerous or toxic on the inside. Finally he tasted it. Wow. It was like tasting pure bliss. It was addicting. Ryan couldn't help himself; He finished it off in a minute. What was most amazing was that after eating only one, he felt completely full. “This is too perfect!” Ryan said, “We have got to move to here.” To remember the path back he marked all the trees with his knife.

When Ryan got back to the beach he was greeted by hugs and kisses from his sisters and his mom. He told them all the good news and gave them some of the fruit that he had brought back. They all agreed it was delicious and that it would definitely be enough for them to survive off of. However, Lauren was very hesitant about the idea of moving away from the beach. She was worried that they were getting too set on staying on this island, instead of fixing the boat and getting back home. His mother and Ryan assured her that this cave would only be a temporary settlement and that everyday they would come back to the beach and work on the boat.

The next morning they all gathered our things and headed back to, what Ryan had dubbed, the 'oasis'. When they arrived his mom and sisters were simply astounded by the beauty and how perfect it was. They settled in and, as they had promised Lauren, everyday they went back to the beach and worked on the boat. However, they found that the damage was a lot more than they were equipped to handle and it was going to take them a very long time. Everyday they consumed a couple, each, of ‘bliss’ fruits a day and every bite tasted better than the last.

Over the months Ryan began noticing changes in his mom, his sisters and himself. It seemed like everyday his cock was growing thicker and longer and his horniness was through the roof. Most of the time he was walking around sporting a semi under his jeans. Also he felt like he was getting stronger by the minute, cutting down trees and hauling wood was getting easier and easier. His mom and sisters were getting bustier and bustier. All of them originally B-cups or smaller, were now 32-C's! His moms breasts no longer had any sag in them at all and had become perky and full again. Everyday the material of their tank tops stretched tighter and, because they had no longer bothered to wear bras that didn’t fit, their nipples stood out like eraser tips. As if that weren’t enough, their asses, which used to be very pancake-ish, were now filling out just enough so that they had nice round behinds. Now the little booty shorts his sisters and mom pranced around in had begun showing the bottoms of their cheeks and he could almost always see some crack at the top.

A few days later as his mom, sisters and Ryan were working on the boat Molly stumbled while handing his mom a piece of wood and fell into the water. When she resurfaced her tank top had gone completely see through and he could see both of her tits and her now large, eraser nipples. Her body and her tits were a beautiful golden brown and her nipples were a delicious chocolate brown. Their color contrasted her tits so perfectly; you would’ve thought she was a porn star. Ryan officially couldn’t take it anymore. His cock, now 13.5 inches long and 5 inches around, was straining so hard against his jeans that he had to get some relief. Several minutes later he told Lauren he was going to the bathroom and he’d be back in a bit, he told her it was a number two.

Once Ryan was far enough into the jungle where he was sure he wouldn’t get caught, he yanked his jeans down and let his cock spring free. Immediately his hand pumped furiously up and down the now massive shaft. His mind imagined Lauren and Molly making out with their tops completely soaked and see through. Their nipples pushing together and their legs entangled. That was more than enough and his cock erupted in its first orgasm in over a year. Ryan released massive amounts of cum and it grew with each spurt. His head got fuzzy and his eyes darkened for a brief second, but then he came back to reality. Ryan looked down and was amazed; the ground was covered, covered, in cum. It could’ve coated a large pizza several times over. But what shocked him more was that he was still rock hard. He couldn’t go back like this so he jacked off three more times, each time shooting more cum than the time before. Finally his hard on subsided and he headed back to the beach.

Of course Ryan had been gone for a fairly long time, so his sisters and mom were very curious as to where he had been. He, of course, lied and said that he had been going to the bathroom. That was good enough for his sisters, but he was pretty sure that his mom saw right through him. They returned to work and ended up having a fairly successful day. As they walked back to camp he noticed his mom was constantly sneaking looks at his crotch. Of course he couldn’t take his eyes of Molly’s still partially transparent top, so the bulge in his pants was fairly prominent. Needless to say, his mom got quite an eyeful. However, nothing happened during dinner and they all went to bed.

In the middle of the night Ryan was awoken by a noise. At first he thought nothing of it, probably just a bird, but as he listened more it became more and more human. Now he snapped awake and listened very intently. It sounded like a female voice, it was muttering? Or whimpering? No, it was moaning! Slowly, Ryan got to his feet and snuck past the entrance of the cave so he could see just what was going on. Ryan’s eyes scanned the campsite, but found nothing. He couldn’t tell where the moaning was coming from, but knew it was getting more and more intense.

As Ryan was about to give up and go back to bed he saw a figure lying on their back on the bank of the stream. However, the moon was behind a cloud so he couldn’t see who it was. He turned and looked into the cave and saw the sleeping forms of his mother, and sisters. “Maybe I’m dreaming? Is that someone else from the island?” Ryan thought to himself. He turned back to the figure and noticed the cloud had moved on. His eyes were first called to the figure’s legs; something was pumping furiously in and out of her snatch. He followed the curves of her body upward, over the glorious curves of her large tits, her nipples painfully erect in the cool night air. Finally Ryan’s eyes settled on her face and he managed to suppress a small gasp. It was his mother! She was masturbating, pretty furiously, with a ‘bliss’ fruit. Ryan and never seen his mother look so gorgeous and wanted nothing more than to take the fruit’s place. But, he thought, that would never happen. Just then his mother said the one sentence that would change his life forever,

“Oh, yes! Fuck me with your big cock. Yes! Oh, Ryan!” He couldn’t believe his ears. His mom wanted him? In that instant Ryan realized that life on the island was about to get far more interesting. With highly sexual images of his mother running through his head, Ryan crawled back into the cave and fell asleep. The next morning he woke up with an extra pep in his step. Ryan knew in his gut, or perhaps his balls, that he was going to fuck his mother. He could barely contain himself all morning; he just wanted to get into her so badly. All morning Ryan watched his mom, waiting for her to take her inevitable bathroom break. After about 2.5 hours his Mom finally announced she had to go to the bathroom and marched off into the woods. Not a minute later Ryan too announced he had to go and took off behind her. Her path wasn’t hard to track and Ryan found her fairly quick. He dropped his pants and walked up behind her.

She was leaning against a tree and was about to pull her shorts back up when she sensed Ryan’s presence. She wheeled around, still bent over trying to get into her shorts. Her face was perfectly level with his massive cock and her jaw dropped at the site of it. Though she tried to put on a stern face she could not suppress her visible desire for his rod. She did her best to gain her composure,

“Ryan! What are you doing? I don’t have any pants on!”
“I know Mom. But I also know that I want you as bad as you want me.”
“I don’t know what you are talking ab…”
“I saw you last night Mom, getting yourself off with one of the fruits, pretending it was me! Deny it all you want, you know I’m right.” With that Ryan flexed his body to make his cock bounce right in front of her face.
“Well I-I…”

She couldn’t even finish her sentence without wrapping her hands around the massive dick. She could feel her wetness soaking her thighs and knew she had to have him in her. She tried, but failed to get him in her mouth and she opted to lick it top to bottom, much to Ryan’s pleasure. Just as she thought she couldn’t take it anymore he pulled her mouth away and turned her around. She knew what was coming and could feel herself get even wetter.

Ryan positioned himself and began to slowly began to push into his mother. He couldn’t believe how tight she was after having three kids; it was like a virgin pussy. He pushed and pushed and got a couple inches in, he pulled out and pushed back in. He got a couple more inches in to her before he hit her womb. He pulled almost all the way back out and then shoved as hard as he could back into her, penetrating her womb. She arched her back in pleasure and screamed out in ecstasy. Ryan reached forward and grabbed his mother’s hair and pulled it back towards him. He thrust deep into her over and over again, fucking her relentlessly. Each time he thrust, she moaned out in pure bliss. In only a few strokes he could feel his climax building and gave a warning,

“Uhhh…I’m going to cummm…”
“Do it baby, cum in Momma’s belly. Knock up your horny mother!”

With that he groaned deeply and shot an immense load deep into her womb. The second she felt the hot, thick stream enter her womb she released her own massive climax. Her body shuttered and shook and she fell a state of pure bliss, where she felt nothing but her womb stretching from the massive amounts of semen inside her. Ryan’s first orgasm had ended, but he still continued to pound his mother’s pussy. Halfway through the second fuck Ryan reached down and ripped his mothers tank top in half and grabbed handfuls of her firm breasts. The kneading of her breasts and tweaking of her nipples sent Trish over the edge once again. When her pussy clamped down on Ryan’s massive cock it drove him over the edge again and he exploded into her womb again. When his cumming finally ceased he pulled his, now, semi-erect cock out of her pussy and watched as his cum flowed freely from his mother’s pussy.

His mother stood up and turned to face him, he had dumped so much cum in her that she looked pregnant.

“My god, if I had known that sex with you was that good, I would’ve fucked you a long time ago.” His mother joked. Ryan laughed, but then asked, very seriously,
“What do we do now? You can’t go back to the boat like that and you don’t have a top anymore, thanks to me.” She just smiled at him and took him by the hand and began walking towards the beach.

“What about my jeans, Mom?”
“Leave them. I think you have been paying too much attention to me! I’ve noticed that your sisters have been eyeing your cock for months and they get a hungry look in their eyes when they look at you. I think they want you more than I do. So when we go back we’ll be naked and I’ll have your cum dripping from my pussy and they’ll know that from now on there will be no boundaries between us. That they can have you any time you are able to give it to them.”

Ryan could do nothing, but smile as they walked hand in hand onto the beach naked in front of his sisters. Life, he thought, is about to get really interesting!

*First story, so don't be to harsh*

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Nice story


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(The) Shipwrecked - Pt. 1" - The Jones Family: Late-thirties Year Old Married Father, Mr. Jones And Thirty-six Year Old Mother, Trish Jones; Eighteen Year Old Daughter, Lauren; Sixteen Year Old Son, Ryan and Fourteen Year Old Daughter, Molly Jones.

This being at least the third time reading this marvelous story, which is actually FICTION and FANTASY!! Some Anonymous reader's comments criticize the story without realizing the nature of the story, the sexual nurturing aspect of the Website and story offerings thereof!! Those critics should be constructive, in the least, but also be reasonable in the matter they criticize!

This story is absolutely magnificent is it's total delivery, the context and theme! The characters and their dialogue and actions, and more importantly, their results of those spirit life style, incestuous pregnancies and love of all family members are the subject(s) we readers want and expect, with good quality delivery!!

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I like it very much


2014-09-09 07:57:22
"The Shipwreck Pt. 1:" - Jones Family: Trish, Ryan, and Lauren and Molly - (Thirty-six Year Old Mother, Sixteen Year Old Son, Eighteen Year Old and Fourteen Year Olds Sisters).

If there were ever an ideal paradise for the perfect situational incest family of perfect ages and willing participants, this is THE one!!! The father has been lost, vanished for more than a year; the only remaining male is Ryan, and his two sisters along with their mother!! As luck and fortune would have it their abundance of food is "bliss", so named for many reasons, among beautifully enhancing the size and functionality of sexual organs, stamina, production of sperm and pussy juices, etc, along with being very tasteful and edible! They have now discarded their clothing, and Ryan has consummated several deep, seeding fucks of his mother's (per her motherly request) womb, most assuredly knocking her up, possibly with multiple children!! Great things are on the horizon!!


2014-03-16 09:34:40
"The Shipwreck Pt. 1" - Trish, Ryan, Lauren and Molly - (Mother, Son, Daughter and Daughter)

The family's shipwreck on a deserted island has become a Godsend, a Den of Inequity or their Garden of Eden! Son Ryan has got to believe he's died and gone to Heaven; there's something in the fruit they're eating, as his cock has gone from seven inches a year ago to thirteen plus inches now, his cum ejaculation is about four times as before!! His mother and both sisters are enhanced by firmer, bustier boobs with no sag (mother had some sag). Ryan has already pursued, seduced and fucked the shietz out of his mother, and best of all impregnated her--at her wish!!

The story is my kind of lurid, incestual sex, only family sex with no interference from "outsiders" makes the story an Oscar winner! Best yet, there is the possibility the Ryan will be called upon to keep his still fertile mother and his two teenage sisters, satisfied, fucked and pregnant!!!

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