This story is just a fantasy not true, however the people are real.

I’m a guy and I am in my mid 20’s and I live in a condo by myself. I am not bad looking 6’1” 210lbs average guy. I have a spare bed room that I have rented to a couple friends in the past. This story is about one of those friends.
My friend Tiffany needed a place to stay because she had just moved out of an apartment with a friend who didn’t pay rent and scammed her. Tiffany is a sexy lil thing. She is 5’2” about 90 pounds with brown eyes and light brown hair and she is 20yo. She also has the cutest ass and even though she is small she has nice orange size tits. Sometimes when she and I go out people, think she is my 12 yo sister, which kind of turns me on. Anyway I was glad to have some eye candy around the house for a change.
One day Tiffany had her little sister come over to sleep over because their mother was going out of town. This young girl was named Lacy and she was the cutest thing I had ever seen. She is 10 yo and she looks kind of like her older sister with black hair and brown eyes. What had turned me on to this young girl was something that had happened at Tiffany’s house one night when she had a party.
A buddy of mine and I had gone to Tiffany’s house about 3 weeks earlier because my buddies girlfriend was there and she was worried that Tiffany was too drunk and was unable to control the people at the party. So he and I hopped in the car and headed over to Tiffany’s place. When we got there it was getting out of control and my buddy and I kicked all the guys out. Some of the girls had passed out or were walking around in a drunken state. I ended up finding Tiffany passed out on her bedroom floor in a pair of short shorts and a T shirt. I picked her up and put her in bed, but decided to take a peek at her little mound while I was there. I pulled her panties aside to see a nice trimmed up little slit. I started rubbing her pussy and noticed she had started to get wet! Suddenly I was interrupted by my Buddies Girlfriend coming in to the room to check on her friend. I quickly walked over to Tiffany’s bathroom to take a piss. I wanted to taste that hot little pussy but knew I wouldn’t get another chance. I found a pair of panties on the floor in her bathroom and picked them up. I saw some cartoons on them but didn’t think anything of it as I put them to my nose to smell the sweetest pussy aroma I had ever come across. I was in heaven! I found a little stain and touched my tongue to it. The tartness started to get me hard. I knew we had to go so I shoved them in my pocket and we left. Next day I pulled them out and realized they were too small for Tiffany to wear and found out they were her kid sisters! So since then I had fantasized about little Lacy and her panties.
So back to the story. Lacy had come over with her big sister and we were going to play the Wii and Tiff and I would drink some cocktails. I had noticed Lacy taking the occasional sip from my cup when she thought I wasn’t looking. Several drinks later Tiffany was down and out on the couch, meanwhile Lacy and I were on the other couch watching T.V. Lacy knew me from before that night so she felt comfortable cuddling up against me and some of the liquor had taken affect. She sat back on my lap and started to fall asleep. I could smell her sexy aroma of kid perfume. I then put my hand up on her thigh and started rubbing up and down. I started to get hard and it pushed against her little butt. I then moved my hand up her shorts to her panties. I was careful not to go to fast and scare her to wake up. I slowly slid my finger in her panties and found that wonderful little slit I had be fantasizing about from her panties weeks ago. I started to slowly massage her little opening with my middle finger. My cock was raging hard by this point and I had to do something. I moved her up slightly so I could pull my 7 inch dick out from the shorts I had on. I slowly spread her legs apart and pulled her shorts closer to her waist revealing more of her little thighs. My cock had flopped over to her left thigh and just made me feel so hot doing something like this that I knew was wrong. I put her hand down on my cock and ran it along the shaft in a petting motion. I couldn’t take anymore and had to do the only thing I could think of doing. I grabbed a hold of my cock and started jerking off with her on top of me and my other hand still petting her slit. I knew I wouldn’t last long so I pulled up her shirt some and aimed my cock head at her little belly. Suddenly I shot the biggest load of my life and it went all over her belly, belly button and her nose. After I calmed down I pulled my finger from her slit and sniffed and licked the juices off my fingers. I knew I had to clean Lacy up before she woke up so I wiped her off and put her and Tiffany in Tiffany’s’ bed.
The next day I saw them getting ready to go to the pool and they asked if I would join them. I said sure and grabbed my swim shorts and met them at the pool. It was bright out so I wore sun glasses to the pool. When I met them up Tiff was looking sexy in her skimpy two piece bikini. Little Lacy looked cute to in her two piece. We all lay out for an hour before Lacy begged me to come swim with her. I jumped in and we played around for a bit. She wanted me to throw her while we were in the pool so I used the opportunity to place my hands around her butt and even grazed her little slit a couple of times. She didn’t seem to notice so I got bolder and my hand slipped under her bikini bottom and just touched her opening. She kind of looked at me knowingly and smiled. I was starting to get hard again playing with this little angel, thank god we were in the water or else Tiff would have noticed. Lacy then wanted to swim between my legs, which kind of felt like a bad idea at the time, but I said ok. After she did this one or two times I noticed she came up in front of me and her butt lightly rubbed up against my hard on. The next time she swam through and turned around and grabbed my cock and squeezed. I was shocked and turned on all at the same time by what she did. Lacy came up from under the water and smiled at me and said “Your thingy is hard”. I told her if she didn’t tell Tiff I would show it to her later. She agreed and giggled getting out of the water.
That night I had to watch Lacy because Tiff got called into work because someone didn’t show up. I told Tiff no problem I would watch her sister. After she left Lacy asked me if she could see my “Thingy” I told her it was a cock. Lacy said “Can I see your… cock please?” Just looking at her eyes I wanted to give her so much pleasure with my steel hard cock but realized I couldn’t have sex with her at her age yet.
I sat on the couch and pulled my cock out for her to see. Laces’ eyes got big as she saw her first big dick. I told her to play with it and she wrapped her hand around it the best she could. I told her to mover her hand up and down, and she started slowly feeling the raw heat from my cock. I told her to taste it like a lollipop and lick the top, which she did and moved her tongue around it. She then tasted the pre-cum that oozed from the tip and licked her lips. She said she liked how warm it felt. I then told her I wanted to see her slit; she was kind of shy at first but then got up and pulled her bikini bottoms down and smiled at me. I told her how pretty she looked and started running my hands up and down her legs till I found her slit waiting for me. I told her to lay down on her back and I would make her feel good like she did me. Lacy laid on the couch and I went straight to her slit with my tongue. She flinched for a second and relaxed after she felt how good it was. I swear after a bit she stiffened up and had a little orgasm, but I was too busy tasting her sweet juices. I told her I wanted to cum for her as a present for being so good. She said “What’s cum?” I told her she would see in a second. I grabbed my cock and started to jerk off to this little princess spread out before me with her legs open. I told her to get ready and suddenly started shooting spurt after thick creamy spurt of cum across her pussy and her belly and even up on her hair. She kind of shrieked a little but then when I calmed down I saw her stare at some thick glob of cum on her hand. She tasted it a little and licked what she discovered. I went to grab a towel and told her that Tiff must never know what we did and that it’s our little secret. Lacy agreed to the secret.
Tiff came home later on that night and asked Lacy if she had a fun day. She then laughed and said she and I had fun and liked me babysitting her.

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Screw you guys! Its a well written fantasy. paragraph shmaragraph, doesnt matter! And you folks that leave bad comments on young age fantasy, you saw the list of key words before you started reading! Good story!

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Lier lol

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I did not even read the story, saw the big block of white and gave it a negative vote immediately.


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What he said!! /

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