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First in a series. First time author, so bear with me please :)
I was at my buddy Jimmy's house when this all happened. I'm Derek by the way. Jimmy is my best friend. We've known each other since we were in third grade, and we've been inseparable ever since. While I'm 18 and Jimmy is 19, we're only 10 months apart. Jimmy had just slipped under the birth date requirement back in elementary school so we ended up in the same class. We're both about the same height, weight and build. We both have short brown hair though I have blue eyes while Jimmy has green. We don't look alike unless you see us from behind. Fortunately this actually worked out to my advantage.

I had gone over to Jimmy's house for a school project in which were supposed to be studying the civil war for our senior year History class. We had a big project coming up and this grade was going to be for almost a quarter of our grade. Honestly though, we were both doing well in school, and with it being senior year, we weren't really too concerned with the whole thing. We mostly spent our time playing video games or drinking when Jimmy's parents went out. Occasionally we'd get stuck in the house with his sister Michelle, but other than that we were pretty much on our own. Michelle was only 17 but we were also pretty close as we had grown up around each other. We were comfortable with each others presence even though there were times when we didn't get along. It was common knowledge that she was one of the hottest girls at school though apparently she didn't seem to know it, and she was pretty popular at school though she didn't try to BE popular. She simply was. I think that added to her attraction. I don't know how she managed to be both gorgeous and popular while not getting full of herself, but she did and it worked for her. She was a little shorter than me though not by much, maybe an inch or two. She didn't have an hourglass figure but it didn't really matter to anyone at school. There were plenty of guys and probably even some gals too, that would have liked to had the chance to get with her. She was simply...amazing.

Anyways, on this particular day, for some reason all of a sudden in the middle of our Halo game I had to take the biggest piss. I hastily told Jimmy I had to take a leak but his eyes were glued to the TV so I don't even know if he heard me. I raced to the bathroom and as I got closer the unmistakable sound of the running water reached my ears. Apparently Michelle was home and getting ready to take a shower or a bath.

I pounded on the door. "Michelle! I have to piss! Hurry up and get in or I'm coming in anyways!", I yelled through the door. I heard the curtain get pulled into place and the sound of running water stopped.

"Come in!" she hollered. I didn't waste any time! I rushed in the bathroom, past the closed curtain and hurriedly lifted the toilet seat. I couldn't unzip fast enough and I almost started to piss before I even had my dick out. Fortunately I made it in time and was greeted by the wonderful feeling of an emptying bladder. An uncontrolled groan of relief escaped my lips and I involuntarily closed my eyes. There's almost nothing in the world better than that feeling, is there? After the feeling started to fade I opened my eyes. The shower was still on my left and even though I had been in this bathroom plenty of times, I couldn't help but notice something different.

When you walk into the bathroom, on your immediate right is the sink. A closet sits on your immediate left which is where they kept all the towels and tp and such. As you go farther in, the shower is on your left after the closet, and straight ahead of you is the toilet. On the right of the toilet was a little counter where they stored hand towels, razors, body lotions and all the other toiletries that people use. There was a huge mirror over the counter there which gave more than one person plenty of room to shave and put on makeup. So while there was plenty of space for which to do things, the aisle was definitely a narrow one.

Like I said though, as I looked around I couldn't help but notice that something was out of place. And if I hadn't had such a pressing matter before me when I entered, I would have noticed it right away. What used to be a rose colored cloth shower curtain, was now a semi-translucent plastic one. There before me, though vague in outline, was a completely naked 17 year old girl, slowly soaping herself while taking a bath. My jaw just about hit the floor. Of course I had noticed Michelle had grown into a beautiful woman, but seeing the outline of her body there before me, was something I never imagined I would have ever seen. One of, if not THE most beautiful girl at school was right before me in all her glory, completely unaware that this mildly inhibited view was turning me on. And it was turning me on fast! In the time it took for me to see her and realize what exactly I was seeing, i had an erection. Not only did I have a hard on though, but I hadn't masturbated in a couple days so it was solid! The warm air in the bathroom from the shower gently blew over my dick and enveloped it in a strange but wondrous warmth almost as if it were being caressed by gentle hands. God this was amazing! Before I could enjoy it any further though she moved to open the curtain.

"Jimmy, could you hand me a washcloth? I forgot to get one before I jumped in". The curtain started to open and in my panic I tried to take a couple steps back so she wouldn't catch me staring at her gorgeous figure through the thin piece of plastic. My plan didn't quite work out as well as I had planned though because my pants had fallen lower than I had thought because I had forgotten to zip them up. I fell straight back and hit my head hard on the tile.

WHAM! As soon as the stars cleared from my vision a few things became apparent. My erection was still full blown and sticking straight up and while Michelle had pulled the curtain open to grab the washcloth the curtain had become forgotten as she was staring straight at my erect prick. She had a completely unobstructed view of my circumcised seven inch cock, while I could see her completely naked, soapy body. A dark patch between her legs was barely visible underneath the soap, though it was restricted enough for me to get the idea that she kept herself trimmed and as the soap proved, clean. The air out here must have either been colder than the air in the shower or she liked what she saw because her nipples stood out, fully erect. For a second, neither of us moved. We simply stared at each other in all our glory, mesmerized by the sights before us.

BAM! BAM! BAM! "Derek? Are you OK? I thought I heard something fall."

Michelle quickly closed the shower curtain, but not before we both caught each others gaze. Unless I was mistaken, what I saw in her face reflected what I was feeling. Complete and total arousal.

I struggled to get up while pulling up my pants. "Nah, I'm fine. Just tripped on this rug in here. I'll be right out. Gotta wash my hands", I said. If he heard the breathlessness in my voice he probably chalked it up to me having the wind knocked out of me when I fell.

"Hurry up man! Next game starts in 30 seconds, with or without you!"

I heard his footsteps start to fade away down the hall. It was only after I couldn't hear them that I flushed the toilet and washed my hands. An awkward silence filled the bathroom with only the occasional sound of rippling water breaking the spell. I dried my hands off as fast as I could and i turned around and opened the closet door. I grabbed a washcloth, closed the door and walked over to the tub.

"Hey, uh...Michelle?" Silence still reigned from the other side of the curtain so I continued on. "Sorry about that. I didn't know you thought it was Jimmy or I would have told you. And sorry for physical state" I chuckled. "'s your washcloth. I suppose you deserve more of an apology but i don't know what to say. I guess I suppose I should be thanking you though since I just got to see what every single guy in school would kill to see. Don't worry though", I hastily added. "I won't tell anyone". Well, at least you know the effect you have on guys now though, right?" I joked.

My attempt at levity didn't seem to be going anywhere so I tried to get out before I made matters worse.

"Well, um...see you around" I said as I walked out and closed the door behind me, only realizing then, that I had said the stupidest thing possible. "See you around?" I muttered under my breath. "Now she's going to think I did it on purpose or some shit like that". As I walked down the hallway I had to stop and adjust myself since there was no sign that I was going to lose my erection for a while. How could I after seeing one of the most amazing and provocative things in my whole life? I just hoped things didn't get awkward between the two of us after that.


This ends part one. Please feel free to leave comments and possibly even suggestions on where you'd like to see this story go from here. I have some ideas, but others are welcome as well. Thanks!


2008-11-18 02:01:15
That was GREAT. Hope you finish parts 2 and maybe 3 fast.

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2008-11-13 22:04:10
keep up the good work!!!

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2008-11-13 20:33:29
Love it, this is my first review in a while, and I have to say, yours is worth being my first review.

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2008-11-12 01:44:31
Fantastic start to what should be a real 'gripper' of a story. Excellent writing style too!

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