Baby fuck, baby fuck, IT'S AWWWWRIGHT!
Is that a lolly in your pants daddy? - Original lemon by MISTER BIG T

My infamous baby sex story. Enjoy!

Ben was watching the game, can of beer in his other hand. His team was losing. Ben was a man around the age of 30. Not that far away from him, his first born child Ann was playing in her pj's with a small plushy, who was five years old. In a room close to them, there slept his second child, Jessie who was just a year old baby. She was sleeping and sucking on pacifier.

While the two of them were different, there was one thing that combined them. The same thing was also the fact what made Bens wife leave him. The very same thing drove his wife insane. Both of the girls were born as hermaphrodites. Bens wife blamed it all on Ben saying it was all 'cause of him. But deep inside of her, she blamed herself so much that it made her take her life away with a gun one evening...


Ben shut down the TV. The match was already lost, but he finished his beer nevertheless and gave a shrug. He was thinking of taking one more beer, before going to bed, but the beer was still too warm. He had put them into fridge too late, so he couldn't even get drunk.

Suddenly Ann came crying.

"What's wrong Ann?" he asked.

"Jessie peed on me!" Ann cried against her father’s chest.

"Aww, there there. Hush, no need to cry. Now, where did she pee and why?" Ben asked.

"When I was putting her into cradle, she peed on me!" Ann screamed and pointed the stain.

"Ann dear I'm sorry. However, it's your bedtime, so go wash your teeth,” he said, looking directly at her.

"Aww, okay daddy." she said and cuddled her father.

Ann didn't mean it really, but she kind of rubbed her fathers side a little. Suddenly she eeped.

"What's wrong?" Ben said, shocked himself too.

"Something poked me!" she replied and saw her fathers penis stick up all erect for the first time in her life.

Ben gave a small laugh.

"Oh, it's just Daddy’s penis, " he said.

"Why is it so big?" she asked, tilting her head.

"Because daddy loves you very much." Ben stated, hugging her again.

Ann gave a smile and giggle and gave an innocent kiss to her father.

"I love you too Daddy. I love you more than anything,” she purred.

"Ann, before you go to bed, do you want me to massage your back?" Ben asked feeling kind of embarrassed of his own feelings.

"That would be great." Ann replied.

"Okay for this to work out to the max, you need to take off your clothes." he stated.

Ann blinked.

"My panties too?" she finally asked.

"Yes, don't worry, I'll wrap you in a towel. It's just so I can massage you better." Ben replied. (

Ann was silent, but then gave a nod and raised her PJ and took it off. She then slid her panties off and Ben handed her a towel, that she placed around her waist to cover her butt and her pussy. (As well as the penis) She leaned down and Ben ran his hands over her back, making her relax.

"Do you like it?" Ben said, beginning to get really turned on.

"It tickles Daddy,” she giggled.

Suddenly, Ben ran his hands over her butt and rubbed it a little.

"Oooh…Daddy?" Ann asked as surprised.

Ben moved his hand and gently stroked her side and a little of her inner thigh. Ann’s breathing kind of changed.

"Daddy… I feel so strange…" she whimpered.

"Sit on your butt and show what's wrong." Ben said.

Ann sat and faced his father. The towel was raised a little, because of her new fond erection. Ben smiled and gently placed his hand over it, rubbing it.

"Oooh… Daddy….Mmm…" she moaned.

"Ann…" Ben murmured as he rubbed his daughters erection.

Suddenly, he couldn't take it anymore and he took his under wear off, his erection sticking out.

"It's huge…" she said, gently touching the tip with her finger.

"Go ahead, put it in your mouth." he replied.

"But…It's dirty." Ann protested.

"It's not. Just think it's a lollipop." Ben said, rubbing on her hair gently.

Ann did want nothing, but best to her father, so she (He? It?) brought her head down and gave a good lick at it's tip to the very base. She licked the whole length and carefully sucked on it a little.

At the same time, Jessie had woken up and she was looking at the two amazed in her cradle.

Ben gave a moan as he came into his daughter’s mouth. Suddenly, she arched and pointed at Jessie.

"Jessie’s trying to climb over playpen!" she yelled.

Ben quickly hurried to his younger daughter and lifted her up.

"Baby want to join us?" he asked.

She gave a toothless grin and kissed her father. Ben smiled and brought her next to Ann.

"Now, let Jessie do the same you did to me too." he said, removing Jessie’s pacifier.

Ann moved her baby sisters closer to her erect penis. Jessie licked it a little and inserted it in her mouth, beginning to suck on it. Apparently she had gotten some practice with the pacifier. At least, that's the only explanation… Right? Anyway, suddenly, Ann noticed a small bulge appear on Jessie’s diapers.

"Ooo, daddy, Jessie’s’ penis got big too!" Ann stated giving a smile.

"Lay on your back and suck Jessie off too." Ben replied, giving a grin.

Ann did as she was told and began to suck her baby sisters erect wee wee. They both formed a 69 (Jessie being on top) and were jerking and licking each other’s sex organs. However, due to their young age, the sisters didn't last long and Jessie gave a small scream as she came into her sister’s mouth.

"That's my girls." Ben said as he got close and kissed both.


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