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Checking each strand of hair and each crease in her royal blue dress, Amanda pranced across the room. Wobbling unsteady in her heels as she watched the second hand on the clock tick slowly by, a quarter till seven now. The chiming of the door bell send a shiver that went all the way to the top of Amanda's head. Shaking from excitement and nerves, Amanda opened the door.

Nathan stood there, the smell of of musk filling the room. He wore a gray three piece suit with a baby blue shirt completed his ensemble. Stepping into the room, he took Amanda's hand in his bringing it to his lips to kiss it softly. "Shall we go young lady?"

With blush filled cheeks, she nodded yes. She had expected a dim lit dinning room in some expensive restaurant but in stead she found herself surrounded by large weeping willows who's dangling foliage touched the ground. The scent of honey suckles filled the garden, beneath a pavilion danced candles as the soft sound of music filled the air, the soft trickle of water rolling over rock could be heard faintly. A gentle breeze set the moment with romance.

"Oh how beautiful!" exclaimed Amanda as she seated herself across the table from Nathan. A smile lit his face as he again took her hand and kissed it softly. "Please tell me of yourself?" she asked timidly.

"I am heir to many fortunes, not of money or gold but of wisdom, which I hope to share with you. I have known you many years. Known your Master all my life, look at me, look closely, what do you see when you look at me?" replied Nathan in a british accent.

"I...I see much of my Master in you, not sure what it is but something bout your ways, your speech, even your mannerisms and looks."

"Very good my lady, you observe much. I am Nathan to you but to your Master I was big brother. Yes my dear, he was my brother. That is why I know so much about you. He shared many a tale of his time with you, his love."

Embarrassed and in shock, Amanda hid her face within her hands. "If I may, just how much do you know?"

"Ah sweet Amanda, I know all there is to know about you. Your likes and dislikes, your fears and your most treasured secrets, all are safe with me. You have suffered loneliness long enough, it is time to regain life once more. That is why I am here. To give you back a piece of what you had with my dear brother."

"I'm sorry Nathan but no one can replace him, or even come close to gaining what we had together!" she replied as a tear eased past the corners or her eyes.

"This is true, if you let no one try. What would you say if I told you that you were a gift to me from my late brother?"

"He wouldn't do that!" said Amanda as she stood to walk away. Nathan grasp her arm and then turned her facing him. Reaching into his pocket he removed a crinkled letter and handed it to Amanda. "Please sit and read this!"

Returning to her seat, Amanda slowly removed the letter from its wrinkled envelope." Dear Nathan, my time is growing short, my health is failing fast. You know of my love for Amanda, she is my whole life. I fear that once I am gone another will take her and not see the gracious submission she surrenders, you have taught me much of this lifestyle, she will need time to adjust to my loss but when the time comes, if and only if you can win her trust and love, it would honor me if you were to step into my shoes and guide and love her, but it must be with her consent." signed your loving brother.

The slow fall of tears now became a down pour. Gripping the letter in her hands, she broke into a shake and tremble. Holding the letter to her lips she kissed it softly. Sniffling as she tried to speak, she closed her eyes. "If this is what my Master wanted then so be it, if you can win my love and trust then I will serve you. If not after a period of time, I will go my way!"

Leaning forward, Nathan took his hand and wiped the tears away. "Fair enough my dear, shall we begin tomorrow?"

"That's fine, what do you wish of me?" she replied.

"Leave all you have behind other than the clothes on your back and the keep sakes you wish to hold to. I'll be by to pick you up at seven once more. I'll do my best to give you all that my brother did and more. Now shall we eat and we can discuss anything you desire."


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