Good things do happen
The best school year of my life:

Intro: Ok, so my name is Cooper, I’m about 18 when this story takes place. Wanted to write it to tell my story, and let people out there know that teachers like her do exist. And FYI, I know the grammar is shit, and the spelling is probably wrong but the point is this is my first story so don’t judge to quickly, but I would like to know if you liked it. I have always hated school, and the year of this story I felt like I was going to have a bad year, but I was wrong. The story around the school was there was a new teacher and she was supposed to be very hot, plus right out of college. I was not sure how “hot” she would be, but I did have her for class so I would soon find out. Please tell me what you think!!

She was new in town, moving into the area with her husband who was the new vice principle at the school, and their beagle Buddy. The story was that they had gotten hitched, about three mouths before the school year began, and she was appointed team lead of the math department when she got to our school. The first day I had her she was quiet, and shy, but cute and she was all the boys wanted to talk about.
So I was in class the first couple weeks and I grew to watch her and I became more attracted to her. Her name was Mrs. Kingsley, she was about 25 years old, and a Valor-Victorian from Virginia Tech. She had shoulder length brown hair, C sized tits, long, smooth, tan legs, she was perfect. She always wore tight clothes that showed her body while remaining professional. I think she understood she was hot and she wanted to show it off, but in her position had to remain professional.
So there I was, sitting and thinking about the things I wanted to do her, and thinking, if I could just talk to her I would be happier.
One day, she handed back a test to me with an F on it. The class ended and we sat down to review the test together. I sat there while she was yapping.

She sat there and I pretended to listen, I was more looking at her outfit for the day. I saw she was wearing a tight blouse that just touched her fat belt line. She was in a short blue skirt that showed her legs that went on forever.

She rose from her chair and went to the board to write something to help me with a problem. As she wrote her shirt lifted just enough to expose her belly, and I was beside myself. She was trim and her stomach looked so smooth and flat, you could just see the outline of a six pack.
“You look right at me,” she said, “and you have your book out, you should be getting this!”
She asked me “Why can you get this now and not in class time?” I had no answer I just tried to cover my boner with my math book. We were now sitting back down this time at her desk with the math book open and I noticed something that made my heart jump. She had taken her ring off, and she was spinning it in her fingers on the table. She was looking at me in a way I thought resembled the way I looked at her all class.
I tried to get rid of the knot in my thought and started to ask some questions I hoped would lead to something. I started slow, “you tired of that ring already?” She said, “I just got hitched a few months ago, I’m not tired of it, I just miss being single, it’s still weird.” “Why am I telling you that, you don’t care do you?” I told her that I was interested or I would not have asked. “What do you miss about being single?” “Is it the crazy life, or maybe being reckless?” “Or do you miss being with the young?” She looked at me with the eyes that I knew somehow were the wild eyes of her youth and she said “yes.”

I told her she shouldn’t feel bad, she did look cute today I told her she even was hot. She blushed and said, “No I’m just a married lady now.” I told her in the best way I could about her shirt and how she showed her stomach when she wrote high up on the chalkboard. She giggled at that, and said she thought I was looking at her but did not know for sure, but now she did. I have to be careful with that I am supposed to be a professional not a college chick.
All of a sudden a was hard as a rock, and I saw her look down quick and I think she must have noticed because she rose from her chair and went to lock the door. She came back sat down and turned to me with those wild eyes again. She put her ring on the table flat, and put her hand on my knee gently.

Then she asked me something that I loved to hear, “So you want to try a different way to earn an A, since it is likely that you are going to fail anyway?” I was shocked that this was happing. I took her hand from my knee and slid it up on my leg. She put her other hand on my shoulder and the hand that was on my knee she slid up even further up on my leg, so she was just touching the tip of my penis, through my jeans.

I wanted her, and I knew she wanted me, and a young cock, so I leaned in to kiss her. I touched her lips lightly and kissed her, she was not much for the foreplay and she slipped her tongue into my mouth and rolled it around.
I loved it and I pushed my tongue into the warmth of her mouth and rolled my tongue with hers. I raised my hand and put it behind her head and held her close. She moaned and started to rub me through my jeans, she then slowly unzipped my pants.

I moved my hand from her head and moved it down to the back of her shirt and was happy to find out she was not wearing a bra. She pulled away from my face and smiled and leaned in to whisper in my ear. “Do you to see my tits?” I nodded and started to kiss her neck blow in her ear. I wanted to kiss her more but she leaned away and crossed her arms and lifted her shirt slowly, exposing c cup round tight tits.

First her stomach showed, her belly that was more exposed now, and I wanted to touch it so I leaned in and put my flat palms against her. She took my hands from her stomach then put them on her tits. “Do you like what you see?” I nodded intently, I loved squeezing them pinching the nipples gently and then I leaned in and began to lick her left tit. I used my tongue as I did in her mouth, rolling it around and she moaned loudly. I went to the right tit and sucked hard she moaned loudly and she tossed her head back. I stopped and laid her on the floor and unzipped her pants.

She slipped them down and I laid down on her continuing to lick her tits then slowly moving down her stomach. She was so built I could not believe it. I licked her belly button and then her waist line I looked at her and her eyes were closed and she was whispering “yes, yes, yes.” I went in pushing my tongue inside and flicked my tongue. I moved in around a little before starting to lick the clit, which was swollen and wet. I loved it I was at it for 10 min, and she was wetter and wetter all the time.
She was almost to climax and she pushed my head away and pulled me up to her. “I want to return the favor, now come here and let me get a better look at that thing!” She said. She made me stand and she dropped to her knees, and grabbed my shaft with her whole hand working it up and down. She was good, she teased when I wanted her to and sucked hard when it was needed. She moved slowly to my hip and moved her tongue along the tip and then she began moving up and down on the shaft until I thought I was going to explode. She moaned and looked up and whispered though pre-cum socked lips, “You loving this or you want to fuck?”

I wanted her to suck forever, but I wanted to spread that wet pussy. I told her I wanted to fuck her so hard she would have to beg me to stop.
She moved upward running her hands along my chest and she laid on the table and spread her legs wide, fingering herself the whole time. I was beside my self, “I could watch you do that all day!” She looked at me and gave me a look of pure lust and then through her head back. She kept going with her finger as I watched. I watched her, taking off the rest of my clothes, and moved closer to her and waited for her to beckon me to her. “You get over and put that in me before I explode!”
So I did, I pushed into her, surprised she was still kind of tight, her husband must have been kind of small, I am only about 6.5 inches. I pushed into her and she wetter still. I just kept pounding away thinking I was the luckiest person on the planet. She yelled the whole time…”O god, yes I needed this!” “I have had my eye on you all fucking year!”

“You have to give me that thing in the ass!” she yelled. I was beside myself, I wanted to do it, and so I turned her over. I was close to exploding after pounding her tight pussy for a while, but I was ready to screw her in the ass. She said her husband thought it was dirty, and he would never do it like that. I told her I would be glad.
I lied down on the floor and watched her sit on my dick. Her ass was plump, and round. She pushed her ass down and I groaned it was so tight I had to fight not to explode. She rocked up and down, and fingered herself while she rocked. I told her I could not control it anymore I had to blow.
She got off and told me she wanted it on her face, I started to rub one out and it did not take long looking at her body that was so soft and tan. I went on her face and she took my dick in her mouth after I was done.
I told her I wanted to see wear she lived, maybe do this at her house next time. She said she would love to, she was feeling young already and she needed to have something on the side for a while.

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You should add more details

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Nice story, but I reckon you should of not rushed the beginning and slowly build up the story so that it will have antipation and should of emphasized on more of the story. 7/10 for this story. Good work and keep on writing !!

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I loved it, just wished he's finished in her pussy at the end. I really hate porn-star finishes since they seem so fake to me.

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Sweet man

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good story had a hard on when reading it. had to jack off,hurry up with follow on

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