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Love story, Matt finds his dream girl.
Karen and Kelly (The Rest of the Story)

I made some minor changes to Part I but the story is still the same.

If you have already read part I, skip down about half way and start on part II

Karen & Kelly I

My name is Mathew, everybody calls me Matt. I live in a big city up north. Summer vacation is over and today is my first day of junior high school. In the big city, there is an elementary school in every neighborhood within walking distance of just about everybody.

When we get to junior high, the whole east side of the city goes to the same junior and senior high school. There are a lot of new people that I have never seen before. That’s the day I first saw Karen, she was walking down the hallway with a couple of friends of hers.

None of the girls that I went to elementary school with dressed is tight sexy clothes. Karen’s hips were swaying in a way I had never seen before. She was wearing black hip-hugger jeans and a body hugging green knit blouse. I could see about an inch of skin between her jeans and blouse.

The form fit of her blouse showed the outline her navel and the fit was snug up her flat stomach to the bottom of her breasts and all the way up and over her breasts to her neck. For a split second I thought I could see one of her nipples sticking out. As I got closer to her we made eye contact and she smiled at me.

She is the prettiest girl I have ever seen. She has short black hair. Her bangs framed her face, and the longer hair on the side of her face ended in points just below her mouth. She has large dark brown puppy dog eyes that could melt a hole in solid steel. When I got to within five feet of her I ran smack into an open classroom door.

I hit the floor and everything I was carrying flew out of my hands. I heard a bunch of laughter but couldn’t tell where it was coming from. I started picking things up as fast as I could so I could make a quick exit. I stood up and heard an angles voice behind me say “You dropped this.”

I turned around and there she was. My jaw dropped open as her eyes started burning holes in the speech center of my brain. I suddenly couldn’t remember how to talk. I held out my hand and she put the notebook in it. She said “bye” and walked away with her girl friends.

I saw them whispering and giggling to each other probably at my expence. She turned and gave me another smile as I felt someone tap me on the shoulder. One of the younger male teachers asked me “Are you OK?” My mouth was still wide open and I just nodded yes. He looked over my shoulder at Karen and back at me and said, “She sure is pretty.” and then he whispered to me “Her name is Karen.”

The first few times I saw her after that I tried not to look at her too long, for fear I would forget how to walk and stumble and fall. Over the next two years I got used to her beauty and finally was able to smile and say hi, but that was about it. I was afraid to talk to her and asking her out on a date would have been impossible for me to put that many word together into a sentence that made any sense.

When I was in the ninth grade, the student council announced that there would be an ice skating party for junior high students at an indoor rink close to where I lived. Where I went to school, 7th, 8th, and 9th grade were all in one school. I played hockey for several years and I was a pretty good skater so I bought a ticket at school and went.

The rink was a full scale hockey rink with bleachers that could seat about two thousand people. I had played several games on this rink so I was at ease here. It was mostly used for high school hockey games. Most of the lights were turned off so it was kind of dark on the ice, much like a dance floor.

I laced up my skates and went out on the ice. Just about everybody on the ice was a beginner or slow skater. I was bobbing and weaving between the slow skaters when I noticed a good skater up in front of me.

I could tell the skater was female but that was about all. She was wearing a matching light blue scarf and hat. I sped up a little to catch up to her and when I was just behind her I said “hi”. She turned her head towards me, smiled and said “Hi Matt.” ‘Oh my god it’s Karen!’ I said to myself. She surprised me; I didn’t know she knew my name.

I suddenly lost my concentration and started to wobble on my skates. She grabbed my arm to steady me. This was the first time that I made any physical contact with her and suddenly I couldn’t remember how to skate. My heart was beating in my throat and I felt a little light headed as she said. “Come on, let’s go sit down.”

I followed her to a seating area and sat down. Karen sat next to me and asked if I was OK. I said “yes”. She asked, “Matt, why do you act so strange around me?” I took a deep breath and told her the truth and hoped she wouldn’t laugh at me. “Karen, you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen and I get nervous around you.”

She grabbed my arm and said “Awww Matt, that’s so sweet. Nobody has ever said anything like that to me. Thank you.” She put her arms around my arm and gave my shoulder a hug. There was silence for a few seconds and I was desperately trying to think of something to say to her. Karen said “Wow, I saw you skating out there; I didn’t know you were such a good skater”. I said “Thanks, you’re pretty good to”. We sat and talked for awhile, she did most of the talking. I was still nervous just sitting next to her.

We were sitting and talking when they announced over the loud speaker ‘couples skating only’ Karen took my hand and said “come on.” We were by far the best skating couple on the ice. Some of the other couples moved to the center of the ice and watched us. We were skating pretty fast when Karen did a small toe loop and started skating backwards in front of me. Her left hand was in my right hand and her right was in my left.

We went around the rink a couple of times. I could hear whistles and words of encouragement coming from other people. Karen let go of one of my hands and opened up and did another toe loop and started skating next to me again, still holding my hand.

They announced ‘all skate’ and we headed to the seating area. We did a fast snowplow stop and got off the ice and sat down. Karen had a big smile and said’ “That was fun!” Several people that we knew came by and told us how good we looked on the ice.

Karen and I were all smiles. I lost my shyness around her after that. The skate session ended all too soon. I unlaced her skates and we headed for the exit. Karen spotted her dad’s car and grabbed my hand and said, “come on, I’ll see if daddy will give you a ride home.” When he said yes, Karen gave him a hug and a kiss and waved me over to get in the car.

Karen introduced me to her daddy, ‘Mark’. She told him how good of a skater I was and how we impressed a lot of people with our skating. When I got home I told her father thanks for the ride and Karen got out with me. She said “I had a great time.” She hugged me and gave me a kiss on the cheek and said “I’ll see you in school Monday.”

The following week I asked her out on a date and she said yes. We went to the mall and saw a movie. Well… we went to the movie but I didn’t see much of it. We sat in the back row and kissed most of the time. She let me touch her breasts on the outside of her blouse. That was nice. I had touched a couple of other girls but Karen was by far the best.

Karen and I talked at school when ever we could. I met her at the mall a few times and we even went ice skating a couple of times. We dated for the rest of the school year and just before school let out for the summer Karen invited me to her house for dinner and to meet her parents.

She lived about a mile from my house on a busy street that ran through the east side of the city. I had to walk about two blocks and catch an 8-C bus which took me straight to her house. She lived in a large two story house with her parents and younger sister Kelly. Kelly was about thirteen years old and looked like a younger version of Karen who was fifteen. It was easy to tell where Karen and Kelly got their beauty from.

Karen’s mother Mary was an older mature version of them. I guessed she was in her early thirties. Her father Mark was a lot older than Mary was, I’d say around fifty. Mark and I hit it off right away. Mark is a mechanic and had his own two bay garage next to his house. After I graduated from high school I was planning on becoming an auto mechanic.

Karen’s parents had inherited a large apartment complex from her great-grandparents. The apartments were on the same property as the house and garage. After dinner Karen took me on a tour. The complex was huge; there were ten buildings all in a large circle with eight apartments in each building. The buildings were the old style brick and mortar. The “front” of the buildings all faced the center.

A two-way circle driveway went all the way around in front of the apartment buildings with parking for the tenants by each building. In the center of the complex was an indoor heated pool and medium size party room. The sign on the door said ‘pool hours 10am to 8pm’ I looked at my watch and it was 9pm.

Karen unlocked the door and we went in. she closed the door, turn and smiled at me as she locked the door from the inside. The only light was from the few street lights in the surrounding parking lot. She took my hand and led me around the pool into the party room.

There was a kitchen in one corner, tables and chairs filled some of the room and in the opposite corner was two couches in front of an entertainment center with a stereo and TV. Karen turned and faced me. She went up on her toes and gave me a big wet kiss.

Her hands went from my back to my ass cheeks. She squeezed a couple of times and one of her hands went to my crotch. I started to panic; none of my other girl friends had ever touched me. It was difficult to kiss her and breathe at the same time. Karen noticed my reaction and broke the kiss and asked, “Are you OK?”

I told her “Ya, nobody has ever touched me there and you kinda surprised me.” She asked, “Do you like it?” I told her “yes.” She smiled and said, “If you liked that, you’re really going to love this”. She gave me a quick kiss and slowly dropped down to her knees.

She unbuttoned my pants and pulled them down along with my boxers. My hard cock jumped out and bounced off her chin. She said “UUUU Matt, very nice.” I was relieved; from reading porn and seeing the ‘smilin’ Bob’ commercials on TV I knew some women were very concerned with the size of the male penis.

Karen was either being nice or she was satisfied with my size. She began stroking me and I felt her tongue lick the side. That caused my cock to get even harder if that’s possible. She wiggled her tongue under the head a couple of times and slid it into her mouth.

There are few things in life that mean so much to a young man as his first blowjob or first piece of ass. Just like you remember where you were when you heard that the space shuttle blew-up you also remember where you were when to got your first blowjob.

She started slowly sliding in and out. She somehow flatted her tongue out and cradled my cock with it. She had it trapped between her tongue and the roof of her mouth. When she was on the up stroke her tongue would fly around the head. She knew exactly when a where to touch different parts of my cock to give me the greatest pleasure.

She then reached out with both of her hands and grabbed my wrists and placed my hands on the back of her head. She looked up at me and I saw her nod her head a couple of times. I grabbed a couple of hands full of hair and started pumping my cock as deep as I could.

She curled her tongue around my cock and I could feel it sliding down her throat. I had never felt as good as I was feeling at that moment. I began feeling the tingling inside my cock and realized I was going to cum soon. I started trying to pull Karen head off of my cock as I told her that I was going to cum.

She looked up at me and I saw her nod her head again. She put her hands on my ass and I felt her start to milk my cock with her tongue. I started cumming and she kept milking and swallowing. I didn’t have to tell her to slow down she knew exactly when to slow down and when to stop.

She stood up and smiled and asked, “Did you like that?” Her smile was drilling holes in by brain’s speech center again and all I could do was pick her up off her feet and hug and kiss her as hard as I could.

I spent most of the summer at Karen's. I asked her father for a job and I worked fulltime in his garage or helping with maintenance in the apartment complex. My main duty was to change oil or do brake jobs in the garage or cut grass in the apartment complex. Karen and I snuck off every chance we could.

Later that summer I realized that Karen meant something special to me. I saw her talking innocently to some guys we both knew and I felt a rage of jealousy, I wanted Karen all to myself. The very day I got my class ring in the mail I gave to Karen. She accepted it and we were going steady.

The first and last week of every month Mark and Mary had to work in the apartment office. Mary collected the rent from the tenants while Mark changed A/C filters and did other maintenance.

I worked the garage while Karen handled the garage phone and was cashier. Toward the end of summer Mark said they were going on a small vacation and asked if I would run the garage while he was gone. I was thrilled to do it. I thought to myself sixteen years old and I’ll be running the garage! Karen talked her mom and dad into letting her stay and help me in the garage.

The first day on our own Karen cooked dinner for us. This wasn’t the first time Karen had cooked for me. It was one of the things she loved to do and she was real good at it. I closed the garage and headed to the house. As soon as I walked in the smell of roast beef hit my nose.

I was greasy and smelly from working all day so I gave her a kiss and headed for the shower in the basement. As I headed back I noticed the lights in the kitchen were off. When I opened the door I looked across the room at Karen. The only light was from two long white lit candles on the table.

She had changed into a short white summer dress with matching shoes. The dress was fairly low cut showing me a lot of her B-cup cleavage. It looked like she wasn’t wearing a bra. She had a smile on her face that gave me an instant hard-on… or maybe it was the cleavage. She even had time to put a tablecloth on the table and set the table with all the fancy plates and silverware.

I whispered “Wow, you look beautiful.” We met each other in the middle of the room. I slid my arms around her and she gave me one of those long wet sloppy kisses that lasted a good minute. She broke the kiss and whispered, “Dinner is getting cold.”

I was sitting across the table from her getting lost in her candle lit eyes. With the dim light I couldn’t get a good look at her cleavage, I had to use my imagination a lot. My dick was rock hard through most of the dinner.

The dinner was perfect. For desert she made cherry cheesecake, she knew it was my personal favorite. After dinner I told her for about the tenth time that dinner was very good, the best I’ve ever had. She smiled and said “Did you really like it?” I noticed her smile wasn’t the same, she had a worried look on her face.

She asked me if I liked the dress she was wearing. I told her that it looked beautiful and it made her look beautiful. She started speaking slowly using great care in selecting her words. I was unsure of what she was going to tell me.

“I…picked…this…white dress…for a reason...”

She looked deep into my eyes. “I’m a virgin… I don’t want to be a virgin anymore.” It took several seconds for me to digest the meaning of her words. “You mean you want me… us… to…” She nodded her head yes. At that moment I was the happiest person on the face of the earth.

I kissed her and picked her petit body up into my arms. I slowly carried her up the stairs to her bedroom. With the adrenalin rushing through my veins I could have easily ran up the steps three at a time with her in my arms. I set her down in her room and looked around.

It was only the second time I had seen her room. The room was very clean, everything was in its place. I could smell strawberries in the air. She picked up a lighter that was conveniently lying next to two new candles and lit them. I suddenly realized that she must have been planning this for a long time.

I held her in my arms and confessed. “I’m a little nervous, I’ve never done this before.”
Karen stepped back and stood a few feet in front of me as she pushed the dress straps down off her shoulders. First the right then the left. She slowly lowered the dress pausing for a few seconds before she exposed her breasts to me for the first time. She took in a deep breath and released the straps, the dress gracefully fell to the floor.

She instinctually started to cover her breast with her arms and then moved them to her side. She stood before me wearing only a pair of white bikini panties. Words cannot describe her beauty. Her skin was flawless, not a single blemish could be seen.

Her breasts were perfectly round. Any bigger or smaller and they wouldn’t have been perfect. Both tiny pink nipples stood erect in the exact center of her breasts. The hour glass curve that gracefully flowed past her waist and hips has only been captured by mankind once, in the statue of Venus.

I unbuttoned my shirt and pants and discarded them behind me. I laid her on her double bed and lay down beside her. I began kissing her while my finger tips were slowly tickling her stomach just above her navel. I slowly moved my hand until my thumb caressed the bottom of her breast.

I continued moving up until I could feel her nipple in my fingers. I rolled it between my finger and thumb as Karen arched her back and sighed. I rolled on top of her holding my weight off of her with my arms. I kissed her ear lobe and moved to her neck and continued to her chest.

I slowly moved my cheek against her nipple until I found it with my mouth. I circled it with my tongue and then sucked on it. I thought I tasted a hint of strawberry. I continued down her stomach to her navel. My hands moved down her side to her hips.

As I lowered her panties I could feel her rise up to allow me to take them off. My face went past her pussy as I quickly pulled her panties off her feet. I whispered to Karen, “I’ve never licked on a pussy before and I’m not sure exactly what to do”. She spread her legs wide for me and whispered, “I’ll tell you what to do”.

I moved my face between her legs. The first thing I noticed was the aroma. Not a bad aroma but it would take some getting used too. After Karen had put my cock in her mouth and swallowed my cum I was determined to do this for her. I quickly licked her slit and I could feel a liquid on my tongue. I closed my mouth and tasted it.

I’ve read a lot of porn stories about the man or boy or woman for that matter, jumping right in the first time and licking a pussy until it drives her into orgasm. I’m here to tell you, that aint the way it happens. It takes some getting used too.

I was still tasting her as I brought her aroma in through my nostrils. I tasted her again and this time it wasn’t as bitter as the first time. I tasted her again and again. Mean while my little tastes and the anticipation were making Karen squirm.

I was ready, I wiggled my tongue past her outer lips and began licking the inside of her pussy. She reached down and grabbed a handful of my hair in each hand as she lifted her knees up. I moved down and found her vagina and realized my cock would soon be taking my tongue’s place.

I moved up higher until I found a small button of folded skin. I thought to myself ‘this must be her clit’. As soon as I touched it with my tongue she bucked her knees up and pushed my head down and said “no, no, not yet.”

I went back down flicking her inner lips back and forth and sucking them into my mouth. I flattened my tongue out to touch more of her and licked up and down allowing the tip of my tongue to enter her vagina. She squeezed my hair harder and said “faster”. I went faster and faster to the point that my neck was getting sore.

I could tell by the sounds she was making that she was enjoying it. Karen released my hair and quickly grabbed my ears and pulled hard and said “Now, now, higher, higher” I moved up and found her clit with my flattened tongue and she said “there, there, don’t stop.”

I sucked and licked as best I could. She thrashed around and turned her hips side to side like she was trying to get away from my tongue but she kept a firm grip on my now sore ears. She squealed and then squeezed my head with her legs as her pussy started to convulse. She released my head and pushed me away and squeezed her legs together.

She was breathing hard and grabbed my hair and pulled, coxing me up along side of her. She was still breathing hard as I whispered “did I do OK?” she rolled on top of me and said “Oh god, you did great! Are you sure that was your first time?” she smiled and I knew she was teasing me.

We kissed very passionately for several minutes. She rolled off of me and with her hand on my shoulder coxed me on top of her. She spread her legs apart and said “Go slow until I get used to your size.” I put my rock hard cock between her legs and slowly moved inside her.

She held her breath and dug her fingernails into my back so I stopped. She started breathing again and relaxed her nails and I pushed in a couple more inches. She dug her nails in again and I pull back. She said “no, no, don’t pull out.”

I slid in and out just a little bit and I felt her relax so I pushed in slowly. As I hit bottom she whispered “Ohh that feels sooo gooood.” She was right, at that moment I understood why humans go to such great lengths to have sex. The slippery, wet, warmth of her pussy felt better than anything I had experienced in my short life.

I wanted to stay in that position for the rest of my life. Then found something that felt even better. I began sliding in and out, I closed my eyes and time seemed to stop. Karen matched my rhythm and I thought I had died and gone to heaven. The faster I pumped the better it felt.

Karen lifted her feet off the bed and I sank an inch deeper. Then came that feeling deep inside my cock. I knew I was going to cum soon. I slowed down to try and make it last longer. At the very last second before I came I pumped hard and deep into her.

When I finished cumming I got up on my hands and said, “Oh my god, you could get pregnant.” She smiled and whispered, “I’m on the pill”. That was a huge relief. I rolled her over on top of me and I began rubbing her back with my softening cock still inside her.

I laid there thinking of what just happened and whispered, “Wow that felt nice, thank you” I looked at her face, I don’t think she heard me. She was sleeping with a smile on her face.

Just after my sixteenth birthday Mark took Karen and I to his friends house who lived about an hour outside the city. We took his 4X4 and a car trailer. Mark’s friend had a pickup truck with a blown engine that he gave to Mark for little or no money.

We disassembled the engine and found only a minor problem with a crankshaft bearing. Mark had the machine work done on the block and crankshaft and we reassembled and installed the engine back in the truck.

Mark did this kind of work all the time and he made a ton of money reselling the vehicles. I have helped him on about five big jobs like this, I was learning a lot. This time he surprised me and gave the truck to me. I had a set of wheels! No more riding the bus back and forth.

Karen and I have just made it through our junior year of high school. I will soon be eighteen years old. It was a sunny early June afternoon, I was in the garage changing oil on a car.

Mark and Mary were working in the apartment office. Karen and Kelly were out by the street changing the letters on the advertising sign. We were going to advertise an oil change special.

I heard the crash of steel from two cars hitting each other. I looked to the street and saw a car spinning out of control toward the sign that Karen and Kelly were working on. I yelled run and started running out of the garage.

They both turned and ran. Kelly wasn’t watching where she was going and ran head first into the sign post and fell down between the street and the post. Smoke was boiling off the tires of the sideways skidding car as it flipped on its side. It jumped over the curb and I watched in slow motion as the car pinned Kelly to the sign post.


Matt’s adrenal gland began pumping huge amounts of adrenalin into his blood stream. His heart started beating faster, pumping oxygen rich blood into his muscles, swelling them considerably. Non essential organs in his body began shutting down. Matt’s body was preparing him for emergency action. He would need superhuman strength to move the car that had Kelly pinned to the ground.

Matt’s higher brain functions were focused on Kelly lying on the ground with the car resting on top of her. He couldn’t hear Karen screaming at him to do something. Matt didn’t notice nor could he feel the flames that erupted from the cars engine compartment. Matt reached into the flames grabbing the roof of the car and single handedly flipped the car back on its tires.

Karen drug her sister away from the burning vehicle as Matt reached through the broken window into the flames again and pulled the female driver out through the broken window and carried her to where Kelly was lying on the ground. Matt lay the unconscious woman down next to Kelly.

Matt’s ears were ringing. He felt pain and looked at his blackened arms. A wisp of smoke was coming off his burned shirt sleeve. Karen was screaming at him but she seemed a million miles away. Matt felt sleepy, the pain in his arms was too much for his brain to handle. Matt sat down on the ground and passed-out.


Beep…Beep…Beep. What the hell is that noise? I opened my eyes into a very bright light. I squinted and could just barely make out a human figure standing over me. My eyes wouldn’t focus. A voice yelled out “He’s awake, call the nurse!” I called out “Who are you? Where am I?”

“It’s me, Karen, you’re in the hospital, your arms are burnt. Do you remember anything?” It was coming back to me. The crash, the skidding car. “KELLY! Where’s Kelly?” “Kelly's fine,” answered Karen, “She has a concussion from banging her head on the sign post and a few scrapes and burses. The car stopped just short of crushing her and the sign held the car from flipping on top of her.”

“If you hadn’t moved the car when you did she would have been burned alive. I’m so proud of you. I’d kiss you right now but they said I can’t touch you.” My eyes began to work again and the world came into focus. Karen and my mom were standing next to my bed. They were wearing yellow paper gowns, blue surgical gloves and a mask over their face.

I looked at my arms and they were red, worse than any sunburn that I ever had. I had an IV stuck in my foot. The nurse came in dressed the same way and asked how I was feeling. I told her it felt like I had a real bad sunburn. She told me that I was already on some pain medication and said when I needed more to let her know.

I spent five agonizing days in the hospital. Every few hours the pain medication wore off. When they gave me more morphine I would puke. I gained a lot of respect for Karen, I couldn’t use my arms so she held my head over the pan while I puked and then she cleaned my face.

Kelly looked terrible, she had a big goose egg on her forehead from hitting the pole which gave her a black eye. She had some scrapes and bruises and her arm was bandaged because of some minor burns. She had a tough time looking at me the first time she saw me. She burst out crying and had to leave the room.

Karen told me that Kelly felt responsible for my injuries. When I was released from the hospital Kelly insisted that she push my wheelchair. She was my new best friend. Every day that she saw me she hugged me and told me thank you. She waited on me hand and foot. I was almost back to normal by the Forth of July.

July fourteenth was my birthday and Karen was giving me a pool party in the apartment complex. She invited a bunch of our friends and my family. Before the party started Kelly came to me and gave me my daily hug and for the first time she gave me a quick kiss on the lips and said “Happy Birthday Matt! I’ll give you your present after everybody leaves.”

I was a celebrity, not just because it was my birthday. Everybody wanted to hear what happened and how my arms were doing. I told them that I didn’t remember much. That’s when Karen stepped in and told the story.

She held me close to her as she told the story, she gave my bicep a squeeze when she got to the part of me moving the car off Kelly. They were amazed that I could lift that much weight. I couldn’t believe it either. The last thing I remember before waking up in the hospital was running out of the garage.

It was the best birthday party I ever had. We grilled hamburgers and hotdogs, swam in the pool, and loud music played the whole time. Everybody knew I was working in the garage and most of the presents I got were tools.

The only people left at the end were Karen’s family and my family. We all started cleaning up. I was taking a couple of bags of trash out and noticed Karen and Kelly talking on the other side of the pool.

Karen looked at me, smiled, and blew me a kiss as I went out the door. After we finished cleaning up, our parents, who were becoming good friends, decided to go out to a night club for some drinks and dancing. After they left Kelly came up to me and took my hand and said “Come on, lets go get your birthday present.” We headed toward the house. Kelly unlocked the door, took my hand and said “Come on”.

We went up the stairs and went into Karen’s bedroom. Kelly stopped and turned toward me and gave me another kiss on the lips. She got down on her knees and looked up at me and said “Happy Birthday Matt.”

I said “Kelly! What are you doing?” She unbuttoned my pants and said “Giving you your Birthday Present!” “What will Karen say?” I asked. She looked at me and shrugged her shoulders just before she stuck my dick in her mouth. I thought about pulling my cock out of her mouth, but it felt sooo gooood.

I stopped thinking with the big head and just relaxed as Kelly sucked for all she was worth. She then reached out and grabbed my wrists and put my hands on the back of her head. I looked down at her and she was looking at me.

I suddenly had a vision of Karen as Kelly slowly nodded her head up and down. It was difficult to think but I thought that this all seemed familiar. I grabbed her hair and started pumping. She had the same skills as Karen, she could effortlessly slide my cock down her throat.

The tingling inside my cock caused my brain to stop working completely, all I could do was warn Karen… or was it Kelly that I was cumming. She started milking the cum out of my cock with her tongue as I drifted off into a dream world.

My knees were getting weak and my head was spinning. I began to loose my balance as a pair of arms encircled my chest and stopped me from falling. I suddenly realized there was someone else in the room. My dick started shriveling up as I turned my head a saw Karen holding me up.

I was stuttering trying to say the words ‘I’m sorry’ when Karen smiled and asked “Did you enjoy your Birthday Present?” My face broke into a smile of relief , Karen wasn’t mad at me. She pushed me down on her bed and I lay there with my pants down around my ankles looking up at the two of them.

Karen and Kelly walked toward each other and hugged. Then they kissed each other. I mean a wet French kiss. My jaw dropped open and I thought to myself ‘Oh god does that look hot!’ They took turns taking each others clothes off. I smiled to myself as I realized that I was going to make love to both of them.

My dick was so hard I could have shucked oysters with it! When they were both naked they turned towards me and posed. They could have passed as identical twins. Their hair styles were different and Karen’s breasts were slightly larger but that was it. They both had tiny pink nipples and they both had clean shaven pussys.

I smiled as I wondered if they shaved each others pussy. They crawled on the bed, one on each side of me and begun kissing me all over my face. I closed my eyes and was in fantasyland (not the Disney version).

I reached out and found a breast on each of their chests. One of them, I don’t know which one, grabbed my cock and started stroking. The other one began massaging my balls. I was in heaven. I opened my eyes to see Karen move her knee across me to the other side and strattled me.

She put her hands on my chest and bent down and gave me a wet kiss. I could feel Kelly grab my cock and stick it into Karen’s pussy. I looked for Kelly but she must have stayed and watched my cock sliding in and out.

Karen called out, “He’s pretty good at eating pussy.” I heard Kelly squeal and felt the bed bounce as she crawled up to my face. She bent down and gave me a wet sloppy kiss. Her breasts were right there so I didn’t pass up the chance to squeeze them.

Kelly broke the kiss and whispered in my ear. “Matt, will you lick on my pussy?” I smiled at her and nodded my head. She got up on her knees and carefully strattled my face. Karen and Kelly were face to face as I started licking.

I couldn’t see, but when I reached up for a breast all four of them were within reach. It was a simple matter of just turning my wrist to find a different one. They took the hint and touched their nipples together so I could roll all four of them at the same time.

Karen was grinding her clit into me as I was boxing Kelly’s clit with my tongue. Visions of them with their arms around each other French kissing danced around in my head.

Kelly came first, she kept bouncing her clit on my face as I pointed my tongue up as hard as I could. She collapsed into Karen’s arms as Karen started cumming. The pulsations from her pussy muscles on my cock sent me over the top. We untangled and they snuggled down next to me on the bed one on each side.

Karen had her thumb and finger hooked around my cock while she slowly massaged my balls with the other three fingers. Kelly and Karen were both sucking gently on one of my nipples. Needless to say within a few minutes I was ready for action again.

Kelly whispered to Karen. “Is it OK if I fuck him?” “You’re not on the pill, you could get pregnant!” Karen answered back “I’ll be careful. Pleeeese?” I smiled, they were talking about me like I was a piece of meat.

“Matt!” Whispered Karen, “This is real important, you have to pull out of Kelly before you cum. Can you do that?” I just nodded with a big grin on my face.

Kelly quickly sprang up and jumped on me like a little school girl… Oh ya that’s right, she is a little school girl. “Kelly”, I asked “are you a virgin?” It was her turn to grin. Ya… sort-a… I’ve never had a real live cock in there before if that’s what you mean.”

Kelly pushed back until we made contact. Karen returned the favor and grabbed my cock and lined it up with Kelly's pussy. She wiggled it around until the head sunk in. Kelly stopped pushing and said “UUU!”

She slowly started pushing again. I lay there as still as possible, like a piece of meat. She was tight! She slowly kept sliding back and forth taking a little more with each stroke.

When Kelly bottomed out she looked at Karen who was staring at her with her mouth open. The look on her face was funny and Kelly burst out laughing. What a wild sensation to have her pussy muscles pulsating at that speed as she laughed. Kelly could feel it too. She looked back at me.

Her expression became sensual as she closed her eyes and started bouncing up and down on me. After a couple of minutes I could tell her legs were starting to get tired. Karen whispered, “Try rocking” Kelly immediately started rocking. She opened her eyes and grinned at Karen.

She lowered her chest a little until she was rubbing her clit against me. I squeezed her nipples and she started bucking hard. A few seconds later she collapsed on my chest and I could feel her pussy pulsating and I knew she was cumming. I scratched her back while she recovered.

After a couple of minutes she pushed up, gave me a quick kiss on the lips and softly said “Thank you.” My cock was slowly sliding in and out and I whispered “Doggy style?” her eyes lit up and she pulled out of me and got on all fours.

I moved in behind her and slid my cock in and started pumping. Karen came to me and knelt beside me and watched. We looked at each other and she shrugged her shoulders, “I’ve never seen it from this angle.”

I started getting that feeling and just before a came I pumped her hard a couple of times, and with all my willpower, pulled out and shot my cum on her back.

I tried to think back to the exact day that I fell in love with Karen. I thought it may have been the first day I saw her in the seventh grade or maybe the day at the skating rink. I couldn’t think of an exact day.

All I knew was, I kept getting a hollow feeling each evening when I left her and drove home. I have known for a long time that I was going to marry Karen. I proposed to her on December twentieth. We went shopping for an engagement ring the next day.

Mary invited my parents to their house for a Christmas Eve party where we announced our engagement. Our mothers squealed and gave hugs and kisses all around. Mark was extremely happy that I was going to be his son-in-law.

After Karen and I graduated from high school we talked about getting married. We both agreed we should finish our education first. Karen attended a junior college and studied business and accounting which would come in handy running the apartments and garage.

I went to a Vo-tech school and studied auto mechanics. I breezed through the mechanical side of it thanks to all the training that Mark gave me. I learned quite a bit about the new computer and diagnostic systems.

Marks garage business was doing so well that he doubled the size to a four bay garage and purchased enough diagnostic equipment for us to get started in a new area of maintenance. He also hired two part-time high school students to do the oil changes which freed me up to tackle the more challenging work

Mark and Mary made us junior partners in the family business, effective on our wedding day. We planned on getting married just after Karen graduated from college. Mark and Mary gave us another early wedding gift of sorts. They began construction on a house for Karen and me on a vacant piece of their property.

About two weeks before our wedding day Karen surprised me by renting a secluded cabin in the north woods by a lake. On the drive up Karen seemed preoccupied. She held my hand and looked at me and said, “We have to talk about some things before we get married.”

Karen & Kelly II


Gawd! Matt is such a hunk! I watched the twenty something woman waiting for her car to be fixed. She was watching him work through the window that separated the garage from the office.

She had two kids in tow, a six month old baby girl in her arms and a three year old boy. She didn’t have a ring on her finger so I guessed she was either single or divorced. Matt was bent over the fender doing something under the hood, his tight ass was pointed right at us.

He has no idea how he affects women. I watched her as she squeezed her thighs together. I knew her panties were getting wet. I thought I’d have some fun with her so I said in a low voice. “He’s good looking isn’t he.”

I broke her out of her trance; she flinched and turned to me. “Yes, very good looking.” I wiggled my fingers at her so she could see my huge diamond engagement ring. “He mine,” I said “you can look but don’t touch”. She smiled, “Oh honey, you‘re a lucky girl.” I knew I was lucky; Matt will make a good husband and father to our children.

I just hope he still goes through with the wedding after he finds out about me. Tomorrow Matt and I are going away for the weekend so I can tell him the whole truth about me. I’m going to take him up north to a romantic cozy little cabin by the lake. I’ve been putting it off for a long time but now I’m going to have to tell him the truth, I hope he still loves me.


It all started back when I was about eleven years old. My sister Kelly and I have always been close to each other. Not the usual fighting and bickering that most siblings must endure. Kelly and I always cuddled with each other on the couch or on the floor while we watched TV and would often sleep in the same bed. Mom didn’t care I had a big double bed with plenty of room for both of us.

Kelly liked to spoon up next to me and snuggle. I didn’t mind especially on cold winter nights. Some nights we would lay there for hours and talk, usually the subject of sex or breasts would come up. Kelly was fixated with mom’s breasts, every chance she got she would walk in on mom while she was dressing. Mom was not the kind of person to hide her body from us; in fact we would often sit on her bed and talk while she got dressed to go out with daddy.

Kelly would ask mom, “When are we going to start growing breasts?” Mom would give the same answer most of the time. “Oh I guess when you are around eleven or twelve.” The day finally came when one of my nipples began to swell. I couldn’t hide it from Kelly, she was so excited, almost more excited than I was.

She begged and pleaded to me to let her touch it. I was shy at first but I gave in and told her to be careful because it was real sensitive. She was careful, touching me very gently. The tingling between my legs was too much for me to handle. As Kelly played with my nipple I slid my hand between my legs and rubbed my pussy.

Ohh it felt sooo gooood. I pushed my finger into my vagina and got to the first knuckle when the pain got too much to bear. I knew this is where daddy put his cock in mom but I couldn’t figure out how it would fit. All my friends said that sex was supposed to feel good but when I tried to put my small finger in, it hurt too much.

Kelly loved seeing and touching my breasts just about every night. The next couple of years we played with each other just about every night. I was thirteen and a small A-cup and Kelly’s was eleven, almost twelve and her breasts had just begun to develop.

At night when the lights were out and we were sure everyone was sleeping we sucked on each others nipples and rubbed each others pussy never trying to insert a finger because we both knew it hurt too much.

One day Kelly came home from her friend’s house, they had found some porn magazines chocked for of every type of sex act imaginable. She showed it to me late that night when we knew everyone but us was sleeping.

Using a small flashlight, we crawled under the blanket and sat next to each other Indian style. I enjoyed looking at all of the pictures but Kelly would turn the page fast when there was a picture of a cock.

One group of pictures showed two beautiful blonde women licking and sucking on each other. Kelly whispered to me “Let’s try that.” She pointed at a picture of a woman licking on another woman’s pussy. I said “OK, You first.” I turned the flashlight off and Kelly went down and pulled my panties off.

I spread my legs apart and felt her hot breath on my thighs. Her nose bumped up against me and I felt her do a quick lick. She licked me again and then I felt her use her fingers to spread my pussy lips apart. She did a couple more quick licks and then she began wiggling her tongue inside my pussy.

She licked slowly up and down and then flicked her tongue on my clit. Ohhh that felt sooo goood… much better than her finger did. I began feeling that tingling sensation and I grabbed her head and held it on my clit and whispered “”There, lick there, Ohhh don’t stop!”

I squeezed her head between my thighs as I went into orgasm. That was the best orgasm I ever had. I pushed Kelly’s head away when I finished and Kelly crawled back up next to me and whispered, “How was it?” “Ohh wow that felt good, it was the best one ever!”

Kelly giggled and rolled on her back and pulled her panties off in a flash. “Do me next!” she whispered. I went down and started licking on her pussy. She was wild, almost out of control. I had to stop and tell her to be quiet and hold still. I gave her clit a good tongue lashing and she put a pillow over her face when she came.

Kelly woke up early one Saturday morning and woke me up by sucking on my nipples and playing with my pussy. I thought it was real early and no one would be up yet. She went under the blanket and my knees were spread wide and up in the air as Kelly was feverishly licked my pussy.

Mom opened the door and said “Girl’s! What are you doing?” we scrambled, Kelly came out from under the blanket and said in an innocent voice, “nothing” Mom sighed and closed the door leaving us looking at each other. I whispered “Mom saw us, we’re in big trouble.”

We jumped up and put our clothes on and headed for the door hoping to make a quick exit outside. When we got into the hallway mom called us to her room. Dad was up and in the shower and mom was sitting on the bed. We looked in figuring we were going to get an ass whipping.

Mom said “Come in and sit down, we need to talk about sex. I understand it is only natural for you two to experiment and discover your new bodies.” She talked for a few minutes reassuring us that we should be open and ask her all of the questions that we had about sex.

The room went quiet as we all looked at each other. I spoke first. “Mom, do you and daddy have sex?” she smiled,” Yes we do.” “Does daddy put his thing” mom corrected me” Penis honey, daddy has a penis”.

I knew it was called a penis; all of the girls at school called it a cock when no boys or adults were around but I didn’t want mom to know that I knew those words. “Does daddy put had penis in you?” “Yes he does” she answered. “Well… I tried putting my finger inside me but it hurt too much.”

She smiled “You’re still a virgin. That means nothing has been inside you yet. There is a thin piece of skin that covers most of the entrance to you vagina which will tear when something is pushed in. It will hurt for a little while and you will be sore for a day or so, but it will pass.”

“Oh, I understand.” I looked at Kelly hoping she would ask the next question but she just sat there like a box of rocks. I couldn’t think of anything to ask so I just said, “How are babies made?”

Just then the bathroom door opened and dad walked into the room naked. He saw us sitting on the bed and quickly backed up into the bathroom and put a towel around himself. He said “I’m sorry girls; I didn’t know you were here.”

Mom smiled at him and said, “The girls have some questions about sex and we were just about to talk about your penis. Would you mind if I showed them yours?” Daddy just stood there looking at mom and said, “Are you sure you want to do this?” mom answered, “Better here than the back seat of somebody’s car.”

She patted the bed and said “Lay down.” Dad took a deep breath and lay down on the bed with the towel still around him. Mom removed the towel and our jaws dropped. This was the first time that Kelly or I had seen his cock for more than a split second. Mom began to explain and show us the different parts.

“Daddy’s penis is soft right now but when I start touching him it will grow as he gets an erection.” Mom pulled the skin sack underneath his cock tight and said, “These are the testicles, this is where the sperm is stored which is used to make babies.” Dad started too grown and put a pillow over his face as mom continued.

“Watch girls, daddy is starting to get an erection.” Mom let go of his testicles and we watched it swell in size and levitate up off his stomach. It was now pointing almost straight up and twice as long as it was before.

“Gosh mom, doesn’t that hurt when he puts it in you?” Kelly asked. “No honey,” mom answered, “It’s the perfect size for me but you are still young and growing. Your vagina is a lot smaller than mine is. Kelly and I both grinned at each other.

Mom grabbed him around the shaft and slowly stroked it a few times. It must have felt good because we could hear daddy grown through the pillow and he was wiggling around.

Mom pointed to a small fold of skin just under the head and said, “This is where men like to be lic… Ah… touched.” Mom was going to say licked but she stopped at the last possible second.

Suddenly Kelly spoke up. “Mom… what’s a blowjob?” Mom’s jaw dropped open and she looked to be at a loss for words. I knew that Kelly knew what a blowjob was; we had seen pictures in the magazine. Daddy moved the pillow off his face and said, “You’ve gone this far you might as well show them everything.”

Mom sighed, I could tell she was thinking, “Girls we are crossing the line. You can not talk about this to anybody. If someone finds out, your daddy and I can go to jail and you two will end up in a foster home. Do you understand?” we both nodded. Mon said it again louder. “Do you understand!” We both said “Yes maam” in unison.

She sighed and said “A blowjob is when you put his penis in your mouth and suck and lick on it.” Mom crawled up on the bed between daddy's legs and leaned down until her mouth was just above his penis. She took hold of him and stroked it a few times.

I moved over closer to Kelly so I would have a better view. Mom licked daddy’s special spot just under the head and then put it in her mouth. She slid it in and out about half way down to the bottom of his cock and I could see she kept her lips tight to the side.

Daddy spoke up, “Girls, what you can’t see is mom’s tongue licking underneath and all around the head.” Daddy looked like he was enjoying it so I asked him “Daddy can I try?” “Yes honey, if it’s OK with your mother”

Mom stopped sucking and looked up at daddy with a frown on her face. Daddy said, “You started this, better they learn here than the back seat of a car. Right?” He smiled.

Mom moved and I took her place between daddy’s legs and put my hand around his cock. It was soft but it somehow felt hard. I stroked up and down like mom did and dad said, “Squeeze a little harder”. His skin wasn’t moving in my hand but I was still able to slide my hand up and down on his cock.

I stuck out my tongue and lightly touched that spot that mom had licked and put my tongue back in my mouth to taste it. It didn’t have much of a taste so I licked it again. Kelly asked “What does it taste like?” I said “I can’t taste anything; it’s like licking your hand.” Kelly licked her hand and continued watching.

I wiggled my tongue on the spot several times and I heard daddy grown. I looked up and he was watching me very closely. I opened my mouth real wide and slowly moved over the top of his cock head. Daddy whispered “Be careful with your teeth.” I kept my mouth open and moved my lips around his cock and slide my mouth up and down like mom did and looked up at him to see if I was doing it right.

“Oh honey that’s real good, wiggle your tongue on it a little. Ohh ya,” he whispered as he gently put his hand on the back of my head, “that feels good.” I kept it up for just a minute or so and then he whispered “Karen, move your mouth but keep stroking with your hand” I followed his instructions and his cock shot warm cum all over my hand.

Mom said in a loud voice “OK shows over!” I looked at her and she seemed mad, her eyes were drilling a hole right through me. I could tell by her look that she didn’t want me to do that to him any more.

I soon learned the power that I had over my daddy. I had him wrapped around my little finger. I could get anything I wanted from him just by giving him a blowjob, but we kept it a secret from mom. I never gave him another blowjob in front of her.

“Daddy.” I would say to him as I crawled up onto his lap and put my arms around him and gave him a kiss. “Can I go shopping at the mall?” I’d push my lower lip out and looked at him with my puppy dog look. He would tease me by saying “Well… I don’t know…”

I’d wiggled my butt on his cock and say “Pleeese?” I’d slide off his lap onto the floor between his legs and say “Pretty Pleeeese” giving him my now perfected puppy dog look. I’d slowly unzip his zipper and he would say “Well… I guess it would be OK.”

I’d act all excited and reach in and pull out his cock and give him a blowjob. I soon learned he liked it when I looked at him while sucking and after practicing several times I could slide his cock down my throat.

Kelly didn’t want to give daddy a blowjob, she said it was gross. She told me at night in bed that she would rather lick on my pussy then suck daddy cock. I kept my little secret and didn’t say anything to Kelly about me giving daddy blowjobs.

Kelly came home from a sleepover at her friend’s house. They had talked to her older sister about their hymen and she showed them a dildo that she had. She told them that it would hurt the first time you put it in but after that it would feel good. Her sister let Kelly have the dildo and she brought it home with her. We both used the dildo on each other eventually breaking our hymen.

We were all at the mall one weekend and Kelly saw a real nice expensive jacket that she wanted. She asked mom for the money to buy it but mom said no. Kelly was pissed; she told me that mom wasn’t being fair. I told her to ask daddy. She said, “Daddy will just side with mom, he always does.”

I smiled and told her “I can get what ever I want for daddy.” “How?” she asked. “Well…” I whispered, “All you have to do is wait until daddy is alone and go sit on his lap and ask for the jacket and say pretty please.

Then go down and kneel between his legs and give him a blowjob.” “Really?” “Ya, it works for me all the time.” Kelly used her dildo for practice as I gave her some pointers and told her what daddy likes.

Saturday morning when mom went to the grocery store, Kelly waited for daddy to go into the living room to read the newspaper. I watched from around the corner as Kelly went in and sat on daddy’s lap and put her arms around him and gave him a kiss.

“Daddy, will you buy me that jacket that I want?” Before he could answer she slid down onto the floor and knelt between his legs. She hugged his waist and put her cheek on his cock and then looked up and said, “Please?” Daddy teased, “Well… I don’t know.” Kelly began rubbing his cock and said “Pretty please?”

Daddy said, “Ya, it’s starting to get cold outside, I guess you need a new jacket.” She smiled and pulled down the waist band of his pajamas and put his hard cock in her mouth. He relaxed into the chair and put his hand on her head as she bobbed up and down.

She watched him as he moaned and groaned. Daddy asked, “Did Karen teach you how to do this?” Kelly kept on sucking and hummed, “Umm Hmm.” Later that morning Kelly and I were on the bus heading to the mall to buy a new jacket.


I carried on a conversation with the woman waiting for her car to be fixed. I kept her three year old entertained as she breast fed her baby she had cradled in her arms. She wasn’t shy and allowed me to watch the baby suckle on her nipple.

I thought to myself that this was an extremely beautiful and erotic sight. While talking to her, I found out she was divorced from the children’s father and living with her parents. She expressed concern, hoping her car would be easy and cheap to fix.

I walked out to the garage to see how much longer it would take to fix her car. Matt said, “It doesn’t look good, the transmission is slipping and needs new clutches.” I knew that meant Matt would have to pull the transmission out of the car and rebuild it.

I looked at Matt and whispered “She’s a single mother living with her parents.” Matt sighed and said, “OK, see what she can afford and give her a ride home, I’ll do it tonight before we leave for the cabin.”

Matt’s a sweetheart, he’ll do the work for the price of the parts and take a loss on most of the labor. I knew she couldn’t afford to pay too much but we would make it up by getting extra business when she told her friends about us. We would also probably become her mechanic of choice and she would bring her car back to us in the future.

Matt and daddy finished putting the transmission back in the car around ten-o-clock and I followed Matt as he drove her car to her house. I waited in my car as he brought the keys to her. An older man, probably her father met Matt at the door. He shook his hand as the young woman came to the door to get her keys. She waved to me and gave Matt a hug.

Matt got in the passenger seat of my car and slumped back in the seat. He looked tired and smelled like transmission fluid, he closed his eyes and was asleep in seconds, it was a long sixteen hour day for him.

Matt got to my house around nine-o-clock the next morning and we left for the cabin. I wasn’t very good company on the drive up to the cabin. I kept going over in my head what I needed to tell him and was worried how he would handle the news.

After Matt and I started going out with each other I stopped giving daddy blowjobs so I decided not to tell him about that part of my life. Kelly and I were still playing around with each other and I truly loved her almost as much as I loved Matt. She asked me again before we left for the cabin this morning if I was going to tell Matt about her.

Matt kept looking at me with a concerned look on his face. I held his hand between my hands and smiled, “We have to talk about some things before we get married.”



I said, “OK, what kind of things?” Karen sighed, “There are things about me that you need to know before we get married.” I was real curious and kept asking but she said, “We need to wait until we get to the cabin.”

The resort had about a half a dozen small cabins spread out on top of a wooded ridge overlooking a lake. The cabin was basic, no phone, no TV. A small kitchenette was in one corner of the cabin, then a door to the bathroom next to it. The bathroom was tiny, it had only a toilet and small shower, no tub. The back wall of the cabin had a couch and two doors leading to the small bedrooms. On the other wall was a stone fireplace with a small kitchen table and chairs next to it in the corner.

Outside, the cabin had a picnic table and a wooden swing hanging from an oak limb that overlooked the lake. It was so quiet we could hear children playing in the water from across the lake. I put some charcoal on a grill and we sat together in the swing and enjoyed the view. We ate a simple meal of steak and baked potatoes.

After dinner Karen curled up next to me on the swing and I absentmindedly played with her breast as we talked, every once in a while she looked up at me beckoning for me to kiss her. I asked her again what she wanted to tell me. She said “Not now, tonight.”

We sat there for the rest of the day making small talk and watched the sun set over the lake. After the sun set it started getting colder, I started a fire in the fireplace and Karen stripped all of the quilts and blankets off the beds and arranged them on the floor in front of the fire place.

Karen lay down on the quilts and said, “Its time to talk.” and she patted the quilt next to her. I lay down next to her and watched the fire dance in her eyes. It reminded me of the candle lit dinner we had the night we first made love.

I body hugged her and rolled her over so she was lying on top of me. I lifted up her blouse, unfastened her bra and began rubbing and scratching her back. She laid her head on my chest and started to slowly speak. “Matt, I love you and I hope you will still love me after I say this.” “I love you too, Karen.” I said trying to reassure her.

“I’m sure you remember the night that Kelly and I made love to you. Well… that’s not the first time that Kelly and I kissed. We have been lovers for a long time. I… I’m bi-sexual and I think Kelly is too.”

I whispered, “Yes, I realized you and Kelly were close when I saw you two kiss.” She picked her head up and looked at me with teary eyes and said, “I don’t know if I can stop loving her when we get married.” I smiled at her and gently pushed her head back on my chest.

I thought about that erotic night for a few seconds and whispered to her, “I get very jealous of you when I see you smile and talk to other men but I wasn’t jealous that night when I saw you kiss Kelly. If you promise it will only be Kelly, I won’t mind sharing you with her.” She wrapped her arms around my neck and squeezed hard and said. “I knew you would understand, thank you… I love you.”

I sighed, thinking again for a few seconds, not sure how Karen would react to what I was going to ask her. “Karen, will you share Kelly with me?” She pushed up looking at me through teary eyes, she sobbed giving me another big hug and kiss. She cried, “Oh yes Matt, I’m glad you asked that!

She told me the story how Kelly and her became lovers. Kelly thought she was a lesbian and only liked girls. She didn’t feel any attraction to the boys in her school, but she felt attracted to some of the girls.

When I saved Kelly from the car wreck that day, she felt so grateful she hugged me. The more she made physical contact with me the more she enjoyed it. Other than her father, Karen said that I am the only other man that she has had any physical contact with.

Kelly confessed her attraction to Karen and asked Karen to include her in on our love making to see if she enjoyed having sex with a man. Karen said she knew where Kelly was taking me when she gave me my birthday present and followed us at a distance. She said that Kelly truly enjoyed it and may be in love with me.

Karen and I were so horny we almost ripped each others clothes off. She began kissing me all over my chest and then gave me one of her deep throat blowjobs. I turned her around and she spread her legs giving me access to her pussy. I licked and sucked as her juices flowed down my face. She rode me hard until she collapsed on the quilts from exhaustion. After we recovered, she mounted me cowgirl style and we slowly made love for what seemed like hours.

We pulled the quilts over us and fell asleep, her still lying on top of me. Early the next morning I woke up to the sun shinning in my eyes. Karen was still sleeping on top of me with my shriveled up cock still touching her pussy.

When I realized where I was my cock came to life. It was growing, trying to push into her dry pussy. I began to rub her back and ass cheeks as she started moaning. I slowly moved my hips back and forth and pushed her down until my cock finally popped in. Karen opened her eyes and looked at me and smiled.

She closed her eyes to the bright sun and pushed down on me. We were still tired and fell back asleep with my cock buried deep inside her. For the next two days we sat in the swing during the day and told each other of our hopes and dreams of a perfect life together and made love at night until we fell asleep exhausted in each others arms.

We drove back to Karen’s house and Kelly was there to greet us. I had an idea of what was going to happen. Kelly was looking at Karen with pleading eyes looking for an answer.

Karen smiled and nodded yes. Kelly broke out into a big smile and hugged and kissed Karen. Kelly came to me with her arms open and hugged and kissed me. She had tears of joy in her eyes as she whispered “Thank you”.

We had a really big expensive wedding. The thing I remember most about the wedding was the way Karen presented herself to me in her wedding dress. Keeping with tradition, I never saw the dress before the wedding. Kelly was the last bridesmaid to come down the isle and I was expecting to see Karen as she took her place but instead, the ushers closed the double doors at the end of the isle.

It took forever for Kelly to come down the isle building up great expectation on my part. When we were all in place, the bride’s music started and everybody stood and looked to the doors. The ushers quickly opened the two doors and two spotlights from the front of the church hit her.

Karen stood there in all her radiant beauty. Her form fitting white lace sequined dress sparkled like diamonds. Most of the guest said “Ohh” in unison. Mark took his place beside her and she sparkled coming down the isle. I was the proudest man on earth. That was my bride.

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