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An homage to Leonard Cohen.
At a club she greets her lovers,
Though they do not know her face;
It’s easy to recognize her,
She’s the girl seduced by base.

Although they’ve never met her
And seldom ask her name,
They’re gentle, kind and giving
As they fan her inmost flame.

Her veins soon fill with fire,
There’s laughter on her lips,
White powder in her nostrils
And blood on her fingertips.

Her legs are long and supple,
Her breasts are pale as doves
She jumps, she sways, she rattles
To the music that she loves.

She rides the techno stallion
Here each and every night,
A vampire of emotion;
Long shielded from the light.

She lives her life in leather,
In black velvet and in lace,
The rhythm draws her always
And forever to this place.

Music makes her hunger
For dancing and for cock;
She takes it slow and often;
There’s no secret to unlock.

Her mouth is sweet as honey,
Her tongue is cool as glass,
There’s Heaven in her pussy,
And Nirvana in her ass.

The alley’s there to hide her,
The darkness is her friend
And, though the stars may perish,
Her lusts will never end.

Three holes of hers need filling
And when she’s filled all three,
She takes a seat right here my friend
And bums a drink from me!


2010-05-31 13:24:30
Where, where, where is my gypsy wife tonight?
At a club she greets her lovers
Though they do not know her face
She lives her life in leather
In black velvet and in lace.

Well done, my friend,

Willing Wimp (most of my stories are under cuckold) You and and Leonard would understand.

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2009-10-15 17:12:06
if it was not written so well it would be just snut. that makes it exotic


2009-04-05 09:06:09
Thanks Mate! But I came up with this one after having had a fight with my girl. She stormed out of the house so I got myself a large bourbon and put on Leonard Cohen. Will look up Smith and Service. I love irony but it usually eludes me.
Cheers from Piquet.


2009-04-04 21:24:22
Well if another of yours here is after Oscar Wilde as you say (though I thought immediately of Clark Ashton Smith, whom nobody's ever heard of, alas...) this is like the ironic things Robert W. Service was doing at the end of his life. Liked it.

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2009-03-17 11:12:06

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