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My parents had died in a tragic car accident.
Innocence Stolen

My parents had died in a tragic car accident. They were broad sided by a dump truck that lost its brakes at an intersection and was unable to stop in time. My aunt and uncle, Bev and Cory, were called to take me home with them. The police told them, my parents were killed on impact and did not suffer.

I was ten years old and I missed them terribly. My aunt and uncle were very patient and kind and good to me, in the beginning. We were in grief counseling for awhile, learning how to communicate with each other, especially me. I was very quiet and sometimes with-drawn. The therapist said that was my way of taking “time out” and it was normal. She told them they could try and distract me to help me pull out of it, but it wouldn’t last long and would get easier over time, Eventually, I would do it less and less. It was my way to deal with the death of my parents.

Two years later, it did get easier to deal with their death. I visited their graves once or twice a month, to stay close to them. In every way, Bev and Cory, were my parents. They were great and treated me like I was their own daughter. I would not call them mom and dad though. I just couldn’t do that. It would seem like I was disrespecting the memory of my own parents.

I started maturing and went through puberty. My body was going through changes. My hips filled out and were very curvy and I was told, they had a nice sexy swing when I walked. There was just a hint of hair in my pubic area and arm pits. I had breasts, not very big, but big enough that my large-brown, perky nipples, were outlined through my shirt, even when I wore a bra. They were kind of sore too. I’d have to rub them to ease the pain. Aunt Bev, said I could put ice on them and it would help. She told me it was normal and it meant that they
were growing. I asked her how long that would last and she said until they were as large as they were going to get.

I tried to avoid doing it around my uncle, but he saw and he thought I was caressing them, because I was horny and he started getting aroused, wanting to have sex with me. I didn’t know that at the time. I have to admit though, I did get a strange sensation deep inside my body, that made my vagina throb and become wet. I didn’t know what it was, but, I discovered, if I rubbed myself down there, something wonderful happened and it would relieve the achy, sometimes painful sensation.

I never noticed, but when I was around my uncle, he would stare at me and jack himself off, squirting his semen wherever he was. It didn’t help to where larger fitting clothes, they didn’t hide my curves at all. My aunt bought me clothes all the time to fit my changing body, but they only served to make me look sexier. Soon, I discovered, she had done it on purpose.

She gave me “the talk”, explaining about sex and pregnancy. She told me men would want to stick their penis deep inside my vagina, wiggling it around and squirt their semen inside me. I didn’t understand what she meant and asked her, “What do you mean, stick their penis deep inside me?”

She had me undress and demonstrated by slipping her fingers inside my vagina, moving them back and forth, finding my “g-spot” which she called my “special spot. “Oh my, yes! Men are going to enjoy your vagina! So warm, cushy and tight. Mmmm! You feel so good inside there, sweetie. You’re all wet. That will make it easier for them to stick their penis inside. Women are going to love your sexy body to and will want to go down on you.”

While she was doing that, I felt that “sensation” well up inside me and as if my body had a mind of its own, I leaned back, spreading my legs, as my hips started moving in circles. She was rubbing my “g-spot” harder, making something wonderful happen. She told me I was having an orgasm. My hips were moving back and forth and I was thrusting them up in the air. “Mmmm! Oh yes! You’re cumming baby girl! All over my fingers. Feels good, huh?!” I couldn’t help myself, I was moaning and whimpering, jutting my hips up off the bed, as the throbbing continued. She climbed between my legs, bending over my tummy, saying, “I love your breasts! While she had her fingers inside me, she kissed and nibbled on my breasts and nipples, making them tingle and stand out more, making the sensation in my vagina more intense. It felt so good! I begged her not to stop. “Honey, don’t worry. I won’t stop until you finish your orgasm.”

After working on my breasts and nipples for a few minutes, she placed my hands on them and told me to rub and squeeze them and pinch my nipples, until they hurt and were hard and sticking straight out. She lowered her head to my vagina as she watched me caress my breasts. She replaced her fingers with her warm wet tongue, licking and swirling it around inside me and around my clitoris, flicking it back and forth, making my orgasms more powerful.

Finally, the throbbing stopped and my orgasm ended. She stopped licking me and explained to me that was called “eating pussy” and men and women will want to do that. If it felt this good, I wanted it!

After she finished with me, she removed her pants, lying back on the bed, playing with her own pussy making herself have an orgasm. She told me that playing with my tits and eating my pussy had made her horny and she had to masturbate and get herself “off”.

My school had a class, that taught some of the same things Bev had talked about, but with pictures and detailed illustration. It contained videos and pictures of men and women having sex in different positions and cumming with each other. There was no sound, but you could tell the way their bodies moved and the looks on their faces that they were having orgasms. There were pictures of both men and women, naked and explained the differences. It had pictures of men with erections and explained how and why their penises were hard and stiff and they would slip it inside the woman’s vagina. Their erections were so long and thick, I found it hard to believe they could get them inside the woman’s tiny hole, but they did.

The couple would have sex or “make love” as the film said, with the man on top and the woman’s legs spread out, sometimes wrapped around the man’s waste. He was moving up and down on top of her. The videos didn’t show the whole thing. And it didn’t talk about what Bev did to me with her fingers and mouth. That was completely taboo.

My friends tried to convince me to let the boys at school fuck me, most of them had huge cocks that would really make me feel good pounding my pussy. That was the first time I’d heard sex called “fucking” and that my vagina was a “pussy” and the boys‘ penis was a cock. There were other slang words for them also. I’d already heard about them “eating pussy or going down” on a girl, but I hadn’t heard about giving the boys blow jobs, sucking and swallowing their cock and cum inside my throat. They “squirted or pumped the mouth and pussy full of hot, thick cum or jism”.

None of this made any sense to me at the time. It all sounded pretty disgusting and I told them no thanks. They said when I got a little older, I’d understand and then I would want cock and fucking all the time. I didn’t believe them, but as it happened, I found they were telling me the truth.

I was approaching my thirteenth birthday and my body had blossomed into the shape of a full-grown woman. Bev had started French-kissing me, by then and still played with my tits and nipples and ate my pussy, making me cum. She told me, she loved my body and I was so sexy with my large, firm tits and even bigger, perkier nipples. My waist had thinned more and curved down to my round hips, making my ass sexier as I walked. Guys would whistle and yell out comments and invitations like, “Hey, sexy, wanna suck my dick and balls and make me cum? How about letting me fuck your pussy?” I just ignored them and kept walking. When they’d see my ass with its sexy swing, they’d yell, saying, “Damn, girl we want some of that! How about it, come over here and let us gang bang that nice, sexy body?! We’ll jack off and squirt our cum in your mouth. Let us fuck your mouth and swallow our cock and cum down your tight throat. Please?! Your pussy would feel so good wrapped tightly around our cocks! Come on baby, we haven’t had a good lay in a long time!“ I would never look, I’d just pick up my pace, walking a little faster. Although I was curious. It was clear that men and women found me sexy and wanted my body any way they could get it.

Uncle Cory was the first. He was always flirting, grabbing and squeezing my ass and brushing up against my hard nipples, making them stand out more and tingle. When he felt my nipples grow harder, he’d moan, saying, “Mmmm! Nice big tits!“ Even though I’d avoid him, he always managed to bump into me and rub, my tits, squeezing them, pinching and twisting my nipples harder and harder.

He’d usually sneak up behind me, grabbing me close to him, holding my ass against his hardened crotch, squeezing my tits. He humped my ass, panting and hissing, saying, “Oh yeh! Sweetie one day I’m gonna get your snatch with my hard dick and drill you like the slut you are!” He’d reach down and rub my pussy, separating my labia, pushing the cloth of my pants inside.

One day, I was standing at the kitchen sink, when he quietly walked up behind me, pressing his hard groin against my soft, round ass, reaching around, grabbing my tits, squeezing and pulling on my nipples. He leaned into my neck nibbling, licking and blowing warm air on my neck and inside my ear. He whispered quietly in my ear, “You’re a woman now. It’s time you get a good drillin from a nice hard cock, like mine.” He started grinding my ass harder and moved one hand down to my pussy, rubbing it hard, trying to get me aroused and cum. “Ahhh! Yehh! Baby I wanna fuck you hard and deep!”

I gasped, “Uncle Cory! Don’t do that!” I tried to push his hands away and wiggle out of his grasp. I didn’t realize, wiggling my ass against his hardening groin, was making him harder. I couldn’t push his hands away and he ground himself against my ass harder, “That feels so good! Keep it up sweetie! You’re making me harder and hornier! I’m definitely gonna grind that sweet, virgin pussy! You want it too don’t you? I can tell! Oh yes, you bet I can tell and you’re gonna get it!”

He grabbed my hands holding them like a vice, then started pulling my shorts down. Somehow, he pulled them and my panties to my ankles. He pulled his rock-hard, pulsating cock out of his fly, pulling my ass up away from the sink, positioning himself between my legs, finding my pussy with the head of his hard cock. He had let go of my arms, since he had me in the position he needed me to be in and I couldn’t get away. He was panting and salivating and said in a grizzly voice, “Ah! Yes, baby! I’m almost there! Just a little closer!“ He pulled my ass up further, spreading my legs apart wide, until they hurt. I felt his hot cock poking and prodding at the ring of my tight pussy, pushing his cock inside me. I was whimpering and begging him to stop. He told me, “It’s no use baby, your snatch is mine!“ With that, he shoved his hard cock through the tight hole all the way up hitting my cervix. I let out a loud scream, telling him to stop! He put his hand over my mouth and was fucking me hard and deep. “Ah! Baby! Ah! Yes! So tight! So damn tight! It felt like someone had pushed a knife inside me. “AHH, YEH!!! BABY! MAKE YOUR UNCLE FEEL GOOD!!!! FUCK ME BACK!!!” He was moaning and grunting so loud. I was sure someone would hear him. “FUCK ME BITCH!!!!! FUCK ME!!! I’M GONNA CUM!!!! AAAAHHHH!!!!! UUHHNNGG!!!!! YES!!!!! YES!!!! I’M CUMMING HARD!!! YOUR NICE TIGHT CUNT IS SQUEEZING THE CUM RIGHT OUT OF MY BALLS!!!!! FUCK!!! FUCK!!!! IT FEELS SOOO GOOD!!!! UUNNHH!!! UUNNHH!!! I‘M SQUIRTING A BIG LOAD INSIDE YOUR HOT AND NASTY CUNT!!!!! CAN YOU FEEL IT?! CAN YOU FEEL MY HOT CUM? HUH BABY?!!!!“

Still ramming my tight, torn, sore pussy, he leaned back to watch himself fucking me. “Baby! You oughta see this. Your pussy looks so fine wrapped so tight around my cock! Oh so fine. It’s stretched to its limit. Yeh! Damn it, girl, you feel so good!”

I could feel the throbbing of his cock slow down as he stopped cumming. I could feel it starting to go limp and making it less painful. “Ah. Sweetie. That was so nice. You did a good job on my cock. A real good job. I’ll fuck you again, then soon, you’ll get it in your ass.”

He pulled his cock out and I felt the warm sensation of his cum and my blood dripping out of my pussy, between my thighs. I was so glad it was over with.

He just walked away moaning and talking to himself how good it felt to fuck a virgin once again. I got up, slowly. I was so sore, I could hardly move. I grabbed some napkins off the table using them to wipe the cum and blood from the insides of my legs and thighs, then I took some more napkins, gently placing them against my torn pussy, picked up my shorts and panties and ran to the shower. I stayed in the shower until the water went cold. I put on sweat pants and shirt and crawled into bed, crying myself to sleep.

I did my best to completely avoid him after that and I usually did. One day, when I thought he wasn’t home, I was on the patio, sunning myself in a string bikini. I didn’t hear him come outside. I was enjoying the heat from the sun on my skin, when suddenly I felt his big hands grab my tits, squeezing so hard, I yelled loudly. “I’m back for more of your fantastic body. Mmm!! This couldn’t be more perfect. This is gonna be easy!” He pulled my top away from my tits, and begin sucking and biting them. He bit my nipples, pulling them with his teeth. I started to scream, but he slapped my face, telling me to shut the fuck up. I started crying, “Please, no Uncle Cory, not again?!”

“Oh yes! Again and again and again, as much as I want!!! You’re body is sooo sexy and I can’t forget how tight and soft your pussy is!” Saying that, while still working on my tits, he unzipped his pants, pulled his long-thick, rock-hard cock, out of his fly and in one swift motion spread my legs with his knee, pulled them up over his shoulder and moved my thong to one side, shoving his dick deep inside me again. My ass and back came up off the lounge from the pain and I screamed. He slapped me hard, making my cheek sting in pain, then roughly covered my mouth as he pounded my pussy, relentlessly, already getting ready to cum. “Oh damn, girl! You make my cock feel so good, I can’t hold my load very long. Here it comes baby girl!!!! Here it comes!!! Ahhh!!! What a fucking nice slut you are!!!! AAAAHHHH!!!! FUCK!!!! FUCK ME!!!!! DAMN YOU, BITCH, FUCK MY DICK!!!!” His relentless pounding hurt so bad, I started moving my hips back and forth slowly, meeting with his thrusts. “AAAHHH!!! YES!!! FUCK YOUR UNCLE, FUCK ME HARD!!! NOW YOU’RE DOIN’ IT RIGHT!!!! NOW WE’RE FUCKIN’!! OH! OH! AH! AH! YES! UUHH!! UUHH!! HERE IT COMES, I’M BLOWING MY LOAD!!! I’M CUMMING!! YOUR PUSSY IS SO FINE!!! Ahhh! Yess! That was so good! Oh baby, you don’t know how good your little cunt feels! Ah yeh!”

After his orgasm was over and he finished cumming, he pulled out, once again, the fluids gushing out. He shoved his fingers up my pussy, getting them wet and licking them. He shoved them in again and forced me to lick them. “Mmm. Your pussy tastes good, huh?”
Then he left me, there mumbling to himself again about what a good fuck I was.

He continued fucking me whenever and wherever he had the chance. He’d take me by surprise and have my clothes off and his cock buried deep inside me, pounding my pussy hard, deep and fast, usually cumming right away. Then he’d pull his limp, dripping dick out and leave me with my pussy sore and oozing cum.

He started coming into my room at night, throw my blankets off me and pull my night shirt up to my neck, shove my legs apart and start fucking me. It always turned out the same way. Leaving me with his cum gushing out of my pussy. I had resigned myself to this happening and stopped fighting it.

Aunt Eva continued eating me out, which kind of made up for the rough fucking. She always made me feel so good, bringing me to massive, multiple orgasms and squirting my cum all over her face.

One night, my uncle came into my room. I pulled my blankets off and pulled my night shirt off. I lifted my legs, spreading them wide enough for his hips, so he could shove his big hard dick inside, fucking me relentlessly. I just wanted to get it over with. That night, though, he told me he had something else in mind. Instead of fucking me, he shoved his face between my legs eating me out. My body betrayed me and responded delightfully to his warm, wet tongue as I had multiple, massive orgasms, squirting cum all over his face and inside his mouth. I couldn’t help it, his tongue felt wonderful fucking inside my pussy and flicking and twirling my clit. My body was thrashing and trembling with the wonderful feeling of cumming. He was moaning as he ate my pussy until I finished cumming. His cock must have been rock-hard and on fire with cum oozing from his pee hole.

Of course, he had to ruin it. After I had finished cumming and he stopped eating me, he told me my pussy was no longer tight enough for him and he needed my ass. Before I could respond, he rolled me over, pulling my ass up, fingering the tight ring around the hole, forcing his fingers deep inside me, then replacing his fingers with his stiff, throbbing cock. He shoved his cock in as he yelled and groaned in pleasure. He fucked my ass deep and hard, making me sob in excruciating pain. He just laughed, telling me I was his whore. “Come on bitch! Fuck me back! Your ass feels so much better then your worn out snatch! You’re my cum slut! Your pussy and ass belong to me! Oh baby! I’m gonna cum! You make me feel so good! AH! Yes! Fuck! Here it comes baby! UUUNNN!!! UUUNNN!!! AAHH!!! Yeh!! Oh, fuck! I’m cumming hard! Take that bitch! Take it all!”

He pounded my ass deep and hard through his orgasm until he finished cumming. The fantastic orgasm I’d had was long forgotten. When he was done, he moaned softly, “Oh. That felt soooo good! Baby girl, you’re such a good fuck!” He pulled his dick out of my ass, leaving me the same way he always did.

He fucked me every day after that, sometimes two or three times, both my pussy and my ass. He never ate my pussy again. He said I was just a common whore and I didn’t deserve to have any pleasure. I was only to service him.

I’m surprised it took so long for him to get me pregnant. He finally did. I was getting sick a lot and my body filled out. My hips expanded, making my ass look sexier and my tits grew to twice their normal size. Oh course, Uncle Cory noticed the changes right away and had to have me more. He said he couldn’t get enough of my sexy body. He fucked my tits as much as he fucked my ass. He loved holding my hips tight while fucking my ass. He’d lean back, watching himself buried deep inside my asshole as he pulled my hips back and forth, over his cock, fucking me hard. “Sweetie, you’re getting so much better at this! I can’t hold my load any longer! I’m cumming already! AAAAHHHH!!!! AAAHHH!!! YES! YES! You feel sooo good on my cock! Ah yes! Oh, fuck you make me feel so good! I could fuck you forever!” He’d ram my ass hard, holding my hips tight, digging his fingers in the skin through his hard, long orgasms, pumping my ass full of his hot, thick jism.

Aunt Eva noticed the changes as well and took me to the dr. who confirmed that I was pregnant. She screamed at me and slapped me several times. “Who’s is it? Who’ve you been fucking?” I told her Uncle Cory was the only man I’d been with and that he had been raping me for a very long time. I told her she wasn’t the only one who liked my cunt. Uncle Cory did too and my ass and tits.

She confronted him and of course, he told her, I had come onto him, sucking his cock and balls, insisting that he fuck me and eat my pussy. He said I was always dressing provocatively and strip in front of him, dancing sexy. He said he couldn’t resist and had to fuck me and eat my pussy. She asked him about fucking my ass and he told her I would pull his cock out of his pants, then sit on it with my bare ass, wiggling it until he had to push it in me and I would ride him like a horse, forcing him to cum. He said if I wasn’t always grabbing his cock squeezing it and sucking it and always dressing so sexy and playing with myself in front of him, he would never have touched me.

They got divorced, but she sent me away to have the baby and I had to give her up for adoption. After that I was placed in foster care. I was only fourteen, but had a voluptuous body and no one wanted to adopt me, because all the women were afraid I’d seduce and fuck their husbands. So I stayed in foster care until I was eighteen.

As soon as I was eighteen, I moved away and started a new life. I went to college, got a degree and found a good job that paid very well. I didn’t date. I couldn’t stand being around men. All I could think about was how much Uncle Cory had hurt me and how Aunt Bev betrayed me. The only thing I missed about her was how good she made me feel when she ate my pussy. I started masturbating, when I felt horny, but I missed her warm wet tongue working my clit and snatch.

As for my daughter, her new parents told me to keep in touch with letters and they would make sure she knew about me and try to explain the circumstances of why I had to give her up. I wrote all the time. The letters never came back, so they either kept them or threw them away. I just continued to write and waited.

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