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Angela was walking out to her car after work. She hated working so late the parking lot was dark and it gave her the creeps. She hated her job and wished she could be doing something else. As she got to her car there was a van parked next to her. As she walked by to get into her car the door on the van slid open and two men in ski masks grabbed her and pulled her in side.
A hand covered her mouth and she the saw a knife.
“If you fight back you will be cut, do you under stand,” a voice said. She froze and just nodded her head. A gag was shoved into her mouth and buckled behind her head. She was then forced over a padded rail and her feet tied to bolts in the floor. Her hands were tied to bolt in front of her. At this point she was completely helpless and at the mercy of the men in the van.
“We are going to have our way with you now,” the voice said. Angela felt her dress lifted up and a hand rubbing her pussy through her panties. Even though she was scared she felt her self starting to get wet, and the owner of the hand felt it to.
“Hey this bitch likes this,” another voice said.
The voice was right. The had played with her pussy through her panties for a bit longer, then the hand stopped and her panties were ripped off in one yank. She gave a yelp but it was not herd through the gag.
One of the men knelt down in front of her and held something in his hand. It looked like a metal ring with two straps on it. She then realized what it was.
“I can see by the look in your eye that you know what this is, but just to help you along it is a ring gag. It will keep you from making you screaming and still give us the use of your mouth,” said the man in the mask. “I am going to remove the gag you have in and replace it with this one. If you scream you will be killed. Do you understand?” Angela gave a nod and the man leaned forward and unbuckled the ball gag and dropped it to the floor of the van. He then forced the ring gag into her mouth and buckled it behind her head.
Angela then felt something at the opening to her pussy. Before she could do anything a large cock was shoved into her and she gave yelp. Then a cock was in front of her face. Angela knew where that was going. The cock was pushed into her mouth. She felt the cock slide in and force its way down her throat. The man started to fuck her mouth and with long strokes. The cock in her pussy was doing the same.
Angela felt her orgasm build and she knew she was about to cum when the cock in her pussy shoot its load deep into her. Her body started to shake as her orgasm happened. Then the cock in her mouth shot its load down her throat.
“Ok you two that is enough,” said the voice,” You now know what it is liked to be used. And just from what I see you liked it.”
The voice was right. Angela liked the fact that she was used and had no say in it. She hoped that there was more in store for her, but her feet and hands being untied. She was pulled to the door in the van.
“Do not say anything.” The voice said. She was then pushed out of the van. She was able to maintain her footing as the van speed away. She ran back to her car got in and locked the doors. She then reached behind her head and unbuckled the gag. She through it in her purse started the car and drove home.
When she got home she locked her door and went to the bath room and started the shower. She took off her dress and bra and looked at her body in the mirror. She saw the red marks where her panties were ripped from her body. In the shower she cleaned her self.
When she got out of the shower she rapped a towel around her body and went to her bedroom. She sat on the bed and thought about what happened. She smiled and lay back on the bed and fingered her self to second best orgasm of her life. The first being the one she had in the van. Once the orgasm subsided she heard her computer beep. She had a message on her massager. It read if she had a good night. She said yes and sent it back.
She got another one back saying if she would like to have some more fun. She thought it was a weird thing to say. She the got sent a photo to her. She downloaded it and when it came up she gave a yelp. It was the panties that had been ripped off her in the van. She got another message it asked if she would like to be used some more in the future. She thought for a minute and then typed back yes. The next message said they would be in touch. She shut down the computer and lay on the bed and thought what was going to happen next. This thought played over in her head as she fingered her self to another orgasm.
Angela hand a night full of erotic dreams that consisted of her being raped by men in masked that had her doing all manner of things. One man had her suck his cock while another was fucking her ass. Then she was being fuck in her cunt while a big cock was shoved down her throat.
When she woke the next morning she thought it was all a dream. She turned on her computer and then saw the messages from the night before. Then she remembered everything that happened to her. Just thinking of it got her all wet again. Angela was about to go get her vibrator when her computer told her she had mail. She opened the mail and the first thing she saw was a photo of her with a cock in her moth. It was from last night in the van. She scrolled down to read what it said.
I hope you have recovered from last night. You will be getting a package delivered to you today. There will be something’s in it for you and some instructions for you to follow. See you soon…
She read it again and then again. She did not know what was going on but it had her turned like never before. Then she heard the doorbell ring. She grabbed her robe and ran to the door. She looked through the peep hole and saw a delivery man. She opened the door and said hi.
The man was surprised to see a young woman in a sexy robe. “I have a package for Angela.”
“That is me,” she said with a big smile. The man smiled and handed her the box. When she opened the door fully her robe slipped and gave the man a good view of her breasts. She turned and bent over to set the box down. This gave the delivery guy a good view of her ass.
When she turned back around the guy was holding a clip board asking her to sign for the package. She did and smiled as she closed the door. Grabbing the box she ran back to her bed room and through it on the bed and ripped it open. The first thing she pulled out was a long black leather trench coat. She set it on the bed and pulled out the next thing in the box. It was a leather collar that had four metal rings on it. She then looked it over she saw that it could be locked around her neck with a small lock. Setting it side she grabbed the next thing in the box. It was a pair of black stripper heels. Looking them over she saw that they to could also be lock to her feet. She then pulled out a set of leather wrist and ankle cuffs. Looking them over she saw that like the collar these also had four small rings in them and like the collar and the shoes they to could be locked to her with small lock. The last things in the box were seven small locks (all unlocked), a cell phone, and a note.
The note was hand written and on expensive paper and had a seal on the bottom of it. You are to strip naked and put on the collar and the shoes. Then put the restraints on your wrists and ankles. You will use the locks to lock them in place. Then put on the coat and wait for a call on the cell phone. Keep this letter you will need it later.
She read it two more times and set it down on the bed. She got up and took off her robe and let it dropped to the floor. Looking over all the stuff that had been in the box she got very aroused. Knowing everything that was going to happen to her was again out of her control. She then picked up the collar and with put it around her neck. It was a snug fit and taking one of the small locks locked it in place. She then put on the shoes and locked them into place. The restraints were next. She fastened the ones on her ankles first and locked them in place. She then put on the ones on her wrists and locked them in place.
She looked at her self in the mirror and it was then that there was no going back as everything she had on needed a key to be removed. She then called in sick to her job saying that she had caught the flu going around. Being Thursday she knew that being out for the rest of the week would not be questioned. She then put on the coat buttoned it up and looked in the mirror and saw that the coat covered most of her body. The collar and the cuffs was the only thing that could be seen. Grabbing the note and the phone she went into the living room and sat in a chair and waited for the call. After about ten minutes the call came.
“Are you dressed yet,” the voice said.
“Yes,” she said with a bit of a shaky voice.
“A car will pick you up in five minutes. It will bring you to a hotel. Take the note to the front desk, show it to the man at the desk; he will then give you a key to a room. You are not to talk to or say anything to anyone. When you have the key go to the room,” and then the caller hung up.
Angela waited and in five minutes there was a knock at the door. She grabbed the note and the phone and answered the door. There was a man in a suit and sunglasses standing there. She stepped out of the door and closed it behind her. She was led to a black limo with dark windows. The man opened the door to the limo and Angela got in and sat down on the leather seat. The man closed the door and got into the driver seat and pulled the car away from the curb. The windows were so dark she could not see out. So she was forced to sit and wait for what ever was going to happen.
It was a long ride and just when Angela was about to ask the driver how much longer the car pulled to a stop. The door was then opened by a door man. It was then that Angel got her first look around since leaving her home. She now stood out side of a four star hotel in the center of the city.
Thanking the doorman she went into the lobby of the hotel and went right for the front desk. She was getting some looks as she headed for the desk. Angela did not look at anybody in the lobby. She just went to the front desk. The man at the desk asked her if he could help her. She handed him the note and he looked it over. With out saying a word he gave her a card key and told her it was for room 1506.
She smiled and went to the elevator. When she got on the elevator a man gave her a look and smiled. The ride up seemed to take forever. When the doors opened she was on the 15th floor. She walked down to room 1506 and using the key opened the door. The room was dark with no lights on and the drapes over the windows were all closed.
“Please closed the door and lock the dead bolt,” said the now familiar voice. She did as she was told and closed the door and engaged the dead bolt. She then walked into the main sitting area of the room. She saw a man sitting in a chair next to an end table. The man was in complete shadow and she could not make out any details of the man.
“Take off the coat and let it fall to the floor,” the man said. She undid the coat and let it fall to the floor. She was now standing naked in front of someone that she did not even know. She was scared and turned on at the same time. She was getting a bit wet between the legs and this made it even scarier for her.
“I have been watching you for a while now,” said the man. “I know you like sex and I know you like it when you have the control taken from you. That is why I am making you this offer. You will become my servant for me you will do what I tell you and it will involve sex in many forms. You will be asked to do things with me and with people I tell you to do things with. You will not have any damage done to your body and you will be protected when not under my supervision. I know you have done things in the past and you liked them. If you do agree to be my slave you will sign a contract that says you will be mine for one year. At the end of that year you will be aloud to renew the contract or leave. If you leave you will be given one hundred thousand dollars in an off shore account, but if you renew the contract you will still get the money and another hundred thousand for the next year. Do you have any questions? ”
Angela could not believe what this man was saying. She would be his slave for a year, but if she did this she would get a lot of money. The thought of not having control of her life was scary but the thought of it was getting her very wet.
“If I do this where would I live,” Angela said
“I will let you live in a condo near by. You would have to quite your job and sell your car and move. Your stuff you have now would be put into storage. I will supply you with cloths for your new role,” he said. “Are you ready to sign?”
She thought about it for a minute. Her mind told her no but her body said yes and this was one of her fantasies. When the year was up she would get the money and what could he have her do that she has not done her self. She said yes to him and waited for what was to come.
“Ok I will have you sign the contract now. Once you do sign you will not be aloud to go back you will be mine,” Said the man. He then turned on the overhead light and she got her first look at him.
He was in a nice looking suit and was very handsome. He had a goatee and looked to be in good shape. She saw the paper on the table. She could not make any details out on it but it looked to have a lot of writing on it.
“Come over here and sign the contract and your new life will begin,” he said.
She walked over to him and saw the contract and a nice pin. She could see he was looking her over and she felt her self wishing she had the coat on. She leaned over picked up the pen and signed the contract. She put the pin down and took a step back.
“Ok we are going to begin. From this moment forward you will only call me master, is that under stood,” he said as he stood before her.
“Yes master,” was all she said.

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