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This is my first time true story of when I was playing football in 7th grade
This is more of a intro to th story coming up its ery erotic but i suggest you read it.

When I was in 7th grade and was 13, my football team had kept winning and winning and winning. Eventually we won the final bowl in our state. I was about 5 feet and 5 inches, blond hair and green/brown eyes, I was very muscular with 6 pack, biceps, beautiful legs, and face; to be a linebacker you had to be all of these. I was a team captain and I led the team in our rallies before game. We then went onto the Pigskin bowl in Los Vegas (look it up on yahoo if you don’t believe me!). This was the ultimate bowl you could get to and kids from around the country would come. You and your football team would travel there and compete. You would have to stay in a hotel with your team. The hotel rooms were more like Las Vegas resorts. About 5 kids a room and every room had a xbox (Our team had a blast playing those and we had huge online tournaments). I was the Fullback and Middle Linebacker of the team (my number was 45 just for your info). I knew since I was 11 that I was bi but had kept it a secret. I had a crush on most of my football team back and got very horny at the thought of it. This part will just be the bus ride to Los Vegas (38 hours long). The bus itself was very nice, one of those tour buses with TVs and a whole bunch of stuff. Remember this is a true story!

As I got onto the bus, with my bag of clothing and other necessities, I thought “Dang, this is going to be a fun trip.” I walked to the back of the bus and sat down next to Rocko, one of our Wide Receivers. He was a great friend so I sat down in the middle of the three seats and nodded at him, being it was 11 o’clock in the morning we were both still tired. He was about 5 feet and 6 inches at the time, black hair, and was tall and slim (wide receivers had to be tall). The last person to sit in my row was Jeff, Our runningback. He was about the same height as me, he had brown/black hair with blue eyes, and he was pretty buff but not as much as I. So when the bus started moving finally we all just rested awhile to we all were content that we had gotten as much sleep as possible. After that we talked a bit and joked until our coaches said we were going to review some game films. So we watched those and it was getting darker outside we would have to go to sleep eventually well the driver kept driving. Jeff fell asleep first except when he did this his head started leaning against my shoulder. That turned me on and my 4-inch penis became 7 and a half inches long. I knew I had a crush on Jeff and a few other guys but I tried to conceal it, I mean whenever I could get a friendly spank in or a “touchdown”, I would try but I wouldn’t overkill it!

So I fell asleep like that and awoke to a bus full of players talking and joking. I said Good Morning to everyone around me and asked how far away from Los Vegas were we. They answered about 10 hours. So I got off my seat and went over to talk to some other guys including Ryan, our quarterback, who was black haired and small and I talked to his older brother, Jake who was a lot bigger then Ryan; he had come along to watch his little brother.
We got onto the subject of what we would do in Las Vegas.
Ryan said, “I’ll get a chick that I can get a picture with and send it to all my friends.”
I said, “Well I’ll find a nice Jacuzzi to relax in at the resort!”

So the bus stopped and took a break we all got out and played some football without pads. I got pantsied when I was tackled when trying to carry the ball once. Luckily I had decided to wear boxers and not my super tight briefs that I usually wore. Everyone laughed and said “No wonder why the girls all like you!”
They all whistled in a teasing way and then Jeff spanked my butt to “tease” me. I was starting to get a huge boner so I quickly pulled my pants up. Then the coaches came and said, “ Listen where going to be arriving in Las Vegas soon so get your suits on!” Being that we were representing our league in this huge tournament we had to wear suits when we walked off the bus so we all went into the bathroom at the rest stop and changed. Half the team had boners during that but mine was probably the biggest.. I noticed Jeff kept staring at mine like it was gold and even though we were the last ones there he didn’t realize he was slowly stroking his cock, which was about 7 inches long. I decided to turn him on a bit more and I put on my super tight briefs on. He started to moan a little but he didn’t notice that I realized it. I then walked over too my bag and but he tackled me. I yelled, “ What the Hell you doing?” He then pulled my briefs off and started humping me. He did that for awhile, no penatration though, and then stopped randomly without finishing me with with ejaculation or anything and just said, “ What do you expect, I'm just playing Football.”
I was pinned on the floor but he just rubbed his cock against my butt cheeks one last time, winked, got up, dressed, and left. By now I was horny as Hell. So I started masturbating when Rocko walked in. He said as he was walking in, “ Were in the heck are you, the bus is ready to leave!”
I responded with a big moan and I cummed all over myself. Rocko stood there wide eyed and said, “I’ll tell them your coming!” and he sprinted out of the locker room. I got up cleaned off and dressed. Entered the bus and sat next to Jeff and Rocko . Like nothing had happened the three of us just talked on till we reached Las Vegas.

It took awhile to finally get to Las Vegas but we got there.

------To be continued the best parts are coming up!------

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2016-10-19 01:37:38
The story sounds very interesting at this point having playes football at that grade level. looking forward to more

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2014-03-19 23:04:38
this aint football is played with the foot and the ball, this hand egg where you round around with in your hand

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2013-09-07 22:29:12
great storry it got me really horny. im also bi but im 15 in 10th grade at PLHS if anyone in that school thinks they know me and wants to hook up let me know next time you see me

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2013-04-20 03:42:32
that just sounds really gay

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2013-04-20 03:41:26
that just sounds really gay

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