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This is a humorous short story that includes one steamy scene involving a young guy, a 16 year old girl and her mom. If you are looking for more sex, stay tuned for future stories.
Two readers have requested more detail in sexual scenes. I will work on that.

For my 18th birthday, my dad gave me a cruise to Mexico. He didn't go along. A buddy and I went. We both had fake id's and planned to party the whole time and screw as many girls as possible. I didn't see much of him, so I guess he got lucky.

However, I met a foxy girl, Morgan. She was only 16, so hitting the bars with her was out. She was traveling with her mom, Elaine, who was also very foxy for a woman in her late 30s. When her mom went ashore to shop, Morgan and I got very friendly. I had forgotten to bring condoms and so had she, but she assured me it was OK.

One morning about 10:30, I went to their cabin but Elaine said Morgan had gone on a shopping excursion on the spur of the moment. I started to leave but she suggested I come in. She had kind of a Mrs. Robinson look on her face, but not crude like Mrs. Robinson in the movie.

She asked me if I had eaten breakfast. When I said no, she said she hadn't either. So she ordered room service, including a pitcher of margaritas. (They're not just for breakfast anymore.)

After breakfast, Elaine put her arms around my neck. "Are you shcrewing my daughter?" (We were both already pretty buzzed. Ok, wasted.)

Oh, shit! Busted! She took my red face for "Yes".

"It'sh OK" she said, moving closer to me. "I have told her that it's shtupid to ask kids tuh wait until they'r murried. Ahr kids shupposed to take fucking cold showers for 10 or 15 yuhrs?"

"Um, uh uh" in said. I could have sworn that my voice changed about 6 years ago.

"Sho, are you making her happy when you shcrew her? Do you make the juice drip out hur pusshy?"

(Jesus she's drunk!) "Um, yes'um. I-I-I think she'zh hap-p-p-py."

(Unbuttoning my shirt) "You THINK she's happy? I beh-ur find out for sure. I want this to be a mumorable trip for her." (Drunkenly pulling down my swim trunks, exposing my erection, which she takes in her mouth.)

Since I was pretty wobbly without the added intoxication of getting a blow job, we moved to the bed.

I had never made love to an older woman before. Well, actually, she made love to me. She did things to my dick with her tongue that were light years beyond what any high school girl had done - sucking, swirling, licking, deep-throating, sucking my balls - you name it.

It didn't seem to have been that long, when the cabin door opened and Morgan walked in. Oh, shit!!!

She shook her head and rolled her eyes, but she was laughing to she my cock in her mother's mouth. Without a word, she tossed back two nearly full margaritas we had left on the table, stripped nude, and dived onto the bed. We got into a very hot three-some.

The best of both worlds. Tight, perky, semi-virginal Morgan and very experienced, voluptuous Elaine. Morgan only had two margaritas. But she was young and small, and not used to drinking. Need I tell you that we were all very uninhibited. I doubt that Morgan and Elaine had ever done anything with each other before. But they really got into it, even licking each other's pussies.

The high point for me was when Morgan was lying on top of Elaine. They were kissing and fondling each other, licking and squeezing each other's breasts. Then, I got between their legs and started taking turns fucking both of them. It was mind-blowing to fuck Elaine with her young daughter sandwiched between us. Even better was fucking Morgan's tight little pussy and having lots of the cum drip on her mom's cunt.

We talked about staying in touch after the trip. But Morgan was just 16 and her mom was too old to be in a real relationship with me. So we just said good bye. I thought about them a lot, though, especially when jacking off.

A couple years later, my dad and I moved to a new city. He had a job there and I was transferring from community college to the state university. Dad had made a trip earlier and picked out a house.

When we arrived, I started exploring the house. Soon I heard him outside. It sounded like he was chatting with neighbors. So I went out.

There were Morgan and Elaine, holding 2 cute baby girls. They saw me and grinned, sheepishly. I guess I had a questioning look on my face. I'm fast at math. Anyway, they gave me almost imperceptible nods. "Oh, shit!" I said under my breath.

Of course, my dad was looking very clueless. "Am I missing something? Have you folks met before?"

Awkward pause.

"Bob," Elaine said to my dad "we are not being very neighborly. Why don't you come in and have some refreshments?"

Elaine and Morgan brought out 4 beers. My dad was a bit surprised, especially when Morgan, Elaine and I all took big chugs. The 3 of us looked at each other like "OK, who's going to be brave."

Finally, I guess Elaine decided that she had to be the responsible adult.

"Bob, a little over 2 years ago, Morgan and I went on a cruise to Mexico. We met this VERY cute young guy. God, this is embarrassing! The 3 of us became quite friendly during the cruise." Now, my dad was the one who took a big chug.

"Anyway, none of us had brought condoms, and the ship's store didn't carry them. But we figured it was safe. Wrong! About a month later, both Morgan and I found out that we were knocked up." My dad looked at me with amazement and I tried to sink into the couch. Actually, he didn't look mad. There was even sort of a "You fucking stud!" look on his face.

"We decided that we would have the babies and I would raise them as twins." Elaine continued. "They were born within hours of each other."

We all looked at my dad. He looked bewildered. "Wow! That's a lot to process. But the result was obviously great." he said, looking at his adorable granddaughters.

It turned out that Morgan had been thinking a lot about me too. And my dad and Elaine quickly became an item. We had a double wedding.

Eventually, we will have to explain to the girls that their father (my dad) is their biological grandfather. And their brother-in-law (me) is really their dad. And their big sister is really the mother of one of them. And their mom is really the grandmother of one of them. And, well, you get the picture. OK, that will be interesting. Guess we'll put it off as long as possible.

It still kinda blows me away that I fucked my mother-in-law/stepmother.

The end

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2009-05-07 17:11:23
fuckin pathetic


2008-11-24 01:11:57
It was a good story and I enjoyed it, but would have prefrered the boy to get both mother and daughter.

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haha wow


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anyone remember that old weird song "I`m my own grandpa"?

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