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Chapter 12

Jason was surprised to see Nancy chopping up a carrot when he opened the door from the garage, he was even more surprised to realize that she was cutting it with enough force to mark the cutting board with every stroke of the knife.

“And what has you so upset?” Jason asked his younger daughter as he closed the door behind him stepped up behind the girl.

“Hi daddy,” Nancy said as she slid the carrot slices into the waiting bowl and grabbed another pealed carrot and started slicing it with the same vengeance as the first one.

“Out with it Nancy,” Jason said as he reached around and under the girl’s apron to squeeze her tits as she continued to slice the carrot. “What are you so angry about and why are you making dinner instead of Karen?”

“Well,” Nancy said, hesitating in the middle of slicing the carrot to turn her head and give her father a quick kiss as he continued to play with her breasts, “I’ll answer your second question first. Karen is resting in the bedroom after being sick as a dog. Lucky slut.”

“How can you call it lucky if Karen’s so sick she has to lay down to rest?” Jason asked. He was sure Nancy was trying to hint at something without actually telling him.

“Can’t you figure it out daddy?” Nancy asked with a quark of her lips. “If you can figure it out then you can figure out why I’m so angry right now - and it’s not because I have to make dinner because I actually enjoy doing that.”

“Can’t you give me a clue?” Jason asked as something tickled the back of his brain and tried to catch his attention.

“Think about it dad,” Nancy said as she finished the rest of the carrot and added it to the bowl before she grabbed the waiting pan and added water before placing it on the stove and turning it on. “You remember I had my period two weeks ago?”

“Kind of,” Jason said thoughtfully, “I do remember that you let me fuck you in the ass because it didn’t matter if I gave you a load of baby juice or not.”

“And have you noticed that Karen hasn’t had her period since you started trying to knock us up last month?”

Jason finally managed to put things together and a slow smile lit his face and turned into a toothy grin. “Are you saying that Karen is pregnant?”

“I’m not sure,” Nancy said with a shrug, “but I know her stomach’s been queasy all day and I know she ran from the breakfast table to throw up in the bathroom and did it again as soon as she started making dinner. I think she used one of the pregnancy tests this morning too, so even though I’m not sure if she’s pregnant I’d say there’s a good chance.”

“I see,” Jason told his daughter before giving her a quick kiss on the cheek and taking his hands off her small soft tits before searching through the cupboard for a box of crackers. “If Karen has morning sickness I better take her a peace offering.”

“But dad, Karen wants to have your baby, why would you need a peace offering?” Nancy asked her father.

“Nancy, I learned fourteen years ago that no matter how much a woman wants to get pregnant she is never happy to see the man who caused her morning sickness,” Jason explained as he took a sleeve of crackers from the box and opened the refrigerator to grab the pitcher of lemonade and a glass and headed for the bedroom.

“What?” Karen mumbled, throwing her hand over her eyes when her father turned on the overhead light.

“Hi Karen,” Jason said as he set the crackers and lemonade on the bedside table and sat down next to the naked girl on the bed. “Nancy told me that you were feeling sick, and once she reminded me that you missed your period two weeks ago I finally put two and two together. How are you feeling?”

“As miserable as I am happy,” Karen said with a wry smile as she fumbled for the pregnancy test on the other bedside table and showed her father the result. “Congratulations daddy.”

“Congratulations yourself,” Jason said with a broad grin as he took the stick from Karen’s fingers. “How bad is your morning sickness.”

“Why do they call it ‘morning sickness’ when you feel sick all day?”

“Just like your mother,” Jason said with a chuckle, “when she was expecting you and Nancy her stomach was queasy all day for about three days and after that she was fine.”

“I don’t know if I can take three days of this,” Karen groaned as she patted her flat belly. “Just the smell of food is enough to make me hurl.”

“I thought so, that’s why I brought that,” Jason said with a nod toward the crackers and lemonade. “When your mother was sick all she could keep down was crackers and lemonade so I brought some for you.”

“Aren’t you worried about me eating crackers in bed?” Karen asked with a weak smile.

“I think we can deal with a few crumbs,” Jason said with a weak smile of his own. “You just rest up and eat what you can, Nancy and I can take care of ourselves for a few days.”

“You know daddy,” Karen said as she got up on her elbows, “now that I’m pregnant Nancy will never forgive you if you don’t knock her up when she’s ripe and ready for her own baby.”

“I know,” Jason said with a groan, “but I’m hoping you’re not up to fucking right now so I can give her a few extra loads of cum over the next few days.”

“Dad, I’m so horny right now I’d like nothing better than to fuck you right now,” Karen said, blanching slightly so her father could see the freckles standing out on her paler than usual face and chest. “But just the thought of rocking back and forth on the bed makes my feel sick.”

“I understand honey,” Jason said as he reached down to pat his daughter’s belly affectionately. “So let me worry about knocking Nancy up for the next few days and you satisfy yourself as best you can with your fingers and dildos.”

“I guess that is the best,” Karen told her father with a sigh, “but I still look forward to the time when I stop feeling sick and can enjoy your cock as much as I use to. Not only that, but now that I have your baby in my belly I have a promise to keep.”

“And what promise is that?” Jason asked his fourteen year old daughter as he ran his hand over her flat hard belly and down to her wet pussy so he could tickle her oversize clit.

“I know you better than that daddy,” Karen said with a sigh of pleasure as her clit hardened under her father’s probing fingers. “I promised to let you fuck me in the ass after you knocked me up.”

“I guess you did at that,” Jason said, licking Karen’s juices from his fingers before he reached up to run his fingers across the girl’s breasts. “But I think we can wait a few more days before I pop your ass cherry. In fact we should probably wait until we have a chance to get you to the doctor to make sure that you’re pregnant.”

“Can’t you tell daddy?” Karen asked with a giggle as her nipples popped out against her father’s fingers. “The way you’ve been checking me out you must have some idea of what to look for.”

“I have some idea,” Jason admitted with a grin, “but most of the signs of pregnancy could just be a part of your natural growth spurt. You’re at the right age for your breast growth to be normal instead of part of your pregnancy - but your nipples changing from light pink to brown isn’t part of a growth spurt - and the way your stomach is getting hard could be another indication of a pregnancy. But even after the home pregnancy test I’d feel better if we went to the doctor just to be sure.”

“No problem daddy,” Karen said. “I called Doctor Cole when I got home from school and he’ll see us tomorrow.”

“A Saturday appointment?” Jason said in surprise.

“Doctor Cole considers me to be one of his special patients,” Karen explained. “On top of that he said he wanted to see you so he can plan out what to say if the police or Civil Services take an interest in my pregnancy.”

“Ok,” Jason said as he slid off the bed and started removing his clothes, “I better get back out before Nancy thinks I forgot about her. You should be able to keep those crackers and lemonade down but take it careful just in case.”

“Thanks daddy,” Karen said as she let her head drop back into her pillow. “I’ll take it easy, you just make sure that you give Nancy a baby of her own.”

“I’ll do my best,” Jason promised, “but not even I can give her a baby if it’s not the right time.”

“I’m sure you’ll manage just fine daddy,” Karen said with a weak smile. “Now go out there and fuck that girl like you never fucked her before.”

“Now that I can do,” Jason chuckled as he headed for the door, suddenly he stopped and turned to look at his daughter. “Karen, how long have you had freckles? I’ve never noticed them before.”

“That’s because my usual complexion is dark enough to hide them,” Karen said. “The only time you can see my freckles is when I’m pale enough to make them stand out.”

“I guess that makes sense,” Jason said. “But I’ve got to tell you, freckles have always been a turn on for me, so once you’re feeling better I’m going to fuck you like you wouldn’t believe.”

“Thank you daddy,” Karen sighed, “now I really have something to look forward to.”

* * * * * * * * * *

“Good dinner, Nancy,” Jason said as he pushed his chair back from the table, he patted his belly and tried not to think of how the carrots were undercooked and the meatloaf was dry as he smiled affectionately at his youngest daughter.

“For my first time,” Nancy muttered, “come on dad, even I can tell that I made mistakes with dinner. But it was my first time and I have a lot to learn so I guess I didn’t do that bad.”

“You did better than I ever could,” Jason admitted. “After all, I’m a business man, not a chief. Maybe I should think about hiring someone to cook and clean, especially now that Karen’s pregnant and I’m hoping to knock you up by the end of the weekend. I bet you and Karen would enjoy the help around the house.”

“No way dad,” Nancy snapped. “Do you have any idea what kind of crimp it would put in our sex lives if you hired someone to cook and clean for us? Besides, Karen likes to cook and I’d like to learn how so I can cook for my own children once their born. With both of us doing the cooking and cleaning we can cover for each other, so don’t worry about that.”

“I guess you’re right,” Jason said with a chuckle that told Nancy he’d been teasing her all along. “Since you made dinner I’ll clean things up while you go in the livingroom and warm up your pussy for a good hard fuck.”

“Ok daddy,” Nancy said as she got up from the table and gave her father a quick kiss on the cheek, “but don’t take too long because I’m already hot and horny for your cock - and your baby.”

“Right,” Jason said as he picked up the dirty dishes from the table and headed for the kitchen. As her father headed for the kitchen Nancy looked back in time to see his erect cock and realized that her father was as ready to fuck her as she was to fuck him.

In spite of his best efforts Jason wasn’t able to set a new record for cleaning the kitchen but he was still able to get to the livingroom in less than a half hour. As he walked into the room Jason heard Nancy’s voice coming from the couch and when he rounded the side of the sofa he found his daughter on her hands and knees with a dildo shoved deep in her tight little cunt as she moaned, “Fuck me daddy, fuck me and knock me up.”

“Nothing will give me more pleasure than giving you exactly what you want,” Jason said as he came up behind Nancy and pulled the buzzing dildo out of her cunt and turned it off before setting it on the coffee table. “So, you want to do it doggie?”

“This time,” Nancy said, turning to give her father a horny grin as he got into position behind her. “Just remember daddy, no fucking me in the ass unless I’m on my period or you knock me up.”

“I know,” Jason said as he patted Nancy’s preteen ass, “that’s just one more incentive for me to knock you up as soon as possible, because I want to get in that tight little ass of yours as soon as I can.”

“So knock me up daddy, just like you knocked up Karen,” Nancy encouraged her father, wiggling her hips as his prick slid past her ass to catch the folds of her pussy as he altered the aim of his attack to bring the head up to the wet lips of her cunt.

“Here we go,” Jason said with a groan as he slammed his hips forward so his cock slid into his daughter’s hot wet cunt.

“Oh yes daddy,” Nancy said with a soft sigh of pleasure as she shoved her ass back to slap into her father’s pelvis. “Fuck me daddy, fill me up with your hot cum so I can have your baby just like Karen.”

“I’m trying Nancy, I’m trying,” Jason told his daughter as he slammed his hard cock in and out of the little girl’s slick pussy. As Nancy matched his pace and his balls started bouncing off his daughter’s clit as he reached around to squeeze her small tits until her pink nipples popped out against his palms so he could pinch them.

“Oh yeah daddy,” Nancy squealed, “play with my tits, I like it when you play with my tits while we’re fucking.”

“And I like playing with your tits,” Jason said as he rolled Nancy’s erect nipples between his fingers. “I can’t wait until your milk starts coming in so I can suck it right out of your breasts. I always liked drinking your mother’s milk when she was pregnant with you and Karen, and I think it’s going to be even more fun sucking the milk out of my daughters.”

“That sounds sexy daddy,” Nancy groaned as she gave her father’s prick an extra hard squeeze with her cunt muscles and she felt his balls quivering against her sensitive clit. “Are you getting ready to cum already daddy?”

“Not yet,” Jason told his daughter as he suppressed the urge to shoot his load into his daughter’s pussy. “I plan to make you cum at least once before I fill your pussy with my cum.”

“That sounds like a challenge,” Nancy said as she squeezed her father’s cock even harder in her tight slit. She could feel her belly starting to quiver at the thought that her father’s baby juice could be knocking her up any second but she intended to enjoy every stroke of her father’s cock. Nancy slammed her ass back with every thrust of her father’s cock so his balls bounced off her clit with every stroke. The hair at the base of her father’s cock tickled her bare cunt and pushed her even closer to her orgasm and she tried to stop her orgasm even as it slammed through her body and she clamped her cunt muscles down so hard around her father’s prick that he couldn’t pull it out of her pussy as her whole body shivered through her orgasm.

“I’m cumming Nancy,” Jason screamed as Nancy’s pussy squeezed his cock hard enough to milk the baby juice right out of his balls.

“Fill me up with your cum daddy,” Nancy begged as her father’s baby juice filled her cunt to overflowing. “Knock me up daddy, give me your baby right now!”

“I’m trying Nancy, I’m trying,” Jason told his preteen daughter as he caught himself before he collapsed on top of her.

“Thank you daddy,” Nancy groaned as her body stopped shivering and she crawled out from under her father’s body before she collapsed to the sofa with a satisfied smile on her face as she rolled over on her back. “That was a big load of baby juice you just gave me, but once it soaks in I think you better give me another load just to be sure.”

“I’ll give you as many loads of baby juice as you want,” Jason promised as he rolled over to sit down on the edge of the couch, “but I’ll need a chance to recover first.”

“Me too,” Nancy admitted with a sigh of pleasure. “I just hope you’re ready to fuck when I am.”

“We’ll see,” Jason said with a satisfied smile as he looked down at his happy daughter and tried to imagine what she’d look like in a few months as her belly swelled with his baby and her tits grew with milk for the baby.

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