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This is a work of fiction that i hope i can create a series out of. Please do not take any of this to heart again it's only for viewing and erotic pleasure please no comments about how i'm a racist sexist bastard it a waste of time and space. Thanks Enjoy.

It all started when.........

I got this new job at a restaurant. I was hired on as a dish boy and quickly moved up the ladder to assistant manager. Now by quickly I mean within a year. I was very proud of myself and so was everyone I knew. Fortunately no one knew who I REALLY was not even my parents. With the extra money I was making I had quite the following of women that wanted to be with me but I had other ideas. I don't care for women who are into me for sex or friendship. I’m old school I like to take what I want and not take no for an answer. My dark past as I am to reveal to you no one else has ever known. My name is John McCracken and I like to take things that aren't mine.

Late one night I was closing the store and I had one female cook finishing up the cleaning in the kitchen. I told her I was going to close up soon so she needed to hurry up because I wanted to go home I’d been at work for over 13 hours and I was spent. She responded "Ok" . I go back to the office to do a last minute look through and shut off the cameras. As I look into to camera one I notice that Melina was in the safe room. I wondered to myself what the fuck she was doing back there. All of a sudden she puts in a code and is able to open the safe. Stunned I continue to watch as she grabs almost $100 from what I could see. Furious and now knowing where all our money had gone I ran down to the kitchen and confronted her. “What the fuck do you think you're doing Melina?" "NADA?" she responded which I knew to mean "nothing" I yelled back "NADA then what about the hundred dollars you have in you're pocket?" I grabbed her by the arm and reached inside her pockets and pulled out the money. “I never see that before" she said. "Liar!" I yelled as I threw her to the ground. “You want extra money than you're going to fucking earn it bitch." I grabbed her by the hair and slapped her full handedly and she fell to the ground. I took my foot and pressed down on her head almost using my full weight I threw the money on the ground and told her that if she didn't do what I said I would crush her skull and bury her in the desert. Of course she immediately obeyed. I started to feel excited inside my head and my pants.

I grabbed her by the hair and told her to take off her shirt and bra. She slowly removed the workers shirt she was wearing and looked at me with pathetic eyes waiting for me to change my mind. I slapped her again and told her to continue taking off her clothes. She cried out and slowly reached behind her for her bra clasp/ she fumble for a while and I finally got mad and grabbed a knife from the counter and held it over my head she looked up with a fear in her eyes that almost made me cum in my pants right then. I slowly brought it down to her face then slowly to her throat. I pressed in almost enough to draw blood and stopped. I then cut her bra off. Now that she was naked from the waist up I told her to pull my pants down. She slowly reached out and unbuttoned them then she slowly hesitantly pulled the zipper down. She hooked her fingers over the rim of my boxers and pulled both my pants and my boxers down to my ankles. I squeezed her hair and pulled her face to my cock. My cock rested right on her chin. She looked up at me with a questioning look on her face. “You know what to do bitch “I said with authority. She slowly grasped my cock in her hands and slowly wrapped her bright reed lip sticked lips around it and started to suck on it. She wasn’t really trying hard. I knew she wasn’t so for an added incentive I put the knife back against her throat and looked at her with stern eyes. She slowly picked up her pace. After a while she started to breathe hard and I knew that she was slowly enjoying this which is not what I wanted.

Slowly my mind started to fill with thoughts of seriously hurting this woman. I tried to ignore them with me better judgment but they seemed to overcome me. As the thoughts got more gruesome I began to become more excited. Finally I decided that this woman needed to learn a permanent lesson. I finally became conscious once again of the situation and put my thought into action. I grasped her hair as tight as I could which caused her to scream on my cock. I took advantage of the opportunity and shoved my hips into her face as far as I could she began to gasp for breath and gag on my cock which was now at full stiffness she began to turn purple and her eyes were rolling back into her head. I waited a few more seconds and quickly jerked my hips back. She took in a deep breath inhaled again and just as she was doing that I once again thrust my hips into her face. Forcing her to gag again. This time she began to dig her nails into my thighs. In anger I grabbed a spatula and slapped her in the face with it. While continuing to hold her on my cock I slapped her again. Tears were filling her eyes. I finally released her, she slumped to the floor gasping for air and twitching. I grabbed the knife once again and held it to her throat. “I’m going to strip you of your pants and you’re dirty whore panties if you so much as try to stop me I will cut your fucking throat right here and now.” She didn’t respond she only went limp and allowed me to remove the rest of her garments.

Now that she was naked I stood and towered over her like a lion over his prey. She looked into my eyes with that fearful look again and my mind finally set all my thoughts into place and I knew what I was going to do next. I was going to enjoy it thoroughly but she was not going to like it as much. I grabbed her arm and pulled her to her feet. I made sure my grasp was enough for her to wince in pain. I lead her to the coolers in the back had her step inside. I slammed the door behind her and locked it. She continued to bang on the door and scream as I walked back to the kitchen. I slowly turned the grill on walked over to the fryer and turned that on as well. The sink wasn’t far away so I walked over and grabbed a bucket and filled it with cold water. Shortly I returned to the freezer in which I had trapped Melina. As I opened it she tried to push past me, her short stature being what it was she was unsuccessful. However I was able to shove her to the ground and had enough time to grab the bucket and splash it onto her. She screamed in pain. I laughed maniacally as I again shut and locked the door. As I walked away I looked at my watch and noted the time, I planned to return in five minutes to retrieve my prisoner. The grill and the fryer were at temperature and ready for my plans.

I returned to the freezer and opened the door. Before me sat an icicled but still alive Mexican beauty. I grabbed her by her frozen hair, some of it broke off but enough was left to grab. Dragging her back into the kitchen was quite the task considering most of her was dead weight.
Picking her up was even harder, I bent her over the counter and slowly blew on her pussy. I reached for my cock and brought it back to its full stiffness. I aimed for her ass; I rubbed my cock in the space around her brown eye. I felt her tense and heard her whine. Slowly I moved my cock to her pussy she seemed to relax and except her fate. Just as she thought things were going to be easier I eased my hips back and very roughly thrust my cock right into her tight dry ass. One of the most exciting cum beckoning screams I’ve ever heard emitted from her mouth. I continued to fuck her ass ruthlessly as she begged me to stop saying that she’s never had it there before. Not caring I continued to ravage her ass. She soon became accustomed to the feeling and stopped screaming. Quickly I grabbed her hair and moved us both over a few feet. Her eyes must have been closed because she never realized what was under her. Swiftly I thrust her upper down on the surface of the grill. Immediately she started to scream again, thrashing about as her flesh was seared on the surface of the grill. After about thirty second or so I pulled her and pulled my dick out of her ass. She was barely breathing, barely alive but alive enough for me to still have my way. Looking at her body was one of the most exciting things I’ve ever seen in my life since I was younger. She slowly started to fade so I grabbed her arm dragged her over to the fryer which was right across the way and shoved it into the searing hot grease. Scream after scream escaped her lips as her skin slowly started to leave her arm, burning away nerve endings and muscle tissue. After about two minutes she didn’t seem to feel anything anymore. The next step in the plan set itself into the front of my mind. Grasping what was left of her wrist as well as I could I took my other hand and placed it on her forearm. Raising my hand that was not grasping the wrist I forcefully swung it down and was successful in breaking her forearm completely in half. Screaming in shock not so much in pain I guessed Melina fall to the floor grasping her arm. Again I laughed maniacally and kicked her in the face.

After about 15 minutes I was ready to finish the job. Melina had passed out after the blow to the head. She was hazy and didn’t seem to remember what was going on or where she was. Until she saw her arm and her chest and her breast completely destroyed. She tried to scream but was unable to because I had wrapped a towel around mouth and placed lemon in her mouth to enhance the gag. I had already erased the tapes and copy and pasted the ones from yesterday to the present day to cover up everything. I had cleaned off the grill of her flesh and cleaned the oil in the fryer. All my tracks were covered. I walked up to her and sat her up I stared into her eyes with a sort of resentment which was totally forced because I didn’t give a shit about this girl. Thoughts of my youth slowly crept into my brain and I got excited again as her eyes realized that I was faking the emotion she thought that she had sensed. “Help me lift you: I said, as I gently lifted her by her upper arms. Leading her to my car she slowly noticed that I had covered all the seats in plastics bags as well as the windows. Immediately she started to struggle. Frustrated I forced my hand, which was now covered in gloves into her stub of an arm she tried to scream and slowly complied once more. I finally sat her in my car and drove away from the restaurant towards the desert. Finally arriving at my destination I turned of the car. Melina had fallen asleep but was still breathing. “Good” I thought to myself I want her aware and awake for the finale. Opening the passenger door she fell out and smacked her head against the cement of the highway. Moaning softly she opened her eyes and saw nothing but darkness. I was finally able to get her on her feet and led her out into the desert. Stopping a few yard away from the car I kicked the back or her knee and she dropped with a thud that forced sand out in all directions. Pulling out my knife I cut the towel and removed the lemon and placed them in my pocket.

“Any thing you’d like to say?” I asked. She started talking in a bunch of Spanish gibberish that I didn’t understand at all. So finally I undid my pants and pulled them down to my ankles I punched her in the face feeling her jaw break from the pressure of my knuckles impact with her face. Falling to the ground blood continued to flow out of her mouth. Kneeling near her head I grabbed her face and shoved my cock down her throat without resistance. Watching as her eyes rolled back into her head and her skin began to suffer from Cyanosis I finally removed my cock from her mouth. The wind slowly blew through my hair and over my face as a rose to my feet and pulled my pants back up and fastened them. I had taken out my hair band so my mid length hair blew in the wind like an old west outlaw. Looking at me shadow in the light from my vehicle headlights I reached behind me in my back pocket and grabbed my personal favorite fire arm. A .357 magnum. “Hopefully your family and anyone else who knows you will learn from this lesson I have taught you” I said with an air of arrogance in me voice I knelt down in front of her fetal positioned body. I grabbed her head gently a placed the barrel of the gun against her head. As thoughts ran through my head one seemed to conflict with the others. One side my mind said to spit in her face but the other said “No don’t be stupid don’t leave anything behind especially your DNA” I’ve seen it a hundred times. That’s the reason I didn’t climax inside her. As her eyes filled with fear I cocked the hammer back and placed my finger on the trigger. She closed her eyes and tensed while mouthing the word. “Please don’t do this “. Looking into her eyes I stood up un cocked the hammer of the gun and started to walk away. Three feet away I heard her sigh and whisper “gracias”. I stopped and put the last step of the plan into motion. Walking back to her body I forcefully placed my foot onto her face and gruffly whispered “Thanks for what? Not shooting you” with that I raised my foot and leaped into the air and brought my body down with such force that my foot completely crushed her face. Her body twitching, I quickly pulled out my cock and rubbed myself almost to orgasm as I watched the life drain from her body. After the convulsions had finally stopped I walked to my car, opened the back passenger door and removed Melina's removed appendage. Walking back to the body I knelt between her legs and slid her arm half way into her cunt and left it there. The night sky was beautiful and the night air was cool and brisk. Sitting into my car and turning the ignition all the visions of tonight’s event flooded my brain as I finished myself off into Melina's panties. Slowly pulling back onto the highway I began to think to myself that maybe I should seek help for my problems. Pulling out a lighter from my pocket I lit the undergarment on fire and threw them out the window. Pulling out a cigarette from my pocket I slowly lit the end and took a slow long drag. As I exhaled I thought to myself that maybe this is therapy unto itself. Slowly grinning into a giggle I drove off back into the city.

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Anonymous readerReport

2010-06-13 16:29:57
Well,not my cup of tea.To each they're own.Hope it was a fantasy.You forgot the skin cells(DNA)under her nails from her digging into your thighs.

Anonymous readerReport

2009-02-02 22:15:42
not a bad piece but it seemed that you really rushed things especially in the end and there was not focus on any details.For example if you had mentioned how it looked and felt when you put her on the grill and instead of just shooting her in the desert I think it would have been alot better if you had sliced her open,like breatsbone through to the clit and opened her up.why don't more ppl do that anyway?that's like one of the better type pieces when somebody articulates cutting a bitch up and operating on opinion anyway.

Anonymous readerReport

2009-02-02 02:37:12
as much as i hate to admit it, i loved it

Anonymous readerReport

2008-12-22 22:55:24
horrible. i was turned on then i got more into it and i got turned off


2008-12-17 02:07:17
part 2 coming up sickies. in process as we speak

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