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Indiscretion in a european hostel
First off, I want to tell you that the following story is almost completely true. I have only added a few spicy details where my memory of the actual events was a little hazy. I can't really talk about it to anyone I know, so I decided to type it up and post it here.

My name is Serena. I’m a married 28 year old woman. I love my husband Derrick dearly, but he has a real problem with jealousy and gets mad at me when other men so much as look at me. He’s also a bit na? and prudish when it comes to sex. Needless to say, I am feeling sexually unfulfilled lately because there are a lot of things I fantasize about trying but will probably never get to do.

I am very happy with my body and love the attention I get from men because of it. I have a close male friend, Jerry, who is dreadfully head over heels in love with me. Because of this, he is prepared to do my bidding at the drop of a hat. I hate to say it, but I am addicted to the feeling of control and power this gives me.

Jerry and I both have online jobs, so we are in constant online chat all day almost every day. We spend a lot of time flirting innocently. He’s always there to make me feel better if I’m down – always telling me how hot I am in the pictures I email to him. He’s so smart and he just really gets me in ways that my husband Derrick doesn’t. Derrick knows about my friendship with Jerry and does not approve of it. Every time he finds out I’ve had any sort of contact with him, he flies off the handle and gets very depressed and angry. Although I am very attracted to Jerry, I have done all I can to assure Derrick that he is no threat to our marriage, but it doesn’t help. I am forced to maintain my internet friendship with him in secret to avoid Derrick’s wrath.

I have become very close with another man online lately, too. His name is Caine and he works with my husband. He has been to our house a few times and he and I hit it off very nicely. Besides being wonderfully handsome and nice, he’s also highly intelligent. He’s not as outright flattering to me as Jerry, but he is often more honest and less fawning… so I can go to him when I need an honest opinion and not just a pick-me-up compliment. He doesn’t seem to desire me sexually like Jerry does (though I swear I’ve caught his eye wandering down my shirt a few times), and he’s not afraid to hurt my feelings. The best thing about him is that Derrick is friends with him, too – so Derrick does not feel threatened by my friendship with him. It was actually a little rocky at first, but Caine and I both assured Derrick that all was ok and he stopped acting jealous about it – for awhile at least. I often confide things to Caine and no one else. Especially things regarding Derrick’s jealousy about Jerry. Caine has so far made good on his promise that whatever I tell him stays just between us. Oh, and I must mention here that when my husband falls asleep after an orgasm, I often finish myself off with fantasies involving Caine.
My husband and I planned a trip to Europe awhile back with Caine and another married couple we are friends with, Jennifer and Martin. Caine’s girlfriend couldn’t get the time off of work, so she had to stay behind, making Caine into the 5th wheel. As the date of the trip approached, I was chatting a lot with various friends online about things to do and see during the trip. I often chat with many people at once. I’ve always got separate windows up with Derrick, Jerry and Caine, all at the same time – but without them knowing.

So a couple of weeks before our trip, I was talking to Caine about some old church we wanted to visit along the way. I mentioned it to Jerry and he pasted a link to a picture of it into our chat. I’m not sure what I did wrong, but when I attempted to copy and paste that link into Caine’s window, my entire chat with Jerry appeared instead! I was horrified. Caine was polite and just said “oops” but I felt so awkward knowing that he had probably read my entire morning’s chat with Jerry . We are so familiar with each other due to our daily ritual of chatting, and this particular chat had some heavy flirting in it. Jerry had talked about how perfectly round my ass was and what he would do to it if I weren’t wearing my wedding ring. Knowing Caine’s promise not to tell Derrick about the things I have confided in him, I still couldn’t stop worrying that this was somehow going to get back to Derrick. I felt sick and couldn’t sleep for the next few nights.
Time passed and things seemed ok. Neither Caine nor I spoke of the incident and it seemed to have faded into the background. I was grateful for that, but I felt strangely suspicious. If I were Caine, I would not have let it go that easily. I still could not get it out of my head.

The date of our trip arrived and we all headed off to Europe for a few weeks. I’ll skip most of the details of the trip, because they are really unimportant to this story. The things that do matter are these: I slipped and mentioned Jerry in Derrick’s presence a few times along the way. I even bought Jerry a gift and tried to hide it, but Derrick went through my bag one day when he got back to the hostel before me. He asked me about it, and I told him the truth. Derrick was noticeably upset, but only he, Caine and I knew why. Jennifer and Martin didn’t really pick up on it. Now that worry started coming back to me. I really needed to talk to Caine to make sure we were on the same page regarding my secrets.

A couple of nights later, I found my opportunity. Caine stayed at the Hostel that evening while the other four of us went out to explore and have dinner. After dinner, Jennifer and Martin went separate ways to check out some shops they had seen that were open late. Derrick and I went for a walk on the waterfront and ended up getting in an argument over Jerry. He got me so mad, I told him I was going back to the Hostel and I didn’t want him to follow me. He said that was fine and that he wanted to be alone anyway – so we parted. He forgot that the hostel office only gave us two keys. Martin had one and I had the other. I was glad. Maybe being locked out for awhile would give Derrick the time he needed to think about his stupid problem.

When I got back to the hostel, I discovered Caine snoozing in the dark. There were four beds in our room, each separated by a gap of about a foot. His was in the far corner and mine was next to it – with Jennifer and Martin’s bed closest to the door. I plopped down on Jennifer’s bed just loud enough to wake him and then sighed deeply just in case the bed noise wasn’t enough.

“hello?” he said into the dark.

“Hi Caine. Feeling better? It’s Serena.”

“Oh, hi. Yeah, much better, thanks.”

I got right to the point and told him what was on my mind.

“Listen – remember all that stuff with Jerry? I’m still worried that you might change your mind and tell Derrick about it.”

Caine paused to take it in.

“Well, you don’t need to worry. It’s none of my business. You two need to work it out yourselves.” He said.

“I knew you would say that. And I know you are being honest – but I need more than that if I’m going to be able to stop worrying.”

“like what do you mean? A written contract?” he asked with a laugh.

“No. Definitely not. There can’t be anything in writing. How about some other sort of contract?”
I could sense he knew I had something in mind, but he didn’t know what.

“Can you give me a secret of yours, for collateral?” I asked coyly. “That would make me feel much safer about you knowing mine.”

At this point he turned very serious, sat up and looked directly at me in the darkness.

“No.” he said. “I will not speak of my secrets. Why don’t we create a new one between us. One that will bind us in secrecy to each other.”

My adrenaline started pumping and my nipples actually went hard. Whether he meant it this way or not, I now had visions of hot hot secret sex running through my head. Uncontrollably, my body lunged forward and draped over Caine as I pushed him back down onto his bed. Before he could react, I had scurried downward and was unbuttoning his fly. He adapted quickly to the situation and started massaging my scalp with his fingertips as I fished his quickly-hardening penis out of his shorts.

I swallowed his warm cock whole and slowly started sliding back and forth from the shiny tip to his soft, shaved balls. As I came back up to the tip, I realized that he isn’t circumcised. I’d never been up close and personal with a foreskin until this point. Using my lips, I pulled it over the head of his dick and stuck my tongue up inside – something I had fantasized about doing since I’d seen an uncircumcised penis in a magazine when I was young. His moans made me want to swallow all of him. Then I gently gripped it between my teeth and nibbled. His hands moved down my back to grip my loose shirt and pull it up above my bra strap, which he deftly unhooked with one hand. It was a pretty impressive maneuver – and it sent a shiver down my spine and into my crotch, which was by now soaking wet.

I pulled my head up from his pole and slid my body upward to catch it between my now-exposed, hanging breasts. He moaned again and grabbed them, squeezing them gently together around his cock. As I moved into him, his hips started gyrating automatically, fucking my cleavage. But just then we froze at the sound of the door unlocking. Caine and I stayed completely motionless. I held my breath, hoping that whoever just walked in wouldn’t turn the light on before I could maneuver over to my own bed and under the covers.

At this point, I was still laying with just my head and shoulders on Caine’s bed and the rest on Jennifer and Martin’s. I felt the weight of someone falling onto their bed as the springs squeaked. Caine and I dared not move, and I could feel his penis softening in my mouth. The person on the bed rolled around a bit. From the sounds, I could tell it was Martin. He wrapped his arm around me and promptly fell asleep.
Caine and I breathed our quietest sighs of relief. I carefully started to scoot myself forward onto Caine’s bed, but I must have shaken Martin’s arm because he woke up. “Jennifer, baby” he moaned as he moved his other hand up my skirt and directly to my panties. I jumped a little but then relaxed, hoping he would fall back asleep in a moment. But he did not fall asleep. Instead, he got his hand into my panties and began rubbing my mound. I was already aroused before he arrived, and now this felt so good, I didn’t even try to stop him. I could tell Caine had an idea of what was happening, too, because his cock started growing in my mouth again. My heart started beating with excitement – one of my fantasies was coming true!
Martin pushed me onto my belly and started fumbling with his pants. I just kept sucking Caine quietly, waiting for Martin to plunge into me, which I was certain he was about to do – thinking I was his wife Jennifer. The next moment, he was on top of me, had pushed my panties aside and was all the way inside in one thrust. It had been so long since I had felt any cock besides Derreck’s, so the differences really stood out. Martin’s didn’t go as deep, but it was much thicker and felt wonderful. As he fucked me, Martin had his face in my shoulder, just inches away from where I was blowing Caine. If only he knew! I could smell the alcohol on his breath.

“Oh…. Here I come, Jen!” he gasped as I felt his thick cock tighten inside. I panicked for an instant at the thought of him cumming inside of me, but then his hot seed started pulsing into me and my panic melted into excitement. I could actually feel the stream shooting deep into my pussy. What a sensation. At the same time, Caine’s cock got super hard in my mouth and he started thrusting more energetically as I tickled his balls and continued sucking him.

I felt Martin’s cum run out of me onto the bed as his penis slipped out and he rolled onto his back. Within a minute, he was snoring. Caine and I both laughed nervously at what had just happened.

“Well, now we’ve got both keys, so we don’t have to worry about any more interruptions.” I assured him. Squeezing the rest of Martin’s cum out of me, I pulled my panties off, wiped my pussy clean with them and slid onto Caine’s bed.

“I’ve got a vacancy if you want to come inside.” I told him “Still warm and everything.”

Caine’s cock was harder than ever, pulsing warmly in my hand. He seemed nervous and hesitant to move, so I got up on my knees, straddling him and still stroking his cock.

“How about it? Can you finish me off? I need you inside of me!” I was attempting to line his cock up and plunge it into me, but he was dodging.

“Wait, I just remembered I have a condom in my backpack.” He said excitedly.

My bra and shirt were tangled up and getting in my way, so I took them off while Caine found his condom and put it on. As I sat naked on his bed propped against the cement wall, I mused over how funny it was that I was feeling slightly insulted that he seemed worried about ‘sloppy seconds’. I knew I wanted his cum inside of me, so I was plotting the perfect moment for when I would get that condom off of him without him knowing. I never would have dreamed I’d find myself in this position.

Caine came back with his pants off and his cock sticking straight out like a board. Seeing him in silhouette against the lights from the amusement park out the window made me wish that I could have taken his photo, but seriously – that was out of the question. He crawled onto the bed softly and nuzzled his face into my breasts, licking and kissing them. I’ve never felt anything more exciting than the unpredictability of a fresh lover.

“What is that smell?” I asked as the scent of artificial raspberry overcame me.

“Ha! It’s the condom – all they had were flavored ones.” He laughed as he brushed his hands gently along my thighs. I could tell he was carefully feeling for Martin’s cum.

“Well we can’t let that go to waste.” I told him as I crept down onto my hands and knees and put his covered cock into my mouth again.

Caine moaned as I resumed blowing him to counteract the cold of our room and get him back up to maximum stiffness. By now he was losing his apprehension about finding wet spots on me and had reached across my back to my ass. His hands felt so good as he caressed from my neck to the back of my thighs and spread my pussy open.

“That’s it! Lie down!” I ordered him.

I pushed him down on his back and mounted him, jamming his hot cock into my pussy as hard and as fast as I could.

“Oh my god. You feel so good Serena. Fuck!”

Bending forward, I wrapped my arms around his neck as he continued to pound me at the furious pace I’d started.

“I’ve wanted this since I first met you.” I whispered in his ear.

“Me too. When I masturbate, I sometimes imagine you in your cocktail party dress.”

The thought of that pushed me over the edge of orgasm. After my spasms stopped, he rolled us over and started pounding me from the top. I asked him to slow down for a bit and we made out for awhile as he rhythmically pushed his penis into me and slowly dragged it back out.

And then there was a loud knock at the door. We both jumped up instantly. I felt a wave of sad emptiness spread inside of my pussy from the void left behind by Caine’s cock. He was up and had his pants on in a flash. I quickly threw my pajamas on and leaped into my bed to fake being asleep.

“Are you ready?” Caine whispered.

“Ready as I can be. This isn’t over, sir.” I giggled. Despite my fear that Derrick was outside the door, I was quite thrilled by the rush of it all.

Caine opened the door. I’d never been so relieved to hear Jennifer’s voice.

“Thanks. I hope I didn’t wake anybody up.” She said. I could tell from her slurring that she was at least as drunk as Martin had been.

“No problem. I had just gone to bed. Martin’s already asleep. Do you need me to turn the light on?”

“No, I think I can handle it.” She sat on the chair by the door and took off her shoes.

Since my eyes had adjusted, I was able to peep from my blankets and see what was going on. I noticed Caine hadn’t had time to put a shirt on. As he went back and sat on his bed, I saw Jennifer stand up and strip down to a bra and matching panties that were totally cute.

“I’m all hot from walking home. It was pretty far.” She whispered.

Her eyes must not have adjusted yet, because she then took off her underwear – exposing her nice, small yet plump breasts and a very cute, neatly trimmed patch of hair in her crotch. Jennifer and I have gotten close once or twice in the past – even to the point of French kissing once at a party – but I had never seen her naked before. I’m not sure why I was surprised to find that she looked much like I would have imagined.

“So why are you wimps in bed so early? There’s still time to party.” She laughed as she slipped on a thin bathrobe. “I’ve got to take a shower, but I can wait if you want to do some shots first.”

Caine laughed. “You are hardcore. Yeah, I guess. Why not?”
Jennifer got out some scotch she’d bought from a distillery we visited and poured two glasses. Handing one to Caine, she sat down on his bed next to him.

“Must be lonely traveling by yourself with two couples, huh?”

“A little, yeah. The hardest is when I can hear your beds creaking at night.”

“Oh no! We tried to be silent! You could hear us?”

“Yep. Derrick and Serena didn’t drown you out.”

“That is so funny. Well I’m sorry.” She raised her glass and downed it. “Does this stuff smell like raspberries to you?” She took another drink and smelled her glass. “No, it’s not the scotch.” Jennifer started sniffing the air and moved in closer to Caine’s chest.

“Hey! It’s you! Why do you smell like raspberries?”

I knew when she first said it that she was smelling Caine’s condom, but I was hoping she wouldn’t guess the source. She continued playfully sniffing around him until she came to the zipper of his pants and stopped, looking up into his eyes.

“Are you serious? Your crotch smells like raspberries!” she said gleefully.

I felt a twinge of jealousy when Jennifer got close to Caine. As she adjusted, I heard her gasp and I saw her silhouette recoil. “What is this?” She lifted something up in front of her face to get a better look. It quickly dawned on me that she had just found my panties soaked in her husband’s jism.

“Oh my god, gross! These are definitely not mine. That means I just put my hand in Derrick’s spoo. Hmm… it smells just like Martin’s.”

“That’s because it is.” I heard Caine blurt out. “He came back totally drunk and uh… well… I think he thought Serena was you, because she was lying on your bed.” I was overcome with terror. Now the secrets were getting out of control.

“What?? He fucked her?” She didn’t sound angry as much as surprised.

At this point I decided to ‘wake up’ and intervene to try and make the best of the situation.

“What’s going on?” I asked.

I decided in this case to just try honesty and see what happened. Caine and I told Jennifer the whole story. She actually thought it was pretty hot and by the end we could tell she was getting horny.

“I drank way more than Martin, so it’s not surprising that I’ve accidentally mistaken Caine for my husband. So let’s have some raspberries, Caine.”

She pushed Caine over and pounced on him, pulling his pants down.

“You’re all set to go!” she gasped at his hardness as she pulled her robe up and moved her panties to the side. She positioned herself over his rigid cock and forced her wet pussy down on it. “Oh yes.. that’s just what I needed” she screamed as she started bucking really hard.

Caine was lost in the moment, holding onto her breasts and panting as she fucked him. His mouth was open and looked so hot in the moonlight, I scampered over to his side and began kissing him and rubbing my body against his. I felt Jennifer’s hand land on my back and then caress its way down to my ass. She teased my labia lightly, testing the water. It felt so good I didn’t move and then she started rubbing harder. Caine reached under my belly to my clit and started rubbing. It was so cozy having my pussy rubbed from both sides at once.

After a few minutes like this, I could tell by Caine’s breathing that he was getting close to orgasm. I was still set on having his cum inside of me. I got up on my knees and put my hands down where Caine’s cock was pistoning in and out of Jennifer’s pussy. As I put my hands on her pussy from front and back, I whispered “My turn” in her ear. She kissed me hotly and obligingly moved off of Caine, dragging her pussy up his chest to his mouth.

“Make me cum, Caine!” she ordered him wantonly. He was so into it, he began lapping at her without a word. While he was distracted with that, I slyly pulled his condom off and got into fucking position with my back to Jennifer. This way I could play with his balls.

It was so great. Jennifer and I with our warm backs jostling together as we got fucked by Caine’s cock and tongue at the same time. I felt her tense up after a few minutes and then scream as she came on Caine’s face. I continued riding him up and down as she crawled off and kissed Caine, tasting herself on his lips. After lying there for a minute, she came around to the edge of the bed and got between Caine’s legs where I was rubbing his balls as I fucked him. She took my hand away and nuzzled her face in, licking from the base of Caine’s cock to my clit. Oh it was wonderful. I heard Caine gasp as his fingers grabbed tightly into my hips. He started fucking harder. As Jennifer kissed his scrotum and I bucked up and down on his cock, Caine pushed his intense hardness into me and released. For about 15 seconds I felt him spurt into me. All this teasing and waiting must have built up quite a load. When he stopped writhing, Jennifer pulled his softening cock out of me and sucked it clean. The cum ran out everywhere and made a big mess, which Jennifer carefully licked up.

“Oh no! The condom came off.”

“Don’t worry, Caine – I took it off. I’m sorry, but I just really wanted to feel you shoot inside of me. I hope you’re not mad.”

“Hmm… I guess I’m not. You can make it up to me by washing me off in the shower.” He whispered.

Jennifer chimed in “You won’t need a shower, I took care of it.”

Caine and I both laughed as we felt our freshly licked nether-regions.

“Amazing.” Caine said.

Just then we heard Martin’s groggy voice. “What are you girls doing?”

All three of us literally jumped. Oh my god! Had he heard all of that? Worse yet, had he been watching us?
Jennifer gave us a look and put her finger to her lips as she took control of the situation. Caine ducked down out of the light, hoping Martin had not heard or seen him.

“Just hanging out having a drink and a chat.” She told him as she approached their bed.

“A chat with no clothes on?” Apparently he was awake enough to be able to see both of us in our full nudity. I moved into the shadow to cover myself.

“Um.. you got us. It was a little more than a chat. We were both feeling frisky with you passed out cold and Derrick not around, so we were cuddling, just a little. You’re not mad at me, are you?”

“Only because I slept right through it.”

“Do you know what else you slept through?” She put her hand on Martin’s penis which was already perking up.

“No, I remember us doing it – I was awake for that much.”

Jennifer took hold of my wrist and gently pulled me down and forward next to her so that we were on our knees beside her bed. She put her hand on his hardening cock.

“That wasn’t me. It was Serena.” She told him.

Martin was shocked. He stuttered as his heart leapt into his throat.

“I – I couldn’t – I mean – I thought… holy shit… I’m so sorry. That is just –“

“Don’t get too upset over it. The only problem was that you fell asleep before I got to cum.” I told him as I put my hand next to Jennifer’s on his balls.

Jennifer pulled Martin silently toward us until his knees were hanging over the edge of the bed, his pants still down around his ankles. We both began stroking his cock as she took it slowly between her pretty lips and moved down over it. She pulled off and gave me a turn. Martin gasped as we passed his cock back and forth, getting it all slick. Sharing his cock with his wife was really turning me on. I got wrapped up in the moment and took over for a bit, bobbing faster and faster. Jennifer moved out of the way, but I could see her out of the corner of my eye. I finally realized that Caine had been lying on the floor out of sight. Jennifer was nudging him with her toe and motioning him toward the gap between her kneeling legs. Caine scooted along the floor quietly as I slurped a little louder just to make sure Martin didn’t hear him. All this secrecy was so exciting. With Caine finally in position with his legs under the bed, she pushed down onto his cock again and started bucking slowly. It was all Caine could do to keep silent. Jennifer was so worked up, she grabbed Martin’s cock from me and started sucking it again. It was so very interesting to watch her taking two cocks, but it made me want some for myself.

I climbed up and straddled Martin. He reached up and squeezed both of my tits frantically, something I’m sure he’s probably always wanted to do, but now thought he’d never have a chance again. Jennifer pushed his cock into my pussy without missing a beat, but continued licking both Martin and I, the way she had when I was riding Caine. Now she had room to lick my ass, too – which she did. She grabbed it with both hands and buried her face. This is something I had never experienced and it was heavenly. I don’t think I would have ever guessed that Jennifer was such a freak. I could feel her face pressing up against my butt in rhythm with Caine pumping her pussy from below. Her tongue did the trick and within a couple of minutes I was writhing in ecstasy as I came on Martin’s cock.

My brain was in overload after that so I had to pull off. Jennifer started sucking Martin’s cock again, but after I recovered I got down next to her again to assist. Caine noticed I was within reach and stroked my ass with his left hand as he continued fucking Jennifer. She and I licked, sucked and stroked Martin’s cock until he exploded all over our faces. Another first for me! Both the cumming on the face and the sharing a blowjob with another woman. Caine gripped a handful of my ass and I knew that he was cumming inside of Jennifer. Such a turn on. I reached down to rub her clit. She kissed me, smearing Martin’s cum between our faces, and whispered,

“Harder, faster!”

Caine heard it too, so he kept pumping. I could feel his cum dripping out as I stroked her pussy in a frenzy. And then she was cumming. She screamed and grabbed onto me and Caine both. Then she swooned over backward, laying on Caine, and relaxed. I heard him pop out of her pussy and I could feel the rest of his cum flowing out. To my left, Martin was already snoring again. I laughed and laid down next to Jennifer and Caine on the floor. I put my arm over them and we all basked in the heat we’d just created. Just as I was about to nod off, Caine reminded us,

“I think we are going to need that shower after all. We should get up before we all fall asleep.”

We all slowly got to our feet, did a little cleanup in case we ran into anyone in the hall and got wrapped up in our towels. It was pouring rain outside and bitter cold but it was only a quick walk to the showers. Caine was about to head into the men’s showers but Jennifer grabbed him and dragged him into the women’s with us. He was worried we’d get caught, but she pushed him into a stall and out of sight. We all hung our towels and got into the hot water. The brightness of the fluorescent bathroom lights was such a contrast to the soft darkness of our bedroom. We all got a clear view at each other’s naked bodies for the first time. We just couldn’t keep our hands to ourselves and we washed each other clean. We spent a good deal of time with our arms wrapped around one another, just standing in the hot water and honoring the special time we had shared together. I think we were all quite aware that circumstances would probably never allow for something like this to happen between us again. The shower and this realization got me horny again. I turned to face the wall and bent forward slightly.

“Will you come back inside, Caine? Just once more before it’s all over.”

He obliged me, nestling in behind me and sliding his wet cock easily in. Jennifer rubbed our bodies all over as we enjoyed a slow fuck – striving to embed it all in our memories as deeply as possible before we faded back into real life. I closed my eyes, reaching back to grab Caine’s hips and pull him in as deep as he would go. The hot water on my head made me imagine that I was pressing Caine deep into my brain where I could keep him forever as my own. It was so surreal. His pulsing cock pulled me back down to earth. What was this, the third time he’d cum? There was much less this time, but I could still feel it shooting and running out of me, congealing into glue in the hot water. I remember being glad that I had just recently shaved my legs. Wet cum is so hard to get out of leg hair.

Jennifer pulled Caine’s cock out of me and lathered us both up. She seemed to realize that there was something special going on between the two of us, but she did not ask any questions.

“So, I’m guessing it’s safe to assume that this evening is going to be our little secret?” I asked them.

“Of course!” Jennifer exclaimed. “Martin won’t remember a thing, but if he does, I know he won’t be talking about it. He doesn’t even know about Caine being involved, and he’s too good of friends with Derrick to ever bring it up to him.”

“Jennifer, you are amazing. I would have never guessed that this animal was hiding inside of you.” I admitted.

“Yeah, I agree. You have both really surprised me. I think Jennifer deserves a little something for being such a great sport.” Caine said as he kneeled in front of her.

She moaned as he started to lick her pussy, right in the stream of the hot water. There was just enough room for me behind her. I decided I would try licking her ass, since it had felt so amazing when she did it for me. She gave a start when I poked my face into her smooth backside. She was clean and smooth so I had no qualms about getting in there and licking her hard. She moaned and pulled our faces harder into her as we lapped away. My arms crossed with Caine’s, surrounding her in a double hug as we ate her from both sides. It didn’t take long until we felt her knees go weak as she shuddered into a fantastic orgasm. We got up and helped steady her – and then we all shared a kiss as we washed our faces and turned off the water. I was thoroughly satisfied for now, but found myself wishing this night would never end. It was all so energizing; I just wanted to go again and again. So far, this still reigns as the most fantastic night of my life.

As we toweled off, I realized I was really hungry so decided to go down to the kitchen. I went back to the room with Caine and Jennifer to put my PJs on. We quietly said goodnight and I left them to their sleep. As I descended the stairs, though, I couldn’t help but feel another twinge of jealousy as I imagined them getting into bed together to continue the lovemaking.

Downstairs, I made some toast and looked around the hostel’s deserted common room. The clock said 3:50 AM. Wow. My eyes stopped on the couch where I saw Derrick passed out, still in his jacket and everything. I felt a little bad for him, but not enough to stop me from being happy about what had happened in his absence. He is my husband after all, and I do love him. I decided to wake him up with a surprise. As carefully as possible, I opened his trousers and pulled his cock out. I surrounded it with my mouth and gently swirled around it with my tongue. He awoke almost immediately and I could see his alert eyes darting around the room to see if anyone was watching us. He saw that we were the only people in the room, but that wasn’t enough to reassure him that it was ok.

“Not here, Serena. Let’s go up to the room.”

It seemed that all was forgotten and hopefully forgiven. I just hoped that Caine and Jennifer were behaving themselves up there by the time Derrick and I got to the door.

I made a point of being a bit noisy for Caine and Jennifer’s benefit, as I slid the key card in the lock and opened the door. Silence. Darkness. Both good signs. As my eyes adjusted, I could see Jennifer in her own bed and Caine in his. Both appeared to be sleeping soundly. Derrick and I got into bed and I was extra careful, after hearing Caine talking to Jennifer about creaking beds, not to make a sound as I blew my husband. I even put my hand over his mouth when I felt him shaking, about to explode. I couldn’t help but wonder if Caine was listening as I swallowed Derrick’s cum and we quietly nestled together to fall asleep. You can imagine the sort of dreams I had after all of that.

The following morning, all throughout breakfast, Caine, Jennifer and I gave each other many silent, secret nods and smiles- clearly cherishing what we had shared the previous night. If Martin remembered anything about it, he was not letting on, so that was nice.

Weeks later, after we had returned home from the trip, I was chatting one day online with Caine. We had never spoken of what had transpired in Europe, but something brought it up. He told me that the day after our indiscretion, Derrick had bragged to him about getting an awesome blowjob from me. Caine’s response to him was,

“You are a very lucky man.”

And I know he meant it from the heart.

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2011-07-25 17:21:11
Fucking awesome, loooooved it! Very realistic, great detail and deion. Keep up the good work and I hope you post again.


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2010-05-14 02:37:32
OMFG this story is so hot. It's written so real, I hope it is true. I've pictured it enough times in my head that it feels like I was there with you. Maybe someday. You are one hot woman and I really envy Caine!!


2009-12-10 02:45:30
Hey reader below - You could have stopped reading when you saw the word 'cheating' at the top. Why are you getting so worked up about it? Did it strike a nerve at home?

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2009-12-09 23:27:54
fucking garbage. i read this to be aroused not pissed off at some slutty waste of human life.piece of shit

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2009-10-27 00:18:24
A good story. With all the cumming with a unprotected cock pregnancy should occur. If not pregnant you all should get together and get pregnant.

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