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I think it all started when we were having the conversation about previous partners and I found myself getting excited about the thought of her with other men. The next time we were in bed talking about fantasies and I brought up the subject of her previous partners and asked her for more details about what she’d got up to with them, asking her to go into detail about what she’d done.

One particular story got me going quite a lot, it went something like this.

Her dad played in a pipe band and she and her then boyfriend would go to the venues and watch him play, she was about 18 at the time. She would then have a drink with all the guys after they had played and got on well with most of them although they were all about her dad’s age.

One time they were playing a British Legion in South Herts. And she went along on her own, as her boyfriend couldn’t make it for one reason or another. She had a couple of drinks while watching the performance but took it easy as she had to drive her dad home after, and as usual after the guys and her dad from the pipe band joined her at the bar. She said that one guy, John, was paying her more attention than normal and was trying to look down her top at every opportunity; with the courage of a few drinks inside her she played along with this and moved herself into positions where he could get more of a view.

As the evening progressed he realised that he’d been caught looking and also realised that she was enjoying it, so they both continued to flirt. It got to as point in the evening where her dad was quite pissed and had to go home so they started to get ready to leave, at this point John said it was time for him to go as well and he’d better go and call a cab, at this her dad piped up that he could get in his daughters car and she’d drop him of as well. At this they both look at each other and agreed. Her dad only lived 5 minutes away and he was soon staggering from the car into his flat, so there was Just Alison and john in the car, she didn’t know where he lived and so asked him, and he replied Loughton, Essex, although this wasn’t too far away about 20-30 minutes she was unsure about the way he took her on a supposed shortcut through Epping Forest and a place called High Beach, which has lots of dark secluded parking places.

As they were driving through High Beach he casually remarked about stopping for a chat, and at this point she knew if she stopped then something was going to happen. She stopped the car at the next dark place they found. They started chatting about various bullshit and he brought up the subject of her low cut top and how she’d been teasing him with it all night and how he’d got quite excited about it. Then he tried it on, and leaned over and started to kiss her she responded and they were soon sucking each other’s faces, he was also feeling her up and was running his hands all over her tits and legs. He took her hand and guided it to his erection, which she said felt huge. He was still wearing the costume of the pipe band, which was basically a traditional Scottish uniform that included a kilt.

This meant his erection was causing it to tent, he then moved her hand under his kilt and right onto his cock, he was not wearing any underwear. She said it was the biggest and thickest cock she had ever felt and was soon wanking it while still kissing him. He the put his hand on the back on her head and pushed her head down and soon she was sucking on his cock for all her worth. She struggled to put it all into her mouth and said he was moaning like mad and was leaking pre-cum all over the place. Soon he had to pull her off, she thought it was because he was going to cum, but he wanted her to take her trousers off, which she did and moved the seats back in the front of the car he then mounted her and she worried about whether she could take him but soon found she was so turned on and wet that he slipped in quite easily. He then proceeded to fuck her hard and fast, she said she came almost at once and was soon Cumming again, he said he wasn’t going to last very long and asked if he could cum on her face, she agreed and he pulled out and moved up and began to cum, there was loads she said and went all over her top as well as on her face and in her hair and mouth. She had to use her panties to wipe herself as there was so much cum,

Anyway that was that and she took him home and when she got to her boyfriends house he was up waiting for her and wondered why she’d taken so long, she said she’d dropped some of her dads mates off and he asked her no more, when she was getting ready for bed she noticed the dried cum on her top and quickly hid it away, he was none the wiser.

Within about two months of this happening I had met her and she dumped him for me. This story had then got me hooked on the idea of her with other men and it turned me on so much. We talked about it in bed and used to get excited about the thought but could never go through with it and she’d fantasise about me being other men when I fucked her so that kept us going for ages.

When she’d go out with her friends I would ask her if she ever got hit on by other guys and she would tell me that quite often she would but when they found out she was married they would back off. She had this one friend called Kym who was probably her best friend, but she was also a bit of a local bike, lovely girl but very easy. Alison was always saying that when she went out with Kym she was always snogging other blokes and would often end up in toilets or alleys and car parks fucking and sucking these guys and that Alison would have to wait for her and also if the guy had a mate would have to humour these guys while they waited, she would say that these guys would think Alison was as easy as Kym and would try it on but get no-where.

I would say to her was she interested but she always said that she’d have to fancy the guy and would not just do it for the sake of it, which was fair enough.

One place they would go is a Greek Taverna Called the Abbey Taverna In Waltham Abbey Essex. This place would have once a mouth a night called ladies night which was male strippers for ladies only, of course the only guys in the place were the strippers and the waiters, who were all young Greek men, Alison would say that the women including her would get wasted on cheap booze and then after the strippers had finished a disco would start and the waiters would pounce and they would pull loads of the drunk horny women. Kym was one of these and would go with a bloke called Taz and apparently they had a fuck room upstairs above the restaurant, which was basically a room with a bed, and nothing else in it and that is where the waiters would fuck the women.

Because Kym’s started seeing this bloke called Taz they would go to the Taverna on other nights and not just the ladies nights. After one such night when Alison came home about 2am and very drunk, she flopped onto my lap and stared snogging me and saying she was horny and wanted fucking there and then, so I stripped he and lay her on the sofa and with no foreplay just started fucking her, she was moaning and playing with her clit while I fucked her and she came quickly which made me lose it and so I pulled out and came on her belly. After we were having a cuddle and I asked her what had made her so horny, this is what she told me: They had got to the Taverna and had been drinking most of the night, when the guy Kym was seeing came over and said his shift was over and would she like to go upstairs, so off Kym went and as usual left Alison alone at the bar.

Not long after the guy who ran the place came over, his name was Chris he was married but like to flirt with the customers. They began to chat and he mentioned that he’d seen her and Kym lots of times and every time Kym goes off and leaves you here, so he had some time free and would like to but her a drink, so the started chatting and he tried it on, she said she let him start to touch up her leg and he was leaning in when he spoke to her and all this was turning her on. About ten minutes later he asked if she wanted to come out the back for a while, she agreed and followed him out the back, straight away he grabbed her and started kissing her and she kissed him back, he was touching her up all over rubbing her tits and putting his hands between her legs, she could feel his erection against her, he wanted her to go upstairs but she said not this time, so they went back to the bar and waited for Kym, she came back about 10 minutes later and soon after they left, that’s when she got home feeling horny and told me this story.

This story kept me going for weeks and I would have her tell me all about what had happened and get her to go over the details over and over again and it would make me cum really hard.


2006-05-28 09:05:19
great story but needd more ingredients to it. i cummed twice. keep writing...


2005-07-11 02:05:44
good beginning. Very promising. I like that she's a little unwillling. I would like to see more.


2004-11-06 19:48:02
good story both myself and wife enjoyed felt as if it could be a true one will see by the next part


2004-10-09 08:38:13
Wonderful! I'm the same with my wife. She's Argentine, I'm from Canada, we live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. If you're interested, email me, and I'll tell you some about it. She's a salsa dancer, much younger than I, and, under the right conditions, amenable to amazing situations, especially, because of her Mapuche Indian blood, susceptible to any almost man after only a couple of sips of alcohol. --D.


2004-05-28 21:55:34
i dunno how u could let ya wife do shit like that..but gets me hard...why the fuck should i care,right?? FILTH,DUDE MORE FILTH!!..let the slut loose ;)

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