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A young man living with his voluptuous mother
It started when I was17 and living alone with my mother. I was the youngest of five and all my siblings had moved on after my parent's divorce. We lived in an apartment complex with a lot of young couples and divorced women with kids. The pool was a gathering place for everyone, mom was part of a group of backgammon playing, wine drinking ladies. It was during this time when I started to grow. I lifted weights for football and was looking good at 185lbs. and 6' tall.
Sue one of the "wine" ladies in her forties invited me back to her apartment one day and raped me for 6 months (just kidding she taught me everything). Eventually Sue's job got her transferred out of state. This left me looking, the girls at school were ok, but I was spoiled by my mature lover.
The one person who started to garner my attention was Mom. My mom Peggy was 54 and still looked good in a bikini, her boobs were a D-cup with a little sag, tummy with a little curve, hips with some flare, but her ass was straight out of a Sir Mix-a-Lot dream.
At the pool I found myself looking at her more and more, playing backgammon and looking at her well oiled body. Dark shades allowed me to stare and baggy board shorts hid my cock when it started to swell. One day we went down to the pool and it was nearly empty.
Mom and I had some wine and played a game, she started sweating and her bottoms melted into her slit, the sides pulled and her white skin beneath peeked out. Tan lines are a killer for me and I had to dive into the pool to cool down. No luck! Mom started to oil herself up. I was down near the deep end where the one of the pool jets from filter system hits me right in the crotch. In a very sly motion I was able to pull my hardening cock down the leg of my shorts so the end of the shaft and the head became exposed.
Watching Mom oil up combined with the water hitting me had me cumming in under 60 seconds.....FUCK!!! I knew I had to see more. Mom's bedroom had a master bath, my room was down the hall with my bathroom right across from my door.
A few days later I came home from practice early and found a note "I'm at the pool".
I started to undress and a few minutes later heard the front door opening, it was Mom and Lois one of our neighbors giggling. Mom called out and poked her head into my room to make sure I wasn't home yet. I was totally naked and had stepped into my closet.
She closed my door most of the way which kept my room dark. Lois and Mom were in my bathroom taking off their swimsuits, My heart was hammering and my cock was 8-1/2" of steel!! They both had awesome tanlines and started to rub skin cream on each other's back. Lois was very petite and in her later 40's and damn did she look good naked, but Mom with her ass and voluptuous body made my cock pulse and immediately start to ooze pre-cum almost in a stream!! Lois and Mom were talking and rubbing and their chat eventually turned to sex. Mom hadn't dated in 3 years and told Lois she had a dildo that she used often. Lois started to rub lotion onto Mom's tits and from my vantage point I could see Mom's nipples get rock hard, I had some liquid KY and was gliding my hand up and down my veiny shaft, right at this point Lois asked Mom "have you ever seen Jimmy naked?" Mom replied that she had on occasion and knew I liked to masturbate from evidence she found while cleaning my room. Meanwhile Lois had started to rub lotion into Mom's deep ass cleft and with the other hand was fingering her clit. Lois started talking dirty and said "I know if he ws my son I would drain him like a vampire and ride him raw"...I blew the biggest load onto a towel on the floor as Mom's knees buckled from Lois' skilled hand rubbing. They vanished into Mom's room. I laid back and rubbed another load out while listening to the buzzing and moaning through the wall.
Things got better and better over the next few weeks, I let Mom see me naked on several occasions my dick always half hard for show. One night she said she was going to shower and meet some girls from work for a surprise party. The hall way outside her room was dark, I stripped naked and lurked in the hall with her door opr just a few inches. Mom came out her bathroom naked with her hair in a towel. Then took the towel off her head and started to dry off. Mom kept her jewelry on her dresser and as she reached for her favorite necklace it dropped behind the dresser, with the dresser being to heavy for her to move she dropped to her hands and knees and started to reach under the dresser...OH MY GOD!!!
as she put her neck and head on the floor in effort to reach as far as she could under the dresser her lovely tan-lined ass cheeks parted fully to reveal the most beautiful puckered hand was a blur and before I could stop I launched a load 8-10 feet into her room which landed on the rug just a few feet from this dream view of the most wonderful mature ass you could imagine.
My wheels started turning I needed her in the most depraved, dirty way.
I joined the swim team at school. This allowed me to model and wear a skimpy speedo around the house. I shave my arms and legs, I recruited Mom to do my back.
One night I asked Mom into my room and had a huge favor to ask.
Mom said "I will help you do anything you know that" I thanked her and said "Mom, coach has asked all the male swimmers to shave their bodies totally, he said it will take seconds off some of our split times". Mom asked what I needed her for and I said " you need to do my buttocks and genital area I can't reach very well". To my surprise Mom said "wrap yourself in a towel and I will be right back". She came back in with a bowl of warm water some baby oil, shaving cream and a razor. Mom had me lay on my stomach and opened the towel, my cock was already hardening and pointing down between my legs. I spread my legs so I knew she could see the helmet. My ass isn't too hairy and she quickly had both cheeks done. What happened next caught me by surprise, she asked me to rise up on my knees while keeping my head down on the pillow. "Jimmy I'm going to use baby oil near your anus because the skin is sensitive and the shaving cream will irritate you".
I asked "Mom are you sure?" she replied "yes". The next thing I knew was I was on my knees with my mother massaging baby oil into my anus, my cock was so hard it was pointing toward my stomach. Oil dripped down onto my balls and Mom said "oops I better shave this area with oil too" her fingers were running over my anus and now were swirling around my balls. I almost came right there!
I really freaked when she asked me to lay on my back.
I said "mom I'm embarrassed and whispered "I'm hard". Mom said "don't worry it is a good thing and will allow me to shave the base of your penis cleanly" WHAT!!! I could not believe what was happening!! The moment of truth came and I turned over....Mom gasped and caught herself, my cock was dripping. Mom's hands were trembling,she took a deep breath and lightly grasped my shaft and pulled it away from my body she used her lady razor to shave my cock smooth. I was arched up with 2 pillows on my elbows while I watched her.
She started to rinse me off. Mom was breathing heavy and I could see her nipples poking through her bra and blouse. She asked me If I was ok? I said "Mom I really hurt bad from this swelling, would you mind rubbing some baby oil on me??"
"Jimmy I shouldn't"....I said "pleeeeeeaaaase".....She reached out and put a finger to her her lips and shushed me and said "no one can know about this"....I promised no one will know...I watched her oil my angry dragon and I lasted about ten strokes of her hand deftly runing up my shaft and milking the crown like a load blew onto her blouse and the rest she aimed onto my chest. Mom then cleaned me up and went to bed.
I heard the buzzing, moaning, and more importantly my be continued


2010-06-26 01:16:37
i am going to have a hard time waiting for the next part of this story cause it is so good

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2009-10-06 09:43:42
Part 2???? come on!!

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2009-08-21 05:06:24
Fuck your mom hard, i do the same and she begs me for more. I even shootm my jizz in her pussy.

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2009-08-17 11:35:50
where is part 2??? don't keep us hanging.
I bathed with my mom when I was young and I'm working on getting her too now that I;m older.

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2009-03-23 23:37:27
damn ima bust a nut

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