Woman hot for a fireman
Melanie thought this was going to be another typical Monday.She hated Mondays.
She ended up hitting the snooze button two or three times before finally
dragging herself out of bed at 5:45 a.m.

She made the coffee, showered, and put on her navy suit. Monday is staff
meeting day -- two hours of boring babble to look forward to. It was now 6:20,
so Melanie grabbed her "commuter-size" coffee and her briefcase, then headed out
the front door.

Melanie was immediately greeted with a bombardment of flashing red lights and the
sound of loud idle engines. After a moment, her eyes adjusted to both the
darkness and the red lights and she realized that there was a fire engine and an
ambulance at the house directly across the street -- Mrs. Johnson's residence.

"They must have come while I was in the shower," Melanie thought to herself. Her
concern was apparent as she put her briefcase and coffee into her Mustang and
crossed the street toward a fireman who was leaning against the truck, filling
out some forms.

"Excuse me," Melanie said. The man looked up from his paper. Their eyes just
kind of locked for a moment and Melanie had to snap herself back to the moment at
hand. "What happened? Is she allright?" Melanie inquired.

"She'll be fine. She fell and hurt her hip. They're taking her to the hospital
for X-rays."

Relieved, Melanie once again found herself staring at him. She was getting
excited just in his presence! She pulled a business card from her jacket and
handed it to him. "Give me call...if I can offer any assistance. My office,
cell and home numbers are listed. Call anytime," Melanie urged, as she stared
into his eyes. She wondered if he caught her invitation. Time would tell.

It didn't take long. When Melanie got out of her morning meeting, she had a
voice-mail waiting. "Hi, uh, this is Matthew...the fireman from this morning.
Um, I thought that maybe you could answer a few questions I have... This really
has nothing to do with your neighbor," he confessed, " I'll understand if
I don't hear back from you."

Matthew proceeded to give Melanie his number. She called him back immediately and
they talked for almost an hour. Matthew explained that he worked 24 hours on and
had 48 hours off. "Perfect," Melanie thought, "I'll ask him to meet me at my
house tomorrow for dinner."

Matthew arrived on time. Melanie loved punctuality. She greeted him wearing a
sheer, white tank top, no bra, and a short denim skirt. His jeans outlined him
perfectly. She motioned him inside, enjoying the view from behind immensely.
Melanie wanted him, this delicious public servant in her home, but she had to get
through dinner first.

Melanie poured Matthew a glass of wine and told him to get comfortable. She then
went to the kitchen to get the food. As she stirred the sauce, she felt his
hands around her waist.

Matthew began kissing her neck, ever so gently. He was caressing Melanie with his
tongue, gliding it slowly down her neck toward her shoulders. Melanie turned off
the stove (we didn't want a fire) and turned to take that wonderful tongue into
her mouth.

He kissed her deeply, his hunger apparent as his hands found their way to her
breasts, her nipples hard and protruding through the thin material. "Not in
here," Melanie whispered, "follow me." She led him to the bedroom.

Matthew stood in the doorway, the light from the hallway causing him to appear as
a shadow before her. Melanie was in the spotlight, so she sat on the edge of the
bed and slowly opened her legs. She was extremely excited and knew Matthew could
see her wetness through her panties. Melanie leaned back, brought her knees to
her chest and slowly began to pull off her panties. Her womanhood was now in
full view, and judging from his expression, Matthew was very pleased with the

Melanie slowly spread her legs and lowered them to the floor. She took her
fingers and caressed her clitoris, so enjoying the fact that she had an
audience, and she could tell from the bulge in his jeans, Matthew was thoroughly
enjoying the show. Melanie inserted a single finger, slowly, while she separated
her lips giving Matthew full view of her center. She inserted a second finger
and felt her juices drip down between her cheeks.

This was too much for Matthew. He was no longer content to merely watch. He
dropped to his knees before Melanie and placed her legs over his shoulders. He
dove right in, lapping at her juices, taking her clit in his mouth and sucking
between the long licks along her lips. Melanie laid back, allowing better access,
absorbing every moment of this wonderful tongue, and he was in no hurry to end
her ride.

Melanie couldn't get over how easily Matthew could bring her to orgasm, over and
over again. She began aching for more internal attention. Matthew sensed this
need, and put a pillow under her butt, giving him just the angle he needed. He
stiffened his tongue and drove it as deep inside me at he could, licking at her
inner walls and she pushed herself to greet him. He continued to fill Melanie
with his tongue, bringing her to the most powerful orgasm she had ever
that point at least. Melanie could feel the warm juices flowing from deep inside,
and Matthew remained fixed and poised, ready to drink up every last drop.

Melanie sat up and pulled him to his feet. She slowly unzipped his jeans, careful
of the prize underneath, and removed his jeans and shorts. Matthew was truly
beautiful. His erect manhood was perfectly formed, the head just waiting for

Melanie licked her lips, and extended her tongue out to taste what Matthew had
waiting for her. This was going to be good. She grabbed his cheeks in her
hands and pulled him closer, her mouth ready for receiving him. Melanie took him
in as far as she could, tightly grasping his shaft, extending the sensation from
her mouth along his entire pulsating member. Her tongue danced on the head at
the end of each stroke, not letting any of his juice escape her tastebuds.

Matthew allowed her full control, his hands gently stroking her hair, his moans
growing in intensity. His hips bucked gently toward her with every entry deep
into her mouth. Melanie wrapped her lips tighter, enjoying his pleasure, as she
gently caressed his balls with her other hand. She can feel Matthew pulsating in
her mouth, and she reveled in his smell, in his enjoyment, wanting to taste more
of him.

Matthew was so close, his eyes were closed now, his body tense. Melanie was loving
this, and she felt her own body getting close to the edge again, just in his
pleasure alone. He suddenly stepped back, pulling himself out of her mouth, and
said, "I need to feel inside you, deep inside you," and he gently laid her back.

"One more taste first," Matthew said as he crouched to one knee and treated Melanie
to a long, slow tongue along the inside of her pink folds, taking her clit
between his lips and into his mouth. She needed him inside her just as bad.
Melanie scooted back on the bed, allowing Matthew to join her on top, and he kissed
her. She could taste herself on his tongue, on his lips, and it heightened her

Matthew rose on his arms above Melanie, and her hips rose to meet his entry. He
entered just slightly at first and proceeded slowly, watching her face intently.
Melanie assured him with her hands, as she cupped his rear in her hands and pulled
Matthew deeper inside, that she was in heaven.

He filled her so completely, Melanie couldn't believe how wonderful he felt.
Matthew took his time, pulling almost completely out with each stroke before
reentering, still looking into her eyes with such sweetness, such concern for
her pleasure. She kissed him passionately, duplicating his strokes with her own
tongue, entering his mouth with the same thrust.

Matthew began increasing his intensity and speed, their bodies soaked in sweat
and love juices, the musky smell of sex strong in the air. Melanie was overtaken
in wave after wave of orgasm, rubbing herself against him, holding him deep
inside her as the contractions within her tightened around his rock-hard

He watched her, waiting for her orgasm to subside and for her grip to loosen
before moving again, a smile on his face. Melanie looked up at him and whispered,
"I want to taste you. All of you. Will you save yourself for my

Matthew smiled again, his thrusts having resumed, and she watched him closely as
she enjoyed feeling him drive harder and harder inside me. His face became
strained, and his body grew tense. Matthew was ready to explode.

He pulled out suddenly, and Melanie quickly positioned her face before his staff,
eager to accept his gift. Watching his hands stroke his rod compelled Melanie to
finger herself, bringing her to yet another orgasm while his hot essence shot
out into her open mouth.

Melanie took him into her mouth, continuing to stroke him with her lips and tongue
while she sucked every last drop from Matthew. His body shuddered before finally
relaxing, a low moan escaping his lips. Melanie continued to lick him clean,
relishing in his scent and taste.

She crawled up and they just looked at one another and smiled. Melanie realized
that this fireman would have a great many "fires" to put out right her
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