love in an elevator
As the elevator doors closed, they melted into each others arms. They knew that
they had 30 floors to go up. Her hands roamed down the front of his pants,
rubbing him, bringing his cock to full attention. His hands pulled up her
skirt, up over her hips. Quickly, Matthew knelt in front of her. Pulling her
panties to one side his tongue moved to her clit, tonguing it back and forth,
wanting to drive Melanie as quickly to climax as possible. You never know when
the elevator may slow down and someone will get on.

Her sex was wet from all the foreplay earlier in the evening. As his tongue
danced over her erect clit, Matthew pushed two fingers deep inside her. She was
getting very close. Then Melanie suddenly pushed him away and said, "I want to
feel you in my mouth before we get to the top."

Pulling her skirt down as he stood up, she pulled his zipper down and fished
inside for his erection, bending it slightly to pull it out through the opening
of his pants. Kneeling, Melanie quickly engulfed his hard tool, sucking Matthew
completely into her mouth until her lips touched his pants. A small moan
escaped his lips. Her mouth was so hot and wet, the sensations were wild.

They both felt the elevator start to slow. Standing up quickly, they
straightened their clothes and looked like any other couple as the doors opened
at the top. Stepping out in to the lobby of the restaurant, Matthew gave his
name and they were shown to their table. They slid into the booth, side by

The wine was delivered to the table and then the waiter disappeared, leaving
them to themselves. Sipping their wine, they snuggled close and kissed often.
Their booth was fairly well-shielded from the others. Someone would have to
walk right in front of them to get a good look at what they were up to and even
then the tablecloth was very long around them.

Her hand dropped to his lap and softly caressed his growing bulge. The waiter
came back and took their order and again disappeared. Melanie very carefully
unzipped his pants and pulled out his hard cock, gently stroking him up and

Their salads came and they slowly ate them, drank wine and caressed each other
under the guard of the tablecloth. "Take your panties off," Matthew said.

"I don't know if I can without being seen," Melanie said with a slight smile.

Slowly she pulled her skirt up until she could hook her fingers into her
panties, then carefully pulled them down her legs and off. Triumphantly, she
placed them on his plate smiling. Matthew picked them up in his hand and leaning
over kissed her as he placed them into his pocket. "Are you wet?" he asked.


"Show me."

Her hand disappeared under the tablecloth, then reappeared pushing her finger
into his mouth. Matthew sucked her finger into his mouth and ran his tongue
around it, tasting her sweetness. Yes, Melanie was wet. People continued to walk
past the two of them as they ate and played, none the wiser to what was going on
under the table.

After they had eaten dinner and were drinking their coffee, his hand dipped
under the tablecloth again, working its way up her silky smooth leg, over her
stocking top, stroking the soft smooth skin, before moving up to her inviting
sex. His fingers searched and found her wet opening, then moved to her clit.
Matthew stroked it back and forth, feeling her nub under his finger, slick with
her juices, moving it back and forth, working her towards a climax.

Melanie tried to keep quiet, which was very hard for her. Her eyes closed as his
fingers worked their magic on her clit. Opening her eyes, she looked at him
just as the waiter came up to the table. Matthew ordered some desert for them,
his fingers never leaving her hard, straining clit. Her breathing is getting
quicker as she moved about slightly. The waiter looked at them ad left.

Once he is out of sight, her body convulses in spasms of joy as a climax washes
over her. His fingers move down over her lips and push up inside of her hot
opening which is so very wet. Pulling his fingers back out, Matthew brings them
up to his mouth and carefully licks each finger clean of her juices except the
last one, which he offers to her lips. Melanie sucks it into her mouth and
reaches up to hold his hand, moving his finger in and out of her mouth as if it
were his member.

They were sitting so close to each other, just talking, when the waiter brought
their desert. They shared the big piece of cake and slowly drank their coffee.
Their eyes seldom lost contact with each other. His eyes moved down her white
neck to the tops of her breasts as they peeked out of her sweater. Matthew ran
his fingers down the same path his eyes just took, brushing the tops of her
breast that are exposed to his eyes and hands.

They paid their bill and left the restaurant, back into the elevator. Once
again, they were all by themselves on the trip down. Their lips met and they
kissed deeply all they way down, increasing the heat once again. They went to
their car. Matthew opened her door and waited for Melanie to slide in so that he
could see her legs as they swung into the car.

They started on their way home, but the energy between them was too high. They
pulled in beside a building that was closed and climbed into the back seat.
Melanie pushed him back in the seat, unhooking his pants as she went. Finally,
his prize sprung up before her eyes.

Lowering her head, Melanie engulfed his entire length at one time. Her nose
bumped his pants, then slowly moved up off of his hard length till just the head
was inside her mouth. Her tongue swirled around the crown, then slid further
down onto hard shaft. Small moans came from both of them as his member worked
in and out of her magic mouth. His hands went down and caressed her hair as she
continued to suck his hardness. His fingers moved through her hair and down the
back of her neck.

Melanie pulled up off of his throbbing member. "I've got to have you inside me,"
she said.

Sitting up, she pulled her skirt up over her hips. Her long stocking legs came
into view from the street lights. She straddled his hips reaching down between
them to guide his hardness to her hot opening, then she pulled her hand out and
sat down on him, his length slid easily up into her hot center.

Their lips attacked each other, tongues moving into each others open mouths.
His hands moved around behind her head, running his fingers up through her hair,
gripping it gently and moving her head down on to his tongue as it moves in to
her mouth like his staff was earlier.

She moved up and down his length, driving Matthew into her hot, yearning sex.
His hands move around to her breasts and squeezed them gently between his hands.
Melanie sat up to give him access to her breasts. His hands moved under her
sweater to fondle her naked breasts, her nipples hardened instantly as he rolled
them between his fingers. Pulling her sweater up, his mouth fastened onto one
nipple. His tongue flicked back and forth over it, bringing Melanie closer to her
climax as she bounced harder on his tool.

They were both so close to a climax, the evening's teasing and her delicious
orgasm at the table had aroused Matthew beyond his normal control. With her
breasts firmly in his hands, Melanie drove him right over the edge, his essence
shooting up inside her clasping sex, bathing her insides with his passion.

Feeling him explode inside her pushed Melanie over the top also, her sex clamping
down in spasms of joy around his still-hard staff buried deep inside her. His
hand released her breasts and moved around to wrap her in his arms and pull her
tight against him. Their breathing slowly returned to normal as their lips
touched gently in a satisfied kiss.

Melanie gently rolled off of him and got on all fours, her beautiful bottom facing
him. "Put your cock back inside of me," she pleaded.

Matthew knelt behind her and, taking his hardness in his hand, slid it straight
into her soaked sex. He slowly pulled back out and then just as slowly pushed
it back in. Matthew could feel her hand move down and under to strum her clit
while his member slid in and out of her. Then he felt her hand gently grasp his
hardness and tighten up her grip on him. His rod was so wet from their earlier
climaxes that he it almost felt like and extension of her sex. Her fingers then
moved to her womanhood, carefully pushing a finger into herself alongside his
tool as it still stroked in and out of her. Melanie loved the feel of the crown
of his cock as it bumped against her finger.

Withdrawing, Melanie moved back to her clit, working it very fast, wanting to
climax with Matthew again. As her body convulsed in another spectacular orgasm,
his seed quickly traveled the length of his manhood, shooting out to mix with
what was already there.

His hands moved off of her hips to reach around and cup her breasts then travel
back down her sides. His satisfied member plopped out of her sex as Melanie
turned over and laid down with her legs across him. "Well, I guess we'd better
go home before we get caught."

"Yes, I guess we should," Matthew replied.

Slowly they straightened up their clothes and climbed back in to the front seat
for the ride home.

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