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Another day was now spoken for and all of the camp was quite. It was now Cody and Chase’s turn in the rotation to be on duty and watch the cabins on boy’s side of the camp. So, there they sat in lounge chairs wearing large hooded sweatshirts to keep warm. They were sharing a couple of sodas and a big bag of potato chips. Yelling, laughing, and carrying on Chase and Cody were engaged in a good conversation.

Meanwhile a group of young girls were creeping around the trees behind the boy’s cabins. They all were dressed in their black cloths. The girls now climbing into the back window of the cabin as the boys helped them in. A few of the campers were talking about how this was going to be a successful Raid. The boys then moved off to their bunk beds with the girls in tow to begin the intense hookup sessions.
“So how long until we go break it up?” chase would ask Cody. They both would laugh and shrug it off as they watched the obvious raid take place. “So what’s going on with you and Jamie? I mean you two seem to really be getting hot and heavy the last few nights”. Chase would motion that it wasn’t a big deal and said that he was just enjoying himself and so was she so it was all good. Cody would just nod and stuff some chips into his mouth. Chase would stand up “well I’m going to go check on the little guys and then we can go break up the love fest in the older boy’s cabin”. Cody would nod and continue stuffing his face with chips.

The bunk was dark but there was plenty of movement. Every area of the bunk had two sets of bunk beds and a tall dresser with drawers and shelves. Cody and chase walked in the center aisle of the bunk before clicking on the lights and yelling for the girls to get out. The blankets flew open as the sweat shirts got put back on and shorts pulled up. The girls all scrambled to get out of the cabin as fast as possible. “All right I’m going to go inform the girl counselors that their girls were missing and we sent them back” that said Cody left on his journey to the girl’s side of the camp.

Tara and other girl counselors were busy watching a movie on one of the girl’s laptop. Tara would notice Cody approaching and tell the others girls that she would be right back as she walked over to meet Cody. She smiled “hi Cody what’s going on?” Cody explained the situation and then asked Tara to go for a walk and she agreed. After walking a few minutes Cody would stop walking and take Tara by her elbows. “Let’s be honest Tara you got a bit of a reputation and I was just wondering why I never got a chance to experience it?” Tara would simply smile and press herself to him and her hands resting on his waist band.
Tara was very small and petite, her face was gorgeous and her body stunning. She may have had a really bad reputation but no one still could say no to her. As the stories go Tara was a nympho and enjoyed any kind of affection. Tara had been with a lot of the guys and even some of the girls at camp. There was even a rumor of Tara making out with an older camper. Tara stared into Cody’s eyes as she smiles and licks her lips and undoes his belt. “So you want me to suck on your dick?” she was ask him in a smart ass type of tone. Cody would try to be the cool guy he was and nod his head like a tough guy. “No no babe... you have to ask me or tell me I don’t understand nods, ask me to suck your dick…no tell me to suck our cock”. Cody would in a stern voice as she pushed Cody to sit on a tree stump his pants at his ankles.
Tara would kneel between his legs and stroke his dick. Cody’s dick was already firm as Tara leaned over and spit onto the head of his cock. She then began to down his cock with ease. She dug her nails into the inside of his thighs as she pressed herself down onto his large cock, spit running down the sides of his shaft. Cody put both of his hands on the back of her head. “Damn…you’re as good as the stories I’ve heard if not better”. Cody moved his hips upward softy meeting her downward motion. Cody picked up his pace now bucking up into her mouth forcing more of his dick into her mouth, his cock now soaked with the excess fluid mix of his pre-cum and her spit.

Chase walked up to the scene “I was wondering why you didn’t come, I wouldn’t have either” he smiled as Tara looked over at him. She didn’t remove Cody’s dick from her mouth she only used it to be seductive toward chase as he watched it disappeared over and over again into Tara’s mouth. Chase would move up behind Tara who was on all fours servicing Cody. He pulled down her sweat pants just enough to reveal her pink and lacy boys shorts. Those lacy under wear were stretched tight over Tara big but firm bubble butt. Then Chase would slide them down also. Tara stopped and looked back at chase who was taking a condom from his pocket “um yeah I don’t think so”. Chase, who now looked confused and upset, started to get up from his own knees. Tara smiled “I meant I don’t think so...” as she took the condom and threw it into the bushes “much better”. Within seconds she was back to work gagging on Cody’s cock. Chase got back to his knees and pushed her shorts and sweats as far down her bent legs as he slide up behind her. He would slide his hand up and down her slit feeling the warmth and wetness. Grabbing the base of his meat and aiming as he placed the tip of his cock to her cunt as her lips spread around it slightly. Chase would put his chest onto her back and slide his hands under her and up her shirt caressing her chest and now pushing his cock up into her.

Cody now watched intently at the scene with his own dick buried deep in her throat and chase humping her like a dog, body to body. She’d lift her head and moan that it hurt but Cody just shushed her and ran one hand threw her hair and the other rubbing his cock head over her open mouth and lips “mmmmrrm it really hurts.” she’d whimper. “Shhh” Cody would whisper back as she would move her face back down and Cody would slide his cock back into her mouth, only now she was moaning in pain as she sucked his dick she would just moan as he now went back to fucking her face. Cody looked at chase who continued to fuck Tara roughly, pushing his cock in blasts that were deep and quick. Cody noticed how chase was biting his bottom lip and concentrating on the punishment he was delivering to Tara’s pussy. “I’m gonna cum” was chase said as he leaned back and pulled his dick out onto small of tars back and came. Load after load landed on Tara’s back leaving a small puddle. Cody watched as chase jacked himself of onto the small of tars back and the scene was too much for him. He would force his entire cock up into Tara’s mouth and throat as he emptied into her esophagus not even giving her the option of spitting or swallowing. She’d gag and cough some of his cum back onto his dick. Tara gladly licked up his shaft cleaning him off. They all would clean up and get dressed.

Tara spoke first “ok let’s not make this awkward…thanks boys”. She’d blow them a kiss and walk off. They would both smile at each other as chase spoke “damn Cody that shit was amazing”. Something suddenly broke their moment of joy, it was Jamie. She was just arriving back from her night off and catching the end of the show. She spoke as she pushed by them both “I hope it was worth it chase…you’re a real asshole.” She stormed off as Cody looked at Chase “Thought it wasn’t serious?” and chase just shrugged.
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