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A man lusts after a prostitute enticing his woman to partake in his fantasy.
Every day I get up early to be at work by 5:00 am. In the construction industry one is expected to be early when the weather is the coolest of the day and expected to put in long hard hours. Well today was no different. I get up, brush my teeth and head out the door. Except for just a moment I paused then glanced back at the bed to see my girlfriend sleeping peacefully and shrugged my shoulders as I noticed a slight glow and a glimpse of a grin on her face. When I started the pick up the image of her lying on my bed naked and barely covered appeared into my head. Her back was exposed with the sheet barely covering her caramel plump ass. It did not take much time to arrive at the sight. I was one of the first to arrive so I began prepping the equipment.

It is not unusual to see prostitutes of all ages, races and genders arriving on sight looking for an easy trick. Typically they are not appealing to look at with their rough hard looks in the used up strung out sort of way. However, today there was a new girl on the block. She was hot! Flaunting long wavy black hair, olive complexion, and sporting a perfect 31-28-31 hour glass shape with legs as long as the Mississippi. She proudly displayed her body with knee high black lace up stiletto heeled thigh high boots and a white under wire corset complimented by a mid-thigh tight black skirt that kissed her sweet skin just above the tops of her boots. Her tits were protruding ~ overflowing ~ and at least a full C cup. She was fresh and new to the streets … still clean. Man that bitch was hot! For a moment I considered stepping out with one of the prostitutes but reminded myself of the hot woman I had at home who would do just about anything I asked her to do but would not tolerate my stepping out on her nor did she show interest in more than the two of us. I was desperate needing a new adventure today.

Finally, I got up enough nerve to go talk to the prostitute. She was too hot to ignore and after watching her all day I had to have a piece of her ass. We did our introductions then agreed on a price and what we would do. Her name was Maria and barely 21. I took Maria and got a room at Motel 6 just off the interstate. I instructed her to stay in the room and I would be back in about 15 minutes. She knew I was going to pick up my girlfriend and bring her back. When we arrived to the room she was to hide in the bathroom until I motioned for her to come out to surprise my girlfriend.

When I got home, I took a quick shower and told Lola to get ready to go as I had a surprise waiting for her. I told her that I wanted to blind fold her so that she would be truly surprised when we arrived at our destination. We often played games like this and Lola really enjoys the arousal of surprise. The rush of adrenaline leads her body to spawning spasms deep within her pussy and watering mouth. She agreed and pulled a silky scarf out of her bag then handed it to me. I gently but firmly tied the scarf around her eyes. Then I guided her to the car and we were headed to the motel. She sat unusually close to me and whispered everything she could think of in my ear to distract me in hopes that I tell her what the surprise was. Her tongue ran along the length of my neck while her hand slipped inside my pants rubbing my balls. I moan and tell her that I needed to concentrate because of all the traffic but she would not let go.

At last we arrive at Motel 6. I walk around the car to help her out then lead her to the door. I insert the key and open the door and swiftly glanced around the room looking for Maria.

“Good she is still here and hiding as instructed” I thought to myself. The door closes behind us as we walk into the cool room.

Lola smiles a big smile and takes a deep sigh “where are we?” No worries Lola-Bunny I will take good care of you, remember to keep the blind fold on until I take it off.

I walk her over to the bed open her button fly cut off shorts that exposed her rock solid ass cheeks and pulled them down. She is not wearing any panties and her pussy is as smooth as a baby’s ass today I grunted at the sight of her soft tenderness and the smell of her sweet aroused pussy. I could not help but to moan, she knows how much I love it when she shaves her pussy for me. In my sudden arousal I almost forgot what we were doing in the motel and the Maria was standing in the doorway watching us. I sat her down on the edge of the bed got on my knees and pulled her oversized t-shirt over her head. She has on a lacey red sheer bra with the clasp in front. I take that off and she shook her tits free. I sucked on the right and then the left. Her nipples began to peak in my mouth as I suckled pressing her nipples with my tongue against the roof of my mouth. Then I go down to her pussy sticking my tongue between her lips tasting the wetness on sneaking out onto her clit. I step back to take in her beauty. She has reddish auburn hair that hangs to her waist, a perfectly tanned body; however, a not so quite perfect shape 33-31-35 but man she knew how to use it in ways that most women are too afraid to try. I guided her further onto the bed and told her to lie down and spread her legs nice and wide so that I could get a good look at her bald pussy.

“Hmmm … you look tasty. I will be right back gotta grab something, do not move.”

I get up off the bed and motion for Maria to come over who had been watching from the door of the bathroom. She comes over I grabbed her and kissed her deeply and untie her corset to free those tits I had been drooling over all day. Same as Lola did she shook them free and I sucked on her already perky nipples first the left then the right. I motioned for her to go to Lola.

Maria slowly climbs onto the bed lifting one leg up showing me her clit peaking out from between her crack. She looks back at me to see me taking my cock out of my pants. She rubs her clit inserts her fingers into her pussy then sucks them clean watching me watching her.

“Hurry up, I’m horny” Lola whispered.

“Almost ready baby” I replied. Maria turns back around and continues her journey on the bed. Maria spread Lola’s legs even wider than what they were. She ran her hands down both legs from Lola’s knees to her glistening pussy. Maria took Lola’s lips and spread them apart then leaned down into Lola’s sweetness. Her tongue reached to Lola’s dark pink clit and licks slowly. First from the tip down then back to Lola’s opening. Lola’s body shivers so hard that I can see it.

“You feel different today, gentler” she responds between her soft moans.

Only Lola’s soft moans fills the room as I stood and pulled my clothes off quietly so not to clue Lola in that someone else is in the room. I sat back down with my cock in hand and draping my leg over the side of the chair. Easily I stroked my growing cock careful to not push me to the edge just yet. I quietly moaned enjoying watching Maria sucking and licking on Lola’s pussy; finger fucking her in a jerking motion that seemed to excite Lola even more.

Lola squirts in Maria’s face and Maria jumped back in shock falling off the bed to my amusement.

“Don’t stop! Fuck me, fuck me you bastard! Make me cum, make me cum harder! I want to shower your face with my juices!” Lola squeals between her stifled whimpers.

Maria gets up on her hands and knees crawls over to me and takes my cock in her mouth. I push her off and motion her back to Lola. Obediently she went back to the bed bypassing Lola’s dripping pussy firmly running her hands up Lola’s body to her tits and engulfs Lola’s nipples sucking, licking and nibbling making Lola beg for more

“Don’t stop, I need you to take me. Fuck me won’t you just fuck me now?”

Maria licked Lola’s open neck as her head pushed back into the pillows beneath her head, licked up under her chin to her mouth. She licked Lola’s lips softly moaning, they both moan and Maria takes Lola’s mouth long hard and deep. She reached up without my approval slides off Lola’s blindfold slowly. She licks Lola’s nose then each eye and Lola opens her eyes. First Lola’s body stiffens and Maria quickly not giving Lola a chance to escape consumed Lola’s mouth once more reached down pinching and pulling on Lola’s clit.

For a short moment Maria lifted up standing on her knees beside Lola raising her right leg lifting it over Lola’s neck putting her hot tightly trimmed pussy in Lola’s face. She puts her pussy down on Lola’s face.

“Suck me Lola you hot little wench, you taste good tell me how good I taste. Your man’s cock is hard and hot almost as tasty as your pussy.” Maria says in her Spanish accent as she squats down on Lola’s face.

I moved closer to the bed leaning over the edge putting my face close enough without getting in the way to see Lola’s tongue flicker and suckle Maria’s dark hard clit. Lola grabbed Maria’s ass forcing her, drawing her pussy in closer tighter into her hungry mouth. I moved down to Lola’s pussy taking her clit into my mouth pressing it between my tongue and the roughness of the roof of my mouth.

“Ohhh Bonita, hmmm muy caliente.” Maria moans in delight.

Both Lola-Bunny and Maria begin moaning in harmony. My dick grew even harder. I inserted two fingers into Lola’s soaking pussy then a third opening her up for more. I twist and turn my fingers as I pushed them in and out. Lola began to move her hips into my fingers. I pushed in my forth finger and sucked on her clit. She hardens and moans even louder. Finally I inserted my thumb; my whole fist is inside her hot throbbing pussy. I ball up my fist and pump gently stroking every inch of her insides. Maria gets off of Lola and meets me down south at Lola’s pussy. She helped Lola roll over onto all fours. Maria then began licking Lola’s ass and penetrates with her tongue. Maria is just as hot as I imaged she would be all day at the construction site. She worked Lola’s ass until her tongue was buried deep inside Lola’s ass. When her ass was ready and prepped she inserted her finger’s pressing against my fist still pumping Lola’s pussy. The feel of Marias fingers pushing down against my hand through Lola’s walls was enough to make me cum with out a stroke. I could not cum, not yet; I had to stay with Lola I wanted her to get off long and hard and before me.

“Oh you bastard, don’t stop. Make me cum. Fuck me! Fuck me you bitch! Fuck me harder!” Lola belts out as she sobbed and moaned in pain and pleasure. “I can’t take it any more, make me cum daddy, make me cum now, make me cum on your dick.”

Maria pulls out. I gently loosen my fist and slowly slide out of Lola’s pussy. I get up on my knees and demanded “back up onto my cock Lola-Bunny, take my cum deep in your cunt.”

She backed up “Ohhh Shitttttt! You feel so good and deep”.

I grabbed her hips pulled her back on my cock harder as I pushed into her going deeper and deeper.

“Make me cum now on your dick!”

Maria slides in under Lola spreading her lips to suck on Lola’s clit as I fucked her pussy raw. She slurps sloppily as I fuck Lola dry.

“No more, I can’t take it. No more no more ohhhhh don’t stttoooop!” she screamed.

She squirts harder almost so hard pushing me out of her. I pushed back in not to loose my quick rhythm pounding Lola’s screaming hot pussy. Maria squeezed my balls in sync with Lola’s orgasm sending me into lands I have never been.

I came against Lola as she came against me. The rapids to rough to stop. Over and over she screamed and Maria moaned loudly against Lola’s pussy and my cock. Lola’s body shuddered hard against mine sending jolts of blood to my cock making it dance and cum again deeper inside her. Maria quickly climbs behind me before we break and begins to dry fuck my ass with her pussy. Her pumping as I came forced me deeper into Lola’s pussy. Sending us into another oblivion. My eyes rolled back into my head. I arched my back throwing my head backwards onto Marias shoulders.

“Hmmm” I moaned with each squirt of hot wet sticky cum that oozed out of me dripping out of Lola’s pussy down to the sheets below us as she squirted even harder against my cock.

We collapse on the bed Maria on my right and Lola on my left. When I caught my breath I reach over to Lola, careful not to make her jealous, and squeezed her soft jiggly tits gently softly sucking them. Then to Maria gently squeezing and sucking her firmer more perky breasts. I roll over on top of Maria and stick my growing cock into her pussy and fucked her tighter younger pussy. She squeezed against my cock her already firm cunt.

“Hmmm” soft loving moans escaped from my thought without a thought.

I had forgotten how sweet and delicious a tight young slick pussy felt against my cock. Maria was definitely new to the streets and barely sexually active as she still has her youthful strong pussy.

Lola gets up and sits on Maria’s face, facing me and kisses me deep and hard, lovingly. She must have seen how much I enjoyed Maria’s pussy as she did not go into her normal jealous fits but then again maybe it was because we got her off so hard before I fucked Maria.

“Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm” Maria came but not the wet juicy orgasm that Lola-Bunny has, but a dry orgasm. My body tightens with each squirt into Maria as I cum.

I get up and pay Maria and thank her for her services as she leaves.

“How did you know? How did you know I would enjoy that? I told you I never wanted a threesome.” Lola asked me.

I smiled only to lie back down on the soaked bed next to her naked soft caramel body kissed her forehead cuddling in each others arms.

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2011-07-02 23:54:21
well that was a waste of my time


2009-08-25 03:45:37
You forget to tell her why he knows it.

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2009-08-05 13:34:33
Lacking in detailed deion but still pretty steamy. Suggest? she sank deeper and harder onto his rough hard cock as she felt her spasm rise out of her. Although not as wet it was just as hot and intense as she held her breathe before the final release grinding her body against his making it last as long as possible. after the last spasm of her young tight pussy wrapped around his girth, he thanked her and payed her for her services before she left the motel." (continue end of story)

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PART 2!!

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Amazing. I just cummed so much! I wish my boyfriend would do that for me

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