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It leads to sex-sex-sex
I am married, but I am Bi, well almost 90% gay really. We still live together although we don’t have sex. We sleep in the same room, but different beds.

My daughter, & her boy friend stay with us. They sleep in the spare room. He is over 6 foot, slim & quite “dishy”. I found out how “Dishy” he was one night he was “Sleep-walking”.

Early in the morning, (about 1.30 am) Paul was at the bathroom.
He walked into our room & switched on the light. He was naked!
Paul walked up between our beds to within 2 feet of me. His cock was soft, but it was impressive. Mine is about 6 inches hard. His
was at least that, & it was soft. It was very thick too.

He either woke up, or realized he was in the wrong room, anyway he turned, switched the light out & went to his own room. He said the next day that he must have been sleep-walking. We said it was OK, & not to worry.

Life went on as usual, & it was not mentioned again. It was not very important, but I can picture his big soft cock all the time.
As I said I am mainly Gay & when everyone is out I often play with a dildo, up my ass, or butt plugs.

One afternoon when my wife,& Mary were shopping in the next town, I was on my own, or so I thought. Paul should have been at work, but as it happened he wasn’t. I had locked all the doors, but
of course everyone has a key.

I was in the bathroom. I was naked. I had just had an enema, was pushing a dildo in & out of my ass. I was leaning over the bath, watching myself in the mirror, as the well lubed dildo went in & out of my shaved ass. I was enjoying it so much I never heard Paul come in & up the stairs.

The first I knew of his presence was his reflection in the mirror, as he came into the bathroom. “Hi Bitch”, he said.
I was speechless. Didn’t know what to say, so I said nothing. I pulled the dildo out.

“I have a better thing than that for you” he said, as he pushed me over the edge of the bath. “Don’t move”, he ordered. I was shaking, partly in fear, but mostly excitement. I could see in the mirror, as he took off his belt, & lowered his trousers, kicked off his shoes. He stepped out of his trousers & kicked them to the side.

I saw his hard cock, as he stood there. It was indeed massive !!
Must have been about 8 inches, & very thick.
“No, I can’t take that”, I screamed. He said nothing, but I really screamed as I felt his leather belt on my bare ass. Once, twice, thrice he lashed me.
“No, no more please” I cried, as he lifted his arm for a fourth stroke.

“Ask me to fuck you” he said.

“Fuck me Paul” I said

“Beg me to fuck you” he said.
“Please Paul, Please fuck me” I cried.

“Remember, you are now my Bitch”

“I am your bitch Paul, Please fuck me”

I felt his cock in the crack of my ass as he slid it up & down my
already well lubed ass. He paused as he found my hole. He slowly pushed it ALL into me in one go. I felt his balls against the tops of my legs. “God”, I screamed. The pain was unbelievable!!

“Quiet, Bitch” he said, “Through to the bedroom” he demanded.
He “Walked” me through to the bedroom, his cock still inside me.
I had no option, but to go. When we got to the bed he pushed me over the edge of the bed, & started to really fuck me.

The pain was terrible but it did get easier. I was glad that I was well lubed after using the Dildo. I gripped the bed with my teeth
& hands as he pounded his big cock into me. Ugh, Ugh, Ugh,
I grunted as he fucked me. It went on & on & on. As it got less
Painful, I began to enjoy it . I pushed back against him as he fucked me.

“You love it Bitch, don’t you,” he said.


Using the full length he savagely screwed my ass. In & out !
In & out!. My body was hammered against the bed.

He pulled out. I thought it was finished, but no. “I want to see your face when I cum inside your arse Bitch” he said. He turned me over on my back, & pulled me to the edge of the bed, & lifted my legs over his shoulders.

I looked at him. He was smiling “You want my babies, Bitch”?
He asked. “Yes please,” I answered. “Cum in my pussy”.
He guided his cock into me. I leaned forward & put my hands round him & pulled him in to me.

“Oh God”, I said, “Fuck me hard”

He took my legs from his shoulder, & placed them round his waist
& started to fuck me again, really savagely. I held on with my legs, as his cock thrust in & out.


Paul went on & on. (His stamina was outstanding)
I was totally exhausted, but I held on.

Faster, & faster he went. I knew he was near now. He gave a loud moan as he pumped his seed into me. He stayed inside as it grew softer. He pulled out, & leaned forward so his wet cock was at my mouth.

“Lick it clean”, he ordered

I licked all the cum from his from his Knob. He left it in my mouth. “Now don’t spill a drop bitch”, he said.
I felt the warm piss, in my mouth. I swallowed, & swallowed,
& swallowed.

It was my first time, but I never spilled one drop !!

He finally pulled out. “You stay there till I go”, he said
“When I want you, you will be ready” he added.

“Yes Paul” I said.

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2015-04-21 13:10:08
Fuck me! That was hot! I'm so fuckin hard n wanking so hard ova this story!!


2008-11-24 03:19:16
THats what I like. I wan't my mother in-law now

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