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After she had left the house with Kym, Kym had admitted that they weren’t going to the Taverna but that she’d met someone else and had arranged to meet him instead,, this guys name was Andy and he’d have a friend and would Alison humour him so she could get off with this guy Andy.

Alison agreed and off they continued to meet these guys in a pub called the Coach and Horses out on the road to Harlow I think, anyway when they got there Alison said that the other guy, called Danny, wasn’t bad looking and was a bit of a lad and had a sense of humour, so while Andy and Kym were sitting in the pub sucking face Alison and Danny played pool.

All the time while playing Danny was trying it on with Alison, looking down her top while she played a shot, putting her off by touching her bum and all the usual stuff, he was also openly flirting with her, touching her arms and just being obvious with his flirting. Towards the end of the night, they had started kissing, Kym noticed by this time and said they wanted to go somewhere more private, so they all drove to a quite spot in the country about 10 minutes away, Kym and Andy disappeared off in to the bushes and Alison and Danny were left in the car.

They started to kiss and Alison could feel Danny’s hard on through his trousers. He then suggested they strip, which they did, she said he had quite a big cock about 7 ½ inches and thick as well. He then manoeuvred her so he could go down on her and licked her until she came on his face he then moved up and began to fuck her, she said he was really excited and he said that he wasn’t’ going to last very long and proceeded to cum all over her pussy and belly. They then had a snogging session and he was soon hard again and this time he fucked her slower and when he said he was about to cum she took him in her mouth and he erupted into her and she swallowed the lot.

After she got home and told me this story I was a bit jealous but the hard on it gave me soon had me forgetting all about the jealousy thing. Danny would ring her every so often and would end up talking dirty down the phone and she would tell me all about this, I then put the suggestion about watching them and she said she would ask.

He wasn’t comfortable with the idea of me being there, so we had to leave it for a while but then I came up with an idea, which meant I might be able to watch after all. Alison Invited Danny around and I went to the local pub, she phoned my mobile about an hour later and said he’d gone, so I rushed home, and heard the story of how he’d fucked her on our bed. They’d stripped off and she’d sucked him hard and he’d gone down on her and then they’d fucked for about 40 minutes, long and hard and Alison came about 4 times she said and he’d cum all over her tits and the bed, I got her to show me and could still feel the wet cum on the sheets. I then got Alison to do to me what he’d done, so we re-enacted the whole scene, although I didn’t last as long..

Now he was comfortable coming to the house, I put my plan into action. In my front room we had a large storage cupboard built into the wall at the top were 2 small ventilation holes about the size of your eye and they had a thin wire mesh over them, from the front room you couldn’t really notice them unless you knew what you were looking for. From the inside I tried out my Video camera and it recorded fine, not the best of pictures but at least I’d have something to watch over and over.
So Alison arranged for him to come over one evening, as he rung the doorbell I got into the cupboard with the camera and waited. I heard him enter and come into the front room.

He immediately stripped off and stood in the middle of the room holding his hard on. He was acting really nervous and kept asking about me and where was I and Alison just fobbed him off and he seemed to accept it. She then proceeded to strip and I watched as she took off all her clothes while he stood in front of her holding his quite impressive cock. When she was naked he grabbed her and they started to kiss really snogging each other, he then manoeuvred her to the sofa and pushed her down onto it. He then went between her legs and started to eat her cunt. I could hear her moaning and getting really excited. He then knelt between her legs and very slowly pushed his cock into her. Again I could hear her moaning and he then built up a good steady rhythm and was really fucking her good. Soon he then turns her over and begins to fuck her from behind alternating between fucking her fast and slow strokes, all the time touching her tits and her back and I can hear her really enjoying herself.

He then speeds up and says that he is going to cum, he pulls out and spurts his hot cum all up her back and down the crack of her arse, rubbing it in with the tip of his cock, Alison still hasn’t cum yet and begs him to stick it right back uo her, he does and they begin fucking again. The sensation must have been too much as he cant carry on, Alison says it’s not fair and she needs to cum, she offers to suck him hard and he agrees, she kneels in front of him and begins to suck his cock, but again it proves too sensitive and so they start to get dressed, as soon as the front door closes I’m out of my hidey hole turn off the camera and am kissing Alison, I had cum twice in the process of filming all the action but was hard again and wanted to put my cock where his had been not 5 minutes ago. We strip and fuck for about 10 minutes me thinking about what I’ve just seen and taped and it was one of the best fucks we ever had. I still watch that video all the time and it never fails to make me cum really quickly.

couldnt stop cumingReport

2016-03-20 02:23:54
What a limp dick

anonymous readerReport

2012-01-14 08:49:14
this story is tererible...........I think guys who let rtheir wives fuck other guys are sick........... if I ever caught my wife fucking another guy I shoot that fucker and throw her the hell out ater I kic ked the shit outr of her


2006-07-14 18:25:50
Excellent, are there any more stories to tell.


2004-12-26 02:44:31
This story reminds me of the period when I usta make my ex turn tricks and I'd videotape all of her and the john's fuck and suck action. She was a plump, curvaceous and pretty cunt and used that to keep the lights--they loved to look at her sweet meat and it made their cocks bigger and harder--bright lights for the camera. She'd play to the cam. shamelessly, turning to it and talking nasty like she was playing to an audience. We had fun.


2004-11-06 19:56:21
good and actually hit a bell with my wife and i do hope we are going to get more

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