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A week later……..

My wife & her sister who was on holiday decided to go shopping by train to Glasgow, which is about 80 miles away.

This of course meant they were away all day till about 6..30pm, when I had to pick them up at the railway station.
I caught up on a lot of jobs I had still to finish, when I had no one to distract me.

The day flew past & before I realized I was a bit hungry.
I went inside to get something to eat & relax. It was about 3.30 pm.

The phone rang. “Hello”, I said. “Hello what” ??, said the voice. It was Paul !! “Hello Sir”, I replied.

“On your own”??

“Yes Sir, till about seven”, I replied

“I finish work at”, he said. “I will be there about 4.30, be naked & lubed up” he said.

“Yes Sir”………

He hung up.
I only had an hour to get ready, so I quickly made a sandwich.
I had a shower. My cock was hard thinking about what was going to happen. I washed my body, & cleaned inside my arse with an attachment I had for the shower.

It was now after 4.15 pm as I dried myself. I got a Dildo, & lubed up my fuck hole. It felt good !!

The doorbell rang! I dashed down naked thinking Paul was early. He had said, “Naked, & lubed up”, so I opened the door a bit & stood behind it, expecting Paul to come through.

“Come in Sir” I said.

He came in, & closed the door, but it was not Paul. It was a Black guy, Tony from down the street.

“ SSSorry”, I stammered, “I thought you were Paul.”

“So Paul is fucking you is he?”

“No”, I lied.

“So why are you naked” he said, feeling my lubed hole.

“Paul will be here at 4.30”, I said, “It is almost that now, You
had better go”
“OK”, Tony said, “Be at my house at 9, tonight, I am going to fuck you too” We heard Paul’s car stop outside.

“You had better go out the back”, I said.

As he went he slapped my arse hard. “No 47, at 9 o’clock, don’t be late.”

“Yes Sir”, I said………….He was gone…….

I went to the door to meet Paul. He came in. “Hi Bitch”, he said, “Are you ready?”

“Yes Sir”


I went up the stairs to the bedroom, Paul followed.

“Undress me”, he said. I took off his shoes, socks, then his jacket, & shirt. He had a super body! I pulled down the zip on his jeans with my teeth. “Good boy” I pulled down his jeans & he shook them off his feet. His boxers I did next with my teeth.

As I pulled them over he cock, it sprang out. God it was hard!
When they were at his feet he kicked them off, & stood there, naked. I took his cock in my mouth. It was massive & almost choked me. He pulled my head in, so his cock entered my throat. I swallowed!!…..It slid down into my throat.

“OH God”, you have a super mouth, he said, “Better than the wife’s” He fucked my mouth for a while, & said, “I came here to fuck your arse, You have a nice arse too bitch”.

He pulled his cock out of my mouth. “Bend over” I reached down for my ankles, & felt his cock push all the way inside, in one thrust. I was glad I lubed up, & used the dildo before he came. It was painful, but the pain soon eased off as he fucked me.

He fucked me savagely. I had to put my hands on the bed to steady myself, otherwise I would have been on the ground.
He pounded his cock into me. I stood there taking it like the bitch I was. “On your back on the bed, I want to fuck you like the woman you are”, he snarled, as he pulled out.

As I stood up I saw Tony peering round the bedroom door.
“Oh Fuck”, I thought, “He’s been watching all the time”.

I lay on the bed, & Paul put a pillow under me so I was raised up. He entered me. It slid in easily. I could see the door past Paul. Good job his back was to the door. Tony’s hand was rubbing his cock. He undid his trousers, & pulled his black snake out. It was bigger than Paul’s. It was 10 “thick” inches
long. I gasped, as Paul hammered his 8 inches into me.

Tony pointed to his cock, & then to me, & mouthed “For you”. He turned & was gone!!

“OHH”, I moaned thinking of what I was going to get later.
“You enjoy being my bitch” Paul sad, thinking I was moaning for him. “Yes Sir, I love being your bitch”, I said, & I meant it. I lay there loving being the “Slut” I had became, almost overnight. He slammed his cock into me. I loved every second of it. I knew he was getting near to shooting, as his pace increased. He gripped my arse & pulled me up towards him. “OHHHH” he said as his cum was pumped into me.

He pulled out. “Clean it”……. I slid over the edge of the bed, & licked his cock & balls clean.

“Got to go, bitch, I have to go shopping with the wife”, he said. I was left naked like the bitch I am as he dressed & went downstairs. It was now 6 pm !
I had just time to get dressed & go for the wife & her sister at the station.

“You look tired, you must have been busy” she said when I
met them at the train. “Yes” I replied, “It’s been a hard day”
“It’s not finished yet”, I thought to myself…………
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