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I took the wife & her sister home….
We all had something to eat. I was starving !! My arse was leaking cum. I could feel it. I went to the bath room, & let all the cum run out. I thought I had better Re-lube my arse, ‘Cos in a short time Tony would be fucking it. I put the KY tube into my pocket. I would surely need it. It was about 8.15 by then

I wondered what excuse I could make to get away at about 8.45 to get to Tony’s house. As I reached the bottom of the stairs, the phone rung.

“I’ll get it”, I shouted.

It was just a friend , Jack who lived a few streets away. It was about nothing special. When he finished, I said, “That was Jack, he wants me to help him move some stuff for him.”

“Bloody late” said the wife.

“Yes, but we could have a drink after it” I said.

“Any excuse”

“Well I had better go, He would do the same for me”, I said.

It was almost 8.30, but I thought I should go now since I got the excuse. “I’ll just walk”, I said, “The alcohol”, I added.
“See you later”, I said as I put on my Jacket.
I went out & walked to the left which was towards Jack’s house. I circled round & came back towards Tony’s house from the other side. I got there just before 9 pm.

The front door was open, & as I approached a voice called,
“Come right in”

I was shaking, with fear & apprehension as I walked into the house. It was very dimly lit. I could barely see where to go.

“Over here Bitch” a voice said. I felt my way over towards the voice. Suddenly my hand touched a naked body. I jumped !!


He was playing with me………….I breathed deeply. “Calm
down”, I thought. I stood still. I breathed slowly, & waited.
Suddenly the lights on. Tony was sitting there, his massive cock went past his belly button. God, what a size!! “Who put on the lights?”, I suddenly thought to myself.

I looked round towards the door. There was 2 more Black guys standing there, both naked. One I knew as Tony’s brother, John. The other was about 17 or 18 years old. Both had massive erections. “Three of you”, I gasped.

“Yes, & we’re all going to fuck you too bitch” said Tony.
“First you are going to suck us all. Start with me, & get naked first”.

I quickly threw off my clothes, & got down between Tony’s legs. I took his cock in my hand. God it was thick. I put it in my mouth. “Lie on the couch on your back bitch” I laid down. Tony turned me, so my head was over the edge of the couch. He placed his cock in my mouth. “That is the best position to deep-throat, he said.

“10 inches” ??? I thought.

He slid it into my mouth. It hit the back of my mouth. “Open wide, & breathe through your nose”, he ordered. I did that as his cock went in, & in slowly. “Swallow”. I did & felt his cock slide into my throat. He began to fuck my face, pulling out only to let me breathe. I thought I would die!! He must have been waiting for a moment like this, ‘cos in a short time
his cum was pumped straight into my throat.

His brother was next, but he allowed me to kneel in front of him to do it, which was a bit easier for me. When he came, he
Pulled out & sprayed cum all over my face, & rubbed it in with his cock. “Now my nephew, Luke, he’s 18, a bit to learn yet ”, he said. Luke stood in front of me as I took his cock in my mouth.

“18”, I thought. “Must do good for him” I took his cock in my mouth, & pushed my head backwards & forwards, slobbering saliva all over his lovely black cock. “OH God, he
said. I gripped his arse & pulled him to me He quickly pumped his cum into my mouth. I swallowed. I was pulled up off my knees, by Tony.

“Now, your arse”, he said. He bent me over the end of the couch, & pulled my arse back a bit. I felt some cold lube, running down the crack of my arse. He pushed some in with his two fingers, then three, four!! I was being prepared for his 10 inches. More lube was applied. I was thank full he knew what he was doing………“Sniff this”, he said, & held a bottle of “Poppers” under my nose. I held one nostril, then the other, as I inhaled the fumes. My head felt so light, so relaxed……..

I felt his cock push against my wet hole. I was glad I had been fucked by Paul’s 8 inches earlier on. It eased it’s way into me. I could not move in any direction. I was forced against the end of the couch, & pinned there with his black cock. It slid slowly into me till I could feel his balls against my arse. The pain was something I had never felt before, even with Paul’s 8 inches Not a word was said, as he began to fuck my arse hard. Faster, Faster, he fucked me I stood there gritting my teeth. I held onto the couch with both hands.
My own cock was solid, trapped against the couch.
Faster still, as he held me at the top of my legs. I held on.
I felt like collapsing in a heap.

“ You fucking bastard” he shouted as his cum was pumped into me. He held me there as his brother replaced him. If he had let me go I would have been a heap on the floor. His brother’s cock which was very slightly smaller slid in with little trouble.

As he was fucking me I saw Luke standing about 2 feet away looking at me his cock in his hand. I waved him to kneel on the couch so I could take his cock in my mouth. He sat on his knees facing me. I took his cock in my mouth. He was loving it. He gripped my ears, & fucked my mouth. I was being fucked from both ends. My dream !!!! My arse was receiving a good fucking. I knew he was about to shoot his cum into me. “OH, OH, Here it comes” he cried as he made me his bitch.

Luke was round behind me before his uncle had pulled out of me. As one cock came out another went in !! Luke fucked me hard for about 10 minutes before his cum joined the others, well inside my hole. He pulled out. The cum was running out of my hole when he pulled out.

I half lay, half stood against the end of the couch. I daren’t
move or would have fallen. In a flash Tony was back inside me. Fucking me with the full length of his 10 inches at each stroke. He had already cum, so he went this time for what seemed half an hour or more. I’m not sure !!! By this time I was more exhausted than I have ever been in my life.

Their cum & lube was running out of me now. “OH God let me rest” I cried. “Soon, Soon” said Tony as his onslaught continued. It took another 5 minutes at least before more of his cum was injected into me.

This time I did collapse onto the floor. “We had better get him cleaned up“, said Luke. “We can’t let him go like that”
He said. I was lying naked on the floor.

Luke picked me up like a wet doll. & carried me through to the shower. He laid me on the shower tray & turned the water on. It was cold till the temperature built up, but I did not care.
It was heaven. Luke washed me with a cloth as the warm water sprayed over me. He washed the cum & lube off my arse.

When he lifted me up to dry me, I could not resist it. I kissed him on the lips. “Going to fuck you again”, he said, “Not today though” he added……“I want that,” I said. Luke carried me through, & sat me on the couch. He put on my clothes, keeping my underpants. “For me” he said.

It was after one AM now. “Can you walk home from here”, he asked. I stood up. I was shaking. “I don’t think so”, I said.
“I’ll run you back” he said, “They have both gone out,” he said.

He half carried me to the car, & helped me into the passenger’s side. He drove me up the road & stopped at my house. It was thankfully in darkness. “Thank God”, I said.

He helped me out & up to the door. I unlocked the door.
“SHHHHH, I’ll help you to the bath room, before I go” he whispered. We crept upstairs, where he pulled down my trousers, & sat me on the toilet. “I will be in touch”, he whispered, & kissed me on my mouth.

“Thank you Luke”, I whispered. He disappeared down the stairs, closing the bathroom door.

My arse erupted , cum & lube spewing out of me. I must have fallen asleep, ’Cos next I knew it was 3 am. I flushed the toilet & staggered into bed, & was out of it till 11 the next morning. When I got up the wife said “You must have had a good drink to sleep this long”………If she only knew.
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