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What happened the next day...
When I woke up the next morning, she was sleeping next to me, I just didn't have the heart to wake her up so I wrote her a note that said the I went to work and that I'll see her later. The whole day I found it hard to concentrate and I left as soon as possible. I found her next to the pool soaking up the last bit of the sun, she looked up from her book and smiled at me
“Hey there, had a nice day at work?”
I leaned down and kissed her and sat down next to her
“I was very distracted, but the day went well thanks and how was your day?”
She stretched out with a small sigh
“Lazy and very relaxing, just what I need”
I laughed and got up
“And where do you think you are going?”
“Oh to fetch us something to drink, it is kind of summer you know”
She pulled a funny face at me and I went to fetch us cool drinks. I returned to find her toweling herself off, her wet hair plastered to her face and back, I place the drinks on the table next to her deck chair and hug her to me, kissing her. She returned the kiss, before dropping the towel and wrapping her arms around me, pushing her cool body against me. I stroked her hair out of her face and ran my fingers through them, my fingers got wet as they glided through her hair. She shivered deliciously when my hands ran down her supple back, she broke the kiss and looked up at me with one of her mega watt smiles.
“Oh you know how to get a lady’s attention don’t you?”
I sat down on one of the deck chairs and pulled her down onto me as I reclined backwards.
“I have my ways and means to do so yes”
She chuckled and snuggled up to me, resting her chin on my chest, looking up to me as her damp bikini top wetted my shirt. She idly ran her fingertips over my jaw and smiled at me. The look in her eyes just got me so curious that I just had to ask her.
“What are you thinking?”
“That we should get you out of these clothes and get you in the pool”
“Mmmmmm only one way you’re getting me out of these”
I replied with mock seriousness, she cocked an eyebrow and regarded me with her blue eyes.
“Oh is that so?”
I started a reply, but she cut me off by kissing me hard, shoving her tongue into my mouth, I was actually waiting for it and met her tongue with mine, I could feel her hand slowly undoing my buttons and opened my shirt. Not to be outdone, I slipped a hand under her small bikini top, gently squeezing her breast and rolling her nipple between my thumb and forefinger. Her hand slipped between our bodies and started undoing my belt and pants, I responded by pulling on the strings of her bikini bottoms and sliding my hands under the loose material and rubbing her naked ass. She shivered deliciously as her hand slid into my pants and boxers, pulling out my semi erect cock. I gave her ass a slight squeeze and she broke the kiss to give me a naughty grin, she slid down, squatted next to the chair and pulled down my pants, leaving me in my boxers and opened shirt. She looked up at me as she sucked my cock into her mouth and pulling it out again
“Mmmm seems like somebody is enjoying the attention”
With a wink she started licking and sucking my cock while it grew harder, she slipped off my boxers and lifted one leg over me, stradling me, her bottoms had fallen off when she squatted down next to the chair so I had an exclusive sight to her waxed pussy.
“Like anything you see handsome?”
She kept smiling as she leaned down to kiss me, I slid my hands over her soft, supple body, squeezing her firm ass as we kissed hungrily. I could feel her hand slide down and grip my cock, guiding it toward her stretched pussy, I couldn’t believe how wet she was when she slid the head between her lips. She leaned back a bit and watched me as she started to slowly slide down my cock, I looked down and couldn’t stop the groan of delight as I watched and felt how I slowly entered her, feeling her tight pussy slowly adjust to me.
“Oh I love that”
She breathed as she pushed down, taking my whole cock into her, she sat there, looking at me with a gentle smile on her face
“Do you like it too?”
She whispered softly, I looked up at her and ran my hands through her slightly damp her
“I love it”
She started to rock forwards and backwards, making my cock move inside her, she leaned closer, using my chest for leverage as she started to slide her pussy up and down my cock. Her eyes was closed and her breathing shallow as she kept moving up and down my cock, slowly moving her hips faster and faster. I reached down between her thighs and gently rubbed her clit
She breathed hotly, I started to rub harder and faster, adjusting myself to the rhythm she made, I started twisting my hips, changing the angle which I entered her with each thrust
“Oh God”
She was basically panting now, a slight flush creeping upward from her neck as she started to move faster and faster. I kept my pressure on her hard clit, rubbing faster and faster as she moved on me. She braced herself on my chest, leaning backwards with her head to the sky as she started to move up and down. I kept two fingers against her clit, she rubbed against them with each thrust, she dug her nails into my flesh, driving my cock hard and deep into herself. I could feel my orgasm building, she was clenching her teeth, moaning loudly, but not loud enough for the people to hear us. I closed my eyes and wiggled my fingers, this sent her over the edge and she came hard. She sat down, plunging my cock deep into her convulsing pussy, I came inside her, grabbing her hips and grinding into her, she collapsed onto me, panting and flushed
She said between gasps for air, I pushed the hair away from her face and kissed her forehead
“Now you know why I was so distracted the whole day”
She giggled and got up, picking up her bikini bottom and pulling it on again
“Well at least I got you out of most of your clothes”
I laughed and stripped out of my shoes, socks and shirt before getting into my boxers again.
“I take that this is what you had in mind?”
“If you swim in it, I’m happy”
“Oh you know how to get a man tired, wait after a long day at work and then seduce him”
“Oh hush you big baby, the water will make you feel all batter”
I allowed her to pull me to the pool and stood at the edge as she tried to push me in
“Oh stop it and get in”
With a grin I whirled around, grabbed hold of her, pulled her into my arms and jumped into the pool with her. We surfaced a meter from each other. She looked shocked at me and I was grinning back at her
“Why you…”
I silenced her by splashing water at her, she sputtered and then returned my splashing with a gusto. We laughed and splashed at each other, moving out of reach or moving closer for more effect. I dove under the water and surfaced just behind her and grabbed her arms, pulling her back against me.
“Hmmm seems like I caught me a water nymph”
She giggled and tried to turn around, but I kept my hold on her arms and leaned down to kiss her tenderly, she leaned back against me and returned my kiss. After a few moments I slowly pulled away and let go of her arms, she turned and slipped them around my neck
“I love your kisses”
She leaned closer and kissed me, I returned the kiss, slowly moving about in the pool as we continued to kiss each other. We ended up on the steps, with her on my lap, my arms around her waist and looking at one another.
“I’m very glad I came”
I traced little patterns on her back
“I’m glad you came as well, I’m really enjoying your company”
“Oh are you sure it’s just my company you’re enjoying?”
She asked this with a mock smile on her face
“Of course it’s not just your company hun”
“Oh? What else do you enjoy?”
I grinned at her
“Every little thing about you and what you do of course”
She smiled and kissed me gently, pushing herself tight against me, the cooling water not quite masking the heat of her body. I returned the kiss, feeling how she ran her nails down my back, sending shivers through my body. She broke the kiss and looked me square in the eye
“I want you, right here, right now”
I raised an eyebrow
“Oh do you now?”
The underwater lights could not hide her blush
“You just…I don’t know how to put it…you just…uhm…”
I kissed her neck and started to slowly undo her top and take it off
“Mmmm that’s not helping me to try and explain hun”
I ran my hands over her naked back and looked into her eyes
“Being with me wants you to get naughty every now and then or even more frequently?”
She smiled and nodded
“It’s what you do to me as well”
I lowered my head and started to slowly plant gentle kisses all over her naked breasts, not touching her hard nipples.
“Mmmmm, now you’re just a tease”
I grinned up at her and while looking at her I sneaked out my tongue to touch her hard nipple, she just closed her eyes and let her head fall backwards. I raised my right hand from her lower back and ran it slowly over her left breast, she moaned softly and then I sucked her right nipple slowly into my mouth. I ran my palm over her hard nipple as I gently rubbed my tongue over her other nipple while gently sucking on it, her soft moans of delight conveying her pleasure to me. I ran my free hand over her naked lower back and then cupped her ass, slowly massaging, goose bumps started to cover her skin as a light blush started spreading over her neck and chest area. She slowly started sinking her nails into my shoulders as she started squirming around on my lap, I removed my hand from her breast and moved my mouth over to capture her hard nipple in my mouth, I raised my left hand, cold from the water, and pressed it to her hot nipple, she gasped slightly and moaned again as I rubbed her nipple between my fingers and ran my tongue over her left nipple. She pressed herself into me, I could feel the heat from her pussy even through our clothing, she wrapped her legs around my waist and pushed her pelvis hard against me, meeting my hard cock in my boxers. She started rubbing herself against my hard cock, whimpering for more, I got up and sat her down on the side. She looked up at me with the most intense look I have ever seen, she simply just slipped out of her bottoms and kept looking at me. I stripped off my boxers and climbed down the stairs, before pulling her to me. She clung to me, wrapping her legs around my waist, her lips found mine and it felt like she would suck my tongue right out of my body. I pushed her up against the side and she grabbed my cock and eagerly guided it to her pussy, when she had me positioned at her entrance, she broke the kiss and looked at me.
“Fuck me now and fuck me hard”
I was slightly taken aback by her words, not used to her being so crude and direct, but I didn’t waste any time in pushing my cock into her. She caught her breath and pushed her pelvis down onto my cock, I started thrusting slowly in her, kissing her lips, jaw line and neck, she clung to my neck with her arms as she used her legs wrapped around my waist to move herself against my thrusts, helping me to drive deep into her. After a few moments our movements started to increase in pace, I slipped a hand between our bodies and started rubbing her clit, it made her moan even more in pleasure. She leaned her head back and I started nipping at her neck and throat as we thrusted together, the cool water contrasted wonderfully with her hot pussy around my cock. She moaned out that I must go faster, I slipped my hand out between us and used both hands to grab her ass, I pulled her to me as I started to thrust even harder and faster into her. She bit into my shoulder to muffle a little shriek, she slipped her arms from my neck and rested her hands on my shoulders, holding on to me as I moved in her. After a few moments, her whole body convulsed and a muffled scream escaped her lips where they were latched to my shoulder as she bit down even harder, I pushed her against the side and thrusted hard into her before exploding deep inside of her. We stayed like that for a while, reveling in our post climax glow, she finally lifted her head and looked up at me, flashing me another mega watt smile in the semi-dark
“I think I’m going to stay’
I just smiled and kissed her softly. I wasn’t going to argue with that…who would?

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Nice job


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Well written, the male character has a character, the female is a bit bleaker though.

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Nate Alicia:Nate I met u the night of ur reception and haenvt seen u all since but Alicia her family grew up down the street from us and we all werein the sameward until her parents divirced they moved across town. I wanted to leave some words of encouragement for u ur family Alicia- it saddens my heart that this is happening to a wonderful woman and her family and I know she is strong to pull through and Alicia U R AND U WILL just rest know and let DR's do there stuff trust me they saved my baies life at birth I thank the hospital for the day I brought him homewithout machines attached. Please dont feel ur husband family have let u down or broke ur trust Nate does what he knows the Dr's Heavenly Father can handle and ur know Heavenly Father doesnt give u more than u can handle ! Chin up Nate ur doing a wonderful job taking care of ur family and being there for ur children and ur parents are wonderful ! That's nice that Geanna Kelly kids came to visit and talk, Alic

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