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welcome to the rock..
The phone continued to ring. The large piles of blankets shifted but only a little. The ringing phone seemed to get louder and louder. Finally the blankets would move and a hand would slide out from under them, searching the night stand for the ringing cell phone. Finding it and then pulling into the cavern of blankets.

“Hello?” was spoken in a tired and annoyed voice. “Hello yes… is this cadet lieutenant Tyler Morse?” He’s sit up in his bed knocking most of the blankets off “its cadet captain Morse now, but yes this is him”. The soft woman’s voice spoke again “my name is Corporal Jenkins of the Whitesville police...we have um…your brother here sir he said he is a cadet at the academy?” he moved to sit on the edge of his bed “my brother?” “Yes sir your brother max?”He thought for a moment “oh yeah…my brother, I’ll be right down”. With that conversation done he moved to get up and get dressed.

A cute young woman sat at the desk, she must have been the one the phone “can I help you sir?” He opened his jacket and took out his ID “I’m here to pick up my cadet…my brother”. She nodding and they took care of all the paperwork before they released max into Tyler custody. Max would sort of smile but then put his head down when Tyler didn’t give him a good glance back. Tyler would sigh and tell max to get into the jeep. He thought before he spoke as they drove “max you can’t keep doing this…if you keep getting in trouble you’re never going to graduate from this place, and trust me you don’t want to be here forever. You had a very simple crime you would’ve been out of here already if you kept yourself in check.” Max would look at him and not really speak, just nod in agreement. Tyler would reach over and mess up his hair “besides if I were your brother I would’ve killed you by now. Your birthday is coming up right? 14?” Max would nod and smile ”yeah the big 1-4…but I guess it could be worst I could be old like you...what are ya now turning twenty?” Tyler would turn “nineteen funny guy. I’m still your captain don’t forget it”. Max patted his leg “oh yeah forgot about the new rank, congrats.” Tyler would simply nod as he parked the car and send max back to his dorm. The dorm was more of a huge building open inside with high ceilings and a bunch of sleeping areas with bunk beds everywhere.

After the morning line up everyone was in the mess hall eating breakfast. There were long tables in rows and three round tables in the middle, the large table held the major and two other adult staff. One of the little round tables housed a few other officers’ and the last circle table housed the cadets that were rank including Tyler and Jax who were the cadet captains and then two others who were cadet lieutenants’. There was a sudden crash and ruckus and they realized a fight had broken out between two of the younger cadets. Tyler and Jax were all over it and they had the boys separated as an officer came over “ you boys are what 13?? You need to grow up” and then he told Tyler to take the one boy right to the work yard and told Jax to take the other o the dorm to get cleaned up.

Once inside the dorm Jax spoke “ok hurry up and get changed”. The boy striped down totally nude and before he could get a change of clothes Jax called him to a hault. There the boy stood at an attention fully nude, one hand covering his private. Jax was would yell as he encircled the boy looking him over “hands at your side cadet!” And the cadet followed the order. Jax smirked “very nice cadet” he would say as he looked over that smooth, tan, and tightly built body. Jax walked up behind the cadet and pressed his clothed body to the nude back of the boy and ordered him to bend over as he took hold of those curvy hips. The boy made a noise when Jax grinding his clothed groin against his nude ass. Within second Jax had grabbed the cadet’s hair with one hand forcing him to stand straight up as his other arms wrapped the boy into a tight choke hold. His now free hand rested on the abs of the cadet “did I tell you to move or to cover yourself? Remove your hands …I won’t ask a third time, place them on top of your head”. The cadet did and Jax would slide his hands down over his side and then forward to feel the pubes that were just beginning to grow on the boy before his hands move to caress the boys fairly large cock. He got a little rough and it cause the boy to close his eyes tight, concentrating on not making a sound “not too bad for a young buck kid, so here’s the deal I’m going to sit down and you’re going to suck my dick”. The boy squeezed his eyes tighter at the words that were being spoken to him.

Jax sat on the edge of the bed and undid his deluxe cargos “it better be good or you’re going to be in the work yard for days and night bitch”. The naked cadet knelt between his legs grasping that cock with both of his small hands. After a few mins the boy was no longer in control his hands rested on Jax thighs only his mouth touching that thick meaty member. Jax was holding his head and moving his hips up and down fucking the mouth of the cadet. The tip filled most of his tiny mouth but Jax was able to squeeze a little more each time his thrust got rougher. The cadet couldn’t keep up with the fluids in his small mouth, most of the juices were slipping down the sides of that engorged shaft, making it shiny in the dim light. Suddenly he stood grabbing the cadet by the hair to tilt his head back.

He held his stiff throbbing cock in his free hand as he spoke “ open boy…let me see that cute little mouth and braces!”. Jax practically howled as he threw his head back in pleasure as he unleashed load after load of warm cum all over the kids face and in his mouth. Jax would shove the cadet back by his hair before he let go , sending the kid falling onto his bare ass on the floor, looking up at Jax with his cute cum covered face. Jax spoke” now go shower and get cleaned up and report to the afternoon drills. The cadet got to his feet “ yess..s-s-sir” he would studded slightly. Jax yelled after him “WELCOME TO THE GRAY ROCK ACADEMY!”

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2009-06-08 18:49:14
this was good story is there another part

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2008-11-20 00:34:28
part two is about a day or two away, and i just finished three, btw part three might be a little extreme. just a warning

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2008-11-19 15:32:34

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