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Luke picked me up............

It took a while for my ass to get back to normal, but a week later it was OK again. I had kept a low profile, because I could not have done anything, & didn’t want to meet anyone.

I just went to work, & watched TV till bed time.

The wife said I was getting a “Couch Potato”….. Well maybe temporarily.

Paul had not been in touch so I did have a “Breather”
for a while. I had never been anywhere, & they all knew that the wife was about most of the time.

It was Friday evening, & I thought I would go for a walk.
I lubed my ass well, & put the lube in my pocket.
Well, you never know !!
It was dark, but the street was well light. I walked down the street towards Tony’s house. Well one direction was towards it, & the other was……….., so why not.

As I got near, I saw Luke’s (Tony’s nephew) car stop outside Tony’s.
He must have seen me & came down the street towards

He opened the door. “Get in”
I got into the passenger’s side & we took off.
“Where are we going”, I asked. “I’m going to screw your ass” he said, opening his Zip, he took out his hard black cock. “Suck”

I didn’t really need to be told, I leaned over, & took it in my mouth. It had been a week for me, & I needed some cock. I love sucking cocks !! I love the taste of cum in my mouth, (any cum). My he head went up & down over long hard cock. Luke moaned quietly. “Yes, you are the best”.

We turned into a narrow side road, & bumped along for a bit & he pulled into an area at the side. “We’ll go for a short walk”, he said, as he struggled to put his hard cock away. We had stopped a wooded area. I had not noticed. I was too busy.

We got out & he locked the car. He led me, “By the hand”, down a dirt path into the trees. It was quite dark,
but he knew where he was going. We turned into the trees, into a very small clearing, & stopped. I knelt down to suck his cock again.

“Strip naked” he said (Lucky it was a warm evening)
In a few seconds I was naked. I looked at him. His trousers were at his feet, his cock sticking out like a pole.
I lovingly put my lips over it, & wetting it with my saliva, sucked. “OHH YES”, he cried, as I sucked it.

After a few minutes, he raised my head, & kissing me on the lips, turned me round, to face a horizontal tree limb which was about 3--½ feet from the ground. He obviously had been here before………

“Grab that,& bend over” I did. I felt his “Bell end”
push against my hole. I pushed back…. It went inside !!
It had been a week, & my hole had shrunk back to it’s normal size, which was smaller than this weapon. It hurt a bit.

“OHH”, I squealed, more in ecstacy than in pain, as he pushed it into me. He began to fuck me hard, & savagely.
I held onto the tree limb, but it was thicker than my hands could go round, so I fell forward, so the tops of my legs were against the tree. I could go no further forward as he hammered his cock into my ass.

His hands were round me as he fucked me hard, & long.
The tree was hard against my naked skin. “Hold on, here it comes”, he said as I felt him pumping his cum into me. He stayed inside me as it got soft. “You like piss ??” he asked. I was not sure exactly what he meant, but I said, mmmmmmmmm.

As his cock softened, I felt a stream of warm piss start to fill my inside. He finished……, “Now don’t leak onto me”, he said as he pulled slowly out of me. I held my ass tight, as he stood back.

I turned from him & let loose, & sprayed piss & cum over the ground. I waited till it drained out of me.

Luke stood facing me. I did not need to be told. I took his, now soft cock, & licked all the cum of it & his balls.
“Tony was correct, you are a super fuck”, he said.

“Thank-you, Luke. You are good at fucking me” I said

Luke pocketed my boxers, & said “Let’s go”

As we went back to the car he said, “Next time I’ll bring some friends along, if it’s OK with you.

I gave him my mobile no. “Text me first“, I said, “& try to give me a little warning”. Luke dropped me off well away from Tony’s house. “See you soon lover” he smiled……..”Yes” I replied.

I walked to my house. I went in & made for the bathroom. I had a quick shower, & went downstairs, wrapped in my towel.
As I went down the phone went. I expected the wife to answer it, but it kept ringing. It took a few minutes to reach it, but I made it before it stopped.

It was Paul. “Your wife is round here till about midnight,
I am coming round now”

“OK Sir”, I replied………He hung up.

It was then I saw the note, “Round at Paul’s house …..“
I quickly dashed upstairs & got lubed again. As I went down the doorbell went. I opened it naked, & Paul pushed his way in. “Hi Bitch, ready for a good fuck”, he said.

“As always,” I replied.

He went upstairs…..I followed into the bedroom. “On your back Bitch” I complied. “I don’t have much time”, he said, “Been phoning for an hour, Where the fuck have you been??”

“I went for a walk”, I lied.

Pulling my legs up he pushed his cock into me, & began to fuck. “Fuck your Bitch hard Sir”, I said.

He had not had me for a week & really screwed my ass.
“You really are a good fuck”, he said, “Better than the wife.”

“Thank you sir”

“You are mine, no one else is going to fuck you”, as he hammered his cock in, out of my ass.

“Yes Sir”, I lied. I couldn’t give up what I was getting
from Tony, his brother, & Luke, & maybe Luke’s friends
too perhaps.

He held his 8 inches inside me as his cum was pumped into me slippery hole.

“Got to go” Paul said, as he pulled out & pulled up his trousers. He fastened his belt. “Remember this belt,
it’s what you get if you fuck me about”.

I nodded. He was gone !!!

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2012-10-07 02:21:47
hmmmmmmmmmmmm do ya think his wife is fucking Paul too???

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keep it up good like it.

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