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A guy is on a business trip to Amsterdam. One night he visits a brothel and spends half an hour drinking at the bar while he weighs up the goods. After he’s turned away quite a few offers from the girls he deems that it’s time to talk to the madam.

He says “I’ve looked at your girls and had some really interesting offers but can’t see what I’m looking for tonight, maybe you can advise me.”

The madam replies “Whatever sir wants I feel sure we can be of service.”

So the guy says “ What I’m really looking for is a fat girl with big soft saggy tits and a cunt like a ripped out fireplace.”

The madam replies “Ah, I think that sir is feeling kinky, yes?”

The guy answers “No, just homesick”.

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2012-10-21 20:34:59
Exactly. It's a great way to market bescaue people flock to sensationalism which is why this video is even on Youtube in the first place. Notice how the disc jockey already knows the sex and age of her son without her even telling him on air at 0:39 and her reaction of surprise to the joke she had to play on her husband. The the almost no emotional reaction from the wife when the husband confessed until way after the DJ laughs, says his name, and plugs the show around 8:10.

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2011-03-14 14:24:15
He described his wife, yes? Lol

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2008-12-31 02:49:56
hell yeah he's homesick

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2008-12-16 23:43:39

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2008-12-16 21:26:50

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