WARNING: this story contains elements of extreme growth, which some my find to be comical or unreal. If the ideas of extreme body modification (i.e. sexual organ growth), large amounts of ejaculated body fluids, or unreal/fictional penetration do not interest you then this story may not be for you. However, should you decide to read on, please do not leave negative comments on such matters as you have been forewarned.

As Ryan walked hand in hand with his mother down the beach, completely naked with copious amounts of semen leaking from her pussy, he couldn't help but be nervous at the reaction this would surely cause in Lauren and Molly.

“They're going to think we have gone insane,” Ryan said, not actually meaning to say it out loud. His Mom looked at him, smiled and replied,

“Ryan, when they see what you're packing they won't be able to resist you. I mean come on, they have been eating like three or four of those fruits a day! My god, they must be aching for some relief every waking moment! Believe me, you are going to be a very welcome gift to those sisters of yours. I just hope they leave you with enough energy for me!” With that she reached up and kissed him full on the lips, sliding her tongue in just enough to leave him wanting more, and patted his bare ass. “Now march mister!”

Ryan laughed at her order, it reminded him of the old days back at home, when she would say that to him when he had done something he shouldn't have. But now it had a far naughtier connotation to it, which he was totally okay with. As they drew closer Ryan started picturing his two sisters reactions, “Maybe,” he began to think, “-maybe they will like it, maybe they will want me!” Of course these thoughts immediately led to thoughts of his sisters drooling all over his cock. Ryan looked down and cursed his wicked mind, as he was now sporting a, hard as diamond, 13.5 inch woody. Looking at his massive member, Ryan thought “Well, at the very least they will be impressed!”

Ryan and his mother rounded the bow of the boat and stopped short. There, completely out in the open, were Lauren and Molly making out so passionately and aggressively that they could barely contain their tongues. Both of their tank tops and shorts had been removed and their large breasts were pressed hard against each other, their nipples popping out to one side or the other. Their bodies were both a beautiful shade of golden brown, but, unlike Molly's dark nipples, Lauren had bright pink nipples. Molly had her hands clenched firmly on Lauren ass, while Lauren's hands were clearly exploring Molly's hairless cunt. They were so entrenched in each other that neither had noticed Ryan and their Mother's arrival and they continued to press their bodies together, grinding their hips on whatever they happened to be touching. The additional force and contact was enough to drive Molly over the edge and she threw her head back as an orgasm spread through her body. Her moans and gasps were so heavenly sweet that Ryan thought he might actually blow a load just from hearing them.

Once she recovered Molly opened her eyes and saw her mother and brother standing there, with expressions of pure shock on their faces. She could do nothing but return the look of shock when she realized both were nude and Ryan was sporting something that looked more like someone's forearm than a penis. What's more, she could clearly see cum leaking from her mom's pussy and easily deduced what the two of them had done in the jungle. Well this got Molly so horny that she released Lauren's ass cheeks and slipped two fingers into her ass. Clearly Lauren was not expecting this, as her eyes instantly shot open and she saw what had given Molly the boldness to penetrate her like that. Like her sister, Lauren's eyes glanced at her brother's colossal cock and her mother's dripping pussy, and straightaway understood what they had done. The thought of the two of them having sex drove Lauren crazy and she mashed her pussy down onto her sister's thigh. Seconds later she erupted in her own orgasm all over her sister's leg.

The two of them, exhausted from each of their orgasms, collapsed onto the sand and lay there panting on the ground. Their large, beautiful tits rising and falling with each breath. For a few moments all was quiet on the beach and nobody could tell if the silence was awkward or content. Either way, though, Trish (Mom) was the first to break the silence,

“Well hello young ladies!” She said sarcastically, trying to be an authority figure again, “How long has this been going on?”

The girls only smiled back at her and then at each other. Finally Lauren looked up at her mother and said,
“Well...just today actually, but apparently we've both wanted it for weeks now. And how about you two? Huh, Mom?”

“Well, actually, the exact same!” Trish replied, everything was silent for another minute before she continued, “So I suppose everything is out in the open now, huh? (Her eyes were following the girl's gazes which were fixed on their brother's tool) Based on where you two are looking I'm taking it that you two are bisexual?”

And she burst out laughing, as did the girls, when Ryan looked down he understood and had a little laugh too. As he looked down at his sisters he ached so badly to fuck them in every hole and to cum all over their beautiful tanned bodies. As if his Mom knew what he was thinking she said,

“Okay girls, up you go, I think we all need to talk,” And she walked up the beach and into the shade of the trees, sat down and waited for everyone else to join her. When all the three kids had sat down she continued, “Well I know that I should say that we should stop this behavior immediately, regardless of how much we all enjoyed it. But we are definitely marooned here and I don't want to be a hypocrite, because I haven't enjoyed myself like that, ever. So I say we can continue, but I think we should have some guidelines. Everybody okay with that?”

Ryan and sisters nodded and waited for her to continue,

“Clearly there are some weird things happening on this island. I mean, honestly, I didn't have tits this big when I was nursing any of you. And my ass was never this full or firm. Also I don't know if either of you girls know this or not, but this is not the normal amount of sperm ejaculated by a guy. Nor is it ever this thick. Which makes me wonder if we are dealing with a really potent sperm. Should that be the case and should I already be pregnant, I suggest that we only have one pregnancy at a time...”

This produced unhappy faces and moans from her children, who thought she was saying they could only have sex every nine months or so.

“Now, hold on. I don't mean you can't have sex, what I meant was instead of having vaginal sex, maybe you girls will have anal and oral sex more frequently. It'll make life a lot easier if we only have to deal with one pregnancy at a time, otherwise our work on the boat will cease for long periods of time. Everyone good with that? Good, moving on. Another rule, if somebody doesn't want to have sex, which I honestly don't think is going to happen, but if it does you have to respect their wishes. Furthermore, if it hurts or your partner says stop, you must stop. Anything else? Oh, right, clothing is now optional and we will always bathe together and sleep together from now on, okay?”

Everybody agreed to the new rules. The girls got up and went over to talk to their mother and Ryan headed back out onto the beach to look at the boat. He ran his hand along the hull and, as he did everyday, surveyed how much work they had left. Today, however, he couldn't help but think that barely a year and a half ago they had been brought to this island. And on that day their only goal had been to get off the island, but now, he thought, they might never want to leave. He was deep in thought when Lauren's voice pulled him back to reality,

“Ryan! Let's go back to the camp, the sun is going to set soon.” Sure enough, Ryan looked over and the sun was getting lower in the sky, he made his way up the beach and joined up with Lauren, Molly and his Mom. Molly and his Mom walked ahead and as soon as their backs were turned Lauren's hand was pumping Ryan's meat. Her touch elicited a soft groan from Ryan and he moved his hand behind her and firmly grabbed her ass. Ahead of him he watched as Molly slipped an arm around her mother's waist and began kneading her ass cheeks. It wasn't long before Molly took some of Ryan's cum from her Mom's pussy and began using it as lube to finger her mother's asshole. The walk took them twice as long as it usually did and by the time they arrived it was basically dark.

The second they were in the camp they all dove at each other. Lauren had stopped jacking Ryan off and, with much difficulty, started to give him a blowjob. Ryan took his hand from his sisters ass and began slowly stroking her pussy up and down, he was amazed that after only a few seconds she was literally dripping with juices. He wanted her to fuck her pussy raw so badly, but remembered what his Mom had said and decided he would settle for anal. For right now, though, he was going to let her keep on sucking.

He glanced over at his Mom and Molly and it looked Molly really knew what she was doing. She had taken an a bliss fruit and inserted it into their Mom's anus. Then she had found an exceptional long bliss fruit and was using it, essentially, as a double headed dildo. It seemed to be working very well too, as both were frantically attacking their clits and moaning in pleasure.

This was too much for Ryan and he knew he had to fuck Lauren now, he pulled her head off his cock and on top of him. His cock was covered in his sister's spit and he spit on his own hand and used it to get her asshole nice and slick. When they both felt it was good enough, Lauren slowly lowered herself until her asshole was touching the tip of his cock. She took a deep breath and in one, swift motion impaled herself on the first 4 inches of his cock. She screamed out in both pain and pleasure. She remained perfectly still for a few moments, but, faster than they both expected, her anus loosened up and more of Ryan's cock slid into her. He watched in awe as Lauren's ass slowly ate more and more of his cock up, until she reached the hilt.

He looked up and expected her to have a terrible look of pain, but rather she looked as if she was in a state of pure ecstasy. She pulled her self up a few inches and sank back down, Ryan soon realized that his cock was causing Lauren's stomach to bulge out. She continued to bounce for several minutes before her pace quickened and her anus' grip, on his cock, tightened. Ryan could tell that Lauren was getting closer and closer to orgasm and he felt his own welling up inside his balls. Then, in a flash, her whole body seized up, before beginning to buck wildly. She grabbed and squeezed her tits and played with her puffy, pink nipples while her orgasm ripped through her body.

This was far too much for Ryan and he let out a long, low groan and exploded deep inside his sister. Lauren felt like a hose had just been turned on it her ass, as stream after stream flooded her. The feeling was so intense that she came again, and collapsed on her brother's body. She lay there and for well over 30 seconds her brother kept cumming, practically in a constant stream. Lauren felt the pressure building up in her ass and knew that all the cum wasn't going to stay in her. Not a second later, she felt cum bubble out of her ass and start its slow descent toward her pussy. At first she was content to let it dribble down, but then she remembered what her Mom had said. Slowly and carefully she pulled herself off her brother's massive cock and felt the cum pour out of her, now gaping, anus.

“Holy shit! You weren't kidding Mom, he does cum like a fire hose! Look he's still going!” Molly and Mom had finished and were lying on the ground in each others arms. However, in a flash both were point blank of Ryan's cock and Lauren had joined them.

“What does it taste like?” Asked Molly.
“Let's find out!” Lauren and Mom said, in unison.

Ryan felt three tongues sliding up and down his shaft and couldn't stop watching the three of them licking his cock, as if it were an ice cream treat.

“Oh my god, it's delicious!” Molly exclaimed.
“It tastes just like the bliss fruit!” Lauren said, in a giddy tone.
“I think I'm addicted to this!” Mom said, with cum all over her face.

For 5 minutes they licked every single inch of Ryan's cock. Once there was no cum left on the cock, they moved on to kissing each other hoping to get just a little more cum. Eventually, they got up and all moved over to the stream to wash off. Ryan decided to wash Molly and paid particular attention to her firm tits, ass, and smooth pussy. Lauren and Mom washed each other down by rubbing their firm, sexy bodies together. At one point Lauren moaned out, “Mom” to which their Mom asked,

“Can all of you call me Trish now? Except when we are doing something naughty, because then hearing Mom drives me crazy.” Ryan, Lauren and Molly all nodded and then smiled at their Mom. Now that they had finished washing up, Ryan got a fire going and they sat around eating bliss fruits and telling hilarious stories and jokes. Ryan knew this was definitely the happiest night they had had since they arrived on the island.

Soon after, they all retired to the cave to go to bed. Ryan spooned with Lauren and she made a point of tucking his cock between her legs. Right behind Ryan, Molly was cuddled up with Trish and had her face buried in Trish's tits. Ryan had never slept so well in his life and for the second straight day awoke with a feeling of new hope for his life. His sisters and mother were very sluggish to get up, but eventually they all were ready for another day of work at the beach.

They walked down to the beach and joked the whole way about how little work they were actually going to get done. Ryan did manage to point out,
“Well there isn't actually much work left, only a few patch jobs here and there and we should be good to go!”

This excited everybody, however, when they stepped out of the jungle all of them stopped on the spot and their jaws dropped. Nobody could believe what they were seeing...the boat had disappeared.


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"Shipwrecked - P. 02" - The Jones Family: Late-thirties Father, Mr Jones Lost In The Forest And Thirty -six Year Old Mother, Trish And Eighteen Year Old, Lauren And Sixteen Year Old, Ryan And Fourteen Year Old, Molly.

It appears I'm the only reader to not only show appreciation to the story but also the only reader to comment since September 2012!! What gives??

Not to be crass nor disparagingly negative, but the over abundance of shit fucking could be one possible effect. I recall reading this story elsewhere, a complete story without Parts or Chapters, and I don't recall such an "overload" of cock in the shit-chute!! I read stories--great, pure and realistic, blood-kin--for the most part of incest conducted with and by the sexual, God-given genitalia...penis, cock, dick, whacker penetrating the vagina, pussy, poontang, baby-tube, hole, etc!

The gist, context and theme of this story is idealistic, and could be a real occurrence, but with natural-organ, orifice sex!!


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"Shipwrecked (aka The Shipwreck) Pt. 2:" - The Jones Family: Trish, Ryan, and Lauren and Molly - (Thirty-six Year Old Mother, Sixteen Year Old Son, and Eighteen Year Old and Fourteen Year Old Daughters).

Again, I say the writer has a fetish and is enamoured with the concept of shit-fucking--packing the shit-chute!! As the main context and theme of a story, it ain't my bag of tea--in particular in what could be a very good incestual relationship of a family of blood-related mother and her son and two daughters!! If commonly known anal, shit-fucking, is used sparingly, such as a condiment on food, pepper on a steak, salt on a watermelon or tomatoes or spices to a soup or salad, shit-fucking anal is an additional enhanced element of a story. In this chapter, by the rules mother Trish has laid down, shit-fucking will be seventy-five percent of fucking; for his sisters it will be nine months for one and a long eighteen months for the other!! The normalcy of sex is much reduced.


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"Shipwrecked Pt. 2" - Trish, Ryan, Lauren and Molly - (Mother, Son, Daughter and Daughter)

Mother Trish has certainly put the kabosh and tight limitations on pussy fucking for his sisters. Mom has her son's cock and will have it for some time (in the event she's pregnant) with her dumb rules! Or it could be that the writer is partial to shit fucking, as he has relegated Ryan to shit fuck his sisters for about nine more months, for one of the sisters, and an additional nine months for the other sister!!! That fucking sucks--and so does so much designated shit fucking!!

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Damn I need a fat cock in my clit now I'm literally dripping on my kitchen floor

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Lol looks like they are gone stay on day island

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