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How spanking my daughter led to other things.
[Like all my stories, one of the two characters is my alter ego, a lively, uninhibited 16 year old girl who is exploring her sexuality. It is fiction. I do not have a daughter.]

I am a single father with one daughter--Hailey. Her mother died when she was 3. I have always tried to raise her in a loving, progressive way.

I do not believe in spanking children. But when Hailey was 5, she asked me why I never spanked her. I told her that, for one thing, she was rarely naughty, and furthermore I didn't believe in spanking.

She said that her little friends got spanked and she thought it was a good way to get it over with, instead of not getting to watch TV for a few days or something. I reluctantly agreed we could try it if she ever was naughty.

A few weeks later, she did something mildly naughty--I can't even remember what now. It was no big deal. When I mentioned consequences, she reminded me that I promised to spank her.

Again I explained why I didn't believe in spanking. But she has always been very stubborn.

I said "OK, how about I spank you once for each year you are old?" She agreed.

Sitting down on the sofa, I took off her little white panties. (She was wearing a dress.) Bending her over my knee, and caressing her sweet, chubby bottom, I asked her if she was really, really sure this was what she wanted. She was starting to get tears in her eyes, but she nodded.

I gave her a light little pat on her bottom. She said "No, daddy, you have to really spank me."

Reluctantly, I gave her 5 somewhat harder slaps on her adorable little bottom. By this time she was whimpering and her bottom was very pink but not red.

Caressing her plump little bottom, I said "I'm so sorry kitten. Daddy loves you very much and doesn't like to hurt you."

She threw her arms around my neck, pressing against me, including--innocently--her little pussy mound against my dick. I moved her little bottom back a little, then hugged her and told her over and over how much I loved her.

I was shocked to realize that I was turned on thinking about her cute little mound next to my dick. I just managed to keep from getting a full erection. I had never thought of her in a sexual way. I thought anyone who was sexually attracted to children was a sicko. I decided it was just because I was so horny from not having sex since her mother died.

Anyway, after we cuddled for a while, Hailey sighed. I told her again how much I loved her and that she was a very good little girl.

From time to time, after that, I would spank her, always asking if she still wanted me to. She always did. Before I spanked her, I caressed her soft bottom while I talked about why what she did was naughty. OK, I probably talked for too long because I loved the feel of her soft, pink flesh. After spanking her, I would gently rub some lotion all over her little cheeks, again probably longer than necessary. I confess that I loved gazing at her sweet little pink bottom. But I didn't think of it as sexual.

When she was 16, I hadn't spanked her for a long time. I heard that she had given a boy a blow job at a party, in view of other kids, without a condom. When I went into her bedroom and asked her if she had done so, not to scold--just to tell her to be more careful in the future, she nodded and, looking down at the floor, started fumbling with her zipper.

I said "Wait, kitten, I think you are too big for spankings." But she stuck out her lower lip and got tears in her eyes.

She had developed little breasts and otherwise turned into a woman. I can't deny that the idea of spanking her was really turning me on, sick as that may sound. And she seemed to want the catharsis of a spanking.

So I nodded and, sitting on her bed, I helped her take off her jeans and thong panties. Since I had last seen her nude, she had developed a cute little bush. She was dying of embarrassment.

I took her over my knee. When I started spanking her, she started crying and wiggling around, so I got a very beautiful view of her young pussy. I saw that it was getting very wet, allowing me to see her delicate pink inner labia. She made no attempt to put her legs together and she was arching her bottom against my hand. I should have stopped, but, well . . . you probably understand. What with raising Hailey and earning a living, I had only gotten laid a few times on business trips.

When I finished, she threw her arms around my neck in a very different way from when she was a little girl. She rubbed her naked pussy mound firmly against my dick and gave me a long french kiss.

"Wait, honey" I gasped, trying to push her away. "We shouldn't do this." But she was like a tiger. Did I mention that she has always been stubborn? Pushing me back on the bed, she clawed off my shorts and underwear and started rubbing her pussy on my erection. I was a goner.

Apparently she had done a lot more than give blow jobs. Her very wet pussy slipped easily onto my dick. She went wild, humping me like crazy.

After she ravished me, I laid her on the bed and ravished her. The floodgates opened. I kissed every part of her and fucked her again and again.

Since then, we sometimes role-play spanking before making love. But when she misbehaves, I say "You've been naughty, young lady, no spanking for you." (I always give in. No point in punishing myself. :- )

The end


2009-01-06 21:08:38
More details in part 2 please!!!!!!!!!!!!

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2008-12-12 20:58:39
Good story.


2008-11-30 18:09:51
Do we hear more about their fantasies

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2008-11-28 23:13:18
Wow!! This got me pretty wet.
It was nice, but you should've used more detail on how they fucked each other.
It would of been better if you used more detail but other then that it was alright

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