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Do you know how embarrassing it is for your dad to catch you fucking the family dog?
Note: I fantasize about being a teen girl. Like all my stories, one of the two characters is my alter ego, a lively, uninhibited 16 year old girl who is exploring her sexuality.

My name is Hannah. I'm 16. I live with my father. My mother died when I was little. I have had intercourse a few times. I'm nervous about getting pregnant, getting diseases, getting a bad rep at school. So I get pretty horny sometimes.

When I was little, we had dogs, and sometimes I let them lick my little pussy. It wasn't exactly a sexual feeling. It was exciting. It made me giggly.

We hadn't had a dog for quite a while. A few months ago, we got a lab - Rex.

One night, I was feeling real horny. Rex was in my bedroom. My dad had gone to bed. It was about midnight. I remembered how our dogs had licked my pussy when I was a little girl.

Taking off my nightgown and panties, I kneeled over the side of my bed and called Rex. I sort of moved his nose next to my pussy and spread my cheeks. He sniffed me. I said "Good boy! Go ahead, lick me." Eventually he got the idea. He really got into licking between my pussy lips. Mmmm that felt good. I was getting close to an orgasm. Moaning.

Then I came to and realized that Rex was putting his wet, red dick in my pussy. "No, Rex, get down!"

But Rex was having the time of his life, getting to screw his beloved mistress. He was too heavy. I couldn't get him off. So I decided to enjoy the ride. I hadn't had sex for a while, and it was exciting and naughty to be screwed by a dog. So I started moaning again, getting ready to climax.

Suddenly, I realized that dad's door had opened and he was walking down the hall. Oh, shit! Did he hear me? How will I explain?

But dad walked on by my door to the bathroom. The door closed. I heard him peeing.

I was nervous but I was enjoying Rex fucking me.

The bathroom door opened. Dad started down the hall.

Suddenly, I screamed. It was like Rex's dick had gotten a lot larger and was tearing my pussy apart!

"Get off me! Get off! Ow, ow, ow!"

My dad yelled "Hannah?!" and started running down the hall.

"Don't come in daddy! Please don't come in!"

"Like hell I won't! I'll kill the bastard!" Apparently he thought I was being raped, which I sort of was, except it was really my fault.

Dad burst into my room and screeched to a halt. (All he had on one of those little terry cloth wrap things men wear when the go to the shower. He sleeps nude.)

"Don't turn on the light, Daddy! Pleeeaze don't turn on the light!"

He doesn't need to turn on the light. There is a full moon (naturally) flooding through the window. There I was, in all my glory, nude, being fucked by the family dog. I could feel that Rex was wagging his tail.

"Bad dog! Bad dog!" dad yells.

"Please, daddy, get him off me! It hurts so bad!"

Dad looks between our legs.

Sitting on the bed, he caresses my hair. "He can't get out of you baby. He has something called his knot in you. He can't get out until he finishes cumming. Try to relax."

"Oh, god, daddy, this is so embarrassing. I could die!" Covering my head with my arms and crying.

"Just try to relax, honey. That will make it less painful. Take a deep breath. Just think, angel, maybe you'll have a cute litter of puppies."

Hitting him but laughing and relaxing, despite trying not to. "Eeeew! That's gross!"

Getting to fuck his beloved mistress is overwhelming to Rex. He's panting and slobbering. He quickly finishes cumming and gets out of my cunt. Dad yells at him to go outside. "Bad dog! Bad dog!" Yeah, that really sinks in. He's wagging his tail and grinning, or whatever dogs do that's like grinning.

Removing his wrap, he wipe the cum from my legs. He gently spreads my labia apart, wiping off cum. God! This has the be the most embarrassing moment of my whole life. Even worse than when I peed my pants in kindergarten.

"It doesn't look like he damaged your vagina, sweetie, but I'm sure it hurts." He puts me up on the bed and takes me in his arms, gently caressing me. "I still love you as much as ever, you know."

"Oh daddy, you must think I'm a total freaking perv. I was just letting him lick me. Honest. I was having an orgasm and kind of out of it. Next thing I knew, he was trying to make love to me. I was so wet from him licking me that he slid right in. I really, really tried to get him off. But he was too heavy."

"It's OK, dear. Really, it's OK. Stuff happens." Kissing me. "Kitten, I'm sure that just about every little girl with a dog lets him lick her pussy at some point. You didn't know he was going to try to make puppies with you. The knot is to keep girl dogs from getting away until he finishes cumming in them."

"Yeah, it works. I won't really have puppies, will I?"

"No, honey, our species are too far apart."

"You must think I'm horrible, daddy."

Teasing. "Well . . . . I don't want you to get TOO attached to Rex. I want you to give me human grandchildren some day. When I walked by your room a couple of minutes earlier, I heard lots of moaning."

Playfully hitting him. "SHUT. UP." Then serious. "Yeah. I know it's totally gross and sick. But it felt good until he put that knot thingy in me." I pause, feeling something hard between us. Grinning. "Your thing is hard, daddy. Did seeing Rex make love to me turn you on?" Blushing.

He coughs and moves over. "Honey, it hurts me to see you suffering. But, yeah, the thought of him making love to you does kind of turn me on. I guess that's pretty sick and repulsive. I'm sorry." (He has always tried to be honest with me.)

"Well, daddy," (Pause) "I have to admit that when I have Rex lick me, I imagine him making love to me." Pause. "And, um, this is really embarrassing. When I, um, touch myself, I sometimes fantasize that I'm walking through some dark woods. A pack of wolves surrounds me, growling. I'm so frightened that I, um, pee in my panties. The biggest wolf knocks me to my knees and, um, rips off my wet panties with his teeth.." Blushing. "He licks the pee from my, um, from down there. As the other wolves snap at each other and howl, he gets on me. There's no knot thingy or anything like that. But he has a very big, long, um, thing. When he's done making love to me, the other wolves take turns making love to me. They lick me down there and leave me lying in the woods."

Pause "Oh my, daddy, what a big thing you have!" He is taking deep, ragged breaths.

We don't say anything after that. Growling softly, he turns me over on my tummy. Kneeling between my legs, he pulls my trembling ass up toward his big bad dick.

Giggling. "But, daddy, aren't you supposed to eat me?"

The end

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2013-10-15 18:05:13
That was quite exciting, and it was cool that her dad was cool with it. It would also be interesting to know what happened after her dad & her had sex?

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2010-06-16 17:18:06
i tryed that was fucken awsome mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmespeacially the knot

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2009-07-01 11:42:34
MORE next time! otherwise an 8/10


2009-01-12 02:30:29
WOW that was good! Should have told a little more on dad fucking his daughter before you ended the story. Would love to seen my mom get it from our dog!!!

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2008-11-28 02:29:15
wow that was a really good story

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