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We are a very happily married couple trying to have some fun!!
My wife’s first MONSTER cock

We have had about 7 or 8 experiences with swinging, but all
the guys had average size cocks. Until we met Ed. He was a
black man around 40 years old and in decent shape. He was
originally from Jamaica, so he talked with a little bit
of an accent. But anyways the way we found Ed was I went to
the adult book store one night to look around and I seen this
section on one of the walls that had pics along with a little
cue card that described what they were looking for. Most
of the pics on the wall were nude pics. So as I was looking
at them I came across a pic of Ed, it was a full body nude photo.
And I couldn’t believe my eyes. The name Ed fit him well,
(Mr. Ed that is!) He had this huge cock that seems to draw
your attention away from the rest of the picture. I had to
tell my wife about him and see if she was interested in have
a threesome with a cock that big. I took her to see the pic
at the adult book store and when she seen it she was like WOW!
That thing is huge. She said she didn’t know if she could
take it all. So I told her that’s ok just take what you can.
The way I have always thought is its better to “have it and
not need it” then to “need it and not have it” with Ed she can
use as much of his cock as she wants, after that if she want
more Ed’s got plenty for her. The reason I say that is because
my wife loves big cocks and so far every couple that we hooked
up with the man had either an average size cock, and that
just doesn’t excite my wife. She wants to be fucked by a cock
that she is going to still feel it the next morning when she
wakes up. Not only does she like big cocks but she likes to
be pounded hard, legs as wide as humanly possible, pussy
completely in the open so she can get every inch of the cock
that is fucking her. She amazes me all the time, how she can
spread her legs so wide and just let a big ass cock pound her
pussy hard and fast as fuck and keep taking it and telling
him to fuck her harder. That’s how she likes to be fuck though.
And to tell you the truth I love watching her getting pounded
like that. She is sooo sexy. And she has toys that are 11 inches
long and can take every inch of that. (Amazing) So I don’t
think that there’s a cock out there that my wife can’t take.
And I didn’t think she would have a problem with Ed’s cock
either. Anyways she said yeah lets do it, so I contacted
him and arranged for us to meet. We got a motel room and Ed
met us there. We talked a little bit to see if we clicked and
we did so my wife and I started kissing and fondling each
other. Ed sat there and watched as my wife pulled my cock
out stroked it a few times before engulfing it in her mouth
and deep throating my whole cock just to show off for Ed.
I guess he liked what he seen because he got up went to the
bathroom for a minute and then came walking out completely
naked. I couldn’t believe my eyes. His cock was huge, about
ten inches long and as thick if not thicker than a beer can.
And it was hanging between his legs, so I didn’t know if it
was even hard yet. When my wife saw it she was shocked. It
looked a lot bigger in person than it did in the pic we saw.
When she grabbed it to give him some head she looked at it
then looked over at me and said DAMN THIS IS HUGE! She started
licking it up and down the shaft, and then started to put
the head in her mouth. She opened her mouth as wide as she
could and still couldn’t get her mouth past the head. She
pulled it out of her mouth looked over at me and said babe
I can’t even get my mouth around it. I just smiled at her,
as I thought to myself “maybe she finally met her match”
maybe this was going to be the cock that she couldn’t handle
the whole thing in her pretty pussy. Once she couldn’t get his cock in her mouth she started jacking
him off using two hands because his big black cock was too
fat for one hand to reach around. While she was stroking
him he was squeezing and sucking on my wife nice plump D cup
tits. My wife grabbed Ed’s hand and directed it down to her
already wet pussy; Ed rubbed and squeezed her pussy, making

her moan. He then inserted two fingers in my wife. Slowly
pushing in and pulling out of her wonderfully soft and wet
cunt. This whole time I’m lying right next to my wife watching
all the action. While Ed was finger banging my wife I stood
up in front of her and waved my cock in her face. She gulped
in down sucking, licking and stroking my rock hard cock.
Ed told my wife to lie down on her back, once on her back he
proceeded to finger her pussy but now he had three fingers
in her and was working the fourth one in too. Every now and
then Ed would stop fingering her and licking her. So that
he could use both of hands insert two fingers from each hand
and stretch her pussy open. No doubt trying to get her ready
for that monster of a cock he is going to pound in her. Before
I could get down to my wife’s pussy Ed told her to get on all
fours doggie-style. She did but you could see that she was
nerves or even a little scared of Ed’s big black cock. And
looking at his rock hard dick she has good reason to be scared.
His cock was so big and extremely fat that it couldn’t stand
up when it gets hard; it’s so big and heavy that it hangs straight
down between his legs. And looks as thick as a babies leg.
Once3 my wife was on the bed doggie-style Ed rubbed his cock
up and down her pussy, trying to get her juices flowing to
lube it up good for what was about to go down. After a minute
of that he positioned the head of his cock at my wife’s pussy
opening. From the angle that I was you could clearly see
that his cock head was way bigger than the opening of her
pussy. But like I said earlier, she just keeps on amazing
me, because when Ed started to push the head in my wife for
some crazy reason slammed her pussy back at him and took
his whole cock all the way to the balls in her pussy. And she
continued to slam her pussy back at him taking his entire
cock right from the start with no problem. Ed looked shocked
but was loving every minute of it, earlier he had told us
that he never get to put his whole cock in a girl, they always
tell him not all the way in its too big. But not my girl! She
is right here in front of me staring right into my eyes, while
she is moaning and groaning and making faces every time
he hit bottom in her pussy. And then just when I was going
to trade him spots so I could fuck her pussy a little bit,
Ed told my wife to lie down on her back and spread her legs
wide. So she did. And he went right back to work on her pussy
making her cum within the first couple of minutes of sliding
his cock in her. This whole time I’m trying to get my dick
to her mouth so she can suck me. But I couldn’t Ed had his arm
in the way. So right when I was going to say trade me spots
Ed, just a split second before I started to say something,
Ed tells her to sit on his cock now and show him how good she
can really fuck. So he lays down and my beautiful wife climbs
on him and right away starts grinding her pussy back and
forth on his cock, which brings her to her second orgasm
of the night. As she is fucking him she realizes that she
hasn’t done anything with me in like 30 minutes now so she
looks back at me sits all the way down on Ed’s cock lays forward
and tells me to do double penetration to her pussy. So I look
down at her well fuck pussy, that is full, full, full, her
lips are all red and stretching to fit around his fat cock.
So when I slide my cock up to her pussy and try to push it in
I get nowhere. The is absolutely no room in her cunt at all.
So I tell her it alright go ahead and keep fucking. I really
was enjoying watching all this as I stroke my hard ass cock.
So she turns around to Ed and grabs right tit puts it in his
mouth and starts slamming her pussy up and down hard and
fast. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing she was a crazy
lady. After a few minute of this I looked at her face because
I like seeing the faces she makes when she’s fucking. Now
her makeup is all running down her face smeared she sweating
like crazy and her eyes are rolling back in her head. I call
her name and she looks at me for about 2 seconds and her eyes
roll back in her head again. I couldn’t even get her attention,
the cock she has in her is so big can’t concentrate on anything
but it! Now my wife is moaning load as hell and screaming
DON’T STOPPP!! Right then I am so excited seeing and hearing
my wife getting fucked so good by this black guy that I’m
stroking my cock so fast, I blast my load all over her back
and watch it as it runs down between her butt cheeks, onto
his cock and then right in her pussy which adds to all the
cum that she has came since he’s been fucking her. I go to
the bathroom to clean up a little that when I hear my wife
and Ed moaning and groaning together so I hurry back in to
see what’s happening and Ed grabbed a hold of my wife’s hips
and is picking her up and slamming her down on his cock two
more times and a load ass grunt he nutting, holding her down
for a long time so he can get every drop in my wife’s pretty
pussy. He came so much that once he did let her up and off of
him so much white thick cum came gushing out, it looked like
someone broke a water balloon or something she rolls off
and lays there, legs spread arms spread, sweat dipping
and trying to catch her breath. She picks her up to see where
I am at and when she sees me she just smiles at me and lets her
head plop back down on the bed and lays there while Ed get
dressed says thank you to us both and walks out smiling.
My wife fell right to sleep without saying a word to me. But
woke me up in the middle of the night sucking on my dick. But
told me I couldn’t have any of the pussy it’s swore as fuck
and is still gapping open from Ed’s cock stretching it so

Well there is a real life experience for ya.

Anonymous readerReport

2016-04-25 20:26:40
I'm not sure why you would want to set up your pretty wife with
a big black man with a huge cock.
You say that she loves huge cocks to fuck, but unless you have a massive
Cock your self, you will eventually loose her to these huge cocks that
You continually allow her to fuck.
Really mate, you need to put a stop to her fucking other guys huge cocks
Or face the consequences.
From Misterjedi.

Anonymous readerReport

2008-11-19 17:38:56
Very good story, would be much easier to read in paragraphs.

Anonymous readerReport

2008-11-19 11:12:01
Could be a good story but extremely hard to read, needs paragraphs.

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