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I knew I was driving too fast, but I had to hurry. I was going to meet up with my younger sister Beth, at six pm. The thirty miles per hour that I was going was only fast if you knew I was driving in downtown Boston. I was running late – it was four-fifteen pm; I was supposed to spent some time with my boyfriend too. I sighed to myself. Oh, well. Buildings flicked past the window as I drove, the colors merging into an undefined grey in the corners of my eyes.

Finally, I arrived at the flat I was happily sharing with my boyfriend. I locked the car – mindful of the neighborhood – and trekked my way up the stairs to my flat on the third floor. I was still hurrying, and I unlocked the front door in a rush and called out to Bryan, my boyfriend:

“Hey, honey! I’m just going to take a shower before I leave again! I only have about an hour!”

I left my bag on the dining table and made my way to the bathroom. I’d had enough foresight to leave a clean set of clothes lying there this morn-ing, so I didn’t enter the bedroom. At that point, I didn’t know whether or not Bryan was home. I left the bathroom door unlocked – habit, I guess – but closed it nonetheless. I was breathing a little fast, from the trek up the stairs and the general lack of time. I took a brief look in the mirror. The obsidian-black hair swept down, just past my shoulders looked harried – but I *had* had a long day. Blue-green eyes stared back at me. I shrugged, grabbed the bottom of my shirt and pulled it over my head – revealing a white bra, with my nipples slightly visible. My breasts were a very small D – or a very large C – and though they could get a bit bothersome at times, I was happy with them. As was Bryan – I grinned to myself and un-hooked the bra. My socks came off – I’d left my shoes and jacket in the entrance – and soon after, my jeans, leaving me standing only in my pant-ies. Like my bra, they were white and slightly see-through – there was a hint of dark through the white where my hair was. I took them off and looked down. The hair was shaved short, but it would need another shave soon – I didn’t have the time just now. I stepped over to the shower and turned it on, feeling the warmth of the water for a few seconds before stepping in. It was warm and pleasant, and I sighed quietly as I let the water cascade down my body. Even with my general lack of time at the moment, I let my right hand run down over my body. When my hand finally reached my vagina, I rubbed myself slowly, letting the feeling grow. When I could take the suspense any more, I slit two fingers inside – in and out and in again in one continuous movement. I leaned my head back against the wall, and just as I was about to up the speed, I heard the door open and close. Heart racing, I called out hesitantly:

“Bryan? Is that you?”

There was no sound for a few seconds, and then his voice came back.

“Yeah, it’s me.”

I gave a quiet sigh of relief, and then shook my head at my foolishness. The curtain was suddenly drawn aside, and even though I knew he was there, the shock made me take my fingers out. He stepped inside – wearing only the slightest grin. He stepped up close to me – only a few inches – and placed his hands on my hip, then leaned in and kissed me. It started as a chaste kiss, but soon, his tongue was playing with mine. All too soon, he withdrew. Suddenly, his left hand softly caressed my left breast, softly squeezing the nipple. His erection felt like rock against my stomach. I breathed heavily and tried to clear my mind.

“I- I don’t have time…”

His left thigh moved against my vagina, making me groan. He stepped back. I blinked in confusion.

“OK. I guess I’ll see you tonight, then.”

“Oh, no you don’t!” I growled and attacked his mouth with mine.

He grabbed me by my ass and carried me out of the shower, then laid me down on the warm floor. He bit my lower lip softly, then flickered his tongue over it. His left hand caressed my left breast, squeezing the nipple slightly. I groaned, wrapped my legs around him, and pressed him closer. After a further long wait, he finally entered me. He entered slowly, his thrusting soft and slow; almost like a caress. His hand was still working on my breast, and his lips were on my throat. He pretended not to notice when my fingers dug into his back, and I moaned loudly and begged for him to go faster. After a wait that seemed hours long, he finally complied, and his thrusting quickly drove me to an explosive orgasm – made even more massive by the fact that he came just as I did. Thankfully, he didn’t stop there. He kept thrusting, in and out, in and out, faster, harder. His left hand continuously rubbed and squeezed my left nipple, and his mouth sucked and kissed my neck, all the while he kept fucking me so hard I couldn’t help but scream out in pleasure.

“Oh, God, yes! Fuck me harder!” I begged.

Just as I could feel the orgasm begin to build up, he stopped. He moved a little further down and began sucking my nipples. First the left, then the right. I moaned slightly.

“Please, Bryan, just fuck me!” I begged him.

He stopped sucking and looked me in the eyes. With a grin, he moved further down. His fingers began massaging my vagina, and his mouth sud-denly attacked. I moaned in response. Two of his fingers slit into me and started to fuck me, while his mouth was busily working. After too long a wait, I finally came in an explosive orgasm.

“Your turn.” He grinned at me, and lay down beside me.

“Will you *please* fuck me afterwards, then?” I pleaded.

I sighed in relief as he nodded. I moved down to his cock, grabbed it and started working at it with my right hand. I flicked my tongue over his balls, then swallowed them and started sucking. He started groaning softly. After a few moments doing this – my hand moving faster and faster – I stopped and started licking up and down his cock. He groaned some more.

“Swallow.” He moaned.

I gave him a smile and put my lips on the head, then slowly pushed my mouth down over his cock – slowly enveloping the entire shaft. When his cock was finally buried deep within my throat, I started sucking. He moaned loudly. I kept sucking, and licking him while his was inside my mouth – all the while my right hand was massaging his balls. Then, I moved my head upwards – his cock slowly appearing in front of me. With one con-tinuous movement, I moved my head up and down, sucking and licking and enjoying the moans that kept getting louder and louder.

“I’m cumming.” He finally groaned.

I ignored his words and kept sucking his cock, then swallowed his massive explosion of sperm when it finally came. I moved so his cock was an inch in front of me, and then squeezed his cock to make the last sperm come out. I put my tongue on the lowest point of his head and slowly licked away the remaining sperm, then looked at him.

“*Now* will you fuck me?!”

He grinned, and moved so I was beneath him again. He entered slowly, caressing my nipples while doing so. When he didn’t show any signs of moving faster, I glared.

“Faster.” I told him, in a slight moan. “You promised.”

I hadn’t even stopped speaking, before he thrust into me with such force that it almost hurt. In and out, in and out, he kept going, harder and harder. I screamed in pleasure and began moving my body to match his movements.

“Oh, god yes!” I moaned loudly.

An orgasm was building, rising rapidly as his cock continued to hammer into my pussy. At last, I came; screaming all the while. But he didn’t stop – he didn’t even slow down. He kept going. I could barely even feel his fingers squeezing my nipples; the pleasure in my pussy was so intense. I could already feel the next orgasm building inside of me. Despite the almost frenzied movements of my boyfriend, it was building slowly. It was like a tsunami, slowly building strength before it hit the shore in one massive wave. I screamed and moaned and begged as he kept thrusting, all the while caressing and squeezing my nipples, and sucking and gently biting my neck. My fingernails dug into his back, but he either didn’t notice or didn’t care. Like a force of nature, he kept going until, finally, we both came in a massive explosion that left us gasping for breath. After lying there for a few minutes, I kissed him on his cheek and stood up.

“I need to get a quick shower before I go.” I told him.

He nodded with a smile, and got up to leave again. I watched him leave before I went back into the shower. I didn’t really have much time left, so I didn’t use any shampoos. After two or three minutes, I got back out, got dressed, and was finally ready to leave again. I called out a goodbye as I left, but was in too much a hurry to notice Bryan’s reply, and it wasn’t long before I was speeding again.

The end.

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