Part Two Of "My Sexy Teacher"
....I told her I wanted to see her more often, and her house would be a lot safer, then trying to fuck in the classroom after hours so, she agreed and said we would meet up in a few days at her place. A few days passed and I was on the road to her house.
I knocked on the door, and she answered in some biker shorts that wrapped her ass like a Christmas package just waiting to be unwrapped. She also has on a tight, low cut, white, exercise shirt, her hair was wet probably from a shower.

I leaned in to kiss her and she backed away abruptly, although her eyes told me she wanted me. “My husband is still here, he is up in the bedroom with the dog, but he is leaving soon.” “You have to wait until he leaves, then we can go upstairs.”

Her husband came down stairs and kissed his wife and told her he put the dog in its cage upstairs. He was smug, so stupid looking, I gave him a nod of the head, as I screamed inside, “I’m doing your wife.
I watched the schools VP, King’s husband, walk out and then I walked quickly over to my sexy teacher, and put my hands around her waist. I kissed her mouth and she slipped in some tongue. “Let’s head upstairs and check out your bedroom.” I said. We went up and headed right into the bedroom and I watched her ass as she bent over to move some stuff off the bed. “You look good today even better then in class, I mean those biker shorts are driving me fucking wild.” You could see the slight outline of a full mound. She turned and looked at me with her lustful eyes, and told me to get on the bed and watch her.
I wanted her badly and as much as I was trying to tease her, she succeeded in teasing me, to the point where I thought I might explode right there on the bed. She slowly took off her shirt first, exposing those beautiful tits. She then pulled down her biker shorts inch, by inch, exposing her hard body, she was already wet. She came over and climbed on top of me.

We made out in the nude for about 10 minutes until she pulled away so she could get some air. With a flick of her hair she said, “You know my husband, is only going to gone for about another hour if you want this body you better get going. She was so great, and such a dirty mind!

I leaned into her and began to nibble at her ear and neck. She called my name over and over, telling me all the dirty things she wanted. “God, just give it me, I need you inside me right now!” I smiled at her lustful calling and told her, “If you want me in you, have to earn it.” She was taken aback but she was intrigued, “What will I have to do?” “Well, I think you should show me your best blowjob.” I said. “Well”, she grinned, “if I must.” She got up from the bed and walked to the middle of the bedroom floor. She got down on her hands and knees and waved one finger to beacon me to her.

I approached her and placed my hand on the back of her head. She smiled and took my dick into her mouth. She worked it slowly like she did that first day. She rolled her tongue around the tip of my shaft and flicked it along the small opening. She began moving up and down slowly, taking it deep throat. I was amazed at her skill, she looked up and me and backed off just a bit so she could start to work it with her hand. “You are bigger then my husband, that is the best thing about this arrangement.” She took my dick back into her mouth and kept wrapping her tongue around my engorged shaft. I watched her for a long time humming as she went. Her tits bouncing up and down as she bobbed on my dick. She moaned loudly as she pulled away for another breath of air.

“God Jessica, you are so good at that you must have had lots of practice.” She stood up without words and pushed me on the bed. “Stand up at the end of bed.” I went to end of the bed and stood fully erect. She got down on all fours again and this time backed up until I entered her. She moaned very loudly as she pushed her ass into me. “O god you are so fucking tight!” I yelled. She rocked back and forth, and I rocked back and forth. It was incredible, she was so tight. As a pushed harder and harder I thought I was going to explode. “I need a break” I said.

“This hole is so tight I think I’m going to loose it!” She looked at me, smiling a little smile and told me, “Ok why don’t you return the favor while I lay down.” She went to lie on the bed and spread her legs. I got down on my knees and worked my tongue along her swollen clit, and at the same time working my fingers inside her.

She was wet and getting wetter all the time. She moaned loudly and held me head close to her. I loved eating her it was better then anything in the world. As I ate her out, she must have orgasmed at least twice because on two occasions, she cumed real hard. She began to reach down with her hand and work her clit pushing me away.

Normally I would take this as an insult, being that I thought I was doing a good job, but I loved to watch her go at it all by herself so I just grabbed a chair that was nearby and watched. She worked her fingers in slowly, first just one then another and soon up to four fingers. She began to move her hips up and down with the motion of her fingers. Softly moaning she came to climax. Her face went flushed and her legs went from being tight and constricted to very limp. I got up from my chair and went over to her.

“Baby that was amazing” I told her. I kissed her on the cheek as she whispered to me. “I want you to in me again!” So I took her again this time in missionary, and began to push inside of her as hard as I could. She moaned loudly and she screamed my name. “God, yes please more, more!” Between the screams of pleasure she came with me, it was the first time I had a mutual orgasm. It was great!

I pulled out of her and kissed her on the head, brushing away the hair from her face, she was happy and satisfied. She sat up straight and looked deeply into my eyes as I sat on the bed watching her fit body stand before me. “You have to take a shower with me now, come on!” I wanted to stay but as I pinched her ass in acknowledgment we both herd her husband’s car pull in to the dive.

I was freaked and began to get dressed, I told her the next time we start in the shower. “I can’t wait till then.” “I want to show you so many things!” She said. I told her I would see her in a few days. She got dressed as the front door opened, and lucky me I was able to sneak out of the bedroom and down the stairs to the backdoor without Jessica’s husband seeing me. I was going back for more, for sure.

Let me know what you think of this one if it goes over well I will write more. Thanks!

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Great story, please keep writing.

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2010-04-23 18:03:37
your good dude so whatever happend between you two i mean whyd you stop seeing her

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2009-10-16 17:55:18
Good story. Keep seeing and fucking your teacher and get her pregnant in next episode.

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Excellent story.

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These are good stories, but the enjoyment is subdued by the spelling and grammatical errors

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