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This story will include in parts extreme scatgames. So if you don’t feel in mood for that stuff don’t read this story. But I would be happy if you commented on this story. If you like it I will write more parts. If you don’t I will do, too. Have fun reading it.
Mummy’s true passion, book two: pregnancy days- chapter one

This is the second book of the “mummy’s true passion” series. It took a while until I found the time and the motivation to write the second part. I hope you enjoy this first chapter.

To all those who are not into the stuff I’m writing: would you mind to simply not read it then? It’s pretty simple I think.

To all those who don’t know what this certain stuff is: This series is about some extreme incest relationship between a boy and his mother. Its includes watersports, male humiliation and scatgames, so I recommend the same to you I do to those you don’t like my stuff. If you are not into those kinds of fetishes just don’t read it.

To all those who support me: Enjoy.

I was stunned, but not the way you know it from sitcoms or daily soaps, not that there was any difference, it was some certain feeling of joy and excitement that floated up in my chest as I heard the love of my life, my mistress, my mother saying those three magic words: “we are pregnant”. Actually she had said “I am pregnant” but, well my brain somehow transformed it. The floating feeling reached my face and I couldn’t do else but start smiling. Today I can’t truly say what mother’s face looked like that moment but I remember a positive feeling, so let’s say she smile, too. Beside the joy of being pregnant I felt some other feeling, quite as strong. It was pride. Yes I must confess I was pride that I had knocked my mummy up. It wasn’t like we hadn’t risked it. Since we had started being a couple and mistress and slave at the same time I had cum inside mummy like a hundred times. So who would be surprised?

I walked up to mummy; she stood there in the bathroom her vagina exposed, the left leg on the toilet. She wore a see through black silk robe, wide opened. Her great silicone breasts stood up like cruise missiles and she smiled at her boy holding the blue test stripe in her right hand. I could smell her fresh urine and see sweet shiny yellow drops glittering on her pussy.

As I walked up to her I starched out my arms I wore my usual working jeans and had removed my shirt when I had come into the house. Mum stretched out her arms even wider and then we met right above the toilet, which was for us as if a normal couple would celebrate its pregnancy under the tree they met first or some other bullshit. “You knocked your mummy up, baby” she whispered in my as it was right next to her lips. Then she kissed my neck. The pee soaked test stripe was right under my nose as she hugged me and I her. The bitter sweet odor I loved so much became more intensive and I felt mummy’s left had walking down to check if my brain and heart were the only body parts that were happy. It didn’t take mother long to figure out that I had come home with a massive hard on for her, for my mistress. I heard her doing some satisfied sound and then I heard my zipper getting opened.

Since I didn’t wear my usual slave corsage under my clothes- it had left ugly and hurting stretches when I wore it during my work- my cock popped out immediately. Mum stoke along the shaft as if she wanted to control if it was just the way she reminded it. Obviously she found it all right. “Is this that cock you knocked your own mummy up with; you dirty little boy?” she said and her voice had changed in a way that sighed me she now was my mistress. I nodded my head as If I felt shame but couldn’t hide my pride. Mummy gave me a certain motherly smile as she pressed her salve down her perfect body. I found her pierced nipples hard in front of my mouth and I didn’t take any further invitation. My lips closed around mummy’s rock hard nipples and I started sucking then in. Mother stroke my head and grabbed my hair. Then she held the soaked blue stripe above her breast and pressed on it until a thin line of her pee ran down her round boob. It hit my nose softly and I sucked my mistress’s pee inside my mouth. The breathtaking bitter sweet taste filled each little part of my head and intoxicated me. “Yeah baby, you like drinking mummy’s nasty pee pee, don’t you. That’s it, suck my nipple dry you dirty slave” mother moaned.

She pressed me deeper and I kissed her belly and navel. Then she had me where she wanted me. Her soft Brazilian V public hair touched my lips and I felt yellow drops rolling onto them. I inhaled them and enjoyed the salty gift my mistress was offering me. And as if mummy felt my excitement she pushed my face into her vagina to give her willing less lover what he was begging for with silent eyes. I started licking the pinkish piece of meat. It tasted like some interesting but certainly hot mixture of pussy juice and pee.
Mother’s slave did his best to force his tongue into his mistress. Heated and wet metal was pushed against his face as the strong and willing muscle in his mouth tried its best to change the hole. “Oh my god, baby, are you trying to kiss our baby in there?” the mistress moaned.

I took this moaning as a kind of cheering and circled my tongue in my hot mummy’s vagina as if I was drilling for oil. “It seems you are drilling for oil, slave” mum said and I thought how strange and sexy it was that we sometimes thought the same. “Slave, you are doing a good job,” mum said, “You deserve to be rewarded.” And as if I had finally found the source mum peed. First it was a thin and week stream and I felt like I had to drill a little more to get all my mother was willing to offer me. And the week stream turned slowly into a hard and strong stream. The bitter and salty taste filled my mouth. “That’s mummy’s little prevent, drink your mummy’s pee, honey, drink it all.” Mum cheered. And I did my best to enjoy my mistress’ tasty urine and swallowed it all down as mum cheered on me.

My cock got harder until it touched mummy’s legs. The head was already covered with precum and as mummy moved her erected body above me it left thick streams on her legs’ inside.

“You enjoy being mummy’s toilet, don’t you?” mum asked and although I couldn’t exactly see it I was sure she had blinked or at least would have blinked as she said so. “And look at you, your cock is growing hard while you drink my pee. Is mummy’s piss turning her little boy on that much?” I nodded but did what I could to not lose contact with my mistress since she was still having fun letting her yellow juices running down my throat. Then she was done and the stream got thinner again. The taste became less salty and more water like but still warm and intensive. “Now do you want your mummy to walk around with some pussy like that? It’s still wet of urine, slave. Come on and clean your mummy. I know you enjoy each drop of my fine pee.” I loved hearing my mother talking like that to me. And she knew it for sure.

Then, as she felt satisfied she pulled me up again and we changed a long and deep kiss. At the same time she grabbed my pride again and rubbed along my shaft until she felt it starting to move in her hand. “Oh, it seems like you are ready to cum for mummy, sweetheart.” She said and I think my eyes were glittering that moment. “But it’s not the time mummy wants you to cum. Mummy has another surprise for her little boy.” Her voice had become that certain mistress sound again and I fought with myself to hold my hot semen back.

Mummy stepped back and removed her foot from the toilet lid. “Open your magic box, honey” she said. And I ripped myself from my mother’s lovely face and fell on my knees again right in front of my graceful mistress. I opened the lid. And mummy’s intoxicating odor filled the air. I smiled because if there was one thing I loved it was my mother’s shit. Mum smiled down at me like the sun on the first day of summer. I thought she was lucky to have me as her slave that adored her shit on the one hand and on the other that she had done something that her son liked that much. And maybe on a third hand that those two things were the same.

“Oh my goodness,” mum raised her hand up to her mouth as if she was ashamed and surprised by what I found there in the toilet, “it seems like I forgot to flush my ass cream. What can I do about it?” I couldn’t stop smiling as I looked at what mother had left for me. Down in that bowl I saw her brown piece if shit. The brown was brighter than it normally was but the load was as much as usually. The whole load was almost one complete long sausage. It was rolled up like a snake under a rock in the desert and on top I found a few small pearls with a smoothly consistency. The large rest was right in the middle between hard and soft and about one inch in caliber. “Maybe you would be a good boy and help mummy with it?” Mum said with a sweet girly voice. I just nodded my head. “Shall mummy help her little slave boy?” She didn’t wait for my reaction and sat down next to me. Then she stretched out her red painted finger nail. I kissed it to show my mistress that I loved each part or her breathtaking body. And then mum used her long nail like a shovel and put a little load of the smoother pearls on it. “Mm, you like that odor, don’t you baby?” she said and looked down my body to see my cock moving to some mute beat. I nodded and licked her shit from her nail.

The strong and familiar taste floated through my mouth and nose and the only thing I could think about was how hot this was. How hot and sexy it was to be allowed to eat something that had run through this beautiful women’s body. Mother’s ass crap tasted bitter and not exactly like ambrosia but my love for her and for sure our special fetish in that respect made me enjoy the experience each time I was allowed to enjoy it.

“You love eating mummy’s shit, don’t you?” she said, ”look at you, your slave cock is hard like a rock and I bet you could cum whenever your mistress told you.” She got on her feet again and started massaging my hard on with her right foot. I shook. And she grabbed my hair again and pushed my head forward and down the toilet until my nose almost hit the pearls. “Now enjoy your meal, slave.” With those words she loosened the grip and left me head free. I couldn’t hold myself back any longer and stretched out my tongue and licked and kissed mummy’s shit as if it was a gigantic warm, brown ice. I ate a lot of it and I knew my mum was watching me and took care I did a good job. “Are you mummy’s good boy? Are you eating all her tasty shit, sweetheart?” I nodded and then my tongue hit the ground. Since our relationship had changed into what it was now we had one of those European toilets where the shit lays on some kind of a porcelain table. Mum started massaging my cock with her toes again and I licked the last few streams that were left until the porcelain was all cleaned. I gurgled with the toilet water and licked around my mouth to get it as clean as possible. Then I got up again and showed mum what kind of a job I had done.

She clapped her hands and cheered. “You’ve done so great, look at you, you ate all mummy’s shit you’re such a good boy. And you managed not to cum all the time!” her voice sounded proud and motherly and strong and lovely. I smiled.” Now get on your feet, baby.” I obeyed. Mum turned around and bent over to show me her asshole. She still had a few brownish streams on her butthole. “I think I’m well oiled back there, why don’t you fuck your mummy’s shitty asshole, sugar?” She didn’t have to tell me so twice. I positioned my cock right on top of her backdoor and pushed it in slowly. I felt the rests building streams along my shaft and realized that my cock really went in easily. “I love your cock in my ass, baby.” Mum cheered as I went inside her deeper and deeper. She rubbed her vagina while I did show like she might had dome while she watched me eating her left behinds. First we fucked slowly and felt each other very intensive. I enjoyed the feeling when my cock went down her ass just as much as she loved the feeling of getting filled with her son’s pride. She moaned and I couldn’t do else than lean my head back and enjoy the whole treatment. Then, after a while I felt mum was getting ready to cum and I speeded my moves up. “Yeah baby, I’m so close, give your mummy a nice hard anal orgasm.” She screamed and I knew she was very close and so was I. Then the both of us couldn’t hold our passion back anymore. And I felt my bally tighten before a massive wave ran through my entire body and mind blowing waves of thick and hot cum shot from my cock deep inside mother’s asshole. “Oh yeah, that’s it honey, fill up your mum’s ass while she is cumming so hard.” She pressed her nails into my butt cheeks as if to milk the last drop out if her boy. At the same time I felt a warm liquid shooting and dripping from her swollen pussy lips, down her legs and onto her feet. I started massaging her vagina to let her cum as long as possible. She scratched my cheeks and came a whole lot. “Baby, you made your mistress cum so well.” She said as finally the last waved had went through her body. She turned her head and kissed me. That way we changed her last few pieces of shit but none of us minded. She pulled her tongue out of my mouth and smacked as if to say “I taste great down there, don’t i?” and blinked at me. I smiled and pulled my cock out of her ass. A true tide of my cum outpoured down mother’s legs and she laughed a motherly and amused laughter. So did I. “That was great, wasn’t it baby:” she said and I said something like “I love you mum”. She kissed me again and then we took a shower. And brushed our teeth.

As we were done and cleaned we went to the bedroom. Mum sat down on the bed, she was naked. “So, you knocked me up, honey. What do you say?”

“Well, I think it’s great. I always wanted to have kids with the woman I love and since you are that woman I love it. I must confess that I didn’t think it would happen that fast but its ok. I love you mum.”

“That’s good baby. I have to make a confession to you, too. If your daddy wouldn’t have died in that damn war,” she took a pantyhose from her dresser and started putting it on, “we would have had another child. And I love you just like I loved your father and I though the change was gone to have another child with someone I love just that much but life-no- you proofed me wrong and I couldn’t be more happy.” Tears of joy glittered in her eyes as she looked up to me. I smiled at her and I think that was the first smile of my life I would call fatherly.

“We will have to do some analysis for sure, the chances for genetic failures are relatively high, but I’m sure our baby will be healthy.”

“You are right,” she nodded. She walked over to me and kissed my cheek. I lay my hand on her belly. I knew I would not feel anything but I didn’t know what else to do. She smiled as her lips left my cheek. “You know what I thought about?” she walked over to the dresser again.


She leaned down and showed me her bare ass and exposed her pinkish ass hole. Her pantyhose didn’t have a front or a back since we had this agreement that our sexy parts would never be covered from each other. “I thought we could go on vacation as long as I can wear my bikinis. What do you think?”

“Mm, let’s see…” I laid my head to one side as if I was thinking hard, “a bathing vacation with my mummy in hot bikinis. Mm, I’m really not sure if I should…”

“Is that a “hell yes” baby?” she asked and did her best to sound a little annoyed. She put on some dark grew pencil skirt and fished for a bright see through blouse in some drawer.

“Hell yes.” I said.

“Fine.” She said.

“Fine” I repeated.

End of the first new chapter. I hope you enjoyed it.

Please leave comments below and tell me how you liked it. I will post the next part when I find time.

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2013-04-26 23:14:50
Good story, aside from one thing, which is the fact that, sixteen chapters later, you still misspell "pervert" as "prevent." Other than that, love the stories. Keep 'em coming.

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write more shit eating events having storys and also write lots of moms shit eating son storys and we are expecting frm u soon.

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I am slave of my aunt name Preeta,she told me all times to massage her legs and clean her cloths and toilet...

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I am slave of my aunt name Preeta,she told me all times to massage her legs and clean her cloths and toilet...


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Hot one,enjoy life'

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