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Harry doesn't feel he's very large down there, so to impress a certain someone, he wants to make himself bigger. Time was after Deathly Hallows
Harry is at the Burrow, after everything that's occured in the summer (Deathly Hallows) and is feeling pretty down about his dick. He feels that he is underdeveloped, but a charm or two could change that veeeeery easily.

Harry was laying on the spare bed in Ron's room at the burrow and was staring up at the ceiling. It's finally over, he thought. Voldemort is finally gone, maybe now Ginny and I could be together, forever Harry began to think of her naked body, which he had actually seen during his sixth year and immediatley got a hard on.

Harry tried to jerk off, but he just didn't have the feel to do it. Lately, he noticed, his boners just weren't very large. He had, unfortunatley, seen other guys dicks after Quidditch practice in the changing room and noticed that he was very small compared to the rest of them, in fact you could say he was minescule! He sighed to himself and lay on his back, staring moodily at the ceiling.

Eh, might as well try harder then huh? Harry began stroking it fiercly trying his very best to cum, since it had been a long time since he had last got a full load out. (This was because of everything he had been doing this past year with Voldemort and Horcruxes.)

Harry began to feel a little bit of that "magical" feeling down there, and when he thought he was about to cum he saw the door open. Standing at the door, and holding a laundry basket was Ginny.

"Oh! I'm really sorry Harry! I didn't realize you yourself," Ginny said, and her face was bright red. Harry felt the heat going to his face and hastily shoved his not so large dick back into hie jeans.
GREAT! Now she officially knows how small you are Harry! Just great! God, I really hope Ron has a big one just so he doesn't have to suffer the same pain as Harry. He went to the bathroom and washed up because Mrs. Weasley called him down for dinner.

It was a fairly quiet dinner because Mr. Weasley and Percy were still at the Ministry George was alone at the jokeshop, Bill and Charlie were out doing their jobs, and Ron and Hermione were out doing...well...whatever they could imagine. Mrs. Weasley smiled widely as Harry walked into the kitchen.

"Hello Harry dear, what would you like to drink? Tea, coffee, juice?" Mrs. Weasley said warmly.

"Er, I'll take tea please," Harry replied, still feeling embarassed about Ginny walking in on him. Ginny also, was rather quiet and also seemed rather flustered. Mrs. Weasley filled him a cuppa tea, and the three sat down at the table. Mrs. Weasley had made turkey for dinner, with mashed potatoes and gravy. It did look very delicious, but Harry's mind wasn't on food right now.

Did Ginny have sex with Dean and he had a giant one? Would she compare Harry's to his? If so I might as well try going out with a new girl, because everyone in his year had to be bigger than him, except maybe Neville.

"Well you two are awfully quiet. Is there something the matter?" Mrs. Weasley asked, staring at the two.

"Er...nothing's wrong Mom...we're just you know...curious about where Ron and Hermione are. They've been out awfully long, haven't they?" Ginny replied lieing, Harry had to admit she did cover up well.

"Oh! Well I suppose they've been out a little long, well they are going out now so maybe they're you know, experimenting?" Mrs. Weasley replied, both blushing and smiling at the same time.

"You two are going out aren't you? Don't worry I trust you two more than those other two. But I really must be going, I have plans to go to visit George at the shop. He must be so lonely now that...well you know..." Mrs. Weasley kissed Ginny on the forehead as she left, and waved to Harry after opening the front door. Once they heard the faint pop of Mrs. Weasley apparating, Ginny turned to Harry smiling.

"Looks like we have the house to ourselves, huh?" She said, smiling evily. She moved over to where Harry was sitting and shoved her tongue into his mouth and began to play tonsil hockey.

"How bout we take this up to your room?" Harry asked grinning. She nodded and led the way, not forgetting to shake her ass as she walked. She opened up the door to her room, as she took off her shirt.

The sunlight was pouring into the room, and it made Ginny's fire red hair colorbounce off her head. Harry just stared at her for a moment and then began to admire her perfectly shaped breasts. They looked very inviting and Harry began to suck and lick them.

"Oh, oh Harry!" Ginny moaned, as her nipples got harder and harder, similiar to Harry's dick. He looked down and saw that it was the same size as always. He stopped kissing her breasts and turned away from Ginny. He had to do something quick about this...make it bigger...could he transfigure it into a log, no no that wouldn't work. Then he remembered in his fourth year when Mad Eye Moody used a certain charm on a spider to make it larger! He took out his wand and pointed it at his cock.

"Engorgio!" He mutttered. The next thing he knew his dick was growing, far larger than what it normally did. He grinned as it grew from a measly small size, to at least 6 inches long. He tapped his wand against it once more and it grew another inch and a half. It looked satisfying enough.

"Oh Harry, why are you teasing me?" Ginny asked, since Harry had not turned towards her yet.

"You'll see Gin!" He said smiling. He turned towards her and her face went from smiling to a shocked expression. She stared at it in disbelief for a moment.

"...Merlin's Beard! That is gigantic Harry! Where did you ever get a cock so big?!" Ginny said staring at it greedily.

"Well you know, I guess i'm just big for my age, huh?" Harry asked grinning. He could tell that the size of his dick was too much for Ginny because she shoved him down on the bed and took a kneeling position beside it.

"I'm sorry Harry, but I just have to taste this thing!" Ginny said smiling honestly. Harry did not argue but just watched as Ginny lowered her head onto his shaft and began sucking all around. The touch of her mouth on his dick sent a feeling going down his spine, and the warmness of it was enough to drive him crazy. Ginny sucked and sucked not stopping, but moaning as it went in and out of her mouth.

"Ah...Ginny...I'" Harry started as the building sensation filled his balls and dick.

"Oh no you're not!!!!" Ginny shrieked, she stopped sucking immediatley and got up from her kneeling position. "You're not going to waste that in my mouth!" Harry grinned as she stood up on her bed and put her hands backwards towards Harry. Her back was facing his stomach and she bent down and placed his dick into her vagina. She was on top and began going up and down, but Harry stopped her.

"Uh Ginny, shouldn't I use a condom or something?" Harry asked.

"What in the name of Merlin, is a condom?" She asked, a little angered by Harry's sudden stop of sex.

"It's a Muggle thing, it's a like a glove and you put it on your dick, that way the woman doesn't get pregnant. I don't know about you but I don't really want a son or daughter at the moment." Harry said, looking at Ginny's breasts.

"Now why would you do that? Here's an idea: use the Bubble-Head Charm on your dick, and I'll drink what's left after?" Ginny asked, still annoyed by the interruption.

"Er...okay...I hope this works." Harry preformed the charm, and sure enough, a bubble surrounded his dick. It wasn't large, but it covered it just as the Muggle Condom would. He smiled and then said, "Continue."

She smiled back, and then began going up and down on his dick. It felt so good, and her vagina was really warm and wet already.

"Oh Harry, ohhhh....this is....ohhhh" Ginny moaned, her boobs bouncing as she went up and down.

"That's right Ginny, come on, up and down. That's a good little slut," Harry said. Ginny did not seem effected by his term 'slut' instead it made her go even harder on his cock.

"Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Come on give your little slut what's coming to her, oh yeah come on Harry push it, don't hold back. Get all of that big cock inside!" Ginny shrieked, through gasps and moans. Ginny's moans began growing louder and louder.

"OH YES OH YES, FUCK FUCK FUCK YES YES!" Ginny screamed, and encouraged Harry to tease her. He began going hard and then soft, hard and then soft. It sent chivers going all through Ginny who continued to moan.

"OH MY GOD OH MY GOD, I'M GOING TO CUUUUUMMM" Ginny said, in an exasperated voice.

"The hell you are on my dick!" Harry said and he pulled Ginny off of her. She looked shocked at first but then understood as Harry put his face into her vagina and began to lick all around.

Harry ate her out until he felt the chivers going through Ginny again, and pushed deeper and deeper with his tongue. He would lick up and down, left and write, and then jab her with his tongue. Her moaning grew louder and louder with each movement and Harry could feel liquid going all over his tongue. It was really hot, and Ginny's moans started to subside a little as Harry caught all of her cum on his tongue. She began making out with Harry again, and told him, "it's your turn to cum," in a soft, seductive voice. Harry grinned.

"No you're not using that stupid bubble anymore on your dick. Take it off now!" Ginny commanded Harry, but he hesitated.

"Ginny I seriously don't want you to get pregnant I'm not rea-" but Ginny cut him off by leaning forward onto her bed, but showing him his ass. Harry immediatley understood and bent her down towards his dick and shoved it up her anal.

It was very tight in here, for one she is a skinny girl, and two most anals are tight. He began thrusting into her ass at a fast speed and felt a "magical" sensation entering his dick. She moaned as Harry gasped.

"Ah, yeah oh yeah you like it when I do this to you Ginny? You like being my little ragdoll?" Harry asked, still thrusting into her.

"Yes, yes Harry! I love being your little bitch, c'mon show me who's daddy Harry!" She said back, in a voice that only made Harry push harder.

"Ah, ah yeah oh yeah!" Harry said as he felt it entering the top of his shaft. But just as he felt the cum preparing to come out, Ginny stopped.

"What the hell Ginny?!" Harry asked, but Ginny covered his mouth with her tongue. She pulled her lips away from him and bent down in front of him again, sucking his dick once more.

"I told you I'm not wasting this cum Harry!" Ginny exclaimed, inbetween sucks, and Harry began thrusting harder into her mouth. She took her breasts and allowed him to titty fuck him, which he took happily.

She wet his dick more, so that her saliava became more of a lubricant for Harry and he thrust harder and faster in Ginny's cleavage and into her mouth. He grabbed her head and pulled it hard into his dick so it would go further down her throat. It felt so good and warm being in there that Harry would be masturbating to this for months.

"OH GINNY! YES YES YES! I'M CUMMMMMMMMMMMMING!" Harry said as jizz flew from his dick and landed right into her mouth. She swallowed all of it until there was nothing left for him to give. Harry grinned as he did the counter spell for his huge dick and went back to size. He pulled Ginny close to her and kissed her passionatley.

They began pulling on clothes slowly, still admiring one another. When they reached their underwear they heard the front door open and Mrs. Weasley's voice shout, "Hello? I'm back!" Harry looked at the clock and realized they were going at it for about 90 minutes!

The two cleaned up and went downstairs to find Mrs. Weasley standing there smiling. "Hello, had a good time while I was gone?" She said smiling.

Ginny and Harry looked at each other, grinned, and then said at the same time, "Yeah, pretty good." Mrs. Weasley beamed at them, probably not knowing what they meant.

"Oh that's nice. Your father will be home soon Ginny, so go straighten up the living room. I expect he'll want to lie down after such a long day." Ginny didn't protest, but looked at Harry, smiled and walked out of the room without forgetting to shake her butt extra with every step.

"Please tell me you used a Bubble-Head Charm," Mrs. Weasley said in a strict voice, but she was also smiling. Harry didn't answer, he turned away from her and went into the living room to go help Ginny. He grinned when he realized that he would probably be able to do that with her for the rest of his life.

Hi everybody/anybody, this was my first story and I hope you liked it. I tried making a decent one and I hope it worked out well for you guys. Thanks for reading and please leave a comment! =D

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Very good. Except he would shove it up her ass not anal... Anal is the type of sex

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Very good keep it up


2010-04-06 06:38:42
wow, his life sucks... makes me wonder why he keeps getting hit by killing curses.

Good story anyway

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it was good, but you honestly cannot feel good about giving the BWL a tiny cock! seriously, he goes through all this shit in his life and he gets a small dick? fate does not like this boy!

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