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Well I'v been watching my sisters friend develop and have just always wanted to fuck her silly. Her name is

Mikayla and my sisters name is Shayna. So one night very late me and my sisters friend were sitting

talking to people on the internet. She was asked if she'd ever fingered her self and she said yes. I kinda got

exicted but it didnt go anywhere that night and she walked out the door and shook her nice round ass a bit.

She has 32 Cs a nice ass and a gorgous face. So we'd all play board games every friday of the week.

But one night it was different Mikayla had brought a friend over and i said i was sick so i didnt play that night

I was lieing in bed and i heard moaning coming from the living room. I peeked out my door and seen

Mikaylas boyfriend eating her tight virgin pussy out. She was lieing on the couch while he was eating her

out. I dont know where my sister went at this time. I ran and got my camara and started taping everything

that was happening. After he got done eating her out she started giving him a blowjob. He was only about 4

inches long. After taping a while i came out and yelled what the hell are you two doing. He grabed his cloths

and ran for the door. Mikayla was just sitting there half naked. She could tell i was staring at her boobs.

Shes was begging me not to tell anyone, exessally her parents. She beged shed do anything. I'm started

thinking and she could tell i was getting hard. Shes like no way am i gonna do that Ray. Im like youll

change your mind after you see what i have on you. I told her to come into my room and she did. i plug in

the camara and the computer poped up with a video of her doing everything to him. She sat there with her

mouth wide open. I just laughed. I'm like theres a few things i want you to do for me. You are going to be

my sex slave, your gonna help get dirt just like this on my sister, and your going to listin to what ever i say.

She just sat there taking it all in. Im your average teenager 16 with 7 inch. She could already tell what i had

in mind so she got down on her knees and unziped my pants and pulled them down to reveal my raging

hardon. She was amazed by the size but went right to work on my tool. She put her mouth down on the tip

of my cock and kissed it while jacking it off. She start taking more of it into her mouth she had about 5 and

half inches in and she started gaging. But she start pushing further and i helped by pushing my hips

forward and pulling her head down on my cock i was berried balls deep down her throat. I pulled back and

just started thrusting in and out and when i was about to cum i pushed her head down completely and shot

my load down her throat. I started going soft by she had me rock hard again. By now i knew she liked this.

I told her to turn around and lean over the chair. She did as she was told. I pressed my cock up against her

virgin pussy lips and started pushing in. and i slowly push it all the way in and let her ajust to the size. After

she got use to it i start pumping in and out of her. With every thrust into her shed push her hips back on me.

I was getting ready to cum and right away i pulled out and cover her back with my sticky goo. I ask her if she

wants to take a shower. Shes says yes so she goes and takes a shower. And thinking of our recent sex

session i walk into the bathroom and step into the shower and find her fingering herself. I bend her over

against the shower wall and line my cock up with her nice night pussy and i start pumping in and out faster

and faster and i cam in her. We got out and got dressed and went into the living room. Ok so heres another

thing tell me about my sister has she done alot? She's like wwell ummm idk if i should say and im like well

ok dont tell me but if you dont ill take your ass right no no lube and you cant say no. So she went and

pluged in a video camar she had into the tv. A homemade video started playing of my sisters striping.

She bent over for the camara and showed off her nice round ass in a black thong and turned around and

wiggled her 32 cs in the camara that were consiled by a nice little skimpy bra. I seen some hand come out

and smack her ass and it wasnt mikaylas hand. The camara moved around the room and there were about

there were about 5 guys and they were all about 6 inches. It went to her sucking on two of them while

jacking off the other 2 guys and the fifth guy was jacking off onto her face. I had to admit i was getting turned

on and mikayla could tell so she went right down on me. And the video ended with my sister covered in

cum. After i was done with my blowjob i asked if she had done anything else and she said my sister had

been fucked twice. I took the cam and uploaded the video to my serecet files. So me and her sat there

watching TV untill my sister got home. She got home late that night and Mikayala talked to her and my

i heard my sister yell hell no i aint doing that. She was like you have to. Unless you want that video of you

getting out on the web. She like how did he find it. well i had to im already his sex slave and its great.

So they came out and shes like ok do what you want with me. Im like ok Shayna strip down. She striped

down to her bra and thong. i said turn around and i smack her tight big ass. Oh am i gonna have fun with

this i thought to myself. She shook her ass in my face. I'm like Mikayla lean over the couch. She obeyed

right away. I smack her ass hard while shayna was still dancing and i was watching her tits bounce up and

down. I got some KG Jelly and put some around mikaylas ass hole and rub my dick down with it. I put it at

the enterence of her ass and pushed the head in, grabed her tits and started pushing in slowly. While that

was going on my sister was still dancing around which was making it hard to not cum. I pushed in balls

deep and pulled out a bit and started pumping in and and out faster and harder. She started moaning

rubing her clit. She was moaning very loudly. My sister must have been getting very horny because she

was on the floor. With her fingers between her life. All this was with the tightestness of mikaylas ass made

me cum harder then iv ever cum before. i pulled out. And we all took a shower and went to bed. I woke up

with my sister between my legs sucking me off. I got her to lean over the bed and she was well lubricated

and the rest of the head slipped easily inside of her. I pressed four inches into her and then stopped as

she showed signs of needing time to adjust. I move back out and slowly back in. Her feet wrapped behind

my butt and pulled me into her. I let six inches into her, then withdrew again. On my next entry into her she

took all seven inches and my balls. After five minutes of fucking her she was one big orgasm. I could not

distinguish if she ever stopped. After this i was Soon I was building up speed to match my sexual build up!

Shayna started humping up at me and her breathing got heavy too. Finally I was cumming in my sister’s

rectum. It was incredible. It was the best fuck of my life! She said that she was having an orgasm right

along with me and she wasn’t playing with herself either. I relaxed and my cock fell out of her butt. Shayna

relaxed and lowered her legs. I lay next to her for a few minutes. Soon Shayna was kissing me and

thanking me. Wow! It wasn’t a sisterly kiss either, it was better than Stella and Judy kiss.

After this i went back to bed. After a full night of sleeping we all woke up and ate dinner at the table. We

talked about the night before. i asked them if they had any fanasys. They were like gangbang. Well that can

be arranged. There faces lite up with smiles right away. Shayna went under the table and went right to

work on my tool and Mikayla got behind Shayna and started eating her out. I told Mikayla to lay on her back

in the living room. She did it and i told Shayna to start eating Mikayla out. i said stick your ass out shayna.

I got down on my knees and pushed the head of my dick up to her tight big tight ass. I pushed the head it

slowly and heard a moan and after i got the head compltly in I push my full length in fast and hard. She

stoped what she was doing to let out a squeel of pleasure. And went right back to eating mikayla. I start

pumping in and out of her fast and hard as i could and said i was gonna come i pulled out of her ass and

cam all over her back. I told Mikayla to come and eat all my cum off her back and to clean my cock off.

As she did it she gave Shayna a big slap on the ass. So that day we went on the internet to find some

people to join our little party. After a few hours of searching we found 2 black guys and 3 white guys willing

to join our party. We agreed to meet the next day. So they showed up at the house. They were all fit.

Shayna and Mikayla were come out the shower with towels. All of them striped down and shayna and

Mikayla went right to work. Shayna was blowing the bigger black who 10 inches off and jacking off two of

the white guys who were both about 6 inches. Mikayla was sucking me of and jacking off the other black

guy who was about 9 inches. After Mikayla got done getting me hard and the white guy whos name was

Rob. Rob layed down and she lowered her pussy on to his rock hard member. And i shoved my full length

into her ass and let her adjust. She said let me blow you to the big black guy whos name was jack. Shayla

told the black guy to lay down whos name was Jim. She did he sat on his cock and had the the guy named

robert in her ass and to blow off Ryan. After everyone came once in each there pussy and mouth. The two

white guys left. Ok after they left Shayna and Mikayla took a shower. We talked for a while. and shayna came

out and sat Robert and he imeditally started getting hard. They kissed a while and she he told her to lean

over the couch she did. She stuck her big ass out into the air and he pushed his big head up agaisnt her

ass. He pushed in slowly in his with his full length. He started pushing in faster and harder. She started

pushing her hips out towards him. She started to come with a scream of a moan. They were like that for

about 20 minutes. He was getting ready to cum and pushed in hard. Mikayla came out and told robert to

lay down he did and she sat on his big cock. and The jim put it up her ass. They fucked for 2 or 3 hours like

this with rotating between the two. After they were done they left and the girls thanked me for one of the

greatest nights theyve ever had.


will write more if i get good comments about it


2009-07-20 00:43:35
it was a story worth reading in my opinion


2009-05-30 02:34:13
who fuckin cares about grammer, the story was good that all it matters

Anonymous readerReport

2009-01-06 04:04:23
That was pretty good, but in the end very poorly written. I agree with everyone else, learn grammar.

Anonymous readerReport

2008-12-19 09:13:56
very poot grammar... poorly written


2008-12-17 13:44:49
resubmit with paragraphs and it might be worth reading

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