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When High School mentality makes you look a fool.
Pretty Boys Need Not Apply.

News flash boy,
You aren't the center world.
You got the looks, the laugh, the smile.
You're smart,
but not that smart.
You caught my eye,
but you aren't all that.

What could you possibly be thinking?

A dream is just a fantasy
a brief glimpse of what might have been.
Reality is the friend we most often forget,
When perception is twisted
chances lost in the blink of an eye.
The words of others nothing more
then a mask clouding the truth.

But life goes on,
Day by day,
and we never know of what might have been.
All it takes is a little faith in chance.
Do you dare?

Anonymous readerReport

2009-05-11 22:46:51
it has meaning
but i think rhythym could be improved

Michael MillerReport

2008-11-28 13:41:03
Is someone giving you a hard time on campus? Knowing your expectations, he'd be wise to not jerk your chain..E-mail me soon, you have my heart.....Dano

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