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Ten year old Katie starts fucking her sugar daddies
[Like all my stories, the main character in this long series is my alter ego, a lively, uninhibited 16 year old girl who is exploring her sexuality and poking fun at men.]

My name is Katie. I'm 16 years old. My father abandoned us early on and my mother struggled to pay the bills. She drinks a bit too much and has trouble keep a steady job. To have a little spending money, I started doing house cleaning when I was 10. Mostly, for single men in our church.

I guess they were lonely. I noticed early on the bulges in their pants. Since the boys my 5th grade class sometimes had bulges--erections, I didn't think about it. We had learned in health class that erections were normal in boys.

But since I was getting very interested in sex, I stared at the bulges when the guys were not looking. They seemed to go down when I wasn't near and shoot up when I was. Eeeww! The old guys were hot for me. At first, I thought it was sick. (When I say "old guys" I don't mean Viagra city. They are mostly in their 40s and 50s.)

Then I started to be flattered that adult men wanted me. None of the boys at school are interested in me. If they think of me at all, they probably laugh about my little titties.

I started seeing how hot I could get my customers. The more I flirted, the bigger the erections got, and the bigger my tips. ; )

I made a point of wearing short skirts, and little white cotton panties. As young girls will do, I frequently "forgot" to keep my knees together. Or I bent over in front of guys to pick up stuff they had strewn on the floor. (Men can be such pigs!)

In the gym locker room, girls sometimes make fun of what they call my "granny panties" - little girl white cotton panties. They mostly wear slutty thongs. I smile and say things like "Since I'm not a lezzy, I don't care if my panties turn you on." Or "I don't plan to let any boys get in my panties today so I might as well be comfortable." Or even "Some guys like the virginal look." (Do they ever.) If it's a mean girl, I might add "But I guess you couldn't pull off the virginal look."

As I got bolder, I started "innocently" hugging guys when they paid me, pressing against their dicks. OMG! My tips shot up as fast as their dicks! It's soooo easy to lead men around by their dicks! Especially if you are a preteen girl.

Once I started pressing against guys' dicks, that seemed to open the flood gates. They started caressing me and pulling me on their laps. Naturally, I played very shy--a little frightened but also sort of wide-eyed.

Before long, one guy came up behind me and put his hands under my shirt. He told me what sweet little breasts I had as he fondled them. (I hadn't even started wearing a training bra yet.) Again, I acted embarrassed. But I also wiggled against his dick. "Innocently," of course. Hee hee. He gave me $100! And I never even got much cleaning done.

Another guy sat me on his lap, against his very hard dick. He put his hand on my knee and told me how much he liked me. When I didn't complain, he started caressing between my legs, working his way up. When he started rubbing my little pussy through my wet cotton panties, I moaned and said "Um, that feels good, but we really shouldn't." I let him give me a long french kiss while he went back to caressed my leg.

The next time I cleaned for this guy, I let him slip his fingers into my panties and touch my tiny clit for a while. It was very exciting, but I played it up even more than that, telling him I didn't know anything could feel so good.

One day, I was cleaning the kitchen floor, when a different guy came up right in front of me and pulled out his erect dick. I hadn't ever seen a man's dick up close, so I really was interested. I acted very embarrassed and shy, but also like it was the most interesting thing I had ever seen. My eyes got wide.

The guy asked me if I would touch his dick. Again, I acted very embarrassed but I gingerly touched it, my hand shaking. He, of course, moaned and pre-cum started leaking out. I started shyly rubbing his dick up and down. He was uncircumcised. Every time the end of his dick popped out of his foreskin, I giggled like a little girl getting a new toy.

He asked me if he could put his dick in my mouth. I got very flustered, but didn't pull away when he gently put his hands on my head and slowly slid his cock in my mouth.

I guess he hadn't been with a woman for a long time. Anyways, he quickly shot a big load of hot, sticky cum in my mouth. Yuck! It was exciting but kind of gross. I had heard girls say that boys hate it when you spit out their precious cum, so I swallowed all of it, making a bigger deal of forcing it down than it really was.

The following week, the same man said it was my "turn." He laid my on the bed and started kissing up my leg. Soon, he was kissing my wet little white cotton panties. Then he pulled aside the leg band and started kissing and licking my tiny clit and plump smooth virgin pussy lips. He told me how sweet my little preteen pussy was. Oh, man! I was in heaven. He tried to pull off my panties but I held on to them. I knew he wanted to stick his cock in me, but I wasn't sure this was the right time. I did go down on him. I think he was happy when I left. :)

That summer, I went to church summer camp. I was still a virgin but feeling like I was ready to go all the way. The last night of camp, I went for a walk to a pond a little ways from camp. When I came to the clearing, I saw that a really cute older boy was swimming. I think he was about 16 or 17. When he dove under, I saw that he was nude.

(I know that tight-assed people would say that I should have waited until I was married to have sex. Oh, and that I shouldn't get married until I was out of school and had a job. And I should go to college and grad school. So, at 11, I was looking at 15 or 20 years of cold showers? No way, Jose! Asking kids to wait is stupid and sadistic. Stupid because we are going to screw anyway. And sadistic because, well, do I really have to explain?)

Anyways, on an impulse, I stripped nude and slipped into the water. I quietly swam up behind him and grabbed his cock, rubbing up and down and kissing his neck. I was behind him and there wasn't much of a moon. So he didn't realize I was only 11.

He was moaning. His eyes were half closed. I moved around and slipped his cock between my tiny pussy lips, putting my head on his shoulder. I put my legs around him and rammed his cock into my pussy. It hurt a little when my hymen broke, but I was too horny to care. After he came once and took a good look at me, he was shocked to have fucked a little girl.

But instead of stopping, he took my wrist and pulled me to the shore. He pretty much threw me down and ravished me. He was moaning, panting, humping like crazy, burrowing his face in my little cunt like a wild pig. Got the picture? Guess he figured if he was going to Juvenile Hall, or hell, anyway, he might as well enjoy himself.

After he fucked me and we were drying off and putting on our clothes (he had a towel), he looked like he thought he should say or do something romantic. I just kissed him, said "Thanks" and walked off. He avoided me the next morning, which was fine. It's what I expected.

My pussy was real sore the next day. Fortunately, we had gone horse-back riding the day before. When people asked why I was walking funny, I blamed it on that.

I realized right about then that all guys like to fuck preteen girls. Yes, really they do! OK, straight guys. I guess that gay guys like to fuck preteen boys. But I don't know.

I hadn't let any of my old guys fuck me yet. But then I started thinking. I had heard older girls talk about having sex with teen boys. They would do it in the back of his folks' car. Or they would wait for a time when their parents were going to be gone. All the time worrying about getting caught. The boys were clumsy and usually came too quickly. They wanted to stuff their cock down the girl's throat until she gagged. Then, they would brag to all their buddies. Soon, they would lose interest and move on to another conquest.

There were advantages to letting one of my "clients" make love to me. Most of them were very gentle with me, especially when I played up my little-girlishness. There was no way they were ever going to tell anyone they fucked me. They had nice private houses or apartments with comfortable beds.

One client was only about 40. He was in good shape. I decided to let him fuck me. Up until then, he had only caressed my leg, sometimes brushing my pussy mound. But I knew that he was crazy to fuck me. He was just too nice or scared or something.

The following week, while he was rubbing my leg, I acted like I was getting really turned on. Ok, I wasn't acting. I was really turned on about being fucked by a grown man. I put my head on his shoulder and said in a very soft, little girl voice wished he could make love to me.

He jerked and said "Oh, no. I couldn't possibly make love to you. You're way too young." (But he was breathing heavily and his face was red.) I looked like I was going to cry and said, in a tiny voice, "Don't you love me?" He said he did love me, that's why he didn't want to do anything to hurt me. I said that was why I wanted him to be the first one to do it (ok, a lie), that I knew he loved me and would be gentle. I kept cuddling and nuzzling and putting my mouth up for kisses until he gave in.

He was very gentle, the first time. He carried me to the bedroom and gently, and slowly, took off all my clothes. Like, slowly unbuttoning my shirt and softly kissing my titties before taking the shirt off. Slowly pulling down my little girl white cotton panties, while giving me lots of kisses on my pussy mound. Stuff like that. He told me what a beautiful little angel I was while kissing all over my little nude body for quite a while. He licked my wet pussy and said it was "Yummy".

Finally, he gently spread my little pink labia and started working is dick into my pussy. Naturally, I did the virgin act, pretending that it hurt but saying "It's OK. Don't stop!"

After he was all the way in my cunt, and I was acting like "OMG your dick is too big!" When he started to pull out, I screamed "No, don't stop! Fuck me! Fuck me!" He started gently thrusting again. (Like, ever since fucking at summer camp, I had stuck anything I could think of in my cunt - fingers, hair brush, carrots - so I wasn't really that tight.)

I have to give him credit. He must have been just about crazy with horniness at that point. Finally, I let myself have an orgasm and screamed "Oh, God, cum in me now! Fuck me! Fuck me! Give me babies!" He came so hard, I was about afraid he would have a heart attack. Then he cuddled me for a long time, caressing my tiny clitty and calling me "angel," "kitten," "princess," and junk like that before gently fucking me again.


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