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She's in control
It's a cold and stormy evening very windy. She
comes to your door step in nothing but a black silk
teddy. You can see her perky nipples through the top
and notice that she has nothing covering her bottom.

You bring her in outside of the cold and pull her
close to give her some warmth. Then you lead her to
the living room and sit her on top of the piano and
spread her legs so you can get a better view of
her freshly shaven pussy.

She enjoys you looking
and moves her hand down to the top of her clit and
starts to rub it. You want to taste her but she does
not let you she makes you watch her please her self
and knows you want her badly making her even hotter.

She starts to a moan a little and then stops
everything. You look at her with a puzzled look on
your face she grabs you and pulls you toward her she
places your arms up over your head she binds your
wrist together.

She knows that you have been
waiting for her to do that for a while. Now she
pulls you by your wrist making you walk behind her
watching her tight ass move from side to side she
leads you to the bedroom and pushes you down on the

You're starting to like where this is going not
knowing what she really has in store for you. She
leaves you there on the bed with your wrist bound
above your head letting your mind race and wonder
what is to happen next.

She returns with a little
black bag you can only imagine what kind of goodies
are in there. Now she sits next to you on the bed
staring at your hard cock, she moves and straddles
you with her pussy just above your face and her
mouth at the tip of your cock.

How you wish you
could taste her pretty pink lips but she just keeps
teasing you keeping her bare clit just out of reach
of your now watering mouth.

Suddenly you feel her
warm mouth slide over the tip of your member and
work her way down slowly until her mouth is
completely filled with your hardness. Now you watch
as she starts to rub her clit and lick your balls,
you can't stand it any longer you beg for her to let
you fuck her with your tongue.

She agrees and now
straddles your face practically suffocating you with
her soft wet lips, you start to tease her pussy with
your tongue slowly darting it toward her hole she
moans in pleasure bucking her hips toward your face.

While you're tongue fucking her she starts to deep
throat your hard cock moaning all while taking it in
her mouth she starts to play with your balls and it
sends a shock through your body.

She screams out
loud as you nibble and suck on her clit. You taste
her sweet nectar and know that she wants your hard
cock inside her tight pussy.

She lifts herself off
your face and now moves to lay on her stomach
between your thighs she starts to lick and suck on
your balls once more while stroking your cock.
She suddenly stops what she is doing and starts to pull toys out of
little black bag .

You're are
still tied up as you watch her start to pull some
things out. You watch in amazement as she pulls out
some lube a anal plug and even more shocking a 5in
flesh colored strap on.

She knows she has your mind
racing now she lets loose one of your wrist and she
tells you to roll over and get on your knees you
obey no questions asked.

She binds your wrist
together once more now that she has you where she
wants she spreads your legs and begins to flick her
tongue at your small hole. This sends tingles up
your spine as she gives you a rim job while stroking
your rock hard rod, slowly now you feel a finger
start to venture near your hole you just can't wait
to have her play with your ass and you tell her so.

She sucks on her finger and massages it on your hole
and she works it in you are the verge of loosing
control. She grabs the lube and works it around your
hole while added another finger to the fun. Two
fingers in your ass now and it has you moaning and
wanting more, finally she adds another finger and
now your in heaven wishing that she would just take
you now.

Finally looking in between your thighs you
can see her getting ready to strap on her tool she
tells you she wants to lick and suck the flesh colored rod before she lubes it
up and fucks you.

You're reluctant at first but you
obey you are being pleased to much to say no to her.
She watches you while you lick the tip and slowly
work it into your mouth she backs off of your face
as so not to choke you with the toy.

She unbinds
your wrist and tells you that while you suck on her
tool she wants you to play with her ass how you want
to lick it and please her as she has pleased you
thus far.

But she has you working the rod that will
be in your ass shortly. She feels you pull her ass
cheeks apart and start to rub her hole she wants
your cock badly but she wants to take you as well.

Soon she is moaning and she tells you to get back on
your knees she licks your hole once more as she
lubes up the strap on and gets ready to take your
ass. Your hole is aching with anticipation you have
wanted this for so long.

She asks you if your ready
for her and before you even say yes she slowly
starts to work at entering your tight ass. At first
you feel almost a burning sensation as the tip
starts to enter she hears your deep sigh and keeps
with her slow pace trying to work that cock into
your hole.

Soon the deeper she gets the better it
feels soon she now has you bucking back toward her and
moaning. She loves it when you make noise for her
and she smacks your ass while fucking you.

You're in ecstasy now and on the verge of Cumming and she is not having
anything to do with your cock. She loves you bucking
toward her as she thrust the tool in your ass as
deep as she can this startles you a bit but still
feels so good you can barely stand it anymore.

she starts to play with your balls while pounding
your ass this is such a great feeling to you she
hits it really deep one more time and you cum right
in her hand while she is thrusting your ass and playing
with your balls she strokes your cock until its empty.


2005-01-17 11:31:30
MND, I liked this eventhough I'm more into getting fucked than fucking guys. I've written several request stories for male friends, but none of them come out this good.


2004-05-01 21:40:27


2004-03-29 14:52:37
loved it


2004-03-16 19:14:42
loved it. I am going to try this on hubby when he gets home!! he will love it.


2004-03-15 15:40:58
No Prob that story was a request a male friend of mine asked for. Glad I got your imagination as well hehe. Thanks for the feedback

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