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a little bit of humor to start off...
Once upon a time, there was a fairy princess. she would grant wishes to anybody noble and true, as long as they gave her something in exchange. well, one day, Sir Weecock kidnapped the fairy princess and told her to grant his wish or he would kill her. "whats your wish?" she said. Sir Weecock pulled down his pants and displayed his puny, shriveled, disgusting 1 1/2 inch penis. "all the girls i've raped and pillaged complain about my size. when i wake up tomorrow, i want it to touch the floor when i am standing up. and i want it to stay like that forever. that is my wish." the fairy princess thought for a minute. "ok" "thank you" said Sir Weecock. Sir Weecock returned the princess to the castle, and went to bed, hoping tomorrow would come quickly, like himself. the next morning, Sir Weecock turned to get out of bed, and fell out. he got up, looked down at his manhood, seeing that it touched the floor. that was good, but something was very, very, very wrong. "WHERE THE FUCK ARE MY LEGS!!!"

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2012-05-30 17:08:48
What a beautiful llitte Magical Fairy! Love the bling :). I caught your mistake: you asked for 2 things: peace and quiet and the fairy was confused. Or perhaps, the sweet fairy felt that if she went away, then you would be left with peace and quiet you so desired. Of course, we all know to be a llitte wary of too much peace or quiet in a house with kids...means they're up to something!

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2009-01-13 20:05:16
an old joke but still funny


2009-01-13 20:03:38
an old joke but still funny

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2008-12-08 04:13:58
The funniest part was before the punchline O.o

And 2008-12-02, you are so right!


2008-12-04 15:25:00
Way too old and not told well.

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