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Bev is finger fucked whilst shopping at supermarket

If you have read any of my other stories about Bev you will know that she is my girlfriend and is some 15 years younger than me. She is also the biggest dirtiest slut that I have had the pleasure to know.

I had been out to work since 0445 this morning and was to say the least pretty knackered, but Bev who was off for a few days had enjoyed a lay in bed until 1100 that morning so she told me in a text message. As always as soon as I got in the door she was all over me wanting to cuddle and kiss her and fuck her.

For fucks sake Bev just let me get in and get my boots off first I pleaded, I want you smelly and dirty she replied the smellier the better.

She usually didn’t loose her arguments or when it came to getting her own way concerning fucking but I stood my ground and told Bev I NEED to go to the toilet fast. At least that way I could get into the bathroom and lock the door and shower.

When I got into the shower she began knocking on the door calling me a bitch and more. Oh well she’ll get over it I told myself, there would be plenty of fucks after the one she has just missed.

After I got out of the bathroom I changed into a pair of footy shorts minus the undies, I liked to feel my balls hanging low and my cock rubbing against the shorts.

Bev was in the kitchen putting dishes away and I crept behind her and grabbed her buttocks and squeezed, fuck off unless your going to fuck me right here and right now. Fuck me, your crank and horny today, what brought this on, not that it is unusual for you but you are cranky tonight.

Well if you must know I was almost picked up whilst I was in the supermarket shopping.

I have to explain to you that this is one of Bev’s regular pick up places then she brings them home and fucks them stupid. Sometimes it is pre-arranged with me sometimes she just gets so horny she has to get laid and tells me later in great detail while she is fucking me.

Interesting, tell me what happened.

Well I was pushing my trolley mining my own business.

Hang on minute tell me what you were wearing first.

Just clothes Bev replied.

Right, what clothes, describe them to me, I bet they weren’t the sort of thing every respectable housewife would wear out shopping.

Just a skirt and top and my squash shoes. Which skirt and which top. I knew all the clothes that Bev owned, some were vulgar some were raunchy and some were just revealing so take you pick.

My tartan skirt and my wrap around brown top. Fucking hell Bev no wonder he tried to pick you up, I assume it was a man. I asked this because Bev is bi-sexual and had already been with several married women in town, much to my delight several times but not in all cases sometimes it was at the other woman’s house which excluded me from the entertainment.

To explain, the skirt she worn, it was a tartan skirt that only possessed 3 buttons so that may give you some idea how small or short the length was. It was maybe only 12-14” from waist to hem and the bottom button was about 3” from the hem so there was a nice split in the bottom of the skirt as she walked along.

Picture that walking in front of you, because when she walked the hem swayed and gave the follower a really good view of her arse cheeks. Notice I didn’t say panties because she never worn them except for once a month, she hated them with a passion. When we first met I loved knowing that she could flash anyone she wanted or without her knowing.

One day I asked her why she didn’t wear panties. Easy, if someone wants to finger my cunt they don’t have to get under the pants first, well, that was obvious…. NOT

Now for the top which by the way was a favourite of mine for the reasons that will become obvious to the reader.

It was a light brown silky materiel that really clung to her 36c breasts and swayed with the movement of them. It tied behind her head at the base of her neck, had a very low plunge neck line that didn’t require her to bend too much at all for you get a flash of her gorgeous breasts or as she like to call them her titties. It had materiel down the front of her body and ended at the waist, the side was probably in line where the pockets would be on a pair of jeans at the front, which left her back completely naked. It was then tied off again at the back and the knot left to hang low over her buttocks. So if you can imagine the top was not being held tightly against her body and when you looked from the back it was very easy to see all her breast from the side.

Bev that is the outfit I would call cum fuck me I’m a slut and available now!!!

It’s not that bad… is it?

Bev that is the outfit you wear in the big smoke when we go swinging in the clubs and you wonder why you were hit on in the supermarket.

Anyway, what happened I know you are dying to tell me, she was really good at describing things in detail, must be the slut coming out in her.

Well I was walking around and when I was in an aisle these two boys wouldn’t take their eyes of me and began following me around. One time when I was bending over getting something off a low shelf they walked past me really close and one of them brushed against me to get past, Barry he actually touched my thigh, high up!!. I think he in fact groped my thigh not brushed against it.
Bev was now sounding like a schoolgirl that was shocked by what had happened but in reality knowing her it was the start of her getting turned on and decided to play games with them as she loved to do.

Did it turn you on feeling him brush against you touching the inside of your thigh; I know it doesn’t take much to make to horny.

You make it sound as if I’m a slut she said, Bev you are and you know it, well did it turn you on. Yes she said it did. I bet you went on to make a game of it and tease them didn’t you. Oh all right yes I did and I loved it.

What happened after he brushed against you? Well they stopped just further up the aisle pretending to look at something but one of them the younger one with the singlet on just kept looking at me, the other ones phone rang and he walked off and I didn’t see him again.

So I thought fuck it why not he’s obviously interested so I turned my back to him and leant into the trolley to put something in the basket and I leant all the way over almost bending in half, I know he was watching and he would defiantly have seen right up my skirt and that I didn’t have any panties on. Hell, shit this was starting to get erotic and I could feel my juices starting to run out of my pussy lips already

Bev that doesn’t take much does it. Shut the fuck up if you want to hear the story, I know you do because you cock tells me it does. She was right of course my cock was sticking out from under my shorts so I dropped them to the floor, you fucking bitch she said.

Carry on with the story. How the hell do you expect me to concentrate with that dangling in front of me? So I grabbed a towel from the pile of laundry that was on the table. And how is that supposed to help she said, it’s still pointing at me. Just keep going I told her.

When I stood up and turned around he was adjusting his cock in his shorts, poor thing he was having a terrible time trying to hide it so he put his basket in front of his groin.

But I thought to myself if you want to play games I’m willing and able and I can play better than you.

I pushed my trolley towards him and stopped about 2 feet from him and I’m sure he would have able smell my pussy juice. I looked at him and our eyes met and I gave him a really cheeky smile that told him I caught you looking up my skirt didn’t I.

Anyway I went into the next aisle that was at the far end of the supermarket but before I turned the corner I looked to see if he was following me and the cheeky bastard was so I thought, OK lets play

As he turned the corner he nearly had a heart attack because what he saw was me crouching down with my knees fully open facing his direction He had an absolutely full on view of my naked cunt as he was less than 6 feet away when he turned the corner. I was pretending to be looking at a label and made out that I hadn’t seen him.

He stopped, bent down grabbing something off the shelf and look straight at my cunt, no eye contact now just full on perving up my skirt past my spread legs. He was only 3 feet away from me.

Fuck you I’ll see how game you are and as I put the tin back on the shelf I knocked another one off onto the floor. He was over like a shot and bent down right in front of me and picked it and gave it to me saying there you are miss.

I’m still squatting down with my legs fully spread and he is directly in front of me handing me the stupid fucking tin within arms distance of me. After he handed me the tin he took his eyes off me and blatantly diverted them back to my pussy that was a mere 2 feet from his face and he just stared between my legs.

Fuck you are game and I like that.

Thank you young man I said, it’s my pleasure and if I can help you with anything else please let me know.

You cheeky bastard!!!

Thank you I will I told him.

As I stood up I noticed that my skirt had crumpled up in my groin from crouching but I didn’t smooth it down instead I turned around knowing full well that it was bunched around my ass cheeks. It was only after a couple of steps that I turned around and he was transfixed watching my ass that I grabbed the hem and pulled it to a respectable position.

I knew he was hooked and that he knew I was game so kept on walking with him following me. I wonder how long he will keep this up before he got bored I wondered.

Further down the same aisle I spotted my next move. There was a single step platform that the staff use for stocking higher shelves and I thought because it is near to closing time the staff had probably gone home and left it, this would account for the lack of shoppers plus it was a supermarket that was in a small arcade away from the main shopping area. I don’t know how it survived to be honest but right now I’m very glad it’s here.

I turned slightly to make sure he was still there and he was. I stopped next to the step and looked up pretending that I wanted something from up higher. I turned slightly towards him without looking at him and raised a leg onto the top of the step. This had the advantage of hiking my skirt up my thighs almost to the top of my legs. Out of my side vision I could see that he was slowing and probably saying to himself yes go on get on the fucking step so that I can walk past and look under you short skirt and see your naked pussy.

As he got to within 5-6 feet I stepped all the way up and when he was really close I pretended to slip. Feigning a fall he took the opportunity to stop me falling.

This he achieved by placing one of his hands on my ass cheeks on the outside of my skirt. The other accidently found it’s way under my skirt hem on the outside of my other thigh, which wasn’t that difficult as I had let it ride up when I stood on the step and left it there with the sole purpose of flashing him.

Oh hell, I nearly fell I said to him and I continued to lean into him so that he had no other option but to hold on to me. As he was maintaining my balance the hand under my skirt began to venture around the front of my thighs, very, very slowly but there was no mistaking the movement.

Please don’t let go I don’t want to fall I said to him. Your ok I’ve got you and won’t let you fall I promise. Oh thank, you just hold me until I get my balance I think I hurt my ankle when I slipped.

Of course I was moving around slightly trying to get my balance and see if I could stand on my injured ankle. This had the benefit for both of us to allow his hand to creep further around the front of my thighs.

Fuck this was getting hot and wondered if he could smell my pussy juices.

The hand that was supporting my left buttock somehow had managed to push my skirt further up and I could feel his hot breath on my naked buttock right between my ass cheeks so he was very close to me. The thumb on this finger had now slipped between my thighs and his hand was moving upwards so that the thumb was reeeeeally close to my cunt.

He had now turned slightly to my right side so that his left had was directly under my left buttock with his thumb only about 1inch from my cunt lips and his right hand had moved to the front of my thighs and was moving upwards as well.

His hand at the back still moved up and I could feel his thumb just on the edge of my cunt. I was wishing desperately for him to slip it in but thought that he wouldn’t be game enough.

Fuck, wrong, his thumb came in contact with my lips and I nearly came on the spot, fuck you boy, you really are game. He encountered absolutely no resistance from me so he slipped it into my very wet cunt. His other hand came around and travelled up as well and found my clit with a finger. He simply started to rub my clit and finger my cunt at the same time as I was standing on the step. I could feel the juices pouring out of me and down my leg and have now doubt that he was aware of it.

Don’t stop I told him I’m just on the edge, with that he rubbed my clit harder and fingered me even more. FUCK FUCK FUCK and with that I gave a shudder and came holding my hand to my mouth to suppress a scream.

After I orgasmed and calmed down I asked to be helped down and I turned and he leant forward and gave my wet pussy a flick with his tongue. Fuck, stop that or we will be going again I told him, that’s fine by he replied. I smoothed my skirt down panting for breath.

Well that was interesting I told him, now that you’ve had your fingers inside me and made me orgasm I’ll tell you that my name is Bev and I’m very pleased to meet you. Hi my name is Chris he said and it is REALLY nice to meet you and see so much of you.

What are you doing tonight he said as I am only in town for 2 nights, I live in the next town and only get here every 2-3 weeks

Are you asking me out I said. Yes I suppose I am after all we are fairly well acquainted already aren’t we.

Leaning close into me he started rubbing my titties and I responded by groping his groin that was straining against his shorts

I can’t argue with that I said.

Where are you going in town tonight and I’ll see if I can get away I told him.

Ok, I’ll be at the club from about 9 tonight. If you haven’t picked up some skirt by then I said.

I’ve picked up all the skirt I need for tonight he cheekily replied sniffing his hand and fingers then licking them.

Bev I said, can we just go back about 20 minutes, I thought you said you nearly got picked up. Yes that’s right I didn’t leave with him so in my books I didn’t get picked up.

Bev he finger fucked you in the supermarket for fucks sake don’t you think that is picking you up, not reeeealy she said.

Anyway what do you want to do I asked.

First of all I want that hard cock of yours she said so shut the fuck up and take me PLEEEEASE she begged. She turned around and bent over the bench top and pulled up her skirt that she still had on.

Seeing as you as so nicely I said certainly. I moved behind her ripped off my towel and pulled her ass cheeks apart, she reached under and guided me into her sopping wet pussy.

Just fuck me hard and make me cum I’m right on the edge.

I began ripping into her cunt for all I was worth just ramming her as she asked.

There was no finesse and I really wanted to fucking rip her apart because she had turned me on so much with her story.

Every time I rammed against het she let out a noise as if the wind had been knocked out of her Fuck me you bitch she kept saying that’s it ram my cunt like a whore .

I reached in front of her and started to rub her pussy as I wanted het to orgasm before I blew. That’s nice keep rubbing me, yes! I’m right on the edge please don’t cum before me my lover she said.

I hope your near I said because I am. As I was rubbing her clit I grabbed one of her titties and squeezed her nipple hard twisting I knew she loved it.

That did it she started to breathe heavily and began bucking against me as I thrust in to her.

That’s good get ready for my juices, I’m just abooooout there, FUCK ‘I’m cummmmmming’… and just as she started her orgasm I blasted my semen high into her cervix to meet the downward flow of her juices.

When she had calmed down and I had pulled out of her she turned around gave me kiss on the lips and said I just love it when we orgasm at the same time.

Well my little fuck queen what do you intend to do about lover boy that has invited you out for the evening.

Well !!!!… she said what do you think. Don’t ask me he doesn’t want to fuck me so you make the decision.

Come and help me pick out some suitable clothes. OK I said but don’t forget your not at the clubs in Brisbane, this is a small town.

She pouted her lips and said just a little naughty please.

I don’t think you could get naughtier than you had on in the supermarket today.

So of we went into the bedroom to choose her fuck me outfit for tonight.

Bev continues her adventure in Bev (part5) at the club after the supermarket


2015-07-19 15:36:17
I know you are super HORNY with all these fantastically hot stories with Bev and her wet juicey cunney !!!! Spelling mistakes etc are excused in my book !

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2013-12-12 13:10:26
Fuck!! My pussy is dripping hot!! I want a hard rough fuck which just rips me apart !!!

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2013-12-12 13:10:23
Fuck!! My pussy is dripping hot!! I want a hard rough fuck which just rips me apart !!!

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Sounds like I did in store but when I fell off the stool my skirt tore in two pieces and u a tually walked out if store bottomless. Showing off to everyone who wanted to see my oussy

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2008-11-22 09:52:28
I hate it when a writer misspells the title. BEVATTHE is not supposed to be one word. You also do a poor job of proofreading your story and let a lot of small mistakes pass through. You have only written three stories but tell us that part 5 will be the next one.

Someday you have to get your story together.

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