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simple country ma
The town of Tze Chiang is a days ride to the city of Langzhou and 2 days walk back. Ah Sang is country farmer who ploughs and farm padi for a living. This very day, he needs some buffaloes to help him, as the winter months has just ended. He travelled by bus to the city and bought some 10 buffaloes.With all the money spend, he cannot afford to rent any transportation to ferry the animals back. He has to shoo them back by foot.

Night falls after a hot and hard day guiding the animal, he reached an Inn.

Ah Sang: Anyone in?

Lady boss: Oh yes, but we are closed for business as my husband is not around He has gone for a business trip in the city.

A. S: Is it ok for me to stay for a night?

L. B: No. No. No. I told you my husband is not home. And I cannot put you in for the night.

A. S: Please. I had a hard day today driving the animals back. I will give you 3 buffaloes, if you allow me to stay for a night.

L. B: Why not? (murmuring to herself) OK. Please tie them at the back of the sty.

An hour later!!!!!

A. S. Lady, Can I have dinner for tonight?

L. B: No. No. No. I told you my husband is not home. I don't cook.

A. S: Please. I will give you another 5 animals for a decent dinner.

L. B: Why not?(...... after all my husband will says, what a lady you are_...) Ok, Please tie them at the back of the sty.

He had a good dinner. And its time for bed. After clearing all the dishes, the lady boss went for her bath and came out wearing scantilly.

A. S: What a beautiful body!!!!! Can I....................

L. B. No. No. No. .......................

A. S.: Don't worry lady, I will give you 10 of my beasts in exchange for ..................... but I will only penetrate
"a little bit at the entrance only",

L. B.: Why not? (after all husband will not know) OK. At the entrance only and no more.

A. S.: Ok

After nearly an hours of "a little bit" the lady boss got exceited and started to shout and moan.

L. B.: Oh dear, Don't stop and push it in. please

A. S.: Sorry lady, I can't

L. B.: Why

A. S.: Cause I have only 2 left.

L. B.: Oh. I want you to penetrate fully and don't stop. I don't want any of your animals, you can take all back with you. I don't want that "LITTLE BIT"

That evening Ah Sang really had a good time, without loosing any of his buffaloes.

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2012-10-22 13:37:22
An intelligent point of view, well eprxesesd! Thanks!


2011-12-15 10:50:09
this was just stupid. not funny


2009-08-06 21:36:15
this ah sang IS smart ass

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2009-06-18 00:56:00
I dont get it

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2009-05-27 00:03:57
nice haha. better than i was expecting at first..

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