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My daughter wants to pose nude for me in a very sexy way.
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Pose Nude For Daddy

To relax I took up painting several years ago. Not houses, lawn ornaments, or even landscapes. What excites me is sex, women, and especially nudes. So I paint portraits of my nude wife.

She is the most perfect wife a man could ever want. She is still very pretty after turning thirty-five and being married for almost eighteen years. Our daughter Cheyenne just turned sixteen a week ago. She looks a lot like her mother. In fact they have almost the identical bodies. Cheyenne is actually a few pounds heavier and one bra cup smaller than her mother is but both of them are very athletic and they both run five miles every morning before breakfast.

Every Sunday morning after breakfast instead of going to church I get my easel, canvas, paints, and brushes out of the closet and my wife strips down and gets into position on our bed. For the next three hours she poses for me trying not to move around very much. Afterwards we have sex and then lunch.

Sometimes we miss a Sunday, but not too many. Sometimes it takes me a few weeks to finish a painting or even a few months depending on what I portray. Sometimes I’m not in any hurry either.

Cheyenne knows what goes on behind closed doors and she has seen my finished paintings too. When she turned thirteen she started coming into our bedroom more often to watch me work for a few minutes before going about her day.

She seemed to have been interested in pussies because if I was painting her mother from the tits up or her nice firm ass Cheyenne was less interested. However, if I was painting her mother with her pussy lips spread open or her pussy from behind with her ass up in the air doggy style then Cheyenne was very interested.

The painting I was doing was of my wife’s open pussy about a hundred times bigger than normal. Cheyenne was quite interested! She watched me for several minutes every hour. During one painting that I had finished recently Cheyenne just stared at my side for hours telling me what a great artist I was.

Cheyenne wanted to know what I was going to paint next and I told her that I had a big breast in mind, just one, and about three feet tall.

Cheyenne blushed and said, “Daddy, what if you painted a close-up of a beautiful pussy and nice puckered asshole with a double-ended dildo folded in half and stuck in both holes.”

My wife said, “Honey, I don’t think I would like a dildo shoved up my ass for three hours at a time.”

Cheyenne said, “I wasn’t talking about you Mom.”

My wife smiled and said, “Oh, so you want to pose nude for Daddy?”

Cheyenne replied, “Well I have been thinking about it for quite a while. Would you mind Mom?”

My wife smiled and said, “Not at all. Do you have your own double ended dildo or do you need us to get you one?”

Cheyenne said, “I’ve been using yours but I would love one of my own. Do they come any bigger and longer? I think the more I’m stretched the better I would look.”

My wife said, “Why don’t we go to the Adult Boutique and check some out. Better yet, how about we check the Internet.”

So off the girls went and when they returned my wife had placed an order for a new dildo. According to her it was a whopper too. It was a good two and a quarter inches in diameter and twenty-four inches long with a cock head on each end. I was amazed and then my wife said that she had ordered the same thing in two smaller sizes too, just in case. The two inch in diameter and the one and three quarter inch diameter would allow Cheyenne to build up to the bigger one over a period of time.

Meanwhile, I got to start my first nude portrait of my daughter. Even though she was completely nude I chose to paint her breasts and head. I really wanted to capture her face and her perky breasts.

Later in the week a package arrived. When I got home from work my daughter couldn’t wait to show me her new toys and to demonstrate the smallest one for me. So I watched as she slipped that dildo into her pussy and then pounded it in just as far as her love hole would allow it. She marked the depth with her thumbnail and then measured seven inches exactly. Then I could scarcely believe that she got about twenty-two inches of it into her ass. She only held onto the second head so that she could pull it back out again. I wondered where the damn thing went. Twenty-two inches was basically her entire torso from her pelvic bone to her shoulders. Damn! She explained to me that her mother had given her an enema to make room for it in her large intestines. Then she demonstrated that she could get the other two into her pussy although the big one took some extra lubricant and a little more effort to get it in. However, Cheyenne had the right idea, her pussy looked very good stretched over that big dildo and her asshole had clung to that small one as it was pulled out too. I suggested that she put both in her holes and that I just connect them with paint on my canvas. No way! She promised me that she would be ready by the time I had finished her ‘tittie picture’ as she referred to it.

When her mother reminded her that she would have to keep that huge dildo in her ass for the full three hours, Sunday after Sunday, Cheyenne just smiled at her.

Cheyenne had given it a lot of thought and told us of her future interests. She wanted to enlarge her pussy to accept small beer bottles, soda cans, and eventually wine bottles. When asked why she replied that she had seen a porno movie of a girl sticking all kinds of things in her pussy from cucumbers and full stalks of celery to sticks of pepperoni and summer sausage. However, it was when the woman danced around and squatted down on a Champaign bottle that Cheyenne had an orgasm without even touching herself. The neck of the bottle must have entered her uterus because she squatted down almost to the stage floor. Wow! I’d love to see that movie. Okay! Cheyenne would ask her friend if she could borrow it for me. My wife suggested buying a copy or just copying it ourselves if it excited Cheyenne so much. Okay!

The next evening Terri was invited to dinner. That was not really unusual but what happened afterwards was. Terri had brought over her father’s VCR tape for us ‘all’ to watch. I had not thought about watching a sex tape in front of her.

It was not as simple as popping the tape in the machine either because I had to connect two machines together to copy the tape. While I was busy doing that the three girls apparently had something else in mind too. When they joined me they had on three of my white T-shirts and nothing else. Each girl was holding onto a long double-ended dildo too. My wife had the big fat one and Terri had the skinnier one in her hand. That left the middle one for Cheyenne.

Once we were ready and I had hit the record button on one and the play button on the other one, the girls just stared at the television screen. It wasn’t long before all three dildos had been inserted and they were working them pretty good. I was sitting between my wife and my daughter so I grabbed their dildos and started fucking into them with them. Both girls removed their T-shirts, used a free finger to play with their clits, and their other hand to stroke a breast. Orgasms abounded. That video was really something too. It gave me a whole new set of ideas for Cheyenne and my future paintings. Actually a donkey came to mind but a big dog ran a close second. When it showed the lady with the Champaign bottle I got all excited just thinking that Cheyenne wanted to accomplish that too.

After that I moved so that I was near Terri and replaced her hands on the small dildo with my own. She seemed to really enjoy me fucking her with the dildo too. She removed her T-shirt and played with both of her breasts and nipples. She had a couple of really good orgasms before the tape ended.

I was hard and they were all naked with the dildos still sticking out of their pussies.

Terri patted my cock and said, “You can fuck me if you want too. My father always does whenever we watch one of these movies together. And my brother gets to fuck my mother. Sometimes they double up on Mom or I, but mostly Dad just fucks me.”

Cheyenne said, “You can fuck me too Daddy. Her brother just took my virginity the other day but he didn’t feel anything like this dildo.”

My wife said, “Why don’t you fuck them both honey, I know that you have been dying too and here is your chance. Obviously they both do anal too.”

Terri added, “We both do oral too. Cheyenne sucked my Dad off the other day and she ate my mother’s pussy.”

Cheyenne said, “Terri and I have been eating each other’s pussies for a couple of months now. We just recently added her mother and then the other day I let the guys double up on me. Her brother got my pussy while her father fucked my mouth. It wasn’t bad.”

My wife spread her legs, removed the big dildo, and said, “Terri get over here and show me what you can do while Cheyenne lets her father fuck her.”

Cheyenne scooted to the edge of the couch as I knelt between her legs. Together we both watched the expression on my wife’s face as Terri started to attack her with her tongue. Then I simply slipped my cock into my daughter and watched her smile.

Cheyenne said, “You should paint just this.” Then she held her L-shaped fingers making a frame around her pussy with my cock inserted into it. She was right it would make for a good painting.

Terri heard us talking and asked, “Can you paint me sometime. Maybe with my tongue in your wife’s pussy like this.” Then Terri shoved her fingers into my wife’s pussy, spread her lips wide, and thrust her face into it making sloppy wet sounds as she did.

My wife then said, “But I want both of our full bodies to show. That way I can always remember that Terri had her tongue in my pussy for three hours every Sunday for a good six months.”

Terri said, “I’d like that too.”

Cheyenne said, “Daddy maybe you can paint me on Saturday and Terri and Mom on Sunday.”

I replied, “That works for me.” Everyone agreed.

Then I fucked into my daughter’s pussy in earnest. She said, “You’re a lot better than Terri’s brother. That felt very good.” After an orgasm she said, “Daddy I only want you to fuck me from now on. I don’t want Terri’s brother or her father to fuck me anymore.”

Terri said, “If his cock is that good I sure need to try it too.”

My wife said, “Believe me his cock is that good. Now get back to business. I still need another orgasm.”

With my ego stroked like that I just started thrusting and cumming into my daughter’s sweet hole.

Cheyenne said, “Thanks Daddy. Have you ever thought about painting four girls in a Daisy Chain? I think Terri’s mother would join us.”

My wife just smiled and said, “You still have Saturday and Sunday in the afternoons if you like. Now all you need is another idea for a fourth painting.”

Terri suggested, “How about two mothers sharing double-ended dildos with their two daughters?”

Cheyenne added, “What about a four-way dildo with all of us on it?”

My wife said, “Maybe we should save that one for another time. I think we just turned your father’s relaxation hobby into a full time weekend job.”

After her second orgasm my wife said, “Thank you Terri. Do you want me to help you get him hard again?”

Terri replied, “No thank you. I get enough oral sex around my house to know how to get him hard.”

Cheyenne added, “Yeah she has had to suck her brother’s cock and her father’s cock about ten times a day since she turned thirteen.”

Terri said, “You’re exaggerating. It’s only four or five times a day. My brother thinks my mouth is his own personal sperm bank. Mom takes pretty good care of Dad.”

Then Terri slipped her mouth down over the head of my cock and started sucking. She sure was good. It didn’t take me very long to get hard and slip it into her pussy. She had been fucked a lot too because she certainly knew what to do with that honey pot of hers. I may have been the one fucking her but her pussy was fucking right back at me and it had a mind of its own too. God, could that girl do things with her pussy muscles that no other girl has done to me. My wife could take lessons from Terri. All I know is that when I started to cum, it was with far more force than normal. There was much more quantity too. Terri joined me with her orgasm and we finished together.

Terri said, “Cheyenne, you and your mother are right…he is that good.” Then she laughed out loud and said, “I just might laugh the next time my brother fucks me. He can’t fuck for shit and apparently my Dad isn’t much better either now that I know better.”

That night lying in bed next to my wife she said, “You had better purchase some extra canvases and I’ll have a talk with Terri’s mother tomorrow.”

The next day on my lunch hour I went to the store and purchased some more canvases in larger sizes, assorted oil paints, and some more cleaning fluid. I knew that I would be using a lot of flesh colors so I stocked up on that in varying shades.

After lunch my wife called me at work and said that she and Terri’s mother Evelyn had a full morning together. They had coffee and looked at my paintings, all of them, since my very first one. Evelyn had said that I had certainly improved over the years and that I should sell some of them. My wife told her that I would never sell a painting that I poured my heart and soul into.

Anyway Evelyn said that she would be glad to pose for me and that she would be happy to do ‘The Four-Girl Daisy Chain’ on Saturday afternoons and ‘The Two Mothers Sharing The Double-Ended Dildos With Their Two Daughters’ on Sunday afternoons. For the Daisy Chain the mothers decided that they wanted their tongues in their daughter’s pussies. That put Terri’s tongue back in my wife’s pussy for another three hours.

She said that Cheyenne was looking forward to having her breast enlarged on canvas on Saturday mornings and that she herself was looking forward to having Terri’s delightful tongue in her pussy every Sunday morning.

She then said that Evelyn and Terri would be happy to fix any erection that came up, especially after Terri had told her mother how good I was at sex.

Well Friday after work I got my thoughts together and talked things out with my wife and daughter. Up till then all of my painting had basically been done in our bedroom behind closed doors. However things would have to change somewhat.

Cheyenne’s enlarged breast could be painted in her bedroom on Saturday mornings.

The four girls in a Daisy Chain on Saturday afternoons could be painted in the newly carpeted family room with the girls all on the floor.

Terri’s tongue in my wife’s pussy with their full bodies could take place on our bed on Sunday mornings as usual.

The two mothers sharing the double-ended dildos with their daughters on Sunday afternoons could be in the family room also. I figured that one pair could have the couch while the other pair had the rug below them. I thought that the mothers should be on opposite ends for balance.

Saturday morning by daughter did not put on a bra or anything that would mark her breasts. We ate breakfast and then went into her bedroom. Once I had her in position I took several digital pictures and took a few measurements in insure that I could re-position her exactly the same every week. During that first setting I just seemed to concentrate on a pencil sketch of her breast, her areola, and her nipple. Every so often I would suck on her nipple, twist it a little, and rub an ice cube over it to keep it in the state of arousal that I wanted. After our session I made love to Cheyenne in her bed like never before. It was intense as I gave her oral sex, fingered her, and then slipped in as deeply as I was able too before filling her with my sperm, the same sperm that I used to create her about sixteen years before.

After lunch Terri and Evelyn arrived to join Cheyenne and my wife on the floor of the family room. For that I had purchased the biggest canvas that they sold. It would me a masterpiece when I was done and I could display that three-foot by six-foot painting on the wall behind the couch. When the ladies were in a very comfortable position I took more digital pictures and measurements then I started sketching them on the canvas. The girls were really going at it too for the whole three hours. I had no idea that any of them had that kind of stamina. I had a hard time concentrating on my work with that act taking place right in front of me. I just smiled thinking that it could take months for me to finish that painting. Evelyn’s breasts were surgically enhanced but they sure looked good lying on her side like that. It wasn’t easy positioning them so that I could see all of their faces and all of their pussies clearly. Evelyn was something special so of course I placed her right to the front and sideways. She was going to be the centerpiece of my painting. As it turned out I had to stand up on a chair to capture them the way that I wanted too. I would have to build a platform for the next weekend. I was dying to fuck Evelyn and Cheyenne knew it so about halfway through the session Cheyenne told me to just fuck Evelyn and get it over with. Besides she wanted me to give her something to lick.

They were all getting a little tired and they really needed a short break anyway so why not. I watched as Evelyn stretched and swiveled her body for a few minutes. Then she knelt with her big tits on the couch and offered me her pussy doggy style. With the rest of the girls watching us I slipped my cock into her and started to give her short swift thrusts. I smiled as her ass cheeks shook whenever I slammed into her. She might have gotten a boob job but she could certainly stand a fanny firming too. None the less I fucked her as if I were taking a test. If I passed this test I knew that I could fuck her every Saturday afternoon from then on so I gave it my all. I was glad that I had fucked my daughter just a few hours beforehand. Evelyn was enjoying our union just as much as I was if not more. I leaned over close to her back, slipped a hand underneath her to cup one of her tits, and then slipped the other one down to her pussy to finger her clit as I fucked her. Apparently her nipples were as sensitive as her clit was because I threw that women straight into a series of orgasms like nothing that she had ever felt before. She was in heaven for quite a while. The rest of that session was terrific. The girls had a very good time and Cheyenne loved eating Evelyn’s freshly fucked pussy. Me, I sketched like crazy and fucked Evelyn a second time in the missionary position before she went home.

Terri spent the night so that she would be there for our Sunday morning session with her tongue in my wife. We got started right after breakfast. I took digital pictures and measurements. Cheyenne watched the whole time. She had not seen me sketch out the painting first and found it fascinating. My wife just loved having Terri’s tongue in her pussy.

After lunch Terri’s mother came over for the Sunday afternoon session. Once again we were back in the family room. I put Evelyn and Terri up on the couch and positioned my wife and daughter below them on the floor. Then I inserted the biggest double-ended dildo into my daughter and then into my wife. I inserted the medium sized one into Evelyn and Terri. Once I had connected the mother and daughter sets I took digital pictures, measurements, and then got started. That was much more comfortable for them being flat on their back with their pussies quite close together. Their knees were up and intertwined but so as to allow me full view of their stuffed crotches. They were just far enough apart so that the twenty-four inch dildo was pressed tightly against their uterus. The sketching went fairly easily. After our three-hour session I once again fucked Evelyn, that time in her ass, and she loved every inch of it too. She could not believe it when I gave her an anal orgasm without any other stimulation.

I had indeed spoiled both Evelyn and Terri so that they would never again be fully satisfied fucking her husband and her son or her father and her brother as the case may be. That in itself put a smile on my face.

However, Evelyn had a thought for yet another painting some day. It would be of her with three cocks sticking in her three holes. She wanted me in her ass. A great idea but who would do the painting then?

The End
Pose Nude For Daddy
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