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why do you keep letting me see you like this?

i did what i thought was an answer.........i knew she came into my bedroom in the mornings,and i made sure she saw me.

she escalated next.......i'd come home in the evenings and she'd be lying on her bed with all of her sex exposed......she knew i wanted to fuck her.

so i upped the ante, to see what she'd do.....loading the VCR with blacks doing white girls....and turning the volume up. the first night, after seeing her lying there exposing her sex to me, she opened the closed living room door and saw what was playing. she just gave an,"oooooo." and shut the door. she was wearing the thin nylon drape that she had walked around in front of me in, and there was nothing left to imagine...the thick large areolas of her breasts.....the dense black triangle of her sex between her thin thighs.....i went to the clothes hamper in the hall bathroom and found the nylon panties she'd worn that day and filled them with my cum.

the next night i came in, and her door was open again. i'd left the tape in the VCR, so i was pretty sure she'd turned it on and watched it......what i'd never seen was the engorged display of her sex. her legs were wide open, and the inner labia was hanging long....the pink showing, with her finger thick clitoris jutting out above.

i went to the hamper to see after i'd stripped to my shorts, and the panties were gone. i went into the living room and checked the VCR as i drank a few beers.....i wasn't sure, but i thought i'd left it at the place where the white girl was just beginning to touch the black cock........when i turned it to play, he was fucking her.

i drank a few more beers, my cock drooling. she'd found my semen in her panties, and she'd been curious enough to look at the tape in the VCR. either i was going to fuck her, or i was going to find a big dicked nigger to do it. i wanted to see that perfect sex of hers fucked.

i went to her room 3 times that night, knowing she knew i was lusting after her raw display.....and the only response i saw was a more blatant display....her clitoris thick and stiff, her inner lips bright pink and sloppy wet....legs wide open. i masturbated 3 times that night in another pair of her panties and went to bed exhausted.

the next night, i went to a convenience store on the dark side of town to buy my beer after work. as i went in, i saw him by the ice machine. thin, maybe 30.....looking needy.
he approached me as i was going in, and i knew the gods of fate didn't miss....."yo man, you got any spare change fo' a brotha?" my heart raced as i knew there was only one thing that would keep this from being the man to fuck her. "sure man, how much do you need?," i asked. "well how much you got?," him laughing as he said it. "i'm going in here to get a 12 looking for a party?," i said laughing back.

he took it exactly as i'd meant it saying, "what kind you drink?"....he opened the door for me and we went inside laughing. he got his brand, and i got mine...bought him smokes too, and off we went into the night. we parked on Boyd Lake road and the conversation was easy....he was a cool guy down on his luck, laid off a few months before, and his girl had kicked him out. after a few beers i began to tell him about a white woman i'd been working for, and told him the way she'd come on to me. i told him that while i was moving some stuff out of her bedroom to paint it, i'd found this nasty book full of white women with black dudes.....and i stressed that the black guys had huge dicks. the look in his eyes changed.

i told him that this lady was all prim and proper and i couldn't beleive that kind of thing turned her on. he was on his 3rd beer, and he was all ears. "she a dog or what? i mean you said she was all prim an proper, but was she ugly?" i told him no......she was thin and tight, and the only reason i hadn't done her was that she was a friend of my aunts.......that was why she'd called me to do the work. i told him i couldn't fuck her for that reason...that shit would have gotten out.

i asked him if he'd ever had any white pussy. that look was still in his eyes as he opened another beer and shook his head no. "you think if i went over there she'd give it up for me?".....he took a sip of his beer staring at me. "i dunno man, those guys in that magazine were like horses....i dunno what she would or wouldn't do."

he opened the door and got out, and took this black hose out of his pants with the dome light illuminating it." you mean like this,?" he said laughing, as he whizzed. he shook it hard, and got back in the car. "yeah," i said, "like that. jesus christ what is it about you brothas?"...we both laughed.

we drank more and listened to music and he told me he wanted me to take him to her house....he wanted to fuck her. i tried to tell him it was too late, knowing it wasn't, but seeing how he'd react. i asked him if he'd really fuck her. his eyes got that look again as he told me he'd always wanted to see how a white girl would be with him. i told him i had a key and if he was serious, i'd take him there.

in 10 minutes i'd pulled into the drive, the neighbors wouldn't be suspicious because they all knew my car i told him. he followed me to the door, and we were inside with the glare from the light over the sink. i whispered that the way she'd come onto me was that she'd lay on her bed with the bedroom door open. i pointed down the hall,"it's the last one on the right."

he went down the hall without another word. he stood in the dim light coming from her bedside lamp and began to strip his shirt off...his pants dropped to the floor, and he went inside naked, the long hose becoming stiff.

i heard muffled gasps, then fitful slurping sounds, then the sound of his weight causing the matress to squeak as he got on. from a picture hanging in the hallway, i saw the dim reflection of her greedily sucking the hose....his hand between her wide open thin thighs, his cock bigger than the guys in the video as it came to full erection. he was shaking at his find....his hands were trembling as he pulled all of it away from her mouth and lifted her with one hand from the bed onto her knees and elbows.

from that angle i could see the pink in the mottled swarm of her pussy lips....he gave it to her slow. there'd been a clawing from both her hands as she supported her weight on her shoulders, trying to allow entrace of the huge organ he was trying to place into her....the thick pink head slipping inside as she grasped the sheets in her desperate fingers. inch after inch i watched that black pole invade her insides....the sounds from her were indescribeable.......i knew i had done a good thing as she finally got what she'd longed for all of her life.

i saw the semen dripping in torrents from her shaking thighs as he fucked her deeper, the erection never waning. her knees failed, and she collapsed onto her stomach, him never letting up his assault on her sex. at least 3 inches seemed to be unplaceable within her, so i knew she could not want or need any more dick. this was her ultimate fuck.

he fucked her until he was tired, and pulled it all out and moved it to her mouth. she didn't hesitate, sucking all of the semen dripping meat she could place in her mouth. he came, and she sucked as much as she could, then pulled away as the meat shot gouts all over her hair and back. he collapsed beside her on the bed, kneading the white loaves of her ass with his black fingers.

how, how did you get into my house she asked him?...i found a key he said, still gasping from his orgasm. he asked her did she want him to leave now. she shook her head no,grabbing his upper thighs with both hands. my son lives here she said....we have to shut the bedroom door just in case he comes home. the wirey nigger asked her what kind of car did he drive?....

he got off the bed quickly, and came down the hall. when i heard the way the conversation was going, i got another beer out of the fridge, and sat down in the living room.

he had his pants in his hand, all of the slime from the fucking and sucking still shiny wet on his black hose as he asked," you brought me here to fuck yo momma?"..."hey man," i said, "did she dissappoint you?"....he looked stunned with such a cool response, then asked," you got anymore of those?", as he motioned towards my beer. "it's in the fridge dude, help yourself,"

he came back into the living room stark naked and popped the top of his beer. "now let me get this shit straight,"......he reached over and got one of my smokes and lit it," you knew she wanted to fuck a big dicked black man, an you thought it was cool?"

suddenly, she walked into the living room in her filmy nylon nothing, and she was trembling, the insides of legs were slick with his cum..the dark thick triangle of her sex matted and wet...the cum was still visible in her hair and on her cheeks. she said nothing as she sat on the couch beside him.

i clicked the VCR, and the black men were all over the white lady. he said, "hell yeah", sitting up on the edge of the couch. she looked at me, then at the dangling wetness of his stiffening cock. "you okay if i want her to watch this man?.......i mean this is the hottest ass i've ever had!".....he didn't wait for my response, only pushing her off the couch onto her knees before him. "thas what we just did baby....go on, suck me like you did befoe".....he didn't care at all that i was there, and when that meat gained full erection neither did she. the filmy nylon was over her ass as she sucked him, all of her sex visible in bright light of the living room.

he wasn't watching the TV anymore, he was watching her make love to his cock with her mouth, looking at me with half-closed eyes. "you want to fuck her too don't you man......i see you looking at all that pussy between her legs."

"you want him to fuck you baby?", he pulled the thin nylon up over her ass and she sucked him more violently. "he can see all that tight pussy he slid out want him to fuck you?".....she pulled her mouth away and whispered desperately, nodding yes.

"i dunno what trip you two got going man, but she wants you to fuck her.....the ass is mine, but don't miss that tight pussy....fuck her and i'm gonna feed her more black cum when she begins to cum on yo dick."

i dropped to the floor and was inside of her. within seconds she had semen gouting out of both ends as her thin body shivered with her orgasm.....i couldn't stop,and shot another load into her before he pushed me away, and drug her back to her bedroom.

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2012-05-30 12:57:42
I hate my life but at least this makes it baearble.

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2011-07-17 23:31:17
it was nice i liked it

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2010-05-24 21:55:29
nice story
she wanted it and let her hubby think that it was his idea.


2008-12-24 12:03:39
fudu story

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2008-12-02 12:16:36
that was a very hott story,im a well hung black man and I would have be thirlled to fuck her crazy and make her cum all over my 11and half incher! do you need another guy for part 2 im gamed lol?

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