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ok before i begin iam a novice writer so if you already have high expectations and cant get off on a story because you see grammar mistakes or punctuation mistakes just click to another story i did my best so i apologize if there are errors if you would like to leave pointers on how i can improve me writing i would appreciate that well here gose please enjoy

Chapter 1

It was dark out, nearing 10 pm as she watched him walk into the grimy little bar for a beer to relax after work. Ashley followed him inside, inconspicuously, with the hunger aching deep within. The place was shady, the people were even worse but Ashley didn’t care. She was focused on the one thing she wanted from her next potential victim. It didn’t take much to coax Steven into taking her back to his room at the hotel she knew he was staying at. With a little flirting and a few suggestive whispers, he was hooked. The walk back wasn’t long, good thing, Ashley was starting to feel pain build from her insatiable craving.
The darkness cloaked him, hiding in the closet and out of sight. It suit Jesse. He was so used to the darkness and actually preferred it. His light complexion gave it away. Almost as if he’d been hidden from the world, for his eyes were a crystalline blue, nearly inhuman, but still with a touch of seduction. Jesse checked off his mental list of things for preparation. Everything was set, all he had to do was wait.
The click of the lock resounded as well as Ashley’s giggle at the door. Jesse felt his heart start to race and his adrenaline kick, the thrill alone of what was to come had excited him. He cracked the door open, only slightly and unnoticed, just enough to see out and remain unseen. He saw Steven standing there with Ashley, they were kissing and touching. His fingers threaded through her long black hair and brought his palms down over her shoulders and grab at her chest. “Enjoy it asshole, that’s the last playtime you’ll ever have”. Jesse felt the excitement increase but kept calm. He watched as Ashley pushed Steven down on the hotel bed, pinning his wrists back and biting at his neck playfully. She drew her hands beneath the pillow, right where Jesse had hidden the handcuffs. Steven was automatically suspicious of something after being restrained to the bed railing.
“What the fuck is going on?” Steven was beginning to panic.
“Shhh. It’s alright, I just wanna play.” With a sly smile, Ashley stood to the side of bed stripping down to nothing, and with the sight of her breasts and naked body, Steven calmed down and smiled. She laid beside him rubbing at his cock through his pants. A groan escaped his lips as Ashley unbuckled his belt and moved to tie his feet together.
“Now what the hell are you doing?” A shrill and disturbing giggle erupted from Ashley, Jesse’s cue to come from hiding. He made his appearance before the bound victim, drenched in black and chains. His frame wasn’t very large at all, but had the look of death about him. Intimidation emanated to the average Joe, but to Ashley, it was alluring. She watched him, beckoning him forward.
“WHO THE…” Steven tried to yell, but the sadistic woman shoved her pair of panties in his mouth to silence his attempted screams. She then walked toward Jesse, kissed him deeply, and begged to get started. Without hesitation, he went to the bathroom where his tools were hidden. All the while, Ashley toyed with the terrified man on the bed. A kiss here, a nibble there, and a hard bite to draw pain and blood. She licked her lips to the sweet nectar as Jesse reappeared, a scalpel, a wrench, and an ordinary kitchen’s butcher knife. The simpler the weapons the better, for the sheer entertainment. Ashley peered out of the window.
“The lot’s empty, perfect timing.” She walked teasingly slow toward Steven, yanked his hair back for his face to meet hers.
“Wanna know what happens if you scream? You see that wrench? I’ll slit your throat to be sure you don’t make any more noise. Then I’ll clamp your nasty ass cock between the teeth of that thing, and twist it off and let you bleed to death. So stay quiet, okay?” Ashley said with the sarcasm of speaking to a three year old. She held a finger to her lips. “Shhhhhh.”
“You’re a such a ruthless cunt.” Jesse smiled wryly, controlling his nervous laughter.
“Yeah, but you like it, so shut up and get to work…I’m starving.” Ashley blew Jesse a kiss, batting her eyes innocently.
“Like a demon dressed in a nun’s outfit.” With that, there was a knock at the door.
“Steven, honey let me in, it’s fucking cold out here!”
Jesse drew the knife so closely to Steven’s throat that he pierced the skin, a small blood droplet oozed down his neck. Ashley went to the door, opened a small bit only enough to show her own face.
“Oh I’m sorry, I must have the wrong room, I’m looking for my fianc?” Ashley grabbed the woman’s shirt collar and pulled her in so fast she was flung to the floor, with the door slamming behind her.
“What the fuck?!? You bitch!!!” The woman scrambled backwards on the ground, running into the bed post on the floor.
“You better shut the fuck up unless you‘re spoken too, or I’ll jam this god damned knife down into your mouth and another up your cunt!” Malice shadowed every part of Ashley’s face as she pulled a small knife from the nightstand drawer and threatened Steven’s fianc? “Now tell me your name, you ugly cunt.” The now terrified woman remained silent, still in shock and unsure how to react and if it was a trap. “SPEAK BITCH!” Ashley smacked her upside her head.
“Tara.” The tears began to stream from her eyes.
“Good, see that wasn’t so hard. Now lay on the other bed, away from your ever so faithful fianc?” Tara did as she was told, crying uncontrollably. Jesse tied her up with torn up sheets and gagged her with Steven’s boxers. He kissed her forehead gently, and leaned down to whisper in her ear.
“Good girl, good girls get rewarded, remember that.” Jesse cut off her clothes, the humiliation set in on Tara deeply. It showed as she looked away and turned red all over. Steve’s boxers were used to gag the petite redhead, and sheets were torn to bind her hands and feet.
“Now, where were we?” Jesse’s cynical remark brought total fear in the eyes of tortured man. “This is gonna be too much fun.” With that, Jesse took the scalpel and jammed it clear into the underside of Steve’s chin. Blood oozed quickly down over Steve’s neck and ran down Jesse’s arm. The scalpel moved with ease as clean cuts were made clear around the face. Steve no longer was a man to Jesse and Ashley. He was but a toy, a simple plaything to amuse themselves and a torture tactic to abuse Tara. Tara watched in utter horror and began to scream beneath her makeshift gag. A playful giggle came from Ashley as she pranced manically around the girl, pulling her hair and smacking her just to hear her shriek even more. Jesse stood up holding the sheet of fresh skin like a mask, Steven’s chest heaved. He was still alive, a muffled gurgle seemed to make its way through his throat. Steven coughed up a large amount of blood that dripped its way over the clean linen. Ashley got close, licked up a line of blood and laughed.
“He tastes close to death. Yum.” Jesse was already at work on Tara. He toyed with her at first. Jamming a cook’s knife into her pussy repeatedly, carving her from the inside out as she arched and tried her best to lash out. He sliced her open from clit to throat and did his magic work with the scalpel to her face like he did with Steve. She let out a blood curdling scream as the scalpel was now injected into the underside of her chin. Her skin seemed to peel off perfectly, as Jesse was now drenched in blood. From behind, Ashley placed the sheet of skin from Steve over Jesse’s face, tying a string to the back. He stood and turned to view his raven-haired lover, his eyes peering through Steve’s face. Jesse looked over to the bed, and noticed while he was working on Tara, Ashley had fun on her own. Steve was rolled onto his side and gutted, blood spilling everywhere and pooling on the ground. Her body was covered in red, a line of Steve’s sweet nectar was drawn down to her groin. Jesse knew then, that Ashley’s appetite was at its peak. Tara’s face was placed over Ashley’s. Now both predators have become the prey. Ashley reached for Jesse’s belt, snapped it off and zipped his pants open. She knelt at his feet and began to suck. Both Tara’s lips and Ashley’s lips worked themselves over Jesse’s shaft. His erection full on to what became a double blowjob. Gliding her mouth over his dick, Jesse came spewing his seed onto her tongue. He pushed her down to the ground, kneeling before her as he reached over and cut out Steve’s intestines to tie her hands to the nightstand legs. He watched as the warm blood flowed down Ashley’s arms, chest and stomach. His tongue followed suit and he found his way down between her legs. Licking her inner thighs, he slipped his fingers into her pussy. So wet, she started to drip over his hand and moan from beneath her human mask. Both corpses staring blankly as the hunger continued. Jesse’s heated form moved up Ashley’s body, groping and pawing at her tits as his hips moved between her legs, plunging his cock into her dripping pussy, just as Steven might’ve wanted to do. A small scream erupted under from Tara’s face. Ashley tugged and pulled against the slippery restraints, swearing as she neared her climax.
“Not yet, I’m not done with you yet.” Jesse pulled out and untied Ashley’s hands. Moving her on her hands and knees, Jesse used the intestines to wrap around his mistress’s neck as his cock disappeared straight into her cunt. One hand holding the choke collar like a noose, and the other hand gripping and pulling on her long hair. Ashley arched her back into Jesse as she tightened her pussy muscles over him. With a loud scream, Ashley’s juices washed over as she hit a powerful orgasm, coming hard as Jesse pulled on Steven’s guts to choke her quiet. One swift motion, Ashley had Jesse pinned to the ground, straddling his hips and reaching over to hack open Tara’s chest. A few loud cracks of bone, and Ashley had her prize. She ripped out her still heart and held it high above Jesse’s face. She squeezed it gently at first, letting it trickle steadily on his lips for a taste. Ashley’s hips began to sway, she could feel the wetness slip between her legs and she shivered. She clenched her fist and Tara’s heart popped and an explosion of blood splattered on Jesse’s body. Ashley came once again, this time to the sheer amusement of holding what was once living, and she turned it to nothingness. She brought her hands down and dug her nails in deep over Jesse’s torso. She loved to hear him moan and feel him breathe beneath her. She watched as her master’s eyes rolled back, feeling him thrust in harder and harder. With one final shove, he exploded deep inside Ashley’s pussy. She shuddered and leaned down to kiss his neck and run her hand through his hair. She lifted the Steve-mask and kissed Jesse’s bloody lips. After a quick smoke, the couple showered and changed, cleaned their tools and left the hotel room, leaving the “do not disturb” sign on the door handle. Together, they left nonchalantly and made their way off to their next city.

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