Window Shopping Was Never Like This
Chase was walking home after work rather than taking the subway. It was a little chilly, but it was not unusual for early March. As he walked along he noticed someone in the window at a small out of the way women's boutique shop. As he drew closer he could see it was a woman...a very attractive fact she was damn beautiful. Chase stopped and watched for a moment as she slipped the sexy lingerie onto the mannequin.

She turned and saw Chase watching her, and smiled and winked at him. She motioned toward the lingerie, as if she were asking if he liked her display. Chase smiled and nodded. She smiled back as she adjusted the bra. She looked at Chase again....he made the OK signal....then on a whim Chase pointed to the lingerie, and then to the woman in the window as if to say..."Is that what you're wearing?" She knew immediately what Chase was asking. She looked from side to side and then opened the front of her dress allowing Chase to see that she was in fact wearing very similar lingerie.

Chase mouthed the word..."Beautiful," and smiled. She smiled back posing for Chase as he looked on. He could feel his cock getting as hard as stone as he watched her vogueing shamelessly in the window. Damn she had a beautiful body, long sexy legs, perfect breasts, and full sexy red lips. Chase got an idea...since she had opened her dress for him, he thought he would open his trench coat allowing her to see the bulge in his trousers. As soon as he did, she focused on his crotch. Like a real vamp, she ran her tongue over her sexy red lips again.

By now, Chase was really getting horny, and apparently the woman in the window was as well, because the next thing she did took Chase by complete surprise. She slipped her hand down the front of her panties and began fingering her pussy. Chase could tell she was getting off on her exhibitionism. Next she pulled her panties aside baring her pussy to Chase. Chase put his hand into his coat pocket, and through the opening inside the pocket. Then he unzipped his trousers and took out his cock. The look on her face when she saw the size of Chase's hard-on was priceless.

Chase began stroking his cock as she watched...still fingering her pussy. The two were soon lost in their exhibitionism, and masturbation pleasure. Suddenly her body tensed, and she started cumming. As she did, she mouthed the words..."Cum for me." Chase was pounding his cock like a jack hammer when he felt his balls tighten and in a matter of seconds he was splattering the window with a load of cum. She smiled and clapped, then waved and disappeared into the darkness. Needless to say Chase was disappointed.

The following day Chase could hardly wait to leave the office. He left at the same time as he had the night before hoping his luck would hold. The streets were deserted again, as he walked toward the store. He could see a figure in the was her. He walked up and saw her in a shinny woman's reminded him of patent leather. She smiled when she turned and saw Chase watching her. She was dressing the mannequin in the same kind of coat. Chase watched her look from side to side, then she slowly untied the belt and opened the coat.

Chase gasped. She was naked underneath except for some black fishnet nylons with the spandex top, and a black thong. She wasn't wearing a bra....damn her breasts were better than he'd imagined. Her nipples were rock hard as his cock came to life. As he had done the night before, Chase reached inside the pocket of his trench coat, and into the inner pocket, unzipping his trousers and taking out his cock. This time he pulled his balls out as well. She smiled and ran her tongue over those lips again.

She looked even more provocative, as she pretended to be caressing the female mannequin as if she were seducing her. She began rubbing her crotch against the leg of the mannequin as Chase watched and stroked his cock. Her eyes were closed...she was really getting into her sex play. As she humped the leg of the female mannequin, she began caressing her breasts, squeezing them and tugging at her nipples. As she started cumming she looked at Chase and smiled. Chase wanted more. He motioned for her to let him in. She thought for a moment and then motioned for him to go around the back.

She opened the door, with Chase taking her into his arms. "I'm Chase." "Hello Chase, I'm Monique." "You are a daring man....I like daring men." "And I like daring women." Chase could hear a little bit of a French accent...which made her all the more alluring. "So, let's see how daring you really are Chase." "What do you mean?" "You'll see." Monique led him back into the store window. Monique slipped her rain coat back on and handed Chase the men's version. Chase undressed, putting his clothes in the back and slipped on the coat. "Now, we'll make love in the window, must freeze if someone comes by....then we will be the mannequins in the"

Monique and Chase started kissing and caressing one another in the window. Her hands were around his cock, slowly pumping him as he sucked her nipples. Monique was cooing, and whispering in Chase's ear, saying what a good lover he was. Chase slid his hand between her legs....he could feel her arousal. He eased his finger into her sex, soon adding another as Monique gasped. Just as she was about to cum she whispered, "Someone is coming." Chase wondered how she knew, then he heard the couple talking. She had the place wired for funny.

They froze as an old couple stood in front of the window staring at them wide eyes, their mouths agape. Both Chase and Monique stood perfectly still, not moving a muscle. Monique was an expert at holding a stare without blinking. The old couple said, "Horrible....absolutely disgusting," then walked away. Chase went back to sucking Monique's nipples slowly working his way down toward her sex again. Chase pulled her thong aside and began running his tongue over her labia. Monique moaned, running her fingers through his hair as his tongue danced across her sex. Just as he parted her folds with his tongue he heard someone coming.

Chase felt Monique freeze, but rather than stopping, he kept licking Monique's pussy. The couple wouldn't be able to see him, since her coat, covered that portion of his face. Chase could hear a woman giggling then saying..."Look's like the mannequin's are having oral sex." The couple laughed and then walked away. Chase had Monique's clit into his he eased two fingers into her pussy. He could feel her body quaking as the orgasms swept over her.

Now that Monique had finished cumming, Chase stood up and caressed her breasts, while Monique kissed her juices from his face. Seeing a chair off to the side gave Chase an idea. He sat down in the chair, his legs spread wide....his cock standing proudly. Monique walked over, kneeling down and taking Chase's cock into her mouth. Chase's head started to spin...never had a woman sucked his cock like Monique. Monique took Chase to the edge, but stopped short of allowing him to cum.

Then Monique stood up and straddled Chase, lowing her pussy down onto his cock. Once his cock was all the way in, Chase cupped her breasts in his hands and started strumming her nipples with his thumbs as Monique humped his cock. Again they heard someone coming and they froze. "Oh my looks like those two mannequins are having sex!" "Why it's terrible." "Ya damn right it is...even a mannequin gets more pussy than me." "Oh shut up Harold."

As the couple walked away Monique and Chase burst out laughing. "That poor man...I feel so sorry for him." "Ya, me where were we?" "Come with me....I want to make love without anymore interruptions." Monique took Chase to a room in the back of the store where there was a couch. Monique laid down on the couch, while Chase aimed his cock at her creamy pussy. Once he was in, Chase started slamming his cock into Monique's tight pussy. Monique was so overcome with lust, she was soon cumming....wrapping her legs around Chase's waist, pulling him closer.

Next Monique moved onto her knees, her arms resting on the arm of the couch. Chase eased his cock back into her pussy and once again started fucking Monique...driving his cock into her pussy as his balls slapped against her sexy ass. Monique came over and over again, as Chase pounded her sex. Monique turned and took Chase's cock, deep throating him as she slid her hand between his legs, easing her finger into his ass. Chase groaned and sent a huge load of cum down Monique's throat. Monique took all Chase had to offer.

Afterward Monique and Chase locked up and went to his place. Chase and Monique fucked into the night, finally falling asleep in one another's arms. Now Chase and Monique are married, but they still enjoy fucking in the window at Monique's women's boutique.


2015-01-12 17:48:16
That was hot! Tried IN a store, parks and trails but not the window yet.

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2014-07-30 19:54:20
I haven't been fucked in a store window before, but my boyfriend fucked me up against the huge picture window of our hotel room one time. Having others see me got me so hot.

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2011-05-15 23:57:34
HHIS I should have thugoht of that!

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2009-08-11 10:24:21
Um, excuse me, 'Yessir' you spelt grammar wrong.
I guess its you who needs grammar school, no ?


2009-07-26 00:59:11
That was labled her pussy as her "sex" that was so off putting, try grammer school. Other than that sweet ending? nope

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