This is my first story. I think it's quite long but please bare with me, i plan on continuing in a few more storys and developing! Please leave a post and let me know. Remeber, more to CUM!
My name is Charlie. Since the age of 13, I have been helping out in my local boys youth group. I'm now 17 and have made loads of friends, both young and old, in particular one boy called Olly. Olly, who was 11 going on 12. Was pretty special to me. I really did care for him and out of all the boys he was my fave! He was small for his age, both in height and build. He had big green eyes and short dirty blond hair. Olly was adopted from a baby, and he was one of the first boys that I met at the group. Being 17 now, the last 2 years we had grown really close. As a “leader” at the Group I wasn't supposed to really hang out with the boys outside of it. But Olly was my boy and I didn't care. I had him round for dinner, picked him up from school, took him the cinema and bowling. We did everything. He was like my little bro in a way. We kept everything we did a secret, he understood that I wasn't supposed to be doing all this cool stuff with him and he new his parents wouldn't be very happy either. So it was our secret. But we were happy.

I became obsessed with him over time and as much as I tried to stop myself, I couldn't help but check him out when we were together. The worst was when he would come round and stay until quite late. We would sit in my room on my bed watching TV or playing on the playstation and sometimes he would cuddle up to me. He would lay there in my arms and I would slowly stroke his belly with my thumb. My cock would get so hard doing this and I always found myself with one of my legs folded up, hiding the budge. I would watch to see if he would ever get a boner while I stroked, him being 11, I thought he would be at the age where he starts getting them very easy. But I never saw any lumps or bumps!

Now this is where things start to get interesting. One Saturday I picked Olly up from round the corner where he lived (I couldn't pick him up from outside his house because of his parents) We were of the cinema then swimming. He got in the car and I noticed his eyes were blood shot, he had been crying!

“whats up dude?”
“come on, how long have I known you. Now whats the matter?”
“my dick of a dad, thats what. He has basically told me that he wants me stay at my grans tonight cos he and my mum want a night to themselves.”
“thats not too bad though is it?”
“yeah. I gotta be back for 6 so they can take me over. I was supposed to be with you today.”
“well it's not like you never see me is it?”

I didn't get any answer from that one, so I just pulled off and made for the cinema. We got there, picked the tickets up, got the popcorn and went into the screen. We didn't really say anything to each other, before or after the film. It wasn't until we were sat having dinner after the cinema that a idea came to me.

“Ol. I know ya upset wif ya parents. But how does this sound. Instead of staying at ya grans, do ya wanna stay a mine?”
“WHAT?, Really?”
“yeah, but we gotta be careful, our secret ya know”
“I've wanted to stay for ages. I new it wouldn't be easy so I never asked.”
“Ok, if we are going to do this, we gotta do it right. Number one, I'm gonna have to sneak you in to my room so my parents don't know your there. Number two, ya gonna have to sleep in my bed wif me. I can't blow the air bed up if your supposed to be there in secret. Number three, you obviously gotta get ya parents to let you stay out. Tell them ya staying at a mates. You think they will let ya?”
“Easy. As long as I'm not there, they won't care. The other stuff is fine two. I can't wait.”

With that, he was was back to his normal happy self and we went on to the pool. In the changing room, I tried to catch a glimpse of Olly's dick but he was well accomplished at hiding it when changing. All the time we were there, I would watch him. Looking at that body, that “V” shape tummy. Every time he got out of the pool to go to the diving board, I would try and see his wet shorts suck in around his dick and balls, but he manged to pull them away before anyone could see. We were in the pool for a couple of hours then decided we had best get out and put our plan into action. I didn't waste time while getting out of the pool, trying to see him and his dick. I just wanted to get him on the phone to his parents. With a bit of luck, I would be sleeping with a very sexy and cute 11 year old tonight!

We got back to my house around 7.30pm. Olly was right about his parents. They didn't care where he stayed, as long as he wasn't at home. When we got back, my parents were out, so I didn't have to sneak him in. We went upstairs to my room, locked the door and settled in for the night. For the first couple of hours we were pretty hypo. I think Olly was excited about staying over and I was soooo happy about having this kid to myself all night. All the thoughts in my head were astonishing. I was thinking of all the stuff I wanted to do to him. But still, the “caring” thoughts were there, along with a bit of guilt but he did look sexy as hell. We settled down around 10.30pm when we heard my parents come in from the pub. They never come up to my room anymore, so they would never know Olly was there. About half hour later, we decided to climb into bed and put a film on to chill out. The time had come at last!

“what you gonna wear in bed”
After Olly asked me this it took a short while to answer
“I dunno, I normally sleep in my boxers, so I guess thats what I'll do. Will leave a t-shirt on though i think”
“ok, I will do the same then”

We both got undressed down to our boxers and t-shirts. It felt like it was meant to be. No awkwardness or anything. I couldn't help but look at his boxers, thinking of how big his cock is behind them, if he has any hair and if he is circumcised or not. I started to get hard so i quickly climbed into bed. I put on Harry Potter for us to watch, it was one of his fave's. It didn't take long for him to get into the normal position of cuddling up to me. My dick rose so quick. it was raging and pulsing. I was in bed with an 11 year old boy, in our boxers an T's. I just wanted to rip his clothes of there an then.

Two hours had passed and Olly had fell asleep. I couldn't wait anymore, all guilt had gone, my cock was ruling my head now. He was still in my arms and i had my hand in the usual place of his belly. I slowly started to work his t-shirt up so i could get my hand on him properly. I made contact with his skin, it was warm and soft, my dick pulsed a little. I started to feel my way around, as i had the covers over us i couldn't see what i was doing. I found his belly button and felt around the waist band of his boxers to get a feel of how asleep he was. He didn't move a muscle. I went for it. I found the top of his boxers again and started to move my hand slowly into the elastic waistband. It was so warm and soft in there, my heart was pounding, what if he woke up. I went lower and lower and then i found my goal. My hand was on his little dick. I started to feel round it slowly, went lower to his balls. He didn't have any hair as far as i could tell and he wasn't circumcised either. I was in heaven. My cock was throbbing like mad. I wanted to blow my load there and then, but i held of, i didn't want it to end. I was playing for about ten minutes, stroking, squeezing pulling the skin back and having a little play with his bell end. Then, his dick pulsed and again and again. He was getting a boner. Within seconds is was hard as nails and i continued to play. My dick was leaking pre-cum like you've never seen. And still i played. I moved up and down his shaft, real slow, i didn't want to wake him. I could feel his balls tighten and i squeezed a little harder on the end, he pulsed and shifted in his sleep. I nearly had a heart attack. I pulled out my hand so quick i nearly hit him in the face. He rolled over onto his back out of my arms. I left him for a couple of minutes, he seemed to have gone back to a deepish sleep. My dick had gone limp, i think because of the sudden shock of him moving. But i couldn't stop there, not now. I slowly pulled of the covers from the both of us. I sat myself up next to his sleeping body. His t-shirt was still pulled up and i could see, at last, that he still had a boner.

I had to move on to the next level. I had this 11yo kid next to me fast asleep. I reached out and touched his boner over his boxers, just to test the water. When he didn't move i went in. I gently pulled down the front of his boxers to reveal that dick. There it was, sticking up, hard as rock with no hair at all. I started the feel up and down the shaft again with my free hand as i held down his boxers with the other. I wanted more. I pulled down his boxers enough so i didn't have to hold them anymore and carried on. I must of played with it for about fifteen minutes and decided to go further. I wanted that little boner in my mouth. Very gently i lowered myself down to his dick and took it in my mouth. God it was good. I took the whole thing in my mouth, and came up slowly getting it nice and wet then went at it a little faster running it round and round in my mouth. I started to pull back his skin a little bit at a time, it was tight now he was hard, i don't think he had pulled it back that often, if at all. I managed to get his bell end out in all its glory, it had a small amount of smegma around it, but i didn't care. I got my lips nice and wet and went down on it once more. I swallowed the white smegma and gave his bell end a nice “clean”. How i managed to keep my load in my balls i don't know, but i did.

Olly didn't move a muscle, i thought maybe he might be awake but his breathing was slow and deep so i was happy he was out of it. I couldn't wait any longer. I had to blow my load. But how? Olly was led there with his still rock hard cock and i decided. I kinda moved over him, half kneeling half lying. I positioned myself so my cock was directly above his then moved down. His small hard dick made contact with mine and the feeling was out of this world. I moved my bell end over and round his end, up and down his shaft and over his balls. My pre-cum had soaked his little dick witch made our dicks all slippy and feel a thousand times better. I couldn't hold of any longer, our dicks were end to end, i moved mine round in circles around his and could feel it building.

Then that was that. My balls erupted all over his little boner. The orgasm was immense. Three, four, five thick squirts of my cum. On the come down of my orgasm i just wanted to collapse on him but i couldn't leave him in that state. I slowly moved of the bed and grabbed a pair of socks to wipe off my cum. I left a small amount on his bell end and pulled his skin back over it. I laid down next to him exhausted. I turned of the film ten minutes from the end and settled down back next to Olly to go to sleep. While i lay there just dozing off, i couldn't help think about what i had just done. This kid trusted me, maybe even loved me and i just sucked his dick and coated it in my cum. Then the thought that even now, there was a small amount of that cum still left in his dick. My dick started to get hard again. Needless to say, my dreams that night were of all these beautiful boys from the youth group, in my bed being sucked off!

When we woke the next morning, Olly woke and got out of bed to go to the toilet in my en-suite bathroom. When he stood up, I could see a lump in his boxers that i new was that little boner. He went and done his business in the toilet and came out none the wiser. I led there thinking, if only you knew my little sex pot, if only you knew.

After that night, he stayed over a couple more times where i perfected my assault of him. The next time i had to go further!!

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